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My Life as a Sex Slut Ch. 01

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/14/13

submissive by force

Yes, this is a great story but you entered into this willingly. I was forced into it and am now an accepting cuckold slave. My wife caught me fucking her sister and they decided I should be punished. They hired a black bull to take my butt and force me to suck him and swallow his cum. They took pics of it and told me that I was now their slave. I had no choice but to accept. I am now in chastity, wear panties and bra, do all household chores etc. When black bull comes over with his buddies they tie me to a chair, naked except for my panties and use me as their toilet, fuck my ass and make me suck them while they fuck my wife and her sister in front of me. When they finally let me cum it is a very painful experience and I am forced to lick it all up. After a year I have now come to accept that this is my permanent station in life. My paycheck goes directly into the bulls checking acct and he now drives my Beemer and I drive an old Toyota to work. They made it clear that they would give the pics to my boss if I tried to escape. So, you see, I am trapped but am now enjoying my new slave, slut role. They have turned me into a willing submissive cuckold and my wife and her sister are getting fucked a lot. They are now planning on trapping her sister's husband and turn him into a slave also. I hope they do it.

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