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Old Man Discovers... Ch. 02

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by Anonymous

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by mumblegooseegg10/15/12

Yes, please continue

... but do not "dispense with" quotes. A little effort on your part to add them (and to go to a new paragraph for each speaker) would make your story SO MUCH easier to read.

5 stars nonetheless.

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by tturtle5010/15/12


Was really good!

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by klippert10/15/12

like a dream...

guess us married fellas would luv to find a friend with extras...though...not sure I'd get as turned on with the Suck it bitch. either way....I like where this is leading

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by tnwriter10/15/12

Re: comments

@ mumblegoose-thanks for comments
@kilppert- I regretted the "suck it bitch" as soon as I submitted

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by Anonymous10/31/12


I was begining to think I was the only old fart "62" that loved nipple play.

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by oldmushroom04/23/14


Looks the things are working good

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by Anonymous06/05/14

very nice

I have a neighbor that is single, he's a fairly young man, about 25 or so, I'm 61 and married to a wonderful woman.

I stopped by his house one time to drop off a skill saw he wanted to borrow and when I went into his shop, I found him leaned again his workbench and stroking his stiff dick with his eyes closed. I cleared my throat and he just opened his eyes and kept jacking. I was mesmerized and stood frozen as I watched. He opened his eyes again and motioned for me to come over to him and for some weird reason, I did. I was horny! My wife and I hadn't had sex in a few years.

When I stood beside him he took my hand and put it on his cock. Automatically I started jacking on it and he closed his eyes again. I couldn't take my own off of his cock as my hand slid up and down. Finally I could stand it no longer, and a man who never had a single thought about the same sex, dropped to his knees. I HAD to taste it, I could see pre-cum starting to not drip, but to run! When that hard cock head went into my mouth, I actually shot my own load in my pants. But I continued to suck and like a young kid, he didn't bother to warn me as his cock suddenly swelled and I felt that hot sperm shooting into my mouth. Incredible!

I sucked and swallowed and continued to jack until he couldn't stand it. He milked his cock and when a big drop appeared I didn't need any encouragement, I sucked it off. He just opened his eyes, put his cock away and thanked me for the skillsaw and turned back to work. As I turned to walk out the door, still in shock and with the taste of sperm in my mouth, he called out. "Bill, how about you show up tomorrow morning about 9am?" I nodded and left.

That night I must have jacked off 5 times, until it was so soft I couldn't make it cum anymore, thinking about what I'd done. I was a cocksucker! As asked, I showed up at 9am, about 2 hours after my wife left for work. I knocked on the door of his home and he answered it, wearing nothing. But his cock was rock hard! I'd say it was about 6" long and pretty thin with a tiny cockhead on it. In fact, researching it, I'm never even seen a picture of a cock with that tiny of a head.

He led me into his living room and sat on the end of his couch and told me to get to work. I laid on the couch beside him so I could see the TV too, he had on a porn movie with two guys and a woman. As we watched it and I sucked, he shot his first load in just a minute or two but made me keep it in his mouth. After 10 or 15 minutes of rolling it around in my mouth, it started to harden so I went to work coaxing out the next load. His nectar was sweet and I couldn't wait for the 2nd load. Nursing on that tiny cock head was strange, it was almost like a huge nipple. But he was enjoying himself and so was I, judging by the way I had another load of sperm in my pants.

From that day on, for the next 7 years before he moved away, I would show up at his house everyday at 9am, he got home from work at 8am and slept during the day, I would suck his cock of 2 or 3 loads usually, sometimes only one if he was really sleepy.

My wife finally suspected something was going on, I showed no interest in her anymore. Finally she asked me point blank if I was having an affair and if I was going to leave her, she was very tearful. I told her no, I wasn't seeing another woman and no, I wasn't going to leave her. She was so relieved I had to tell her the truth, fearful she may leave me, even though she provided no relief for me.

She was surprisingly accepting. Shocked that I would entertain the idea of a cock cumming in my mouth and frankly, didn't believe that I did that. When I offered to let her watch, she actually took me upon it and the next time, I took her with me. My neighbor was surprised and started to put clothes on after we walked in, but after I explained, he agreed to let her watch.

My wife was 52 at the time, tall at 5'7" and very thin with a runners body. She had/has no breasts, just huge nipples and a tiny pussy, we weren't able to have children. But her clit was the size of the last joint of my thumb! She just didn't have any interest in it anymore.

When I took our neighbors cock in my mouth, I swear she almost wet herself. When I looked over, her attention was going from the porn on the TV to what I was doing, I found her hands in her pants and it looked like she was jerking off a cock. Our neighbors vision was glued to what she was doing and he had me ease off so he could watch and not cum too soon. She could take it no longer and stood up and peeled her pants off and stood over in front of us.

