tagNonHumanZeus & Tara Ch. 03

Zeus & Tara Ch. 03


Tara woke up to the taste and smell of a woman's sex on her face, as that lady ground her pussy onto her lips. Clearly, the girl wanted her to eat her out, and Tara was aroused enough by the mouth on her own cunt that she began to cooperate with the woman in question. What was distinctive about this lady, however, was the obvious presence of a hymen, which meant she was a virgin. Maybe she was a lesbian, so she had never felt the need for a man to penetrate her.

When she noted that the tongue insider her pussy was propelled often by something, she heard Zeus grunt in apparent pleasure from pounding the woman licking her. Remembering her previous Sapphic experience with Athena, Tara teased and played eagerly with the cunt covering her mouth. She French-kissed the woman's folds and sucked on her clit more than once, feeling the reward of a lady's hip and thigh movements along her face. When the girl spasmed and squirted on her lips, Tara relaxed and allowed herself to climax from the other woman going down on her.

"Well, what do you think of my wife, Tara?" Zeus chuckled, as he spent himself inside Athena's asshole. He had decided to take her other cherry while she munched on the sleeping Ms. Walton.

"Zeus, baby, what do you mean?" Tara wondered, truly confused.

"Allow me to introduce Hera, my sister and third wife. She is also Queen of Heaven. She's a great lover, even if there have been some awkward and jealous moments in our marriage. Don't worry, she has apparently decided to get past her jealousy. It could be her recently discovered bisexuality responsible for that, but she has clearly opted to share my women, instead of trying to kill them. I'm glad that you met her, since it means that three of my favorite ladies are in this room," the King of Heaven explained.

"But, she has a hymen! She's a virgin, so how can she be your wife and mother of your children? Surely, you've consummated your marriage!" the college student objected.

"Indeed, she does have a hymen, but it's not due to factual virginity. It's because she gets her cherry restored every year. Part of the fun in our marriage is that I get to pop it on an annual basis. So, she has all kinds of experience in bed, but is still very tight. Then again, I've never judged a girl on the tightness of her orifice. The babes with looser ones make up for it with knowledge and there are ways to make good use of those muscles, as you know.

"Just wait until she sucks my cock straight from your sex, Tara. She's already expressed an interested in doing that. Not to mention returning the favor that you've shown her, and enjoying Athena for the first time... ," Zeus smiled, anticipating their foursome.

"What about ass-to-mouth? I want to try that, too, and you haven't let me do that when you bugger anyone yet! Sorry to be rude, but when will I get to suck your cock straight from a tight, sweet pucker? Part of why I agreed to stop raising Hades whenever you screw around is that you swore to include me in some of your fun! Well, that and letting me sleep with girls!" Hera interrupted her husband, which was rare for her.

"True, but I just got done butt-fucking Athena, so there's nothing to stop you now," Zeus reminded his consort.

"Well, when you put it like that, let me at it!" Hera exclaimed happily, as she began sucking on his stiff dick.

"As you can see, Tara, my dear wife and I are working out our problems. We're much nicer to each other now. She's really a sweetheart, anyway. She just felt left out, so I've undertaken to change that. To think that all of this time, I could have gotten along with her well, if we had just opened up about things. She also agreed to be more submissive to me, while I have owned up to some mistakes, such as being cruel to Hephaestus. Evidently, that upset her a lot, and I can't blame her.

"Now, if you like, I'm going to make love to you, while Hera enjoys her stepdaughter. You know, your name rhymes with hers. Hera and Tara... very interesting. As you can see, my lovely sister is very fond of oral sex... that's very good, Hera, my love. Be careful not to make me cum yet. Believe me, it will be worth it when I deflower you again. Even a God has some need to recover between releases," the Lord of Olympus stroked his sister-wife's wavy, golden hair, as she gave him head.

"Sorry, Zeus, but you know how I am! When I get your cock in my mouth, I can't get enough of it. Then again, I've only had two of them, and the other one was a revenge affair with Jason, between one of our many reconciliations. Just so you understand, Jason was great, but he was tiny next to you, and it lacked the passion that we have together. I think that he just wanted the ego trip of fucking the Queen of Heaven. To be honest, aside from you, I think that I prefer women!" Hera kissed her husband gratefully, very much in love with her brother, even as she needled him.

