tagIncest/TabooZoey, Please Explain This

Zoey, Please Explain This


I fired up the laptop and sat in the chair. I waited quietly in the dark room while it loaded and connected to the net. There we go I thought. I clicked on the icon and the world opened up to me.

I typed in the usual address and looked to see what they had to offer for porn today. I skipped over the big fake tits getting drilled by monster cocks stuff. That was old and boring. I wanted something new, something different.

New at home would have been nice but that wasn't happening. My wife was skinny and had a zest for life when we married 20 years ago. Time had expanded her waist line and shrank her activity level. She hadn't worked a job in 17 years. Well, a steady one anyway. She would work an odd job here and there for friends but it never lasted long. She was content to sit at home and raise the two kids and eat. It is a sad thing to say but it's true. She had great ambition to do this with her life or do that but when it came time to do it, she would let the deadline pass.

Our sex life dried up too. The result was I searched for porn and beat off into a towel when she was out doing what ever it was she did. I didn't bother to ask, I just worked and brought home the money.

Divorce wasn't an option. I had worked at my current job for 25 years now. I wasn't giving up half my pension and half of the stuff that I had worked for. I had to work another 10 years to keep us afloat so the kids could get through college. That's a whole other subject.

I did enjoy my life away from the wife. I went and golfed 2 or 3 days a week. I gardened around the house. I even went fishing sometimes. That was my life. Work, golf, kids when they wanted something, and porn.

Amateur of the day I saw. Interested I clicked. The blue circle turned away while the site loaded. Hope this is a good one I thought. It buffered and then the screen opened. My jaw hit the desk. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

"Hello," said the camera man said.

"Hi," said the girl. She was wearing a fancy red dress and had her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was wearing light make up and looked fantastic. It was the best I had ever seen her look. I shook my head again as he asked her for her name. I said it before the girl did. I had said the name for 18 plus years.

"Zoey," she replied. A big smile crossed her face.

"Zoey, ah I like that name," he said.

"Thank you," she replied politely.

"How old are you Zoey," he asked?

"Just over 18," she replied.

"Very nice," he said. She giggled a cute little giggle.

"Do you like to suck cock," he asked bluntly?

"Hey asshole," I said. "That's my daughter." Of course he couldn't hear me but it was a reaction.

"Yes," she replied cheerfully.

"What," I asked? As if I expected a different answer given what I was watching and the site I was at. Why was I still watching I asked as he asked another question? I couldn't click off even though I knew I should and I knew what was to come.

"Do you swallow," he asked during my thoughts?

"I do but it's not my favorite," she replied.

"That's to bad," he said. "Pretty face like yours should swallow." She giggled her little girl giggle.

"Do you like to fuck," he asked?

"Oh yeah," she smiled.

"How many guys have you been with," he asked? That peaked my interest.

"I've had four boyfriends and that's my number," she said. Those assholes I thought quickly about them.

"Only four," he said.

"I'm not a slut," she teased.

"Oh, then what brings you here," he asked?

"Well it's not for the money," she joked.

"Yeah first one's free," he laughed back.

"What," I asked rather annoyed?

"I guess just for fun, do something different," she replied honestly.

"Well, you ready to suck and fuck," he asked eagerly?

"Oh yes," she replied cheerfully. Click the X part of my brain screamed, the other let the show go on.

Next picture was her face with her big brown eyes looking up at him with a cock in her mouth. My sweet little girl was bobbing slowly over his average sized cock. Well at least he won't split her in half I thought. And it's white too.

She expertly slid up and down on his shaft. He grunted his approval as she licked the tip. Click the 'X' one half of my brain screamed again. I let it go.

The next scene was a side view of her still sucking his cock. He had a hand tangled up in her hair pulling the back of her head down his shaft. She smartly put her hand on his shaft to prevent him from forcing her head down to far.

I'm bigger then him I thought as I felt my cock through my shorts. He groaned as she sucked the tip and gently tugged the rest. She released and dipped a little lower to lick his balls. Humm I looked as she tongued his left nut. His unit was hanging out from his pants.

"What, you couldn't take your pants off to do this to her," I asked? His hand released her hair as he groaned. She had sucked his whole nut into her mouth. It popped back out as she smiled up at him.

