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Why Is Incest So Hot?

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by Anonymous

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by HDTraveler09/16/06

for me it is the writing

In the majority of incest son/mom stories, oral sex is involved, and I happen to enjoy that particular activity immensely (when I can get it). A fair amount of the authors are very good at describing the act in enough detail to really get me going. I do look for the same story line in First Time or Loving Wives, but it is not as consistent.

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by Anonymous09/16/06

Incest Is On The Rise

I totally agree with what you said here. As long as they are consenting adults and they are using the proper protection, whats it to anyone. I had sex with my SIL and that is concidered incest. I think that it's time for people to start to mind their own business and stop worrying what everyone else is doing.

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by Anonymous09/16/06

I can only speak for myself

My enjoyment of incest stories has nothing to do with any desire of mine for a family member. It's all about passion so strong that it overcomes the strongest of taboos.

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by WFEATHER09/16/06

I Had Wondered This Myself

I have wondered this myself - which is probably odd for someone who has well over 40 Incest entries on Literotica. While I could NEVER imagine myself in an incestuous situation, I have no problem whatsoever imaging the main characters (fraternal twins) of my "Twins in College" series and prequels in numerous situations, and judging from the public and private feedback as well as the ratings I have received for the series and prequels, there is a significant number of readers who also have no problem whatsoever imaging the main characters of the series and prequels in numerous situations.

On the other hand, when I read various incest stories on Literotica or occasionally elsewhere online, there are also a lot of "crap" stories out there. That is disappointing in some ways, but then again, it also means that there is such an interest in at least the general CONCEPT of incest that people are willing to write about it.

From time to time, I address the issue of incest erotica in my erotica-focused blog, since "Twins in College" is by far my mainstay on Literotica. Unfortunately, the search feature for the blog does not seem to be working, so finding those specific posts could be rather difficult.

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by Anonymous09/16/06

My sister and I...

I have been doing it for over 10 years with my younger sister, and she started a younger age than allowed here. till she got married at 29 and moved away, and I'm sure we would still be doing it!!!
... I wrote about it once on here and got the other stories are on another site, but they are all true!!!!

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by deepemerald09/16/06

The majority of us would never consider doing it

But we enjoy writing about it and reading about it simply because of the taboo. The taboo of the situation of a parent fucking their son/daughter, or siblings getting it on simply adds that final little something to a story. I get horrified when I get comments from men who've read my stories saying that they have a teenage (step) daughter they'd like to do the same to. I prefer to think that this is a fantasy they never act on and hopefully my stories will be enough to satisfy that fantasy. If I thought any different I would never write the stories.

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by Anonymous09/16/06

Interesting question.

Interesting question. I favor the brother/sister flavor of incest story - and I don't even have a sister.

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by Anonymous09/16/06

My two cents...

I enjoy reading brother/sister stories but I don't have a sister. I have little doubt that my interest stems from a relationship I had with a female cousin, she is the nearest thing I have to a sister. Stories between father and daughter also interest me but I have absolutly no sexual interest in my own daughter. And I have little interest in mother/son stories. (45 y.o. male here)

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by Anonymous09/16/06

Do you, or do you not think it's perverse?

You can't seem to make up your mind whether you see incest as perverse, so let me tell you the truth about it. Surveys have already been done and the facts are: Nearly (99%) of every family group have most in that family admitting to incest fantasy. About 95% of single young men with sisters admit to the fantasy with their sister or mother. Nearly that same number of men fantasize about their stepdaughters and women about their stepsons. About half of mothers fantasize about their biological sons and about the same number of fathers about their biological daughters.
According to incest survivor groups nearly 50% of families have open incest in them, mostly siblings, and the highest of the mother or father incest is with mother-son.
So, you asked if it was legal for family members to fuck, would they? Of course they would! The number is growing daily now that homosexuality is legal and mothers are raising their sons by themselves and fathers are raising their daughters alone. I mean, this ain't rocket science.

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by WFEATHER09/16/06


I would be interested to know where the percentages mentioned in the previous comment come from. What are the courses for the surveys? What organization(s) conducted the surveys?

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by Anonymous09/16/06

Here's The Answer,,,,

The TRUTH of the matter is this: Incest is something NOT a whole lot of people engage in, even though many think of it, think ABOUT it!

There are more people engage in BDSM, cheating, swinging, gang-bangs, and other fetish and "enlightened" and "erotic" and "romantic" pursuits than they do in incest.

