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Afternoon Surprise

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by Anonymous

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by boradda11/17/12

Yes. Been there, seen it, done it.

This happens to myself and wife regularly. Her friend spyed on us once, but now has her part to play. So I now get double the the fun.

I am arranging for my mate to spy on us so we then can have a foursome.

Wife does not know about this as yet

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by Anonymous12/18/12

Lucky you!

I am soo horny and envious of this lucky guy in your hot story! Very sensual and erotic story! I can hardly wait for part 2!! I've had this experience but it was the other way around! I was home wearing my girlfriends lingerie and when she walked into the bedroom I pulled the cover off of exposing my naughty self to her for an unbelievable evening of lingerie fetish fun! She loved it! She actually exposed me to one of her girlfriends, saying I lkedvtobwear her lingerie while havinvsex with her! At first iwas angry and upset but it quickly turners to hot sexual embarrassment and humiliation! The best thing I could think if was for her best friend to join us as a suggestion. My wife acted a little sprang and I knew something was up. When she came home from work on Friday her friend was with with her with some new lingerie for my birthday! I was so turned on I was stunned! My cock was standing at attention throuhmyvadidas shorts! And I was blushing? My wife noticed immediately and called me a naughty slit right in front off her friend !! Allie stop! Your embarrassing me! Her friend said why dont you try them on to see if they fit! I said I would love to! I was so hot and bothered in did even ask my wife! Fuck it! I wanted to anyway! I looked at sheer red panties and babydoll and thought whatcgreatctaste! I loved it! I put the sexy panties on overthevbukging cock & the red tight babydoll..I loved it... I did look hot in lingerie. I stod in front of the mirror admiring my self stroking my cock when both waked in kind of smirking... Well you're cockbcertainky likes it! I didn't know it was that big!?allie u never told me about how big it was!? It only gets that bigs when hes wearing panties!? He's actually still a stud in this sissy underwear! Hear that Monet I'm a stud! Yeah a sissy stud! You like admit it! It's kinda weird but I can handle it! My wife said why don't u 2,start while take a shower. It ok baby, I'm ok with it! I..

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