tagErotic CouplingsZoe & Michael

Zoe & Michael


I glanced at the clock on the dash and sighed. It was almost the end of my shift on what was so far a fairly easy night. I stuck to the country roads on the way back to the station, as the last thing I needed was to be caught up with something now and using the back roads was a good way to avoid anything.

I smiled to myself, not long now and I could get my uniform off, relax in the shower and have a long awaited wank. This job certainly had its ups as well as downs on the weekend. Girls wearing next to nothing loved to flirt with us while we watched out for trouble as people spilled from the pubs and clubs. It took a lot to keep focused on the job in hand on a Saturday night. I've had more offers than I can count but I always kept my focus while working.

My cock twitched at the thought of a wank later. I shifted in my seat and re-arranged my trouser leg to get more comfortable. I could feel my boxers start to tighten on me as my cock began to harden and I stroked the outline of it through my trousers as I drove. God I was horny.

As I made my way through the countless turns and bends in the country road, I saw a car pulled over to the side of the road. I knew it was too good to be true, making it to the end of the shift on time. I pulled up behind. My cock almost instantly softened as my face hardened back to reality. I put the blue lights on in case anyone came hurtling up the road behind us and did a radio check on the licence plate as I walked up to the drivers window.


I knew I shouldn't have gone out tonight. The girls at work insisted though, they knew I hadn't been out in ages. They were only trying to cheer me up I suppose. After all, I couldn't spend the rest of my life indoors.

I still had lots of unpacking to do. The boxes had been waiting weeks, months even and I still couldn't bear to open them. It was like I would be opening old wounds if I opened those boxes. They contained all my photos and memories of the last 4 years of living with Paul. The bastard. The pain was still there from the day I caught him in our bed with our neighbour Linda.

I knew I would bump into him one day but still I was unprepared when I saw him at the bar in the club with his arm around a petite blonde. A new girlfriend no doubt. I don't know how he could throw it all away like the last 4 years were nothing.

I knew he didn't see me but I had to leave. I didn't even get my coat or tell the girls I was going, I just ran out to the multi-storey car park opposite. I was glad I had decided to drive tonight. It meant I had the perfect excuse not to drink too much. I wanted to remain in control tonight just in case something like this happened.

But now I was pulled by the entrance to a field with a flat tyre. I was going to have to call someone. Damn. I wish I had got my coat before leaving now. What a stupid thing to do. Before reaching for my phone, I saw a car pull up behind me. The cold, calm night air was suddenly intruded on by unnatural blue lights.

I watched a policeman step out of the police car and pull his reflective coat tight. He adjusted his hat and headed to my window, looking the car over as he neared, talking into the radio on his shoulder.


'Evening' I said and looked down at the driver. My cock nearly started to stiffen again when she looked up at me. She was gorgeous. She had bright blue eyes and almost jet black hair. I cleared my throat.

'Is everything ok?' I tried in my most authoritative way. Being a policeman didn't mean that I didn't find women attractive but I couldn't let it interfere with my job or cloud my judgement.

'Erm...yes officer' she replied, she didn't seem drunk which was a relief of sorts.

'Would you step out of the vehicle please?' I

moved a step back.

'Erm...why?' she asked

I looked at her, taking in those pools of blue. I was going to have to control myself here. My cock was fighting me to get hard. I had to look away from her and step back further.

'It's for your own safety, in case a car comes round too fast up these roads.' I stood waiting.

She looked around, as though perhaps I was expecting a stream of cars any moment. We both knew it wasn't likely anyone would be coming along down this road any time soon. She stepped out and shivered in the cold night air. She was either on her way from or to a party. She had a flimsy short dress on, almost the same colour blue of her eyes, that barely left anything to the imagination. Well anything to my my imagination anyway. She shifted to pull her dress down but it didn't hide much more.

'Have you been drinking tonight?' I asked, hoping she hadn't. If she was over the limit this meant I would have to haul her to the station and hours of paperwork.

'Well I have had one glass of wine, but that was ages ago.' Better safe than sorry, I got out a breathalyser and prayed in my head that she would pass. I told her what to do.