Incest, therefore, is TRULY "taboo" both as a pure fictionalized subject matter and as a reality thing.

As so, it piques our imagination. I personally don't have the inclination for neither actual BDSM/swinging NOR incet, yet I enjoy reading incest; but I NEVER read any thing about BDSM or swinging. To me, BDSM and swinging has NOTHING "special"/forbidden about them; they are as common as going to the bar and picking up somone for sex!

On the other hand, you don't go to your mother, father, sister, or brother and said: "Err, can we, ah, y'know, do things,, y'know things that adults do?"

Look at the CATEGORY "Loving Wives": it is likely the most read after the category incest. Yet, people THINK it is because it has to do with wives fucking multiple people! That's as stupid a reason as it comes! NO! It is so read, so discussed, so imflamed because people WANT to read about PUNISHMENT/CONSEQUENCES that HAPPEN as a result of a woman cheating --- cold-bloodedly and calculating cheating --- on a good man who works his whole life to make a family not wanting for money and such necessaties.

It is the VIOLATION OF MONOGOMY, something VERY VERY HARD to maintain (the OPPOSITE of incest, which is rather difficult to accomplish!!!), and the PUNISHMENT for it that make people read LOVING WIVES so much!

To test THAT hypothesis, you simply look for all the LOVING WIVES stories about a serial cheater who either behaves EXACTLY like a hooker, having NO CARE about her husband or family,,, or,,,, a swinging couple who fuck as dogs, and THERE IS NO TALKS, no pretence of any king, about morality or consequences,,, VERY FEW PEOPLE respond to such stories.

We don't care! Okay, so you just fucked another 5 guys one night! And 4 of them are your stereotypical Black brothers with 20 incches dicks! Who gives a shit! We can rent a porn 100 better VIDEOTAPED than your lousy description!

Now, on the other hand, if you portrayed a loving and former monogomous woman who just "snapped" and fucked some guy but felt remorse and guilt, we CARE to HEAR MORE as to what happen. Now, if she continues to FUCK more and more men, whether her husband knows or not, pretty soon WE READERS don't give a shit about her fucking around, EITHER!

Incest is ABOUT breaking TABOO.

So is violating the NOTION of, the belief in, A MONOGOMOUS relationship.

Both acts are about violation of some deep-rooted prohibition; 'tis why they are read and debated so contestedly --- NOT because they are happening on a daily basis, with most people, LIKE IT IS IN swinging, cheating and swapping fluids with strangers in one or two or serial nightstands,,,, NO! you have to observe things carefully!

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by Anonymous09/17/06

It's not hot,...

Incest is wrong on every level. Boilogically it is wrong as you would probably produce an abnormal child. Socially it is wrong to everyone I have ever met and I simply cannot believe statistics such as 50% of families have incest in them.

For the life of me I cannot understand why people get turned on by incest stories, it seems plain weird to me. I am not approaching this from a religious aspect, just from a normal bloke angle. The idea of fancying mother, sister etc just seems plain repulsive.

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by Anonymous09/17/06

I Think He's Almost Got It -The Here Is The Answer

commentor that is.

Incest is so remote - so absurd - so foriegn that it is safe to indulge in without angst.

A story really works when we want to interject ourselves (into it) emotionally and figuratively and that can't happen if we are feeling bad or negative about it. We or most can cuz it wouldn't and couldn't ever never happen. It's a flit of never happen absurdity so why not - maybe.

Conversely, the marital swamp with cuckolding and cheating is not only possible but many (40 - 50%) would say it has happened to them and affected their life forevermore. Thats why the expressed open emotion and experts in the why's and wherefores are plentiful.

Now bubble up the marital swamp with a self cuckolding yourself type tail and emotion swells the chest and mind of any normal male and female and it aint good emotion thats been churned then now expressed.

The below human convention aspect of incest isn't real whereas marital infidelity is.


(Another decent pot stiring writer)

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by Anonymous09/17/06


I think it is the taboo nature of the subject. I never desired my mom or sister, but if both adults consent to it and are happy then go for it. I will say that I do fancy my wife's younger sister and a couple of her cousins, but nothing will happen in this lifetime.

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by Anonymous09/17/06

my opinion

as long as it is between consenting adults,what is wrong with incest? i'm not involved in it but i like reading the stories,especially those featuring mature moms and +30 sons

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by Anonymous09/18/06

Interesting questions

Well, the peeping part is because these are often stories wherein the protagonist lives with the subject of their forbidden yearning: so peeping is likely to be where they start.

