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A Weekend with Daniel Ch. 01

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by Anonymous

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by William smyth08/05/12


Two great stories 5 star stories this new writer posted today.
Hope this is just the beginning.

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by Anonymous10/21/12

sexy story

wow this story made me horny this morning....can't wait to read the next chapters...

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by Anonymous06/21/17

My first time

Me & my stepdad had a weekend to ourselves.. One of those nights I jumped into the shower.I heard the door open but ignored it. Then the shower curtain was removed and then I saw my stepdad with his cock really hard.. I was amazed and confused.. like what is he doing.. and wow what a big dick .. so he didnt say anything just jumped in. And asked me what do you think of mans cock.. I was like its big really big I said back. He said touch it ass he put one hand over my ass.. so I touched it Be fore you know it I was so amazed that I didnt noticed strokong it with both hands.. then he told me to kiss it. So I did..I never gaved head before so I started licking it like it was a lollipop n then I got what to do next.. As I was giving himhead.. He told me to stop and to bend over and spread my cheeks. When I did he told meI had a nice pink butthole.
All of a sudden I felt his tongue playing with my rim.. I turned of the water because I wanted to concentrate on how good it felt. Then he started to finger me.. wich I liked. I never taught the ass can give you pleausre.. He was so good at it that I took his fingers into my mouth and tasted my own ass. He got so turned on that he places the tip of his cock in my little asshole and I looked back like Do it ! It hurt so bad cause he had a big head.. then he grabbed by my hips and slowly got the whole cock in there.. I felt so spread that when I noticed his pubes against my ass.. Im like wow his whole cock is inside me that turned me on. I started grinding on his dick. He was like "you love cock dont you, you sexy slut" I said I guess I do now it hurts but its hot at the same time". Thats when he started fuckimg me hard ... My ass just slamming against him. Then he took it out from my ass leaving me wide open andd I taught he was done but Noooo. He just wanted to see how spread I was.I looked back as he smiled.. I smiled back as I grabbed his big fat cock. He just moved towards my mouth.. and I just started tasting his cock n my own ass. I was like a natural whore .. Then he smacked my ass and put his big cock inside my little virgin ass again and pounded me like an animal until he came.. His cum felt so warm n it was dripping all over my ass to legs. He stayed inside me until it got soft" but even then it was like 7 imches inside my ass. So eventually he slipped off my ass and cum just kept drippig so I took a bit and tasted it. I felt so loose but sexy at the same time.. My step dad just fucked me n it was soo hot. That I stared licking his coxk again.. he fucked the whole weekend in different places and positions

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by ole69boy03/18/18


GREAT STORY.. I had to pull on off reading it

Though very curious for many years, I am late in lifer to M2M play. It happened during a massage. This young (26) Hispanic man was in very good physical shape came to my hotel room in Mc Allen TX. He did a great massage and then asked of there was anything else he could do for me? I explained my desire for some Bi play
and he agreed. He was so nice and good looking too.

I so greatly enjoyed sucking his nice sized young hard cock until he came in my mouth, which I liked. Though he know this was my first adventure he was easy kind and made me feel really comfortable.

As the evening continued, I ask him if he would consider fucking my ass ( had been pegged several times before ) as I had never experienced that. He gladly obliged.
Once I relaxed and let him have his way, it was very enjoyable. I am just pleased he was no bigger (7) that he was. I kinda got hooked right there,especially on the cock sucking part. I really enjoy sucking hard YOUNG shaved cock.
I wish I could find him again.

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