tagLesbian SexZoey and Me Ch. 09

Zoey and Me Ch. 09


Writing these stories is harder than I ever thought it would be even though it's fun and hot, it's really hard, too. I kept a diary back then which has helped but not a lot because I was always afraid of my diary being found so I didn't write about the really explicit stuff that happen just the basics of things and I always left out the sex in case it was found. I didn't mean to tell the entire story about how things went except that's sort of how it's going now and I'm not sure how much more I can do but I'll do my best. Thank you for nice comments because they really encourage me to keep going!

Beth's request for lunch first took the edge away from being in the heat of the moment and I respected her decision. Was I interested in Beth? Yes. In fact, I was more interested in her now than before and I wondered how she and Zoey had stayed roommates without something happening. I'm going to skip ahead a bit because I don't think I need to tell the whole story about Beth and me going to lunch even though we saw Sam there, too. Seeing Samantha was confusing because I wasn't sure how she felt about me. It was easy for me to paint Sam as a villain and assume she had stolen Zoey from me except Zoey and me were so insistent that we didn't want to be girlfriends. Beth's idea that Zoey had used me as a way to meet Sam fitted the facts but didn't feel right to me.

I had never thought about having sex with a woman before college. I love guys and I had been with more than a couple and I wanted to be with guys, again. At the same time, I knew being with guys had consequences and Mom was taking care of my precious little "consequence." I am a very sexual person and I guess I always have been and I did a lot of things long before I can admit doing any of those things. Sorry, I guess I'm getting off track, but I'm trying to explain why things happened the way they did. You see, making love with Zoey the first time was fun and scary and intense. In a way I felt as if I had met a soulmate or something because Zoey felt as sexual as I was. What I think I didn't understand was how much Zoey wanted to have sex with girls. Zoey had dreamt and fantasized about being with girls a lot before college ever started and she seemed to have this idea that college was the place to do that as often as she could and some of that seemed to rub off on me in the very beginning.

Drawing Samantha into our mix had felt like a logical extension of where Zoey and I were in our minds. It felt as if we were discoverers who had discovered something new when we found each other. Those times I had sex with Eric and then Eric and Terrance, those times had reassured me I still like guys and empowered me to enjoy what was happening on a different level.

When I really think hard and put myself back into the mental space of those times with Zoey and me and everyone else, Lindsey felt like the odd person out. That's the funny thing about sex, once you've done it with someone you can't undo it with them. I know I've been calling these stories "Zoey and Me" and that still makes sense to me but sometimes I think I could have made the title "Lindsey and Me" because I learned a lot about myself and sex from being with Lindsey. That wouldn't have worked because I would have never had sex with Lindsey if it hadn't been for Zoey, so I guess "Zoey and Me" is the better title. Lindsey remains interesting to me on lots of different levels and I know one of the ways I felt at the time was that Lindsey was "safe" because I knew she had a boyfriend she cared about and I didn't think she and I were going to fall in love or anything. In some ways, I guess Lindsey was the relationship I thought I had with Zoey except things with Zoey had gotten messed up once Samantha came along.

When Beth and I saw Samantha at lunch it made sense to think of Sam as Zoey's girlfriend and be friendly to her on that level even if I missed being with Zoey. Maybe it's one of those things like how most girls never forget the guy who took their virginity and that was how I felt about Zoey? I don't know, I only knew I missed her and Sam was the reason why Zoey and I weren't together. I think part of the problem was that I didn't know Samantha well enough. Sex with Sam felt like sex with Eric or Eric and Terrence, as if it had been a fling and I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about Eric or Terrence.

The funny thing about Beth was how she didn't seem to know what she had said while she was drawing. I know I described it earlier as a fugue-like state and either that's accurate or she was a damn good liar and I don't believe she was lying to me. As we went to lunch she asked me about what kinds of things she had been saying. "I know I get really dirty in my mind when I'm drawing, at least I do inside my mind. And sometimes I guess I talk to my drawings, too, but I'm never listening to what I say. Was it really bad?" I assured her it was and she wanted to know what she had said. I repeated a couple lines as best as I could remember them. "I did not!" she squealed, blushing and laughing at the same time. "Oh fuck, I'm bad."