Her clit was bigger than I'd ever seen it before! I looked like it stuck out 2" and was rock hard with juice running in rivers from her little crack. While we watched, she took ahold of it with her finger and thumb and actually started jacking it off like a cock! When she had her gizmo, our neighbor shot the biggest load to date in my mouth and she watched intensely as I swallowed it, then stood and kissed her, letting her taste it.

Then she was embarrassed and attempted to cover up. I wouldn't allow it and made her take off her shirt and thickly padded bra. The neighbor kid was shocked not just by how flat she was (nothing there) but how huge her nipples were. Each one the size of a thimble, no lie. I should admit that I damn near married her because of her nipples!

I made her (it didn't take much) stand in front of us and let us look at her. She was embarrassed, until I laid back down and took our neighbors soft cock into my mouth and started sucking again. Now realize, I'm the only one with all my clothes on, these two were completely naked! I was the only one that hadn't cum yet either. She stood there as our eye candy, big nipples and giant clit sticking out like little hardons and that alone was enough to have our neighbor filling my mouth again and she told me later, she had a mini orgasm as she watched me suck and then swallow.

When I was done, she sat back in a chair, nude, and we all talked. Our neighbor wanted to fuck her but neither of us were sure about that. We'd both went to our marriage beds virgins and had never been with anyone else, except for me with our neighbor. We told him we'd think about it. He really wanted in that little pink pussy. As thin as his cock was, he'd still probably find her fairly tight, I was only 4" when stiff and thinner than he was.

I'd never given my wife oral sex, nor her I. We all three sat and talked about sex and our lack of experience, even after almost 35 years of marriage, we were finding we were fairly vanilla. Lights off, under the covers and missionary style. This kid figured he had hit the mother lode and he had! He took matter into his own hand and told my wife, yes told her, to come back over and stand in front of him. She did, with her eyes downcast and stood with her feet shoulder width and her arms by her side. He told her to start pulling and twisting on her nipples, which she did.

The longer she did it, the harder he'd tell her to do it and pretty soon it looked like she was going to pull her teats off! Then I noticed, her hips were rocking forth and back as if air fucking. She was getting off on being subservient! With me going back to sucking and her pulling and twisting so hard, strands of juice were running and dripping to the floor. The stood there with her clit sticking straight out and fucked the air until she came when I had a mouthful shot into my mouth again.

He made her stand there again. We both watched (his cock still in my mouth) as strand after strand dripped from her pussy. Her nipples looked red and raw, which they were. Then he had her turn around and while standing upright, spreading her ass cheeks apart and show him her asshole. I have to admit, she has a beautiful asshole, she's never had a single hemorrhoid and her anus looked as young as a teenagers. We could see this excited her more and while she held it open, we could see more strands of her juice dripping out and onto the floor. He was about shot (pun intended) and allowed my wife and I to go home.

The next morning was Saturday and we normally got up about 8 am. There was a knock on our door and when I answered it, our neighbor kid walked in. He walked straight past me and into the living room where my wife was. Without having said a word yet, he took my wife by the arm and led her into our bedroom, closing it behind them. I hoped they were just going to talk about what happened. It must have been a long conversation because it was over an hour before they came out, completely dressed so I knew he hadn't done anything to her.

He stopped in front of me and without being told (not a word had been spoken) I fished his cock out and sucked it for him. After he nutted in my mouth, he left. My wife and I didn't speak of what happened, I figured she would tell me when she was ready. This went on for months. Finally I drew the courage to put my ear to the door and I heard the bedsprings, making my heart drop. I was still at the door when he opened it and my wife was in bed. He stopped, pushed me to the floor and I pulled his cock out and started sucking until I received my reward and he left.

With my wife in bed I thought this would be a good time to perhaps relieve myself and took off my clothes and crawled in. I started playing with her nipples to find them already raw and swollen but she allowed me to maul them more. Then when I got into place to mount her, surprisingly, she pushed me away and downward. I got the hint and for the first time in my life, went down on her pussy. And found it full of our neighbors jism, my worst fear confirmed. He HAD been fucking her the whole time.

After that, I became their cleaner. I was allowed into the bedroom when he was fucking her, my job was to fluff him and get him hard for the pussy I just licked until it was soaked. Then I'd rub his head up and down her slit, bumping it against her huge clit and position him to take my wife. He usually fucked her twice and I cleaned them both afterward each time. Then while he played with her nipples (he was fascinated by their size) I would suck her clit/dick until she had a half dozen or so orgasms.

It went on until he moved due to his job. My wife and I both miss him but to make up for him, she makes me spend my time sucking her clit and licking her slit. I don't fuck her anymore, hadn't since before the neighbor started, but I have sucked her clit so much that it is now much longer yet and I've actually watched her orgasm when walking and wearing jean's, it's grown so much.

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