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Bangkok Airport

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/13/14

Airports. It was going to be a long flight, 12 and a half hours, I went to the mens room. I was about to walk out, it was busy, when I saw a head look over one of the cubicles. I washed , walked out, thought about it, went back in, I had about a half hour wait before being called.I watched, the head appeared, I looked at him, he nodded, I waited until the room was almost empty and tried the door to his cubicle, it opened, he was sitting on the toilet, he looked at me, I unzipped, moved forward and he took my semi hard cock in his mouth, he was good, I felt my cumm rising, I said now and he pulled me toward him, my cumm jetting into his mouth, swallowing, emptying me, I moved back,wiped myself, he smiled, I dressed and left relaxed for my flight.

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by Anonymous08/14/17

Bangkok airport is good for this.I was in transit to Europe. you look at the gorgeous flight attendants walking through. I needed a fuck. The toilets are very large and clean. I went in, you have to be careful, there are security guards walking through. I stood at the urinals, I did stroke my cock a little but no one seemed to notice until I was walking out. I heard a voice, a small dark haired guy, asked if I wanted a girl. I looked around, I did not reply but he said follow, I did. I was about to stop when he stopped. Outside a wheelchair toilet, he knocked on the door, the door opened, my wife, you fuck, a slim dark haired girl appeared, a nice smile, age at a guess 30ish, a very short skirt, she turned showing off the cheeks of her ass below the skirt. Nice, she moved forward and bent over, I heard for you twenty, I gave him 20 euro, he seemed pleased and I stepped in and pressed the button that shut the door. I lowered my trousers, she reached and held my hard cock, then placed her mouth over it, only sucking me for a short time before standing up and kneeling on the toilet. Imoved forward, it was then I saw the small ball sack as she held her ass open. Ladyboy, for me I had hit the jackpot, I moved forward and pushed into the offered hole, warm, tight, it was exactly what I wanted and it wasn't long before my cum was filling her ass as I tightly grabbed her small hips and fucked her hard. Twenty euro well spent.

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