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What I Had Been Missing

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/10/07

sensual alternative

I've always looked around for older women. They seem more experienced and most like their ass to be filled by a young stud. I did like the way your story flowed. Let's all hope her husband goes on another long trip sonest!!!! Weel done !

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by 06/11/07

Very sweet

Great simple story.

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by Anonymous02/06/15

You have to be careful, pick your target. I am 32, I run gym classes for over 55s. I straight away look, if they are not plumpish they are not for me, I like them to have a plump bottom, breasts not so important. There were 4 in the new class, 1 had a ring on her finger, my target. Susan, black and purple tights, nice rounded bottom, I asked her what she was after,she said weight off her tummy and her bottom, and to tone up, her husband thought her bottom was too big. I told her, the tummy would be easy but would have to work harder to get the weight off her bottom, which by the way is very nice. I worked out with the whole group, getting behind Susan as often as
I could, after 4 weeks she lost the tummy. I reviewed her, she was pleased with her progress, she told me her bottom felt not so saggy, it felt tighter,jokingly I said did your husband tell you that, she smiled, no, your naughty and I said I wish. She looked at me and said he used to. she didn't come to the next session, or the one after, I rang her, asked why and after a slight pause she said I was embarrassed by our conversation. I apologized immediately and she said no,what you said made me feel good, what I said made me feel bad. I took a chance, well no need it made me feel good,i wish I was the one telling you if your bottom was tight or not. Silence, then, your just saying that, no I don't say things I don't mean, silence, then I think I would like that. Then a soft voice, me too. We met for coffee the next day, I had stroked myself that night thinking of her bottom, edging but not cumming. She wore a fitted skirt, nylons, pink top. As we drank she asked if I had changed my mind, my hand went to her knee, I said have you, no as I moved my hand, I looked at her and said lets go. I took her to my car, as we drove my hand went to her skirt, higher until her legs were open, my hand touching her hosed pussy. We stopped and walked up to her flat, all the time my hand was under her skirt, we went in, shut the door. I held her, removing her skirt as she took off her top. I pulled her pantyhose down, my fingers dipping into her moist pussy, she walked into a bedroom,i will be back, I undressed, she came in.i took the lead, lay down beautiful, I moved over her, making sure she could feel my hard cock, sucked her breasts, moved down to her moist pussy, licking, tonguing , biting her clit, she orgasmed, hard, clamping her legs around me, I got up, moved over her and pushed my cock into her, fucking her as she lifted her legs, oh so hard, so hard. I felt my cum rising, take it, take my cum as I flooded her pussy. We lay there, then separated, fuck that was good,, my finger in her sopping pussy, wet, moving down to her anus, can you go again, separating her legs, fingering her tight hole, I moved down, pulling her to the edge of the bed, my tongue flicking between her pussy and anus, so good, oh as I moved my cock to her pussy, in and out a couple of times, then lifted her legs, positioned my cock, said relax and she said, do it, I love it in my arse and I leaned forward, I felt like I was being pulled in, I moved over her, looking at her face, kiss me, my tongue met hers as I pushed deep into her arse, slowly, she was snug, warm, she looked at me, well am I tight, clenching around me, oh yes as I fucked her, you feel good inside me, I moved back, lifted her legs, I pushed deep, faster and faster, Susan kept looking at me, oh yes, her hand on her pussy, her insides closing around me as she orgasmed and I was done as she milked my cum from me deep into her arse. I didn't stay in her long.She requested more tests for tightness.

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