I find these stories erotic, even though I think there are strong ethical (NOT religious) arguments against it. Basically, the incest taboo in our culture serves as a way of guaranteeing the family as a sexually/romantically neutral place, where you can be loved in a non-erotic way without the complications of romance/sex entering into the relationship. "Home is where, when you go there, they have to take you in" and all that.

I do find it interesting that as my daughter approaches puberty, I find father/daughter porn more repugnant than ever.

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by Anonymous09/18/06

Me too

I also have pondered the same question, and must admit that due to my lack of artistic ability I must depend on Authors like you to quench my thirst...

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by Will Wanton 6909/18/06

Why incest is wrong/not wrong

Should incest be legal, would it happen often?

Yes, because if it were legal, it would be deemed "normal" enough for people to regard it as less taboo than it really is now. The "taboo" of incest is the result of century-long illegalization and (religious) indoctrination. Tell someone something is wrong, immoral and "evil" long enough and they'll believe it, even if they are atheists and they were told it was wrong by religious morality and the laws inspired by it. People just don't want to be regarded by the majority of society (incl. their own family) as "depraved freaks", even when they are convinced themselves that they are not.

Do i personally think incest is wrong? As far as the "retard child" think is concerned, i don't know, because i heard that incest leads to retardation or deformation of offspring, but i also heard that is a crock of shit. If it does, i'd certainly be against family-relatives having children, because the best interest of the child is more important than the desire of adults to have kids regardless of how they turn out.

But as long as there are no kids involved, i have no problem WHATSOEVER with incest between consenting adults. THe only objection there would be (religious) morality and the laws inspired by it, and i'm not religious and against anybody trying to impose their personal religious morality on other people. When no one is hurt, what people do is none of your business.

However, consenting adults who wish to engage in incest should keep in mind that it might have a big influence on their future as individuals in relationships, both within and outside of their families.
You only have one family, so the saying "there's plenty of fish in the sea" won't apply there. Incestuous relationships, unlike "regular" relationships, MIGHT destroy your relationship with family members if it doesn't work out.

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by Anonymous09/18/06

Will Wanton and others make interesting points....

...some practical, some moral [including religious], and at least one scientific.

The main practical problem raised is that any relationship can go wrong, and that's always sad, but if it is an incestuous relationship it sours up the family as a whole. The moral ones [God and all that] are based in early Judeo-Christian tenets springing from some kind of sense that children born from relationships between close kin were very often [not just sometimes] in some way not 'all there' when it came to counting marbles. This is essentially a practical matter, but it becomes a moral [religious] matter when people like Moses, seeing the practical need for it, would go up a mountain and then, when they came down, would say "God says so." [The same with allowing men to have only one wife - a social necessity because there weren't enough women to go round and the rich would otherwise corner the market; or forbidding eating pork because of tapeworm - these could only be enforced if the leaders could attribute it to God.] Thus it creeps into religious doctrine and has stayed there ever since. However, scientifically it cannot be maintained in these days of freely available and effective contraception. There is no danger of substandard kids if we take the right precautions.

[Of course, the question of child abuse is still relevant, but there is no difference whether it is my own small daughter or the little girl up the road - either way it is wrong for reasons totally divorced from this discussion.]

Now, the Christian church in these modern times [maybe other religions too] clings to this belief, and continues to enforce it on the grounds that "God says so". It is not entirely beyond reason, for it has worked out a formula which is essentially mathematical in relation to how near a relative constitutes a danger. Thus, the Church of England [Episcopalian in USA] allows marriage betweeen first cousins, but nobody with a closer blood tie than that; and the laws of England allow sex between relatives with one-eighth shared blood or more. This is partially to be admired, even by those of us who have no religion, for at least it shows that those who think they are entitled to control our lives have thought about it in a scientific way. The trouble is, they still attempt to enforce it by saying "God says so". If we take science to its logical conclusions, there is no more reason for forbidding me from having sex with my mother-in-law or my sister-in-law, than there is for forbidding it with my wife. I have absolutely no shared blood with any of them. If I have sex with the wife of my brother, or the wife of a brother of my father or mother, there is no blood tie whatever. So if I have sex with an aunt by marriage - no blood tie at all; but an aunt who is my father or mother's sister would be forbidden if we stuck to the mathematical formula, because that is one quarter of shared blood.