She opened her mouth to say something and decided against it. Instead, she took a deep breath that almost heaved her breasts out over her dress and blew into the breathalyser. My eyes couldn't help but linger a gaze over them. Mmmm definitely something to wank over later...

The breathalyser beeped. Negative - thank God.

'Ok,it's negative.' I smiled 'What are you doing

here? It's not very safe to be sat out here on your own.' Women nowadays needed to feel independent but that usually brought more trouble than they realised. I had definitely seen the ugly side of that.

'I was just on my way home from a work party and the car just got a puncture'' She looked defeated now. I stole another glance at her breasts as they almost spilled out over her dress.


God he was good looking. I wasn't really into the whole 'authoritative sex pull' like some women, but cop or not he was damn cute. He had hazel eyes that seemed warm, not like some of the cops that think the have the right to do anything because of their job. I seemed to lose my concentration, lost in his gaze. No wonder he thought I had been drinking, I must seem like it.

My nipples must be sticking out a mile in this cold. I saw him looking at my breasts and not surprising really. I must look like a slut in this dress. It was low cut with with no straps, a boob-tube almost. I had opted out of wearing a bra with it as the dress had it's own 'support'. Last time I believe the labels! Then I realised just how dangerous this could have been, the car with a puncture miles from anywhere with me dressed like this. At least if I was stuck in the middle of nowhere with a horny cop it would be better than a horny stranger.

Well if he he could look...I glanced at his crotch. He seemed to be shifting awkwardly. I couldn't make anything out though.

'Right shall we change this wheel then?' He asked. 'open the boot and I'll get a torch from the patrol car.'

He walked to his car and started fumbling in the boot for a torch. I opened the boot to my car and tried to pull the carpet up to get the jack. I reached into the car and fumbled around blindly trying to find it. Then my hand grazed it. At last! I stood up again realising my ass was probably out for the world to see while I was digging around in the car. I pulled my dress down and looked around for the cop. Good, he was still fumbling around for the torch in the boot of his car.

I stood by my car and shivered, it was so cold. He walked slowly back up to my car talking on the radio, just out of earshot for me to hear what he was saying. I shivered again. He stood beside me as I wrapped my arms around myself to keep warm. I could feel his warm body and moved up a bit too close to him before realising what I was doing.

I stepped back again feeling clumsy. He looked at me strangely and must have realised I was cold. He took his reflective coat off and offered it to me with a smile.

'Here, we don't want you catching a cold now do we?'

I couldn't refuse, I was so cold. I smiled at him gratefully and took the coat. I slipped inside it, as it almost drowned me. It smelt heavily of him. I inhaled deeply. His smell filled my head. Aftershave, sweat and man. Mmmmm how I missed that smell. My god, what was I doing? I stepped back to watch his strong arms pull out the spare tyre from the boot. I let my mind wonder about his warm skin and felt my pussy dampen at the thought of it.

'Ok, hold the torch onto the flat tyre for me.'

His voice broke the spell I was in. I took the torch from him as his hand grazed mine. It was warm and rough. I loved guys with rough hands. Men that were real men. I shone the torch on the flat tyre as he bent down to undo it. I looked over his body. He had such a broad back and strong arms that effortlessly undid the wheel nuts.

While I was daydreaming about being in his arms he seemed to have already changed the wheel and was stood in front of me.

'All done' he said with a smile.

He was so handsome he gave me butterflies in my stomach (and my in my knickers!) He carried the flat tyre and placed it in the boot with the jack, closing it when he finished. I wondered if I would ever see him again. I felt dizzy with the cold night air and the smell of him around me.

'Well thanks very much for saving me' I smiled at him.

I leant forward as I went to kiss him on the cheek to say thanks. He grinned and half-heartedly put his hands out to protest but I let my body gently press up against his, he relaxed and placed his hands under the high-vis coat and on my waist instead. My legs almost swayed with the excitement. His strong arms steadied me, his fingers gently pressing into my back. I was sure I felt his fingers stroking my skin as he did so. His warm hands burning heat through my dress and into my skin.

I looked up at him. I longed to feel his lips on mine. His eyes were serious now, he wasn't smiling any more either. The intensity of his gaze sent a shudder through me.