She returned to his cock and spit on it before descending down it. He grunted his pleasure as her nose touched his trimmed pubes. She coughed and gagged before retreating. She teased the tip with her tongue to regain her composure before returning down all the way. She held it and even stuck her tongue out and licked his balls.

"Oh my god," he groaned. "Nobody's done that to me before." She retreated and giggled. She returned down and repeated it again.

"Where is that cock at baby," he asked?

"Baby," I said. "Who the fuck you calling baby." That's my little girl I thought. Not so little anymore I realized. My cock wasn't either. What is wrong with me I asked myself?

"My mouth," she replied as she licked the tip.

"No, where is at," he asked her again? She bobbed back down and cupped his balls with her hand.

She retreated off and said, "In my throat."

"Oh fuck yeah it is," he groaned as she went back down again.

"You ready to get fucked," he asked expectantly?

"Um hum," she replied, cock still in her mouth. She pulled off his cock. A string of spit dribbled off his dick as she looked up at him. She wiped her lips as she smiled.

The camera panned back around to look down at her from the front. She started to stand and smiled at him as she did. She wiped her chin off as she stood there looking sweetly back at the camera.

"You have a very comfortable mouth," he said.

"Thanks I guess," she replied still smiling.

"It's big and sexy," he said. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue to say ahh to him. They both laughed.

She did have big puffy lips I thought. They were perfect for cock sucking I had told myself way before I was seeing this. I slapped myself and said fathers shouldn't think of thier daughters this way. It wasn't helping me now.

She smiled back into the camera as they stopped laughing. Her big brown eyes and defined cheekbones lit up the screen.

"My mouth my be big and comfortable but my pussy isn't," she teased. I raised my eyebrows and looked at her. I had never heard her talk like this except for the occasional shit, damn, and ass. This was not my little girl.

"I will be the judge of that," he said as he panned the camera down her legs.

"Damn you're tall," he said.

"Yup," she replied. He panned back up her well toned and tanned legs she got from many rounds of golf with me.

"How tall are you," he asked her?

"4ft 23in," she replied quickly without missing a beat. She got her funny side from me.

"Ah, um," the camera guy stuttered.

"English please," he asked?

"5ft 11in," she replied with a laugh.

He panned back down at her legs again. They looked longer then they were in the short and wavy red dress she was in.

"That's as tall as I am," he said. "But you look much sexyier," he continued.

"Why thank you," she said. She smiled at him. She wasn't at all shy in front of the camera. She had always been this way. Outgoing and stubburn, always striving to do things her way. She got that outgoing thing from her mom and apparently she got this wild streak from her too. Her mom was a wild child before we met. Always out doing things way to grown up for her age but never getting into trouble. I didn't think Zoey would take it this far but I knew she was going to be trouble.

"Well I want to see where those legs go," he said. She smiled as he put his hand on her shoulder. He guided her to sit down on the bed. She obliged and started to sit. She pulled her dress up over her hips and started to ball the material up around her hips as her ass reached the mattress. It stayed in place as she leaned back on her elbows. Her legs dangled off the bed and hung open with herself exposed.

My hand flew to the mouse and grabbed it. I scrolled over to the 'X' and hovered over it. Did I really want to see this. Did I really want to see my sweet little Zoey get fucked.

"Fuck it, I'm going to hell," I said. My hand left the mouse and went to my cock. I rubbed it gently through my shorts. My wife and I had joked about her doing girls gone wild or something like this when she was little so I guess in my subconscious I was prepared for this.

He panned down towards her pussy as he stepped forward. It wasn't a straight in look but more of an over the top looking down view of her. I couldn't see all the details of her pussy.

I could see that she was shaved and her outer lips were puffy with excitment. Her clit protruded from her soft and little inner lips. It looked just like her moms except with less fat around it and it didn't seem to sag as much. It was probably tighter too I thought. She definitly got her skinny genes from me I thought as I noticed her hip bones sticking out as she pulled her legs a little farther apart.

I could barly see her pussy now but it opened just slightly. Then I noticed and odd detail.

"Where are your tan lines," I asked? Her legs were a deep tan up to where her shorts should be. Then it was a lighter tan all over the rest.

"Little shit tans naked," I said.

The camera zoned out slightly and his cock came into view.

