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zoot's Sir


zoot: "I am zoot, the chaste."

Sir: "I am jackrabbit. Just jackrabbit. But you may call me Rabbit Sir."

zoot: "we don't see many strong Sirs here."

zoot looks at her friend redfox, who is trying to suppress (or at least hide) her laughter.

zoot [to redfox] "Shush, redfox." [to Sir] "We are nubile girls, inexperienced in the ways of love."

redfox: "she's not inexperienced."

redfox laughs out loud now.

redfox: "she's naughty. Bad, bad, naughty zoot. You should spank her. Yes, spank her, then spank me."

redfox starts laughing louder.

redfox: "Then spank her dear husband."

Now zoot is laughing with redfox.

redfox: "Yeah. Yeah. And then take pictures, because i want to see her dear husband being spanked. he so deserves it."

Rabbit Sir looks at zoot adoringly and with a gaze that makes her body hum. she starts to feel warm all over and weak at the knees. Blushing and head tilted down and to the side, she approaches Rabbit Sir and falls to her knees in front of Him.

zoot: "Dear Sir, i desire to serve You. Please command me."

He strokes her hair gently as she looks at His feet. He feels her relax slightly under His caress. He grabs her hair and tilts her head up to face Him. He speaks slowly and confidently:

Sir: "So, zoot ... my girl, my pet ... zoot, the chaste...?"

zoot: "Yes Rabbit Sir?"

Sir: "So, after I spank you, I shall caress your warm, stinging ass while I nibble on your inner thighs."

Rabbit Sir takes zoot's right hand and lifts her by it, saying simply, "Rise." He leads her by the hand to a fainting couch. He looks from zoot's blushing face to the couch, then nods. zoot sits. redfox has stopped laughing and started muttering:

redfox [to herself] "Oh my god." [to zoot] "Remember, we share everything."

redfox's eyes widen, and she raises her eyebrows expectantly. zoot glances at redfox and smiles softly with full lips, but she quickly looks back to Sir, who now stands in front of her, rocking His hips slightly, as his erect cock strains against the fabric of His jeans. she smiles up at Him.

zoot [playfully]: "You want me."

Sir: "I shall not want, my dear zoot, for I have you, and I shall take you. Wherever I want you to go, I shall take you. I will fill all the places where you feel empty. I will occupy you. As you have said, I consume your thoughts. I will lap onto your shore till water springs forth from your fertile earth, and I will bathe in you. I will dive in, and when I withdraw, your body will ache for me to dive in again. I do not need to want with you, my pet, for you will give me everything, and I will take up residence in your mind and in your heart and in your cunt... So, after I spank you and caress your warm, stinging ass, and after I nibble your inner thighs here..."

Rabbit Sir presses firmly on her inner thighs with the palms of his hands, urging her to part her legs wider, which she does. her body feels like it will melt under his touch.

Sir: "Take off your pants."

zoot looks nervously at redfox and bites her lower lip.

Sir[whispering in zoot's ear]: "Now, zoot dear, you are My good attention whore. And you will do as I say. Take off your pants. It is what I require of you. Now, bitch."

zoot gasps slightly and looks both stricken and excited. He bends and pinches her left nipple with His right hand. zoot wriggles under him, while she unfastens her pants and eases them off, leaning her body one way and then the other till she works the fabric out from under her.

Sir [whispering in zoot's ear]: "That's my good girl."

Rabbit Sir slides a hand under the crotch of zoot's panties and gently dips a finger into her and then holds the finger up to her lips, watching her suck his finger hungrily. While she sucks and licks his fingers, he begins to address her again:

Sir: "After I spank you and caress your warm, stinging ass and after I nibble your inner thighs here..."

Rabbit Sir scratches zoot's inner thighs, digging short nails into her tender skin.

Sir: "...the oral sex."