"You're a nasty, dirty, little slut," I said, using some of words back at her and we laughed again. We started talking about her art and her process. She explained how getting excited helped her capture the moment. When we made it back to my room, it felt as if we were going back to my place after a second date when things had gone too far on the first date and we weren't sure how to move forward.

I asked if she had a lot of drawings in her sketchpad, if I could see them and we sat side-by-side on my bed as she flipped through her pages. There were a few pages from her life studies art class and while those models were nude, too, they were the least interesting of the drawings. The first interesting drawing was of a girl who often joined her Save the Earth rallies. She was a little overweight, had an odd, rather boyish haircut and wasn't groomed between her legs at all. Still, Beth had captured the moment of release for the woman. "She's really gay," Beth laughed. "I wanted to draw her girlfriend, but she wouldn't let me." We looked through a several more finished drawings of different women, each of them caught in that moment of release and each of them touching themselves very intimately. Beauty is a relative thing and I don't want to be mean so I'll say it like this: I was more attracted to some women than others.

I asked the obvious questions. Was it difficult for her to find models? (Sometimes.) How did it feel being in the room with them while they were masturbating? (Mostly very hot.) It was when I asked if she ever had sex with her models that her answer surprised me. "No," she said. I asked why not and she shrugged. "Because I'm usually sitting across from them and they just had an orgasm and, well, you know." I wasn't sure that I did know. She smiled and blushed a bit as she said, "I have a lot of sex with them while I'm finishing their drawings."

"But you have had sex with another girl, right?" I asked.

"Oh yeah," she laughed. "Well, not since I started college, but back home I did. I had a lot of sex with girls, well women." She went on to explain how she had met this attractive, older woman at a rally who had seduced her. She explained how the woman would take her to parties and get her into clubs even though she was under the legal drinking age and would show her off. "I think I know how it feels to be a trophy wife," she said. I asked about boys and she shrugged. "I like guys okay. I've been with a couple and they're nice in manly sort of way." That wasn't how I felt about boys then or now but it was okay for her to say that. "What about you?" she asked and that started a conversation I didn't know I had in me and it was an important conversation because I think it set me straight about several things.

I told Beth everything and a lot of it she either knew or had guessed but I put it all in order for her. I told her how Zoey and I had hooked up, how Zoey had been my first girl and how I had really liked it. I told her about Eric and then Zoey again and how Sam came into the picture. Then Eric and Terrence happened which seemed to surprise Beth because she asked, "So you really like guys that much?" I said that I did and how I didn't think I could live without dick in my life. Then I added that I couldn't imagine living my life without pussy, either. I told her how Zoey and I had seduced Lindsey and the fourway we had. "Fuck, that's hot," Beth said. I didn't go into details like I'm doing in these stories, I just told her how we had sex. I mentioned some of the butt play that had gone on but I didn't go into details about how Zoey and Sam were both really into that part of things.

"Then I went home for the weekend to see my baby and when I came back, Zoey and Sam were sort of a thing and that's sort of that," I finished. She asked about Eric and I laughed because I think I had scared Eric away when I did him and his roommate at the same time. She asked about Lindsey and I explained how we were just messing around a bit but that was all. She said she thought Lindsey was a sub and I wasn't sure what that meant until she described it and it seemed to fit. Then she asked what it would mean if we had sex, meaning me and her. "Does it have to mean anything?" I asked. "Can't we just do it because we both want to do it?"

"Like with you and Lindsey?" she asked. "Except you and me?" I nodded, afraid I might have said something wrong. "Does everyone else have to know we did it?" she asked. I shook my head, they didn't and she laughed. "Wait, I think I said that wrong. What I meant was, is it okay if everyone else knows we did it?"

"You want them to know?" I asked, surprised by her real meaning.

"If we do it, I don't want them to not know we did it," she said, which was confusing and it took me a moment to catch up with her. "I'm not saying we need to put up a sign or do it in front of them or with them or anything. I just don't want there to be any drama, okay?" I nodded although I was unsure how we would tell everyone without it becoming a big deal. "And we can do it just for fun, right? I mean, it doesn't have to mean anything, does it?"

"Like with me and Lindsey," I said, repeating her description because it felt right.

"Except I'm not a sub like Lindsey and you have to let Lindsey know we did it."

