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Of Geeks and Girls

byadam applebiter©
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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/01/12

Big Time Disappointment: This story is not up to your usual standards

Kelsey's actions in this story are despicable. She needs a lesson or two in female / male relationships from Helen, B or Parry. She needs to learn about not doing harm. Andy should not have been a victim here, especially after helping her out when her own parents totally disrespected her, by locking her out of the house. Her rants about Andy's physical attributes, or lack thereof, were particularly stinging, especially in view of the description of her own lack of "womanly" features, unlike her sister, and presumably mother. One would think that Kelsey and Andy would have been allies, not enemies. Plus, if she had not belittled him so, she may have learned that even a "pathetic needle-dick" might have more in common with the iceberg that sank the Titanic, than with the outside manifestations of being under endowed. The miracle of the design of the male sexual organ is that it can grow to a major woody even when it starts out like an acorn, in the right conditions.

Even though Andy may have acted imprudently by jacking off in her presence while she was sleeping, Kelsey's response was unexpectedly harsh and degrading. Andy may have taken a picture or two of Kelsey, but but she was still dressed in her own clothes, and they were apparently just for his own personal use, not to broadcast on the Internet, nor sent as sexting emails to "friends." Kelsey's actions, however humiliated him, possibly beyond repair, and the "wider exposure" will certainly destroy him, if it hasn't already.

Perhaps you can add a chapter that will teach that little bitch to make her way through the world without doing harm to nearly innocent by-standers, and that if she doesn't want men to watch her undress, she should close the drapes/blinds/curtains, etc. on her window.

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