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Wild at Woodstock Ch. 01

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by Anonymous

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by SLC-Ohio07/17/06

Nice idea, but..

From your prologue, I had the impression that this would be a non fiction piece, and that people who actually attended the original Woodstock Music & Art Fair would be submitting their accounts of the event. It's not an original idea, LIFE magazine did it in 1989.

From the list of your submissions, it appears that you have been awake and continually writing these past few weeks - probably in the Survivor contest. I read here on Lit that the Survivor contest weakened an authors quality.

This Woodstock idea though, keep in mind that it was an actual event, and real details are there to be researched prior to submission of fantasy fiction.
Consider some of these facts which are contradicted in your fantasy piece: The Jimi Hendrix Experience had broken up prior to Woodstock. Neither Hendrix himself, nor the Experience, were contracted to perform there. Hendrix was not listed in any pre festival advertising, he was not scheduled to go onstage. No doubt you've seen the movie, Hendrix played an unrehearsed jam on Monday morning, 90% of the crowd had already dissipated.
Woodstock made stars out of people who were unknowns, Santana, Joe Cocker, etc. The most famous rock stars of the era - The Beatles, The Stones, Dylan - did not play.

Enough of this, you tale of Joe the roadie is fantasy fiction, and it falls far short of this readers expectations.

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by louienohio07/17/06

A chain story...

I have not participated in a chain story as I have no interest in it. But I read that the idea needs to be circulated and approved by Lit, in advance, and that an organized group of 'authors' will be submitting follow up chapters.

Woodstock, you say? I attended the original Woodstock Music & Art Fair back in 69. Whoever wrote Chapter 01 of this chain certainly didn't. Kids, this chapter should not be taken as an accurate recital of events that took place there. Not a single line of this chapter is accurate. Hopefully, the follow up 'authors' will do a better job. Or come clean and say that they are using the name Woodstock while typing typical porno Lit fiction.
Frankly, this chapter was so off that it insults the memories of those who actually participated in the event.

June 10, 1968. I was hauling around musical equipment for a local Columbus band, 'The Four O'clock Balloon', that were on the bill as an opening act for The Jimi Hendrix Experience when they played at the Vets Memorial Hall in Columbus. The 'Balloon' had an after the show party on Maynard Avenue, near OSU campus. Having nothing to do in Columbus - there wasn't much to do in Columbus in 1968 - Jimi Hendrix showed up at the party, he rode over with the Balloon's drummer Jack White.
So we 'partied' with Hendrix. Guess what: he wouldn't even smoke pot, afraid of being set up. He was there to get laid, that's all. After that happened, he bummed a ride back to his hotel.

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