"Oh, in the name of Eros, why didn't you tell me that sooner? It explains so much! If you're predominantly Sapphic, and I'm an exception, then no wonder you were so jealous! You wanted to help me seduce the women from the outset, didn't you? And Jason, well, that makes so much sense! It definitely clarifies why you made such a point of not wanting to repeat your tryst with him! So, why not seek out your revenge affairs with women?" Zeus demanded.

"Because you would want to participate, and if I couldn't join you, I refused to include you! Besides, it was once, to see what other men had to offer, and why you had so much power over me! I honestly think that it's because we're brother and sister. I love the fact that I can trust you, well, aside from the affairs that you tried to hide from me. Oh, damn, honey, that's so beautiful! Please let me watch you with Tara, whenever the two of you go for it! I really like plump women!" Hera stated, while Zeus rammed Tara doggie-style, showing off her Rubenesque ass.

Meanwhile, Athena pounced and began straddling her stepmother. She planted several kisses on Hera's mouth, adding more than sufficient tongue to create the right impact. Under the lips and caresses of the athletic Goddess of Wisdom, the Queen of Heaven didn't just melt, she became absolute putty in her hands. There was no pretense that she was still the more powerful woman. She yielded to the Amazonian Athena without even a suggestion of resistance.

"Titans above, girl, I could nearly climax from what you're doing now! Oh, fuck, Athena... fuck me!" Hera squirmed and surrendered to the fingers and lips of her new mistress.

If Zeus wanted to keep from being enthralled by the sight of the ravishing Goddesses in bed with each other, he certainly found the means in the delightful bottom of his buxom lover. The fact that she would give him a child didn't hurt, either. Unlike a lot of modern, mortal men, the King of Heaven found a curvaceous woman to be a truly sensual companion. He reveled in fingering her sphincter while thrusting into her cunt. With each push, he came closer to her womb, though he was confident that she would give him a baby in any case.

While Zeus drilled Tara's sex with his potent phallus, Hera relished the sensation of Athena's tongue between the lips of her pussy. That didn't count the suction of her stepdaughter's mouth on her clit, which accelerated her arousal and nearly maddened her with desire. It was the proverbial sheet-clenching orgasm that she had on that bed, right next to her brother-husband and his mortal mistress, both of whom immediately followed suit.

The Queen of Heaven swore to herself never again to worry about Zeus's liaisons. She shared him with his first and second wives, so why not with others, particularly when he was honest with her and encouraged her Sapphic tendencies? Were it not for that, she would have been without pleasures like this, and she dreaded the thought of living without Athena's kiss, ignorantly or otherwise.

Without much warning, Tara planted herself on Hera's mouth, while Athena continued to savor the juices from her stepmother's cunt. Despite the fact that she had felt a delightful climax from Zeus's cock inside her, she still wanted his wife to reciprocate her favor from earlier. Far from scolding the girl for her boldness, the impressed consort of the King of Heaven dived in for the banquet offered to her by the young woman. This naturally brought the color back to Tara's cheeks and made even slicker than she was after Zeus satisfied her.

Meanwhile, the All-Wise felt Athena's lips envelop his dick and swallow it for a moment. He sighed with a visceral stimulation from the wetness of her mouth, as she slid back and forth from his base to his head. For a woman who had just lost her virginity, she had a distinct gift for returning a man to hardness. Then again, she had simply unleashed her previously denied carnality. Some things came naturally to the Olympians, once no longer suppressed.

After Zeus was sufficiently erect, he entered Hera yet again, easily breaching her barrier, while having Athena kiss and soothe her sore cavity with each withdrawal. While she winced a bit in response to the initial pain, the Queen of Heaven soon moaned with the exhilaration of her husband's cock in her depths. Athena's lips and tongue didn't hurt, either. She was able to devour Tara without too much to divert her focus.

"Oh, yes, Hera, thank you! You're wonderful!" Tara announced her ecstasy, to which Hera, and then Zeus added their own.

"We can't leave Athena out. Tara, let her lick you, while Hera samples her at last! I'll take a respite and watch the three of you make love," Zeus smiled at the trio of his women.

"You're not one to speak so poetically all of the time, Zeus," Hera grinned, but she still happily complied and started munching on Athena's mound.

'No, you're right, my sweet bride. However, what else can I call it when three ladies copulate with each other? With a few exceptions, I've noticed that lesbian sex tends heavily toward the gentler side of the fleshly arts. That's meant as a compliment, because when women are together, that kind of soft sensuality is a beautiful vision, don't you think?" Zeus observed, as he witnessed the way that Hera, Athena, and Tara indulged their primal lusts.

