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Tall Beautiful Woman Made Me Cum

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/05/08

Armpits fetish

In this story, you reffer several times to 'smelling the armpits of the woman'. This is a very unusual fetish, but one that I share with you. even I love the pungent smell of a woman's sweat and love to smell the sweaty underarms and pussy of my wife. It is very erotic and want to encourage you to keep writing about it.

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by Anonymous05/07/09

to vain

you spend more time talking about yourself than the woman this story is more about the love for yourself
put the mirror down and try agian sorry

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by Anonymous08/20/15

Same experience here but very embarrassing for me

I masturbated and cummed while reading this. Wish it would happen to me, although something similar happened to me but it was a non sexual situation and very embarrassing. A lift I was in in my workplace became very full and this sexy brunette with a tight skirt that showed the shape of her big, sexy buttocks was pushed back and rubbed her ass on my crotch and then because the lift was full she was forced to stay in that position. She was taller and in the front mirror I caught sight of her cleavage, showing big busty boobs. This sight and her sexy ass rubbing against my cock over my clothes gave me an instant erection, which she realised but couldn't do anything about as the lift was full. Realising that men's weakness of sexual arousal could be exploited and angry that my erection was rubbing against her ass and that I was perving on her sexy cleavage and large boobs, she deliberately started moving her ass over my cock in a circular fashion, slowly, and in less than a minute I gave a moan and came in my pants, ejaculating a tonne of semen and creating a wet spot on my trousers. She smirked as she felt my cock throbbing furiously on her ass due to me cumming hard and her look said it: 'You deserve it for perving on me; just see how weak men are that, despite the embarrassment it would cause, I managed easily to force you to cum in less than a minute'. I was so embarrassed, blushing and unable to look this dominating, sexy lady in the eye, and even more embarrassed as everyone was looking at me as I had given a small moan as I ejaculated semen into my pants. She got off on the floor below mine and a few other women noticed the wet patch on my crotch and the smell of cum and laughed as they got off. On my floor I ran quickly to the toilet -luckily I had extra pair of trousers and pants in my bag-and changed, realising how much she had aroused me: large drops of cum were running down my legs and the entire front of my pants was drenched in semen. I was so ashamed at my weakness as a male and how I was so easily aroused and forced to cum against my will by a random, sexy woman. As I changed and came back to work, I was so humbled that I decided to accept the superiority of women over men; but I also had another surprise coming: the lady had told everyone and he news had spread to all the women (men were not told, thankfully, as my boss was a man) on my building. I hung my head in shame as I walked past giggling women. My secretary, a hot blonde with large sexy boobs and a nice firm ass, also giggled and asked in the most seductive voice: 'Enjoyed the lift ride, sir?', while bearing her massive cleavage, which gave me an instant boner that showed up clearly through my trousers, setting off my secretary on giggles. I heard more laughing and turned around to see my female colleagues, including the lady who had forced me to cum, taking pictures of my obvious erection. It was so embarrassing that I just went back home and took sick leave and later resigned. Never will I again perv on a woman and I now realise the dominance of women over men.

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