So the church is only half-way there, because it still clings to the totally unverified 'fact' that God exists, and bullies the rest of us with a kind of hubris that defies belief in this day and age. [But that's a totally different axe that I like to grind.]

In the meantime, it is difficult to believe that dirty old sods like me who comb the pages of sites like Literotica for material to get us off can still see that, after fathers-and-daughters, cousins is one of the most frequent themes in the incest category. But it isn't even against church law. If we defined incest in terms of danger [of creating deformed children], then we would have to say that incest is not the appropriate word for cousins; nor, if defined in terms of the danger of having children, for same sex relatives [mother-daughter, sister-sister (my favourites - mainly because I like lesbian stories), father-son, brother-brother]. And these should not appear in the incest category at all, except for religious readers, who should not [by their own lights] be in the site in the first place.


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by melsdad09/21/06

My honest Involvement in the Fantasy of Incest

I have always had a high sex drive.

From even before puberty, I engaged in what could be called sexual activities, not that I knew what I was doing had a name.

There were the opportunities of flesh against flesh, a feeling I'm sure we can all relate to. Those kids encounters with other kids, but really only primal urges.

At school, there was the boy with boy touching etc, dressing in my mothers lingerie, and after Puberty, I was more or less a fully erect walking penis, throbbing madly, desperately wanting sex.

If the things I fantasised about had actually taken place, I'd still be locked up.

I married, but my drive was always there, always distracting me, always ready to take advantage of any opportunity which included peeping, perving and fantasisng about any female I was ever in the same room as or got the chance to see undressed.

When my daughter grew into an incredibly beautiful woman, with a perfect body, it was a little difficult to be around her when she was in a bikini, without ever, at the very least, checking her out as an object, rather than remembering she was my daughter.

Whilst having sex with my wife, I often pretended it was my daughter I was with. I'd fantasise about seeing my daughter with my wife, and seeing my wife with another man.

Hell, I love to fantasise so much, I doubt there's anything I haven't imagined and the more taboo, the hotter I find it.

Just the same, I have never been with anyone other than my wife, nor have I ever done anything socially unaceptable, but I freely admit to my thoughts, and believe I wouldn't care what anyone else did, no matter what it was, provided it was between consenting Adults, as long as I could see the video, lol.

I can't pretend I haven't mentally undressed some girls whom I later discovered were younger than I thought, so I guess that saying "if they're big enough they're old enough" sort of covers that grey area, but only as far as fantasy.

I think incest is just people fantasising, about the sexualised image of an attractive person, who in some cases, happens to be a daughter, a mother, aunt, sister, etc and for the girls, a son, an uncle, a father, brother, etc.

It's just primal urges being applied to what they secretly see as a sexual object. I'm sure it happens, but then so do lots of other wierd sexual activities, though I'm yet to meet in my 58 years, anyone who's ever admitted to such things.

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by asiaprof09/21/06


Maybe for the same reason as gift-wrapping
And seeing xmas/B'day presents before-hand

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by Anonymous06/19/07

My theory

I know this is an old submission, but I'll comment anyway. I think the incest theme is so popular because erotic stories are the only forum where it is actually depicted. In an age where you can get any type of porn almost instantaneously, incest porn is nowhere to be found. So people turn to sites like Literotica to quench their desires.

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by Anonymous07/12/07


This subject has been a mystery for thousands or years.I can only assume that it must have a deep seated both social and sexual reason fot it being so taboo.It is strange that many animal groups do not permit incest.It is also a fact that it is promoted in many human societies.Frued atempted to explain it in humans but what about animals? Darwin touches on the subject,but that is all.If you make something forbidden,especially like incest,then humans being humans are far more likely to want to do it.I know that incest is much more common than we are led to believe or allowed to know.Most sons want to get into mothers pants but seem to grow out of it as they mature .Some do not and mat very well develop a full blown sexual relationship with their mother if she is willing.There are plenty of reported cases of father daughter abuse,but few of mother son.This does not mean that mother son relationships are less frequent than father daughter.Ican only come to the conclusion that mother son incest stories are so hot is because incest feelings between a mother and her son is so intense,we all know how much mothers protect thier sons ,especially an only son.Finally I see nothing wrong with incest between two consenting adults of different sexes,It seems more normal than gay relationships.

