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Jewish Dominatrix For Arab King

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/26/12

Psychopath Juvenile

Samuelx is a seriously ill psychopath who is in dire need of psychological help before he self-destructs. Obviously he is a juvenile / teenager who is a self-proclaimed hater of all elements of the human race.

The cut and paste, evil, and racist diatribes that Samuelx submits to are clear indications that he is a dangerous psychopath juvenile / teenager who is a danger to all concerned in his community.

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by Anonymous11/16/13


I don't know what your hate of arabs comes from or that jewish girls are like tapoo to muslims. they are not jews are one of the 2 religions muslims can marry we are very close and even look alike in some aspects. Jews have a very difficult history in europe , spain whereever they were inslaved killed and always Always throw out of the country to insure the pest would not live within the house of its master. Sadly many jews forget that the only people who gave the jews a place to stay and treated them as their own even married ( thus why we look alike ) they accepted them into spain or alandalos as it was called then after muslims lost spain the jews were ordered to leave or killed. yet arabs still gave them a place to stay.... but look how that turned out for them? now they are the ones who have no home due to the guest they loved kicking them out. get it ? i mean Palestine smarty! also there are alot of blond blue eyes Israelis don't flatter your self this should be common knowledge since a race with no home would accumulate all the features of were they chose to live at that time aka Europenes spainorides raped alot of your women making many of you white / colored eyed ect. I wasted so much time talking to someone like you but hopefully after reading my comment you will change your ways and preach love not hate like the muslims who accepted your ancestors and then maybe... just maybe i haven't wasted my time on you.

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