tagSci-Fi & FantasyZuzie Beams Me Up

Zuzie Beams Me Up


Originally, "horny" was used to refer to a man who wasn't getting any sex and therefore frequently had an erection when he shouldn't have had one. Since then, it has come to describe someone who isn't getting enough sex, and wishes he or she were getting a lot more. Although it is actually an oxymoron, people, myself included, sometimes refer to "horny women". Extreme horniness, among men and women, is probably a major cause of lost industrial productivity.

I mentioned this to point out that "horniness" means having a strong, possibly overpowering urge for sex, even though the horny person might not have anything that gets hard during sex. One night, a few years ago, I ran into someone who was really horny, and took desperate measures to alleviate it. I don't know if anybody will believe me or not, but I have been living with this story for a long time and I want to tell it.

Late one night, I was walking home and took a shortcut across a vacant lot. As I walked, I felt a strange sensation of walking on air, and suddenly realized that is exactly what I was doing. My feet had left the ground, and instead of proceeding forward, I was rising straight up, at an increasing speed. I am a reader of science fiction novels, and the term "tractor beam", a staple device in science fiction, came to mind. If there were such a thing, it would be a device that could be aimed at a distant object and draw that object toward itself, without causing any kind of disturbance, such as a suction device would cause. I don't know why I say "If there were such a thing", because there obviously is, and I had been caught by it, and was rapidly being drawn to some unknown destination.

It was a cloudy night and in a few seconds I was above the clouds. I looked up and saw what I thought of as a flying saucer, because it looked round. Quickly, I was drawn through a porthole, and then the device shut off and I was deposited on a small platform. I looked around for bug-eyed monsters but all I saw was Zuzie. At first I did not think of her as being female, but I do now so I will sometimes refer to her using female pronouns.

"Hello, George", she said to me. "I am Zuzie from the planet Zoop and I need your help."

The rapid rise had caused some giddiness and I was naturally confused but Zuzie was quite humanoid and didn't seem at all threatening; she seemed very friendly and docile. "What can I do for you, Zuzie", I asked, "and what am I doing here, and why am I, specifically, here?"

"I'm really horny, George, and I want you to fuck me. I have seen you do that for a lot of human females, and I want you to do that for me. If you don't want to, you don't have to, but I know you have sex with women in ways that they like and I want you to do the same thing for me. It won't hurt you any and you will actually like it. Whether you do it or not, I will transport you back home and you won't be hurt at all."

Zuzie then went on to explain that Zoop, her home planet, sent observors out all around the universe to watch other species, particularly to observe their everyday life. Like humans and most species, Zoopians came in two genders, one called the receptors, who bore the young, and the other, called penetrators, who were the equivalent of human males. "I'm a receptor", she told me. "And I haven't been penetrated in over an Earth year, and that's why I'm horny." I asked Zuzie, for the sake of simplicity, to refer to the receptors and penetrators as men and women, and I will do so now.

Zuzie explained further that the women have four organs, called receptors, that were stimulated by the men during sexual intercourse. Then she removed her coverall to show me. The four receptors were in the shape of an elongated diamond, with the upper and lower organs strongly resembling pussies, even to the soft hair, resembling pubic hair, surrounding them. The two side organs looked very much like breasts and, in Zuzie's case at least, very firm, erect and beautiful breasts, so I will call them that. The upper and lower organs were about three feet apart, and the more I looked at them, the more they resembled pussies, even to the point of having labia and a clit, so that is what I will call them. The lower pussy was between her lower limbs, which I could see served the same function as human legs, about where the pussy of an Earth woman is found. Zuzie's pussies even seemed to be lubricating, and I thought I could smell some very delectable juices but I thought that might have been my imagination.

The men on Zoop have much simpler sex organs. Each man has only two, which are called his penetrators, and one of them looks exactly like a penis and is in the same position. During mating, the men insert their lower penetrators into the women's lower pussies while manipulating the women's breasts. The upper pussies are stimulated by the men licking and probing them with organs the men have in their mouths These organs are called their upper penetrators and are virtually identical with tongues. When done properly, with the lower penetrators sliding in and out of the lower pussy and the upper pussy being licked and probed, and the breasts being manipulated, the women have an experience they call grocking, which is equivalent to an Earth woman cumming. Zuzie hadn't grocked in over a year.