It wasn't long before the triad were exhausted with their Sapphic delights, the juices of each other's folds dripping lazily from their mouths. They slumped with a satisfied sort of fatigue that was recognizable to any true connoisseur of sex. Zeus lay next to them with no hurry or urge to get up, yet, and indeed they all soon fell into another nap. It was a very short one, however, as they soon awoke in their own sweat and cum, not the least bit concerned with the fluids drying on them.

"Now, how did you get this jewel of a mortal, honey?" Hera teased her husband, somewhat curious about their first encounter, as they wolfed down hastily made sandwiches to replenish their strength.

"She was dumped by that loser, Darren. Truly, his loss, the sorry SOB! Well, I know that breaking up is anyone's prerogative, but he was asinine to drop a voluptuous woman like Tara. Anyway, I surprised her in the shower, and the rest is what these mortals call history. No offense to Tara, but the men of her race, by which I mean all of mankind, have poor taste in ladies these days. Admittedly, a lean figure like Athena's has its appeal, but so does a curvy one such as Tara's. And one somewhere in between, like yours, my dear wife," Zeus scoffed, while he enjoyed the ham and Swiss.

"Yeah, and I don't resemble these skeletal girls, whatever muscles I have! Don't mistake athleticism for anorexia. That's the term for that crazy thing that girls do these days, if I remember correctly. I can recall the women of ancient Achaia being fit, but they would never starve themselves! There's no way to function in sports and games if you're malnourished! Whatever the case, it's a stupid reason to end one's romance. It is up to mortals, as far as their fellow mortals are concerned.

"We are Gods, however. Surely, the three of us can do something for our darling Tara. Something that will teach Darren and the other shallow fools that following the latest trends is pure madness. Face it: she was good enough for him, before some imbecile convinced him that she wasn't, which meant that he didn't have the balls to think and love for himself.

"We won't help him with her, and I doubt that any of us would want it to, since we can treat her better, and guys like him wouldn't share her with the likes of us. He's not mature enough for her, anyway, whereas we are. That doesn't mean that we can't show him how to trust his own instincts in choosing women. Both Darren and the next girl will benefit from his lesson. That's what I think, anyway, and I am the Goddess of Wisdom," Athena remarked with her usual sharp wit.

"I fully agree, but what do you say, Tara? Darren's fate is in your hands, my sweet. Shall we leave him be, or show him some tough love? I can see from Hera's face what she thinks, which is why I'm going ahead and asking you," Zeus winked at his opinionated wife, as he spoke to both his daughter and his paramour. He could guess the views of the self-appointed protector of women about unnecessary and undeserved heartache.

"Hey, I've never been asked by Gods before what I want done with a guy who has jilted me! But it helps my conscience to know that he would survive and come out of this a little changed for the better. Some other girl will be spared the bad side of things, which is good, because not every gal has a God heal her broken heart! Darren's not a bad guy, but he is kind of weak and dense in some ways. So this will help him, I agree.

"Just don't kill him or anything. I don't love him anymore, but I have some good memories with him, and I don't hate him," Tara concurred with a mix of sadness and sadism. Part of her still wanted him to suffer, but she didn't want it to be permanent, since she still recalled the better days of their prior relationship.

"Knowing my husband, he'll be sure to take your wishes into account. Darren will learn that he shouldn't dismiss a girl simply because she has a little meat on her bones. Beyond that, there isn't much need for retribution. To be honest, however, I wouldn't be so merciful in your shoes. I'd fry his gonads, and only then take enough pity to heal them. He should be glad that you're not as vengeful as me," the Queen of Heaven smiled at her brother's new girlfriend.

"It's a good thing that we reconciled more completely this time, my loving sister! Great timing, too, since I didn't want you and Tara to be enemies. Well, we should have still resolved that ages ago," Zeus said, as he kissed his wife.

"Yes, but it was my fault as well as yours. And that's not the issue. What should we do to Darren? Any ideas?" Hera agreed, as she slipped the King of Heaven some tongue.

"I can think of at least one, lovers. It will fit the crime, so to speak, quite well," Athena laughed and smiled at all of her companions, while finishing her smoked turkey.

It proved to be an idea that appealed to all four of them, indeed. It also reflected the Goddess's sometimes wicked sense of humor. This was a side that didn't match her austere image from the works of Homer and Hesiod. It was part of her personality, nonetheless, as Tara discovered that day.

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