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by Anonymous12/24/08

Just my thoughts

Most incest stories are written by men so I think it's just an off shoot of the younger/older things that so many boys fantasize about.

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by Anonymous12/27/08

I think..'s so popular simply because of its taboo nature. For me at any rate, the more forbidden something the more it can turn me on.

As for whether it's right or wrong.. I couldn't really say. There are plenty of arguments to advocate not practising it, not least the scientific one that any offspring are more likely to have problems. But more importantly I think is that it has the potential to break families apart when something inevetatibly goes wrong in the relationship.

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by Anonymous09/11/09

incest storiesare fake

I have read some incest stories which are nothing but hardwork of so many writers of porn for livelihood.Incest among biological parents i.e. consensual sex is very very rare and all the thousands of stories are well directed fantasies of people.maybe some sex is present in In-law type relationships,
but consensual sex is in very very rare in the immediate family.I do not read those stories but read other aunt storiesetc

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by SPEN STERLING03/08/10


Interesting, I've thought about this as well. I have no interest in parent-child incest, though I could see how it could be appealing on some level. I like to read brother-sister stories, because I like the set up - usually it involves innocence, passion overcoming reluctance. A lot of them are first time, about experimentation. The set up is often good because brothers - sisters are in close proximity and opportunities arise. I enjoy the stories that go to play but not full on sex more. That having been said, I have a sister and never fantasized about having sex with her. I wrote one brother-sister story that I enjoyed, it was about a naive girl who talked her brother into sex lessons.

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by callalily217008/19/10

dont get it either

german scientist have recently published that is healthy for girls to receive regualar clit stimulation from their fathers. Say it improves self esteem, etc

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by Meadyaon04/17/12

I find incest very sexy.

I find twincest, brother sister and mother/daughter incest to be very enormously sexy!!!!. Reading a story about a brother sister incestuous relationship with each other and mother daughter incest gets me turned on easily (mean it really get me turned on if you know what I mean!!!!). Also pictures of twincest, mother daughter, and brother sister invest are very sexy picture and turn on to me I will read a incest story or before I any other type of erotica. I think it my have something to do with incest being forbidden. I might be in the wrong for liking incest but I do really really find incest stuff enormously sexy and a enormous turn on.

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by Anonymous05/22/12


I have also been thinking the same thing, why is it so popular? I can only think that the taboo aspect is what excites people. I dont believe even 20% of these readers would have real life experience of this. People naturally want what they cant have, I suspect most people do not want to have sex with their mother, but probably enjoy the imagery of reading about others doing it.

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by Yummy_B10/08/12

You have read my mind

I didn't know it was so common until I started to look it up in the internet. I don't know anyone who's into incest and I also wonder why is that it turns me on so bad when that's not going to ever happen .. and I hope it won't ever going to happen.

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by Anonymous01/08/13

Agree it's the taboo

It's the forbidden, taboo nature of incest that makes it so attractive. It didn't happen more often because family member are usually not so attractive to each other as to justify the risks of breaking the taboo. Unless my family members are freaking hot and good looking, I will not risk going to jail or the shame of exposure in order to commit incest.
Sex stories are safe way to indulge in these fantasies and I thank the writers who understand this genre. Some writers are so clueless they took the fun away by having the family called each other by first names and treat the sexual relationship as between "friends". If that's what I am looking for there are no need for this category.

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by Anonymous10/06/13

Never thought... but agree completely

I never thought that incest fantasies are so common until I stumbled on a few sites like this. One reason why it's so popular here is because there are so many people concentrating in small pockets where there's comfort & acceptance to their desires. I agree there's nothing wrong with having this desires or acting on them, unless they involve issues like nonconsent, pedophilia, etc. I have seen many stories on Askbag where commenters made post after post that consensual incest (specifically brother-sister) had no negative impacts & these pairings can fade quickly or last a lifetime. Seriously, there are people out there who've seen their siblings as loves of their lives, been together 20 years & have family of their own. I'd much rather see these stories pop up than rape.

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by Anonymous12/08/13

Not just the taboo...

Maybe a good portion of the incest-fandom comes from the taboo nature of it, but if you really think about it you'll realize there's a little interest in everything imaginable. Some people are into large women, some into animals, some into sex in public. There is no end to the things people are interested in, sexually. It's a fetish, just like all the rest. As with all fetishes, some people are into it only for fantasy purposes, and others want it in real life. If nobody is hurt, who has the right to care? Incest, gay, beastiality, public, strangers...none of it bothers me because I have no right to be bothered by it.