I was frozen to the spot as her body gently touched against mine. The smile faded from my lips as the seriousness of my desire for her took over me. Her eyes searched my soul as I stood still for what seemed like minutes with her body gently leaning into mine. She was beautiful, but how far did I want to take this? My cock was getting hard again now, I couldn't hold it back any more. I had watched her digging around in the boot for the jack and got a eyeful of her perfect ass. I struggled for minutes to calm my erection, pretending to look for the torch, but this was too much now.

She shuddered in my arms and I instinctively pulled her into me to keep her warm. Her hands resting on my chest. I took a breath, realising I could lose my job over this, I moved my face down towards her, closing my eyes. My lips tentatively met hers for what was meant to be a few seconds. She tasted so sweet.... She parted her lips slightly and teased across mine with a flick of her tongue. I couldn't help myself. I kissed her back. My tongue met hers, gently at first, then deeper.

Her body was completely pressed against mine now. I felt a groan leave my lips before I could stop it as she pressed a thigh between my legs. Fuck, my cock almost expanded to its full thick length at once. I had to lean against the car for support. My hands were stroking her back as she moved her hands up to the back of my neck, her fingernails slowly moving across the hair exposed at the base of my hat. It was sending chills down my spine. I was mesmerised by her kiss.

She moved her hands from my neck, tracing them down over my chest to the buckle of my belt. I held her hands to stop her. She broke the kiss and looked at me with those gorgeous eyes and grinned. I softened my grip, I couldn't help it.

She moved her lips to my ear. 'Take the vest off' she whispered 'I want to see you'.

All thoughts of work gone from my head and caught in her spell, I removed my hat and then undid my police vest as she watched. I lowered them to the ground as she took over and undid the buttons on my shirt, pulling it out from my waistband. She seemed to groan with pleasure when she saw my flesh. She kissed my chest, tracing circles on my nipples with her tongue dragging her nails over the hairs on my chest.

My cock was so hard now that my boxers and trousers were unbearably tight against it. I could feel the hot pre-cum dripping down my shaft, sticking my boxers to my skin.

She moved her mouth down and kissed the hair on my abdomen, with her fingers hooked into the waistband of my trousers. God I wanted to fuck her. Here, now. I didn't care about anything else. Her warm, wet lips moved back up to my chest. She gently dragged them across my skin, her thigh pressing against my crotch again. I started to gently thrust against her involuntarily. She groaned at the feel of my cock rubbing against her hip.

Her lips moved back to mine. All my hesitancy was gone now. Her kiss was hungry, and mine matched it. She broke the kiss and rested her head on my shoulder. I could feel her breath against my neck. It was driving me wild. One of my hands were in her hair as my other held her tight to my body. My legs almost buckled beneath me with desire.

She broke the embrace and took my hand. Leading me to the side of the patrol car by the bonnet, she leant into me pushing me to lay back on the warm metal underneath. I slowly eased back perching onto the bonnet as she moved down towards my trousers.


God I was desperate to feel his cock. He closed his eyes as I undid his belt, then his trousers. His hips thrust into the air almost as I eased his trousers and boxers past his crotch. His cock free of constraint, his bare ass on the warm metal of the bonnet.

My hands moved slowly up his inner thighs, I wanted to feel every inch of his skin and every hair on it. My fingers finally found his balls. He gasped as I cupped them in one hand. I gripped his hard, swollen cock with the other.

God his cock was amazing. It was so thick my fingers only just circled around it. I squeezed his shaft moving up his length as I did and watched the hot pre-cum seep out of his rigid cock and down towards my fingers.

I moved my hand to the base of his cock holding his cock with a circled thumb and finger around it. I lowered my head towards him. He seemed to brace himself knowing what was coming. I felt the hard, swollen, smooth tip of his cock touch my soft lips. I licked his tip and slowly circled the smooth skin of it, swirling the pre-cum into it. He let out a groan and tried to thrust into my mouth.

I pressed his hips back against the car and continued teasing the tip of his cock with the circles I drew with my tongue. I then suckled it, drawing out the silky pre-cum into my mouth. He tried to edge more of his cock into my mouth with another thrust. I lowered my mouth over him as I took as much of him as I could. His hands guided my head, encouraging me to take him deeper each time as I slowly moved up and down his shaft, sucking more pre-cum out of his cock.

