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Ms. Andre Dates My Dad Ch. 02

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/08/09


This is fantastic writing and the author hits on all of my weak spots. Just when i think it couldn't get any better, some new indignity is thrust upon poor jeffrey. i mean... making him wear those humiliating pouch-panties?? good lord. i confess that i'm having trouble making it through this series. i keep cumming all over myself halfway through. lol Keep it going... PLEASE!

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by Anonymous01/08/09

I loved it

I hope that one of them, or both of them find themselves in some sort of a chastity device!! Lori’s tube, KTB, Neosteel or something.

Get them addicted to female induced orgasms then make them earn the right to get their devices taken off.

Oh, I can feel the power exchange coming real soon.
Thanks for the great story and I hope there are many more chapters to cum.

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by Anonymous04/12/09

can't wait till the wedding !

i wonder what kind of wedding gifts jeffry's dad is going to get. It would be great if they emphasized the female supremacy theme. he could get gifts for doing housework like an apron or oven mittens or a cock ring, or penis peircing and ms. andre could get passes to her favorite male stripper club. her friends could even present her with a muscular stud (a"best man ")to cuckold him with. it would be great if instead of the ritual of kissing the bride the groom had to kiss the female guests feet and insted of throwing a bouquet of flowers the bride could throw the grooms underwear.who knows maybe ms. andre knows a good cfnm beach for the honeymoon .this is one of the best role reversal, female supremacy ,cfnm stories on the web. keep up the good work and please write more. i hope you can think of more stories it defintly is appreciated

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by Anonymous04/17/09

one of the best chapters

jeffrey214 certainly loves details .this reads like a wonderful novel. i think the 2 best scenes are, 1 where jeffrey's dad is obediently making lunch naked in the kitchen. lets hope jeffrey has to do housework naked too. and 2, where jeffrey brings the girls thier drinks. i love how the girls are gentle with him, and his dad. they manage to be nice and sweet ,and dominant at the same time.they even use the compliments about his penis to assert their dominance, thereby making jeffrey feel good and proud of his penis and himself but also be reminded of a man's inferior status in a matriarchal household ,and his need to do as he is told. although im a guy who is hetrosexual ,i like how jeffrey214 tries to appeal to women by writing stories where the women are having fun and laughing and enjoying themselves at the expense of the men. this is often lacking in many femdom stories by other glad that jeffrey214 realizes how sexy, female playfulness is, especialy in the cfnm and female dominant context. i think most women are put off my the words, "female supremacy" because they think it means that they have to dress up in a costume and whip their husband ,who's wearing high heels.most women don't want a transvestite for a husband. but what women wouln't want to relax around a pool with her girlfriends ,being comfortable in shorts and either a tank top or a bikini top, and with their shoes off and their feet up, watching an athletic stud bring them drinks with his nice,big balls dangleing down and swing sexily side to side ,as he walks forward. and giggling with her girlfriends as they check his ass out as he walks away. i think that the ultimate female fantasy would be for a woman to have her feet rubbed or fed grapes as she gently uses her fingers to feel her husbands or lovers strong arms , or fondle his balls as he obediently stands still and feeds her chocalate. or to watch a stud kneel down to scrub her floor with his balls dangling between his legs and his muscular ass sticking out . the ultimate revenge fantasy a women could have,i would think ,would be for a woman to to this with a lover while her husband helplesly watches.with her being able to tease and taunt her naked sevant husband. , or having her naked husband get down on all fours in front of her, so that she can rest her barefeet on her husbands naked back so that her lover can massage them. all of this while she and her friends giggle contently and talk about how wonderful the concept of female supremacy is. maybe some of the women who have read "ms andre dates my dad" or the younger man story are going out with their girlfreinds tonight, on a "girls night out" ,to a male stripper show ,and are makeing their husbands stay at home to do housework . after reading about ms andre they might trick their husband or pressure or force their husbands into being "barefoot and in the kitchen" or better yet have their husbands be "naked and in the kitchen.

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