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by Anonymous

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by ishtat12/29/04

Hail Mary !

Couple of technical issues.1.How do you thrust into a virgin but break her hymen afterwards.2 Re your exposition on biblical attitudes to masturbation suggest you read Genesis 38 v 8 to 10.

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by don8765412/29/04


I call this type of work as being similar to what the New Testament is all about--Hogwash!
I have extensive research experience, involving the "Virgin" Mary/Mariam, her Judaic past, and the Cornwall Jews in general. This has resulted in my attainment of Rabbi, through a Master's degree in Theology, with additional Bachelor of Arts in Social Science and an A.A.S. in Paralegal.
Mary/Miriam's family were Cornwall Jews, as in England. There is ample evidence in Somerset/Cornwall that roughly the country-side from Land's End to Bath, and interior to Salisbury-Yeovil-Exeter (coast) and back SW to Land's End was owned/controlled by that Jewish clan. That Mary/Miriam was related to most of the Cornwall Jews is the reason she ended up in Palestine where as a young maiden she had to be married to another Jew not her relative. They had gone there from Palestine early in Judaic history times and were descendants of the ancient King David. Rebekah and her husband Josephus decided early in their marriage that in order for their children to marry and have their grandchildren, that they would have to move to another Jewish area, in their case, Palestine to keep Incest out of the family, which was strictly forbidden in ancient Jewish law.
They moved therefore to Palestine and lived for about 50 years, childless. They prayed and prayed to God the Father about their seemingly barrenness. Finally Our Father in Heaven acquisced and granted them His favor on the condition that the baby would be consigned to the Temple at age two. The baby (Mary/Miriam) was born with the Holy Seed in her womb, to mature and grow at the time of her puberty.
At age two, Mary/Miriam was offered to the priests in the Temple where they raised her. At the time of her puberty, her belly began to swell. The Priests were alarmed and distraught....some even accused each other of impregnating her. Our God the Father stepped in once more and assured them that this had not been man-caused, but that it was in their interest to find a man she could be betrothed to for possible marriage.
Joseph was an older widower who had once been married to another and had some children from his first wife. He was living in the Temple as a sort of handyman and carpenter. At first he was a bit hesitant because the young Mary/Miriam was obviously pregnant, but the High Priest assured him of God the Father's advice, so Joseph took the betrothal. In those days, marriage took place after the birth of the firstborn. This was because many young girls could get pregnant, but not all could survive childbirth, or carry a baby to term. This is one of the reasons for what we have today in our American society of so many young Latinas often have their baby before they are married, as if to show their baby's father that they are fertile and capable of having babies, which is all important in the Latino culture.
On the way to Joseph's home for registration of the infant into his family, Mary/Miriam began having birth pains and her water broke, and they settled at the Inn in Bethlehem. There was no room in the Inn so they had to settle for a manger and cattle/mule stall in the cave (barn).
Joseph and Mary took the young child at the angels' directions, to Egypt, to escape the wrath of Herod who was seeking to get rid of all the young baby boys as he had heard that a new king had been born. After Herod's death, they returned to Palestine where the young Jesus was exposed to Joseph's carpentry. When Jesus was 12 years old, the older earthly father, Joseph, died. In accordance with Jewish law at the time it was the responsibility of the next male next-of-kin to the mother to assume the raising of that mother's children to adulthood. Her mother's (Rebekah's) younger brother, Joseph of Arimathea was an extremely successful tin trader and merchant seaman. He had stayed behind in Cornwall with the family's holdings which included a lot of tin mineral property and had developed a tin trade with the ancient world, later moving to Palestine to be closer to the rest of the family. At this time, Joseph of Arimathea was considered to be the second richest man in the world, with 24 sailing vessels and control of all known tin deposits in the world. China, India, Korea had iron ore and they had discovered how to make brass which had to have iron and tin ore smelted together, and they were Joseph of Arimathea's market that he provided the tin ore to with his supply chain of oxen/mules to haul the ore from pit to what is now Pennzance Bay, loaded aboard sailing vessels to France, unloaded to be transported once again across France to the Riviera, loaded once more to be transported to Egypt, unloaded to be carried across the Suez, and unloaded and transported once more from there to the destination ports in India, Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan.
The young Jesus accompanied his adopted father and uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, in the latter's custody. I have visited the Jesus mine at St. Agnes, and the Jesus Well that Jesus dug with his own hands for a clean water supply for the workers of this tin trade at Padstow, both in Cornwall.
There is ample evidence that is now in existence via the modern Internet that the current English princes through their mother, the late Princess Diana are bloodline descendants through Jesus THE Christ and his wife Mary Magdelene, to King David of old, and we Theologians believe that this is possibly why that the current English royalty have remained active through the ages, as being the oldest still existing royalty in the world, as if having been protected by God the Father.
There is ample proof of what I have said here in the Nag Hammadi Library, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the book entitled The Gnostics, in addition to some parts of the Holy Bible, as well as what we have discovered via the modern Internet in Buddhist, Muslim texts. We have been fed, erroneously many lies by various means that are easily traced to Roman Catholicism/traditional Protestantism that has made a mockery of what Jesus THE Christ, Jesus THE Messiah, Jesus Emmanuel, Jesus THE Annointed One, Jesus THE Son of the Father, etc., was all about.
For the most part, as future King of England as as the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles (Windsor) owns/controls most of Somerset today.
I'm sorry I have been "so long" on this, but I felt it needed clarified.

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by thebullet12/29/04

for don87654

Whew, Don! Glad you clarified that for us. Now would you please explain George W. Bush?

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by amasterfound12/30/04

Loved it

I loved it. And to respond to the LONG comment on this story>>> IT"S FICTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was not meant to take literally. He took poetic license and made a FICTION virsion of it we all know what the bible SAYS about her conception. some of us does not entirely agree with it!

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by Anonymous12/30/04


Well, SEVERUSMAX, I prefer your fiction to that of Don. You have taken a well known background tale and woven a believable fiction around it. He, like many so-called theologians, cannot get off his chosen path for a moment to enjoy your fiction. As a fellow religious, Don, I beseech you to enjoy the world as given to us by the Almighty, fact and fiction, fantasy and reality, while remaining true to our beliefs. Fiction never did any harm - it is a relaxation, and this is something that maybe your life lacks!

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by SEVERUSMAX12/30/04


Point taken on the hymen issue. As for the Onan deal, he was "struck dead" for refusing to give seed to his brother, not for masturbation. That's the actual story in Genesis. Don is entitled to his beliefs. I'm entitled to mine. I'm a Pagan Priest, which frees me to write something different from the official version. Maybe I'm right on the story, maybe I'm not. But the commentators that said that it was fiction are spot on. It's a story! Not necessarily fact.

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by Anonymous12/30/04

TO don87654

You should think about posting your LONGGGGGG comment into the Non-erotic FICTION!!!

I'm sure you would get plenty of wackoes (just like you)to read and agree with what you're saying.

Please, pray tell, if you're so religious WHAT THE FUCK are you doing on a porn site??????????????????????? Won't YOUR god strike you dead because of your impure thoughts?????

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by jessy1905/10/05


You know i loved this one :)

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