My other hand still massaging his balls.

I could almost take his whole cock into my mouth. I felt it touching the back of my throat almost making me gag. His pre-cum was more salty now. I could taste it running down my throat. He moaned with every thrust into my mouth and it was driving me wild for him. His breath was short and quick and I could feel and taste his build up coming. God how I wanted him to release his thick, sticky cum into my mouth as I swallowed load after load. I longed to taste him. I was sure he would taste as good as he looked and felt.


A quiet beeping and the odd muffled word from the patrol car was the only sound that broke the silence around us. The blue lights on the car were still lighting up the fields surrounding us. This was so surreal - a woman sucking my cock as I propped against the bonnet of a patrol car almost naked. The thought of it alone was enough to send me over the edge. I looked down at her eagerly sucking my cock. If her mouth felt this good, how did her pussy feel? I was near to blowing my load into her willing mouth - but I couldn't let that happen.

'Wait' I managed breathlessly. It took all my willpower to slowly ease her mouth off my cock.

She looked up at me but didn't protest. She stood up and eased her dress down from where it had ridden up. I took a deep breath, blood rushing to my head. I loosely pulled my boxers and trousers back up over my soaking, stiff cock as I stood up.

I pulled her into me and kissed her deeply. I turned us around and lent her over onto the car's bonnet so she was laying on it with her legs hanging over the side. I stood looking at her laying on the car, she grinned up at me and I couldn't help but grin back. My hands ran down from her waist, over her hips, and down the outside of her thighs, feeling every inch of her skin as I moved. I ran my hands up between her thighs. She moved back further onto the bonnet as her legs parted ready for me to explore her as she laid back with her eyes closed.

I felt the warmth on my hands as I neared her pussy. The wet, softness of her knickers were soaked through. My cock was throbbing to feel her, begging to be let out again from my trousers. I watched as I traced the tips of my middle fingers on one hand across her pussy over her knickers. She drew a breath. My fingers were wet with her warm, silky juices. As I moved my fingers across her length again she tried to open her legs further still and thrust towards my hand. An involuntary motion to encourage me into her inviting pussy.

I eased her knickers over her hips and off of her. She parted her legs with her feet on the bonnet. The sight of her with her high heels, no knickers, dress around her waist and my high-vis coat on, all on the bonnet of my patrol car sent a powerful wave of desire through me. I looked at her perfect pussy. It was shaved and glistening from her juices. I slipped a finger into her soft, wet hole and watched it disappear inside her. She let out a groan and arched her back. Her pussy was so swollen. I slipped another finger in and inhaled her smell.

As my two middle fingers felt the depths of her pussy, my thumb grazed her clit. She jumped at the touch. I moved my thumb in gentle circles over her clit as I curled my fingers inside her and teased her G-spot. She writhed uncontrollably. Pushing down onto my hand and pulling away again, rocking on the car. After a few minutes of teasing her, I withdrew my fingers.

Her pussy was dripping wet now. I ran my hands down the inside of her thighs and pushed her legs apart further. I knelt down on my knees so my face was level with her pussy. I inhaled her smell again, it was intoxicating. I licked the length of her pussy from the hole to the clit. She let out another groan and I couldn't help but groan too as I licked her beautiful pussy. I was sure I was going to cum in my boxers at this rate if I wasn't careful.

I slipped my tongue deep inside her, feeling the walls of her tight pussy surrounding it. I tried to fill her hole with my tongue, reaching deep, my face covered in her juices. Her hands were on the back of my head, her nails digging into me. I pulled my tongue out of her and sucked her soft lips around her hole. I licked the length of her again until I found her swollen clit. I stretched the outside of her pussy lips with one hand as I teasingly started to lick her clit into tight circles. My other fingers slowly slipping inside her pussy.

She jerked forward, thrusting against my face, closing and then parting her legs again. I loved the way women's bodies writhed and begged for a cock when they wanted to be fucked. Their legs spread as wide as they could, willing for a cock to be so deep inside them. It was like they were desperate to be filled with a missing vital part they needed right now to survive.

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