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by Anonymous02/17/14

I've read incest stories for a while now and prefer them often over others, but i have never had one thought about being sexually attracted to my immediate family. there's just something about the riskiness and the taboo. but I've never connected it to my own life and I'm a pretty normal girl. i think those people are lying too because it's so unreal to actually seduce a sibling or parent. as far as cousins, that's a different story especially if you don't see them often. anyway this interests me too.

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by Anonymous03/23/14

" forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest"

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by Anonymous06/04/14

I like reading and comics are even better then video

I have never once thought about any family member this way but for me its the idea of others doing things that are taboo as its referenced. I dont like the way it makes me feel after I have fantasized about it or read a comic or watched a video. It does make me feel low but for some reason it really turns me on. But like at least one other person said on here its even in the bible and incest is as old as man.

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by airpump12/27/14

Not sure why, it's the top. But I know I love it, and practice it.

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by DaveLane201401/31/15

Yet another myth to work through...

Seems incestual relations are yet another barrier that many people are having to deal with these days, like being gay or transexual was once across the board. Now, so very, very overdue, those taboos are wonderfully on their way out. But incest remains as a "just don't go there," hidden reality. Of course, the incest taboo is insane and has no more merit than any other supposed act against nature. The simple fact is that there are many who are related that are drawn to one another sexually. But like any other case of abuse, this desire can cross the line into the abuse, particularly of women or children. But holding onto that as a reason for incest being wrong is like equating being heterosexual to being a rapist. There is a line for any desire that is wrong for which no one can be forgiven. A rapist is a monster, a child abuser is a monster. But consensual relations between any adults, or even teens, is a private matter and absolutely no one's business but their own.

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by Paperfly01/13/16

Forbidden fruit

What excites me about incest stories is the idea of having what you cannot have, or the forbidden fruit in the very first bible story being somehow more appealing precisely because it is forbidden.

The Greek myth Pandora's box is essentially the same.

In addition the better incest stories have to be more creative to provide a setting where the participants can overcome their everyday avoidance of incest - credibly.

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by Anonymous01/25/16


As the victim of sexual abuse by an older family member, I can tell you the reality is anything but sexy. As a matter of fact, my ability to enjoy sex or masturbation was stolen from me.

Logically, I can understand that these stories are taboo fantasy. I enjoy other taboo stories - student & teacher, medical research, etc. But if I had been violated by a teacher or medical personnel I might not enjoy those.

I have empathy for anyone who was abused and finds themselves attracted to the stories, especially if this brings up painful emotions.

I used to punish myself for experiencing sexual pleasure by slicing my arm in three parallel lines with a razor blade. I managed to stop that, but every orgasm I was able to have was followed by a plunge into self loathing and despair.

Over the last two years, I have corresponded with a gentleman in another country. Frequently, I would write to him after orgasm. This became therapeutic. I no longer cry but I do spend days feeling depressed. I would very much like to know the joy of sexual pleasure.

I am unable to orgasm with my husband. I feel lonely despite being loved.

Just a word about "peeping" - it may seem innocuous, but it is quite harmful. The spying and stalking in my own home, where I should have felt safe, created an anxiety disorder. To this day, I have trouble taking a shower. Every day it is a struggle. And my very first orgasm was witnessed by my abuser, unbeknownst to me until after. Imagine the shame. My insides turned to stone that day. I was only 13.

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by Anonymous01/14/17

Fantasy not Reality (and a message to "Conflicted")

I don't wish to take away from what was written by the first Anonymous commenter in her (presumably "her") comment, "Conflicted". In fact, I'll have much more to say her comment momentarily, and I hope that she'll read-on to that part..

As to the poster, your question seems to conflate, at least to a degree, fantasy and reality. For example, my favorite incest fantasies involve siblings, where I (male) have sex with my sister, either as we're both adults or both teenagers. HOWEVER, I have less than zero desire to have sex with any of my real sisters. In fact, the thought disgusts me. There's no sexual attraction there. I find the fantasy of it though, with a made-up IMAGINARY sister, very exciting -- and so such erotica is arousing to read. Indeed, I had a girlfriend, who I do find very attractive, with whom I would engage this fantasy via role-playing -- she pretending to be my sister and me pretending to be her bother. (Her favorite fantasy was to role-play uncle/niece with me.)