"Okay," I said. I doubted Lindsey would care and I was glad Beth didn't want secrets between us and our roommates. During our conversation, she had laid her sketchpad on her lap. She leaned over and placed it on the chair in front of us before tucking a lock of my hair behind my right ear.

"Thank you for allowing me to draw you," she said and she kissed my lips. I kissed her back but held back a bit, too. I didn't want to overwhelm her. We kissed again without tongues or hands moving across each other's bodies.

"It was sexy hearing you while you were drawing," I said, leaning forward to take another kiss.

"I have a dirty mind," she said, kissing me this time.

"And I'm a dirty girl," I said. "A dirty, slutty little bitch." She giggled until I kissed her and our tongues touched for the first time. "Do you like that I'm a dirty little slut?" I asked between our kisses and her mouth was open for the next kiss, too.

"Tell me what makes you a dirty slut," she asked between our kisses.

"I love to fuck and suck," I said, peppering her with kisses. "I like kissing girls and feeling them kissing me. I like when they play with my titties."

"Like this?" Beth asked, running her hand across my chest for her first time.

"Yes," I gasped. "And I like when a girl plays with my nipples, too."

Beth pushed her hand inside my shirt and clutched at my nipples. "You mean this long, fat, hard nipples?"

"Yes," I moaned. "I like to have them pulled and pinched and bit."

"Because you're a slut, right?"

"A whore," I said. "A fucking bitch who needs to be used."

"I'm so fucking wet," Beth said, squirming next to me.

"Are you a slut, too?" I asked.

"Yes," she gasped and opened her legs wide. I grabbed at her pussy and received a flood of filth from her. "I'm a fucking whore slut who needs her pussy fingered."

We kept going in much the same way, calling each other names and describing what we wanted to do, what we were doing and what we were going to do. We called each other bitch, slut and whore more often than I can count. We groaned about our tits, titties, boobs and nipples as we groped, licked, sucked and bit at each other. As Beth had promised, her pussy was shaved completely bare and she tasted wonderful. I came again and again but regardless of how wonderful my orgasms felt they paled next to Beth's ability to be multi-orgasmic. Her orgasms would arrive in a heated stream of climaxes that would go on for minutes at a time before she would beg me to stop. She even taught me how to get better at keeping her orgasms arriving one after the other by fingering her pussy in just the right way as I when down on her. I understand now that I was massaging her g-spot and I've learned since then that it has different value for different women. For Beth? It felt magical and I loved the control it gave over her.

We spent hours in my bed teasing and pleasing each other with few breaks for cuddling, kissing or soft words. There was a rawness having sex with Beth that felt different than sex with Lindsey, Zoey or Sam. With them, there was a sense of desperate urgency about sex and building quickly to intense orgasms. With Beth, it was more about building on what already felt good and keeping that sensation going without stopping and it became intense is a different way. I'm not an athlete but in my mind I've often thought sex with the other girls felt like a series of short races while sex with Beth felt like running a marathon and I absolutely loved it.

It was very late in the afternoon before our lovemaking finally slowed and we laid side-by-side wearing nothing more than satisfied grins. "You have a dirty, filthy mouth," Beth said, running her hand over my sweaty chest.

"Me? You're the slutty bitch in the room," I giggled, kissing her.

"Dinner is starting," she pointed out and I saw that it was just after four. Food sounded like a good idea. "We can take one together and conserve water."

"Well, if it helps save Mother Earth, then I think we should," I laughed. I didn't need the extra reason and I don't think she did, either.

On the way to the bathroom, I grabbed a towel and offered her one my extra ones. "I've got towels," she said as she opened the door to her room and walked into naked and probably looking as sexually ravaged as I felt. After weeks of mostly respecting that door, it felt odd for her to just walk into her room as if nothing was going on, but why wouldn't she? After all, it was her room and since it was the dinner hours there was little chance that she would be interrupting Zoey and Sam. "Your ex-girlfriend's a real slut," she told Zoey as she grabbed a towel from her hallway closet.

"You did her?" Zoey asked.

"I'm not sure if I did her or she did me, but it was damn good," Beth said. She left the door open as she joined me in the bathroom, started the shower and held back the curtain for me to join her.

Our shower didn't last long though it did include soaping each other's bodies. Afterwards, Beth went to her room to dress and I went back to mine. I wanted to be a fly on the wall to hear the conversation she had with Zoey. Instead, I only heard Zoey repeating her usual line, "We were never girlfriends."