"Looks nice," he said.

"Hum," she teased as he panned to her face. I reached for the mouse again as he panned back down.

Ok, I could deal with seeing her box. It could be anybodies pussy I thought. He grabbed his cock and ran it up and down her slit. He teased her clit for a second before pulling away. Her legs spread a little wider in anticipation as a soft moan escaped her lips.

"You're wet," he said. He zoomed in on his cock. It glistened with her juice.

"It's been a while since I've had sex," she revealed. "Since the last time I had a boyfriend."

That's like four months I thought. That's when she dumped him for cheating apparently. I didn't care to get all the info from my wife.

"Well, we are going to change that," he said confidently. He focused his camera on her cunt and pushed the head of his cock into her waiting hole. Her lips split and in he went.

"Oh fuck yeah," she moaned. "God it's been a long time since I've felt a cock in my pussy."

"Zoey," I said aloud. "Such harsh language."

"Damn, you are tight," he puffed as she moaned again with pleasure.

"Fuck," I said as I pulled my cock from my shorts and started to tug on it softly.

"Yes, fuck me, oh yes, fuck me," she cried.

I'm going to burn in hell I reassured myself as I continued to pull on my cock. Suddenly a dark thought crossed my mind. He didn't rubber up before diving in.

"The wife is going to have some explaining to do when I find her birth control," I said with an evil grin. She assured me Zoey wasn't having sex. I knew she had but it was one of those things you didn't want to admit.

The scene switched and camera man was behind Zoey railing her.

"Yes, fuck, fuck, fuck yes," she cried. "Oh yes, you are hitting the spot." He spun the camera to her face. There she was all scrunched up in pleasure.

"Yes, fuck me good," she cried as she saw the camera. She smiled as he pushed harder from behind. I even tugged my cock a little harder.

"Fuck yeah, god make me cum you fucker," she yelled.

He slapped her ass and pulled the camera away from her face just as the blow registered in her mind. Her face twisted as he panned down her body. The red dress was twisted up around her mid section. Her tight ass came into view then his cock sawing into her pussy as she started to cum.

It was still a more looking down view then a straight in one. I could see her asshole, the perineum area and the bottom, in the case the top, of her pussy and his cock. It was soaked with white cum as she came and he continued his assult.

"Fuck yes I'm cumming," she yelped. "Fuck me you fucker and make me cum." "Oh yes, god that's good."

He panned away from his cock and up to her face. Her ponytail bounced with each thrust as she cried.

"Zoey," the camera guy said. She turned and looked back at him. Her face all twisted with joy as she came.

"Fuck yeah, keep fucking," she cried. "You fuck me so good." "I love feeling your cock slide into my wet pussy." She licked those big lips and her hair bounced around. He panned back as he slowed his assult. His cock was coated with her cream. It was thick and white and running out of her. I stroked harder on my cock at the sight.

The scene switched and she was now on top riding him.

"Fuck yeah, make me cum," she cried again. Her dress was still on but balled up at her hips. He was holding it out of the way and she rode him.

"Yes, yes, yes," she cried. "Fuck me and fuck me good." Her left tit was free and bounced along with her. She looked to be about a small C cup which was good on her body.

"Oh my god, fuck yes," she cried as his cock burried into her wet hole. She sat on him and rode out another orgasm. He grunted a little as she held and ground on him.

"Oh fuck that's good," she cried as she puffed. Her chest heaved as she softly rocked on him.

"You're smiling," she teased him. She slowly slid up and looked down. He grunted with approval as the camera zoomed in on her cunt. It was the same view from before, lips and clit. I hadn't gotten a full on view of it and I was kind of grateful since nobody else would either.

Her pussy drooled white cream down his cock. It pooled on his trimmed pubic hair before running down between his legs. She slowly moved up and down on his cock again.

"Smiling," I asked? I couldn't even see his face. "Fucking guy better be smiling with the ride you are giving him." At least he had taken his pants off.

The scene changed again. She was back on the bed with her legs hanging off the end. She was laying flat and had the dress pulled all the way up to her neck. I only saw her tits for a second but they were young and nice and perfect. Wish her moms where still that way.

She cried as he started to grunt. "Oh shit," I gasped as I pulled harder. I knew what was coming, no pun intended. "He better not cum in her," I grunted as I found my towel.