Rabbit Sir slides a hand back under zoot's panties and massages her mons gently with the heel of his hand, while he slips a finger into her again, just a touch, to the second knuckle. He slips his finger in and out of her at this shallow depth, as he continues:

Sir: "I shall lick up and down along your outer labia and your inner labia, and My tongue shall dance with your clit, and my cock will throb with wanting to be here."

At this, He inserts two fingers completely into her vagina, as she moans under Him.

zoot: "Yes please, Sir. i want You inside me now. i want Your beautiful, hard, hot cock inside me. Please fill me up with Your cock, Sir. I want you so much."

While she says this, she rubs one hand on the bulge in His crotch and with the other hand reaches under His shirt and scrapes His side with her nails till He gasps and grimaces slightly. Then He giggles. He bends over, continuing to finger her cunt, but withdrawing the fingers from where she wants to draw in and squeeze HIs cock. she whimpers and pouts slightly when He pulls His fingers out.

zoot: "Please Sir. Please fuck me now."

Rabbit Sir smiles pleasantly.

Sir [whispering in zoot's ear]: "Put your hands behind your back. I'll decide when you're ready."

Rabbit Sir stands back upright. zoot sits on the fainting couch doing a "fuck me now" dance with her hips but keeping her hands folded behind her back as she's been told. she leans forward, tilting her head to the left and bites Sir's erect shaft through the jeans. Then she pulls back, surveying the effect of the bite on his arousal and the saliva print on his jeans.

zoot: "You're a horrid, horrid Sir, making Your pet suffer with wanting You. Plllleeeeaaaasssseee fuck me, my horrid Sir. i am Yours. Please take me. Your pet wants so much to please You, Sir."

Rabbit Sir smiles at his aroused pet.

Sir: "I shall lick up and down along your outer labia and your inner labia, and My tongue shall dance with your clit, and My cock will throb with wanting to be inside your cunt and shall point to you like a divining rod, saying, 'This is where the waters flow.'"

Rabbit Sir dips His fingers into her cunt again and licks the fingers, then holds them up to zoot's lips.

Sir: "And then you may lick and suck and even nibble on your Sir's cock, so you can show me how hungry you are for Me."

zoot: "Yes Sir, i am hungry for You."

Sir: "Rise"

zoot: "Hmm??"

Sir: "Give me your hands."

Rabbit Sir extends His hands palms up, and zoot places her hands in his. He lifts her hands and her body follows until she is standing very near to him, close enough that she can feel His breath on her face. she moves to kiss Him, but He moves back.

Sir: "Wait. Stay still My pet."

zoot pouts a bit. Rabbit Sir slips his hands up her shirt to caress her waist, then slides His hands to her lower back, pulling His pet into Him till the throbbing in His jeans presses against her pelvis. And He kisses her deeply, and she moans under Him and kisses at Him hungrily. He slides His hands from her back to her hips and pushes her away from Him, breaking the kiss. zoot whimpers a bit and touches His chest.

zoot: "Please Sir."

Sir: "Put your hands behind your back."

zoot follows his instruction, but she also shifts her weight from one foot to another. Wtih His hands on her hips, He slips fingers under the waistband of the panties and pulls them down. The sopping panties fall to her ankles, and she steps out of them. He puts a towel on the fainting couch behind her.

Sir: "Repose. There on the couch. Part your legs."

zoot follows His instructions. He lifts her feet from the couch and sits under them, lowering her feet to rest in His lap.

zoot: "Where shall i put my hands, Sir?"

Sir: "Between your legs, My dear slut. I want to watch you touch yourself. And you may press on My cock with your toes while you do so."

zoot: "But wouldn't Sir rather fuck me now? Doesn't my Sir want to be inside His girl?"

Sir: "Are you challenging Me? Do you mean to doubt my desire or impugn my judgement? Would you rather be lecutred about service while your hands rest on your thighs but are not allowed to touch your cunt? Is that what you want?"

zoot: "No Sir. Please. i'm a good girl. i want to please You, Sir. i will do what i'm told, Sir."

He smiles.

Sir: "I shall watch you touch yourself now then."

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