"I have seen you mating with many earth women", Zuzie added. "They have only three receptors, the two side receptors like I have", and here she placed her hands under her beautiful breasts, "and the lower receptor, which is very similar to mine. They don't have an upper receptor like I have but I have seen you put your upper penetrator into their lower receptors and later insert your lower penetrator, and I have seen you stimulate their side receptors, so you are not a stranger to the mating practices on my planet but you don't do them quite the same."

I marveled at how sophisticated their observation devices must be because usually I stimulate the receptors in closed rooms but I wasn't concerned about that just now. "If you have been here for a year, isn't there a way you could stimulate yourself instead of dragging me up here? On Earth is is called masturbating."

"I have observed your women masturbating and I envy them the ease with which they do it. On Zoop, we have complicated devices to do the same thing but our government is very puritanical and does not allow them on our observation spacecraft. If they did, I would have been using mine and would not have dragged you up here. It's really not fair because a penatrator can masturbate as easily as a male on Earth, and the observors who are penetrators probably do it all the time. We women have it tough. It just isn't fair."

I pondered the situation for a while. One tenet I always follow is to never refuse a reasonable sexual request from one of my lady friends, and I was already thinking of Zuzie as a lady friend. True, she had brought me up here in a rather high-handed way, but there isn't that much difference between a tractor beam and a telephone call, especially one from some of my lady friends, and she had no other way to contact me. Eating her pussy, fondling her titties and fucking her pussy were requests about as normal as any I had ever gotten, and more normal than a lot of requests.

"Okay, Zuzie, I'll do it. But there are some other things I want to do in the process that you may not be used to. Besides being fondled during penetration, do your side receptors perform any function?"

"Yes, we feed our young with them. But of course, that can't happen with you and me."

"Are there any differences between your lower and upper receptors?"

"Although they look the same on the surface, the lower receptors are connected to internal organs where the young are incubated. Of course, that could never happen with you and me either. The upper receptors are connected to nerve endings which, when stimulated, along with the side receptors being stimulated, enable the lower receptors to perform their function and enable the women to experience what you are calling "cumming" and I call "grocking". All this talking is getting me hornier than ever. Are you going to fuck me or not?"

"I am, but first there are certain things that I like to do, and they may seem strange to you."

"Yes, I have seen you using your upper penetrator on the side receptors of Earth women, and using both your penetrators on their lower receptors, and that has seemed strange but they seemed to like it and you seemed to like it so I think of it as being a variation from one species to another. If you want to do some of these things with me, I guess it will be allright as long as I get a good fucking out of it. My sleeping platform is the best place to use."

The low sleeping platform, or bed, as I will call it was wide enough for Zuzie to lie down on but not really wide enough for both of us. As she lay on the bed, I knelt on the floor beside her and started to lick her nearer breast. It felt like a human titty except for being larger and more firm and the part that would correspond to the nipple was pink and had firm ridges along the base. It felt very pleasant on my tongue, so I held one in either hand and started started licking the breast, or titty, with broad strokes.

"What are you doing? Mmmm, but it feels good. Really good. Oooo, I like that. Keep doing it.", was the response of Zuzie. As her precious nipple became erect, it felt even better to my tongue and I continued to lick it. "Oooooo,yes. Yes. I like that. Mmmmmmm, yes, yes. Keep doing that. Don't stop", was the response.

But, of, course, I had to move over and give the gorgeous twin the same treatment. As soon as I started there, Zuzie was purring in pleasure and encouraging me to keep going. "Oooo, George. Yes. That's really good. Yes, keep going."

I switched back and forth between these twin beauties, licking sometimes with broad strokes of my tongue and sometimes with short thrusts, using just the tip. Zuzie purred happily and told me how much she liked what I was doing. When I clamped my lips on one of her succulent globes and started sucking, while my tongue caressed her nipple, she started thrashing around on the bed. She hadn't been exagerating about being horny. I sucked and licked on the first of her lovely mounds then switched my attentions to the other, and Zuzie started humping her lower pussy into the air. I could see a thick liquid dripping out of it and the liquid looked and smelled delectable, as a woman's pussy juices.