My girlfriend before her, liked to role-play father/daughter with me. That was her favorite sex fantasy. Really, it was almost an obsession with her. Similar to my not really wishing to have sex with any of my actual sisters, this girlfriend had less than zero desire to have sex with her actual father. The thought disgusted her. She pretended though, during this sexual role-playing, that I (who she is attracted to) was her "Daddy" and she was my daughter and "princess" (I was very attracted to her) -- and it was very, very hot. Now, as to what makes this type erotica so popular...

For me, beyond the excitement of breaking taboos (not dirty taboos like anal sex, but erotica ones of seductive transgression), it comes down to deep intimacy. Sexual fantasy involving someone with whom I'm deeply intimate (though not sexual, starting-out in the fantasy), is everything to me. Sex with a paid sex-worker, no matter how hot or talented she might be, couldn't begin to compare to sex with someone with whom I share a deep intimacy. What deeper intimacy is shared than that between siblings and parent/child? (It also offers about the greatest taboo breaking.)

In a modern society where family is so fractured, where siblings and parent/child are often unnaturally separated at young age, and physical sex with other adults is the primary means, AS ADULTS, to recover lost childhood intimacy, the two naturally become combined in the growing popularity of incest erotica and role-playing. (I think that this is reason also, that pee-play is so popular. It's so intimate, and therefore so soul-satisfying. It's not really about dominance/submission, but deep intimacy.) Incest fantasy can offer very satisfying role-playing for a committed and trusting couple -- as long as it doesn't become a replacement for regular, more "normal", romantic and/or intimate love-making. And peeping, as used in role-playing, can be fun and erotic if done with the secret permission of the other, who pretends to not know that s/he is being peeped upon, while teasing the other. It can eve be erotic between REAL siblings, if there is attraction and trust (and not a drastic age difference, implying REAL violation).

Now, to come around to the "Conflicted" comment... I very much understand. To the commenter, I'm sorry that you've had to experience this trauma. I'll share with you that, part of the reason that one of my girlfriends most enjoyed the father/daughter role-playing is, not only because of lost intimacy with her actual father, but because that intimacy was lost SPEFICALLY due to his sexual inappropriateness with her when she was a child. The father/daughter role-playing that she initiated in our sex-life offered her a chance to relive that situation, only now with her being in control, and doing it with someone she didn't resent or fear and found attractive (me). I found it to be quite a turn-on.

Even though she played the daughter and I the father, and even though in the role-playing I was sometimes taking advantage of her (sometimes though, acting the loving father engaging in sex play with her consent, even with her teasing and "innocent" enticement of me)... the REALITY is that, SHE was in control of this role-playing. It progressed according to HER script. SHE had the power and control over my sexual desire for her. This was healing for her. She is now a confident, happy and successful person in life (wasn't so much when she and I first met). HOWEVER...

Unfortunately for me, I was USED by her for this healing (and, honestly, even for her lust). This is why I say it is VERY important to only engage such fantasy with someone you completely trust. I knew she was using me, but it still left me devastated when she dumped me, as I was so in love with her. In the beginning, she was in love with me too, and we would make love. Toward the end, all she wanted was the kink. This is why I say that it's so important that the fantasy/role-playing/kink, while great/good/hot in a LOVING relationship, should never become a replacement for ACTUAL love-making. If you're not both in love, forget it. Where's the intimacy in a case like that? Without intimacy, what's the point? Her life was restored through our relationship, even uplifted beyond what it ever had been. My life was destroyed by that relationship. I didn't have to be that way.

Anyway, again for the commenter who wrote "Conflicted", I would recommend trying role-playing incest fantasy with your husband, with he acting in the role of your sexually abusive relation from childhood, and with you in complete control of the way the fantasy plays-out. I only recommend this if he is very loving, patient and caring toward you, you are both in love, and you completely trust each other in both faithfulness and not hurting each other. Let's pretend that your abuser, like my past girlfriend's, was your father (I don't know, maybe it was your uncle, or older brother)...

In the fantasy role-playing with your husband as your father, as you "allow" him to be sexually abusive with you, maybe even teasing him into it (never the truth in REAL life), a few things need to happen:

1) Admit to yourself and to him that you're turned-on and excited about it. Bring that verbally into the role-play. "Daddy, you're making my pee pee tingly." The reason many women are so messed-up for so long over incest (beyond the obvious violation of trust by a loved one when most vulnerable), is that they remember feeling the sexual desire, feeling aroused and good, maybe even intensified feelings of love for the transgressor -- and they felt this when the abuse happened at the hands of the loved one! This is COMPLETLY NATURAL AND UNAVOIDABLE, yet, many women are left feeling guilty over this, use it as a reason to blame themselves, and are thus unable to heal. It's NOT your fault.

