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A Night at the Movies

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by Anonymous

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by NCmale10/12/11

awesome story

loved yr love to live it just the way u love to fuck my wife and have a hard cock in my ass..thanks for a great story..made me hard as a rock and filled my mind fulla wild kinky thoughts..thanks again..

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by Anonymous04/10/12

my wife a slut

every weekend for the last 5 years we go to adult cinema in sydney and she gets fuck ed by 8 men for 3 hours and 1 men has 12 inch cock and she take him up the arse if someone in sydney would like to fuck her leave email on this comment page

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by Anonymous12/30/14

theatre nudity

here in Hamilton Ontario there used to be a gay and straight movie theatre called showworld. My girlfriend always wanted us to fuck openly in the gay theatre while other men masturbated or were engaged in homosexual activity. Our opportunity arrived one late evening when we paid our individual entry fee and went into the theatre separately. I immediately went in to the straight movie to see, on the screen, a guy ejaculating all over the face of a very sexy petite girl dressed in a school girl outfit . As I love watching other men cum, my cock was rock hard so I unbuckled my pants and pulled them completely off and stood there masturbating infront of a mixed crowd or men and women. To my surprise, my girlfriend walked into the theatre completely naked with a following of about 4 of 5 men openly stroking their erections. She stood directly in front of me and bent over the chair infront of me exposing her ass to my hard cock which I proceeded to insert into her very moist cunt. As I continued to fuck her , the erect cocks being jerked on around us began spurting ropes and ropes of thick white sperm... either right inside my girlfriends mouth from giving a blowjob.... or allover her face and hair from guys on either side of her cumming by her hand stroking them off or by themselves masturbating on her. I couldn't help but fill her cunt with my cum as the group of men that just finished ejaculating were replaced by another group of hard cocked men ready and willing to spurt semen. I withdrew my softening penis from her engorged cunt and dropped to my knees behind her to insert my tongue in her filled pussy and suck out our combined cum. One fellow stepped over my head and rammed his erection up my girlfriends cunt only to shoot his load after only about 3 or 4 strokes deep inside her womb filling her cunt with another thick load of sperm for me to lick out of her once he withdrew his cock from her. It turned out to be a very long night as my girlfriend and I took allot of cum allover us, in her cunt or my ass respectfully as well as taking a few loads each down our throats from sucking as many guys off as we could. We ended up throwing our cloths on over our cum drenched bodies while watching men on their knees sucking off other men or other men openly stroking their hardons while we finished watching the erotic movie on the screen. Nights at the movies have never been the same sense... perhaps we will try the gat theatre now... excellent job keep up the good work !!

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