As I sucked and licked on Zuzie's lovely globes, she continued to thrash about on her bed, and both her pussies were humping into the air. "Penetrate me, George", she begged. "I need to be fucked."

I had every intention of fucking Zuzie but there are two things I always do: I always do what I can to satisfy a woman, and that would include Zuzie, and I always eat her pussy before fucking it. In this case, since Zuzie had two pussies, I would want to eat both of them and, acccordingly, I kissed and licked my way down to her lower pussy, expecting to eat her fhere, and then fuck her there while eating her upper pussy.

Because of the location of the lower pussy, I placed my shoulders against the backs of Zuzie's lower limbs and wrapped my arms around the limbs so my face was right in front of her lower pussy. When Zuzie realized what I was about to do, she objected. "What are you doing? That is where your lower penetrator goes. Your upper penetrator goes up here. I'm embarassed because I smell bad down there."

Actually, Zuzie's lower had the same delightful aroma as an Earth woman's pussy and, like many Earth women, Zuzie didn't seem to understand just how wonderfully enticing that aroma is to men. When I started licking the delicious juices, which tasted even better than they smelled, out of Zuzie's lower pussy, she started to protest.

"George that's not the...That's the wrong...Oooo. Ooo, that feels good. Ooooo, yeah", and, as her protests turned to expressions of pleasure, Zuzie's lower pussy started fucking into my face, like an Earth woman's pussy does when I am eating it.

Except that she only had one pair of lips, Zuzie's lower pussy looked about the same as a human pussy and it tasted and smelled just as delectable. I started running my tongue along the outer surface of one of the lips, and it felt like a human pussy lip. The lower end started just below a wet, pink hole, which was the source of the delicious juices I was licking up and swallowing. The upper end joined the other lip, and beneath the junction of the two lips, and seemingly protected by them, was what appeared to be a clit. After I had run my tongue to the meeting place of the two lips, I started caressing what I thought of as Zuzie's clit hood. Her pussy started humping into my face even more strongly, and producing more of the delicious juices.

"Ooooo, George, that feels wonderful. I don't know what you're doing but don't stop. Oooo, yeah."

What I was doing was eating her pussy, the one that had never been eaten before. I was really enjoying the taste, the aroma, and the texture under my tongue. Most of all, I was enjoying the way Zuzie's pussy was fucking into my face and her voice was telling me how good it felt. After licking her clit hood, I brought my tongue back to what I thought of as her vagina or love hole and sucked all the fresh juices out, and then started licking Zuzie's other pussy lip. After remembering what else she needed to have done, I reached my hands up her body and started gently fondling her big, firm titties, making sure my fingers caressed the erect nipples. As I fondled her there, Zuzie's pussy fucked more strongly into my face, and she loudly told me how much she liked what I was doing.

I really liked what I was doing too, and when I write my memoirs, I will list Zuzie's lower pussy as one of the most delectable I have ever eaten. My tongue slowly licked its way up her pussy lip, covering the outer surface completely, and covering it over and over again, all the way to the clit hood. As I licked her clit hood and my hands massaged her lovely globes, Zuzie's pussy produced more delectable juices and fucked into my face stronger than ever, and she was moaning in pleasure in between begging me to fuck her the way she was more used to

"Oh, George. I want to grock. Make me grock. Penetrate me. Fuck me. Penetrate me. Make me grock", Zuzie was begging. "Penetrate my upper receptor."

Her upper receptor was the next place I was going to penetrate, and soon but first I wanted to suck and lick the part of Zuzie's lower pussy that looked like a clit. After I sucked up all the delectable juice her lower pussy had produced, I pulled the clit-like part into my mouth and started sucking on it and caressed it with my tongue. Her reaction was immediate.

Zuzie's lower limbs wrapped themselves around my temples and her upper limbs pressed on the back of my head and pressed my face into her delectable pussy, which was jamming itself into my face, and covering my chin with its warm and fragrant juices. Zuzie could probably not cum - or grock - without my eating her upper pussy and fucking her lower pussy with my cock but she was certainly enjoying what I was doing.

