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Aunt Patty, At Last

byDreams of a Dreamer©
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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/19/12

i had an aunt carol who i adored we finally started screwing when i was in my 20's(she in her 40's).oh them old memories.

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by Anonymous10/29/15

Aunt Dreamer

I fully agree with the writer that sometimes dream comes true.I was 17 and had to sleep at my aunts(my mother's sister)place.My aunt Laura was 39,was married to a policeman and had 2 kids of 11 and 12 years old.I must say that my aunt Laura was very gorgeous,the sort of woman who always attracts men's eyes.She was always well dressed and had a body and face of a top model, measuring 5 ft10 with beautiful brown eyes and black hairs.No need to tell you that since I was 14,I had started to wank off my cock and cumming a lot,always murmuring her name.Sometimes I had the chance to sniff and lick her beautiful wet panties which she always left in the laundry and for my luck,never washed or even soak them as soon she had taken them off before her shower.Sometimes, some panties were full of her husband's cum and I was I was reluctant to smell them!!.As I was invited to a party of a college friend's birthday living in her neighbourhood house,my Mum had asked her if I could stay for three days,as the whole of my family would be out for since Friday.Aunt Laura happily accepted and told Mum she and the rest of the family,principally her son and daughter would be very happy to see me as they had had not seen me for a long time .I remember well that the party was to be given on a Thursday night.So I went there in the afternoon after school.Some of my college friends who were also invited ,including me,had asked our parents,since previous Tuesday,to inform our college rector that we would not come to the college on Friday,We had a tremendous party which finished at 1 in the morning.As my aunt had given me a key,I entered her house quietly and went to sleep with my little cousin boy.Around 9 in the morning,I felt that someone was kindly playing with my hairs and when I opened my eyes ,I saw that it was my marvellous auntie Laura and was telling me"Wake up sweetie,I have brought hot tea and slices of bread with butter and cheese"I was somewhat astonished as I thought that she had gone to work.She told me that she had phone her office and had taken 1 day's off and that her husband had already gone to work and her children to scchool.So we were alone!!She was still wearing her transparent nightgown and when she bent down to serve me the tea,I saw her two long beautiful tits and that made me have an immediate terrible hard on!! and which she could have not noticed!!I drank the tea and laid again on my back and she told me that I should eat also the bread and meanwhile I had noticed that her eyes were fixed on the mount under the sleeping sheet,which was in fact my 7.5 inches long cock standing straight underneath!! and she said"My God ,had you a very hot dream sweetie or..or..because your old auntie is near you?"I was so shocked that words could not come out of my mouth,She then put aside the plate on which were lying the empty cup of tea and bread etc and with her right fingers grasped my erect cock and balls and pulled up her nightgown,She was nude except with her beautiful black coloured panties.Waaoww!It was something fantastic.She then put the sleeping sheet aside and started to wank off my cock and within 4 minutes,my cock erupted in the air several jets of thick cum.It was amazing when she bent further down and started to suck my cock with the plenty of cum all around,drank all as well as all the cum which had fallen on my belly.Then the first words coming out of my mouth was"Oh Oh Oh Auntie ,it was awesome,please don't stop !"and aunt Laura told me"Hey,little guy,I have not finished with you yet!"We started to frenchkiss and she told me that she was fond to have each other's sex,licked and be licked ,in a 69 position and asked me to destroy her panties to which I quickly and happily obeyed!!.I then spread the dark bushy pussy's hairs,opened with my fingers the beautiful pussy's lips ate them greedily and when I attacked her clitoris,she cried and wept with pleasure,She also ate my cock greedily.She then sat on my cock and we fucked hard till I sent my cum in her womb.Meannwhile,she must have come a dozen of times and she also once peed,and moistened the bed,with both her pee and cums!!We fucked till noon ,then took a shower, ate something having no clothes on us.It was terrific to see her beautiful nude body while eating!,We went again into bed around 1 pm and to her pIeasure,I fucked her in different positions,either in her pussy or her ass till 2.45 pm when the kids came back from school around 3 pm.Since then,when she is alone,she rings me and I meet her for very hot fuck and suck sessions!!This happened nearly one year ago.However, she is more and more sad as the date for my flying overseas for tertiary studies is coming near and near,I know that I shall meet her when coming back on holidays and she has promised me that she will come come ALONE for 3 weeks holidays.We do our utmost best to avoid any member of the family or friend suspecting something taboo between us.

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