Just because it may have felt good sexually, just because you may have wanted your father's (for example) love, attention and approval, doesn't meant that it wasn't still abuse by the ADULT. Similarly, MAYBE, you "allowed" your abuser to see you in your panties as a child, knowing this would get his attention. You are STILL innocent and acting normally for a child caught in such an abnormal situation. There is NO reason for guilt on your part. HE was the adult. Teasing your "daddy" in fantasy role-playing can be part of your healing. More on that in a moment.

2. Understand that your husband will most likely be highly turned-on by this fantasy for reasons I've covered toward the beginning of this commentary (which doesn't meant that he's not ALSO engaging it for your healing). That does NOT make him your abuser and it does not mean that he would ever think of doing something like this in reality to his ACTUAL daughter (assuming the father/daughter scenario). DO NOT fear that all men are like your abuser, just because most of us can be turned-on by such role-playing. Most men would like to kill other men who do such things in REALITY!

Daddy fantasies, as you probably know, are in the top five of most women's sexual fantasies. Most women wouldn't dream of having sex with their actual fathers and would be disgusted by the idea! It's not their REAL father they make-up during such fantasy, but an IMAGINAL one. It is exactly the same for men. They don't imagine their REAL daughters and couldn't possibly go there. Those that do are sick.

3. The script of the role-playing needs to transition at some point in the scenario, each time it is engaged, and/or as part of multiple engagements over time. The fantasy needs to move from one of transgression, to one of challenge, with you saying, for example, "Stop, you're raping me Daddy, your own little girl!" The fantasy then needs to transition to one of confession and apology on his part, "I'm sorry. I know this is wrong princess, but you're so hot, and I love you so much". It then needs to transition to one of acceptance and forgiveness on your part, "I love you too Daddy. This is naughty but it feels so good. You were very bad though. I was so innocent and you abused me like I was big girl. I forgive you. Make love to your princess, Daddy."

Obviously, I REALLY oversimplified things, but you get the idea of how this needs to move over time -- from a place of reliving the abuse in an erotic way with someone you love (your husband) wile you're in complete control, to one of "naughty" incest and consensual lovemaking with no transgression, to, finally, a place with no need/desire for this role-playing at all. After it has done its job, it'll no longer satisfy or be needed -- but you'll love your husband more deeply for having shared this intimate journey of healing with you, and you'll be satisfied by simply making love to each other. This is where I wish it had gone for me with my x-girlfriend, instead of leaving me feeling used, abused and discarded by someone I so loved.

The whole time during this role-play, obviously, you won't want to be thinking of your real father (again, assuming him the abuser). You most likely couldn't possibly do that anyway, as it would be a turn-off to you, and bring-up angry, resentful feelings. (Those feeling need to be dealt with separately in prayerful meditation as part of this process.) You will be focused on your HUSBAND, who you love, trust and are attracted to, ACTING, as your transgressing but loving father, who is turned-on by his hot little girl. His focus will be on you (NOT any actual daughter), ACTING as his naughty little princess, with him, maybe, even blaming you for his hard-on -- but you both know who is the "adult" in this role-play.

Anyway, this can/may heal your situation as long you maintain complete power and control in the role-playing. (You may PRETEND to have no power in the role-play, recalling your childhood situation, but, here, now, you actually have ALL the power over the script and all the power over your husband's desire for you). This sexual healing of deep intimacy will give you power, confidence, peace and joy in your life. You have to learn to love sex with your husband. To get there, you must heal this situation from your childhood. Your husband can offer help like no other. Nothing offers healing like deeply intimate lovemaking.

Maybe, after a year or more of such healing love, you'll be strong enough to confront your actual childhood abuser, followed, eventually, by forgiveness for him and your complete healing and restorative wholeness of you soul -- and forgiveness is a must (you may lose your husband without it), which doesn't mean, necessarily, you ever need a relationship with your abuser again (that is totally dependent on HIS attitude and actions, and whether or not YOU need and/or want a relationship with him again). Honor your husband in the sexual healing process and don't dump him after getting your healing, not if he loves you.

I hope this helps.

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