For quite a while, Zuzie rocked band forth on her bed, holding my face against her pussy, but then she realized something was lacking. She realeased my head and looked at me, my face smeared with her fresh pussy juices and said "George, something doesn't seem right. I felt like I was going to grock but it just wasn't right. I need you to penetrate my upper receptor like you were doing to my lower one."

"I know that, Zuzie and I was just about to start doing that." That was when I realized that, although Zuzie was naked, I was still fully dressed. Quickly, I removed my pants and underwear. Zuzie lay back on her bed and, still massaging her lovely titties, I moved up on her body, bringing my cock into position. A long-standing rule was being broken because I was not using a condom but I figured it was not necessary. She guided it into her lower pussy where it slipped in easily because she was dripping wet, and I stroked it in and out a few times. Zuzie loudly expressed her appreciation and wrapped her lower limbs around me again, this time around my hips, and fucked her lower pussy back to meet the thrusts of my cocks.

"Oooo, oooo, George, that's wonderful. Penetrate me good. Make me grock. Use your upper penetrator now." That last instruction was not necessary because I had already started licking the fresh juices from Zuzie's upper pussy. Although the juices from Zuzie's lower pussy had been delicious, they were as boiled tofu compared to the incredibly delicious juices being produced by her upper pussy. This was only logical because this pussy was intended for oral sex. They were so good that I forgot to caress her lovely, and very caressable titties until Zuzie reminded me. After fully enjoying the taste of her juices, I started licking the single pair of lips in this pussy, starting on the end that was just below the lovely hole where the juices were being produces.

With my cock plunging in and out of her wet lower pussy, which was fucking back to meet me, my hands fondling her gorgeous globes, and my tongue licking her upper pussy lips, Zuzie was making a sound that I thought sounded much like moaning, but in pleasure, not in pain. My mouth was busy eating the most delectable pussy in my experience, and that pussy was fucking up into my face, so I didn't ask Zuzie if she was allright but she answered the question anyhow.

"That's it, George, give it too me! Penetrate me! Fuck me! Make me grock. Oh! Oh! I'm grocking. I'm grocking. It's wonderful." Zuzie's upper limbs, which were like arms and ended in hands, wrapped themselves around me, one of them pushing my face into her upper pussy, and the other one around my lower back. With her upper and lower limbs around me, Zuzie rocked back and forth, loudly telling me she was grocking, and how great it was. While she continued grocking, I continued fucking her lower pussy, caressing her lovely titties and licking her upper pussy but I hadn't yet licked or sucked what looked like a clit in her upper pussy, and I wasn't even close to cumming.

Suddenly, there was a great spasm of her entire body, and then Zuzie's lower limbs released my legs and her upper limbs relaxed their grips on my head and back as she sighed and relaxed. "That was wonderful, George. That was the best I have ever grocked. You are a really great penetrator and I will tell my friends back at Zoop about you after I get home. They will be so jealous that I found such a great penetrator as you, so far from home. I will send you back home in a few minutes but first let me rest and regain my strength. When I grock, especially such a great grocking as I just had, I am weak for a little while. But why are you still penetrating my upper receptor like that?"

Zuzie was asking me why I was licking the fresh cum juices from her upper pussy. The reason was simple; they were the most marvelous pussy juices I have ever eaten and I have eaten truly delicious juices from many beautiful pussies. "Zuzie", I asked "have you ever grocked more than once from being penetrated?"

"Me? Never. There are movies that are what you would call porn, and sometimes they show a receptor grocking more than once but nobody believes it can actually happen. Personally, I think you are a better penetrator than any who appear in those movies. You have some methods that are delightful and that I have never experienced before, not even seen in the porn movies, and if anybody could make me grock more than once, it would be you, but I don't know if even you can do it. It would be wonderful if you could, though."

"let's give it a try. I like you and I want to give you the best time I can. My motto is that when I go away from a woman, she has been sexually satisfied. You might think you're allright but you will get horny again. I can do it but you have to give me a chance."

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