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Saving The World Porn Review #1

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/04/06

A Review on A Review

it's great that you have time and easy/free access to porn movies like that,,,,

one thing, however, which i think you ought to also do is to STEP OUTSIDE OF YOUR REVIEW BOX and say a few other crucial things.

don't misunderstand me: I'm a liberal and I believe people, young men and women, should have the freedom to do whatever they want sexually, or with their bodies,,,

but I think it is also a travesty that practically all those hundreds of thousands of young men and women --- but more women than men (any very pretty girl CAN and will get fucked/initiated in a number of ways into the industry; but almost practically no "handsome" young men will make much head ways, other than possibly homosexual abuse by pediphiles) --- it's a travesty that those hundreds of thousands of very beautiful young women will never get to make much money, never be "stars",,, all they will get, the OVERWHELMING majority of them, will get MARRED bodily, but especially in the FACE.

sucking and swallowing (or just holding in their mouth) TRILLIONS of squirly little germs, viruses, sperms, etc. can and will damage their beautiful little faces.

take a look, a CLOSE look, at those movies, those porn "actress" --- especially if you have access, as you said, to their "acting careers." take a look at THEIR mostly or totally umblemished faces when they first enter into the business (ie. when they first make their first or second "movies") and THEN take a look at those same faces only 2, 3, or 5 years later,,,,

the few I've seen, have noticed,,,, gosh, they DO have to work HARD, these little pretty women!, and society gives them no break!,,, no employment contracts, no SS, no pension,,,, it's almost admirable, in some twisted way, for me to say the way these young women are willing to subject themselves to such line of "work" to make a living,,,

but, again, by all means, tell us which are good porn DVDs and which we should bother with,,,

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