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Any Change Room Will Do

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/19/12


Winter,at the beach,usually only surfers,my work skirt,underneath, my pantyhose,i watched as an older guy walked into the change room.I was horny as hell,i moved just inside,it was just light,i dropped my skirt,timing it so the guy could see my pantyhosed bottom.Hey, arent you in the wrong change room,i turned,my cock ,sticking out of the pantyhose,no,he looked at me,turn around,i did,he pushed me against the wall,i pulled my pantyhose down,his hard cock probing,i helped him,guiding until the head was in position.hard,one push,piercing me,my lubed hole accepting ,he just banging into me,wow, i heard a voice, hey whats going on,as he pulled my hips back further onto his cock,swelling then warm inside as he released his cumm into me,yes,oh yes,as i pushed back,he moving away,go on,she wants it and a bigger cock filled me,oh so thick,but he was horny,thrudting quickly in and out of me,my cumm spraying helplessly as he swelled and burst deep in my insides.He eased out,my hole felt open,i pulled up the hose,walked back home,my pantyhose filled with delicious cumm.

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