On the way to dinner, Beth asked me a leading question, "Does eating pussy make someone a lesbian?"

"I guess," I said. "Especially if you liked it and want to do it again."

"Okay, but you like sucking dick, too, right?" she asked. I nodded. "And none of the hardcore lesbians I know would ever do that, so what's that make you?"

"A slut?" I offered with a giggle and a smile because I was unsure where she was going with the conversation.

Beth laughed at my answer. "Fair enough." Our conversation was suspended while we worked the cafeteria line. At the cash register, Sam noticed we both had wet hair. "That's because we took a shower together," Beth told her.

"We were pretty sweaty after having sex all afternoon," I added.

"Sounds like what I did with Zoey," Sam said.

"Yeah, probably not," I said since I knew what it was like to have sex with all three of the women in question and Beth was unique.

As we ate, Beth revisited the question she had asked earlier about what made someone straight or gay. I told as long I still liked dick better, I thought of myself as straight. She thought about it for a moment and said, "Then I guess I'm gay?" We talked in circles about labels and what they meant without coming to a conclusion. It was a fun conversation. Beth's experiences with "real" lesbians shaded her answers because the "real" lesbians she knew wouldn't consider a woman who liked the occasional dick a lesbian. It wasn't the first time I had questioned my sexuality but it may have been one of the last. The attitude of her lesbian girlfriends similar to the one I would experience later when I started dating my husband. Because my husband goes both ways, he's often branded as gay even though he loves pussy much more.

"Maybe we can just be people, you know?" I asked and Beth liked that answer best, too.

We went back to the dorm. Beth collected her drawing supplies and clothes from my room. I wasn't expecting a repeat performance. I washed Kong, put him away and logged into my computer when there was a knock on the open bathroom door. It was Zoey.

"Hey stranger," I said. She asked if we could talk and I rolled back from desk. Zoey sat on my bed.

"Did you have fun this afternoon?" she asked with a knowing smirk.

"Yeah, I like Beth. She's fun." I was glad Zoey didn't ask if Beth was better than her or who I liked better because that feels so much like high school drama. "How are things with Sam?"

"Why does everyone act as if we're a couple?" Zoey asked, rolling her eyes.

"Because you've been joined at the hip? Have you seen the way she looks at me?" I asked. Zoey shook her head and looked confused. "Oh please, she looks at me as if I'm the enemy."

"At least I'm not being a slut," Zoey said.

"You're right, I'm a nasty, dirty slut," I giggled, thinking about Beth. "I like eating pussy and sucking dick and getting fucked up the ass." That last part got Zoey's attention.

"Oh really?" she asked.

"Guess you missed meeting my new toy," I said, nodding at the refrigerator where Kong was flanked by a ruby red and a bright blue butt plug. "Lindsey bought that for me."

"So the two of you are a couple now?"

"Not really. We're just having fun."

"Guess you'll find out when she comes home and finds out about Beth," Zoey said, standing. "Guess I'll go eat."

"Tell Sam I said hi," I said. Zoey stopped and stared at me. "I'm serious," I said. "I'm not mad at her or you."

"Maybe I should bring her back to your room after dinner," she suggested and I wasn't sure if she was serious or not.

"If you want," I said, unsure how I felt about the idea.

"Maybe I will," she said, giving me a real smile before she left. I turned back to my computer and it was after seven before I went into the bathroom because I had to pee. I saw the other door was shut and I didn't linger to find out what I might hear. Back in my room, I studied, chatted online and then read myself to sleep. As far as I was concerned, it was a good night even if I didn't get off again that day. I didn't need it after my afternoon with Beth.

Sunday morning the door to the other room was open again. I woke to the sound of the shower. A few minutes later Beth stepped into my room wearing only her towel which was wrapped around her head, turban style. "Want to help me save the earth?" With nothing better to do for the day, I took her up on the idea, met a couple of her friends and had a good time passing out literature. Beth introduced me to her friends as "her slut" and I referred to her as "my bitch" several times. The raised eyebrows we got from her hardcore lesbian friends were funny. On the way back to the dorm I told her about Zoey visiting me yesterday evening and Beth laughed. "Did she pump you for information?"

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