All bets were off. It was so wrong that I was jerking off to my little girl but fuck how could you not being as hot as she looked.

"Yes, fuck," she cried. He grunted and pulled out at the last possible second. He blasted off on her pussy twice before jerking out a thrid and final one.

"Oh fuck yeah," he cried. She lay there and smiled as he panned up at her.

I stroked and came into the towel as hard as I had in years. It sapped all my strenght as I slumped back in the chair sweating. I glanced up at the screen just to see her face smiling one last time before it faded away and a banner ran across the screen. See more action at blah blah blah.com. The browser closed and went back to the video list.

"Fuck," I grunted as I rested for ten minutes in the chair.

What the fuck did I just do I asked myself. I just had the best jerk off secion in forever and it was while watching my daughter get fucked by a faceless guy on the internet. I need to talk to Zoey about this. I didn't know how I was going to bring it up but I had to. It was eating away at me. Once I got into a pissed off mood about something it wouldn't go away until I solved it. I sure as hell couldn't tell my wife about it, she would be pissed off at me more and blame me for what Zoey did.

I cleaned myself up and closed the laptop. I kept the site loaded and waited for my chance.


"Hi daddy," Zoey churped as I walked in.

"You ready to hit the course," she asked? I was still in a foul mood and had been for two days now.

"Where is your mother," I asked sourly?

"She went with Cotton to the store," she replied softly.

"For what," I asked?

"Shopping I guess," she replied sweetly.

She knew I was mad but hadn't figured it out yet.

"When was that," I asked? Now could be my chance I thought.

"I don't know, half hour ago," she said. "They went to the outlet mall down south," she offered. Well fuck, that's an hour away each way I thought.

"Oh boy," I sighed. "Off to spend more money."

"If you're unhappy daddy I can get a job to help with money," Zoey offered.

"No," I snapped. Thinking of her getting fucked by that guy and saying it was all for free the first time flashed through my head.

"It's not just the money it's, it's everything," I said.

"Like what," she asked thinking she was getting to the bottom of my mood?

"Just, adult stuff," I said. Like she wouldn't understand.

"Oh," she rolled her eyes. She knew.

"So going golfing with me will take your mind off of it," she said. She picked her bag up.

"Just a minute," I said.

"I know you got to get changed," she said. "I will wait for you in the truck."

"No, I need to ask you something," I said as I motioned her to follow me. She looked curious as she followed. Her golf spikes clicked across the tile floor as she followed behind me.

We reached the office and I pulled out the laptop. She sat down and crossed her legs. I looked at her white short shorts and her pink golf top accented by her breasts. I opened the lid to power it back up as I studied her. Her big eyes looked back at me from under her visor. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. I shook my head as I saw that. The image of her with a strange cock in her mouth flashed in my mind. Strangly my cock began to grow.

What the fuck you getting all excited for, this isn't going to be fun I thought to myself.

"What daddy," Zoey asked? "Why are you shaking your head."

I looked at her and said, "Nothing baby." She smiled at me. It had taken us so long to get to this point. I was always angry with her when she was younger. She took it as me being disappointed with her. That wasn't the case at all. It was because of how stubborn she was and me being to controling.

Finally she took to golf and our relationship grew. I didn't force it on her she just started one day and was very good now. She would beat me regularly and from the mens tees too. I guess what the say is true, those who can't do, teach. I taught her how to swing and she took it from there.

The second thing I noticed as I looked at her was where her eyes were. They were on the slight buldge in my shorts. Or was I just seeing things. I moved a little and she followed. Nope, right on it I thought.

The laptop came back to life. I typed in the password to allow me to get to my desktop. I put that in so the wife wouldn't find the porn site still loaded and have a cow. Maybe if she had a cow I wouldn't need the porn, but that wasn't the issue of the moment.

The site loaded and there it was, just the same from two days ago. I took a deep breath and decided on how I was going to do this. Was I going to play the video or just show her the site. Video would be more dramatic. I clicked and it loaded.

I turned the screen around and asked, "Zoey, please explain this?"

Her eyes focused on the screen and then popped out of her head. She glanced up at me with her shit eating grin that she used all her life. It said I know I'm in trouble but please don't be mad.

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