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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/08/04

Very Nice

As a woman of sixty, I thoroughly enjoyed your story! It was affirmation that you don't have to be one of the younger crowd to enjoy sex. Your story was erotic while maintaining enough realism to keep it interesting.

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by Northwest Guy04/08/04

Great Story

I enjoy your stories, they're very well written! Middle age does not mean we stop living and loving. As a 65 year old man who still enjoys lovemaking and giving pleasure, I found this story interesting and arousing, allowing me to feel the emotions and sexual pleasures involved. Keep up the good work.

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by Anonymous09/09/04

gotta love MILF's!!!!

sexxxeee older females.............mmm mmm mmm!!!!

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by Anonymous05/16/07


hey gr8 storie!!!
want to chat with u sometime if i have the chance.

cya Jules 'hoeyke' at yahoo ;)

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by Anonymous09/04/08


I'm a married mom and I want to go to ITALY NOW !!!!!!!!!


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by Anonymous08/26/16

This is a good story. Similar to a club I am a member of, a very expensive club. I believe the membership is limited to 100. Male only. The men I have seen there seem to be mid 30s upwards, I am 38. I know quite a few of them and I know some of their wives. To attend, you must book a night, because only 50 are admitted on any one night. A suit is the minimum dress, no phones or cameras. All food and drink is provided. Women are allowed only accompanied by a male member. Male members are encouraged to bring a woman or two. Some bring their wives, usually the older members, some bring their secretaries, some bring a relative, some like me come alone. One proviso, they must strip down to their underwear/lingerie to be admitted. They must also understand that they can expect to be touched, so why do they attend. Well, the older wives probably are looking for some one younger, the secretaries, relatives, know that every man in here is wealthy, a chance perhaps. Tonight not so busy ,perhaps 28 guys. that's why I attend mid week, Tuesday is good. The doors are closed at 9PM. food has been consumed along with drinks. I have cast my eye around, a beautiful Eurasian girl, stunning, a young long legged blonde, nice but it is the older women that appeal to me. Quite a few of the older members have brought their wives. By older, I mean 60+. The only requirement now is that at 9.15 all the women, no exceptions, must stand and get in a line, they are led out by their partners. I count 21. My cock reacts, some have no bra, some have stockings and underwear, some just underwear, I older wife has sheer pantyhose, no panties. They hold a number, our tables are numbered, they are told to turn around. I wrote on my table numbered pad the number of the lady i would like to dance with. I am allowed 2 numbers. I wrote 15, the older wife in the sheer pantyhose. The ladies then sit down. Each lady is given the table numbers that would like to dance with them, the lights are lowered until only each table lit number is visible. The ladies then can go to each table that has them listed or one table or none at all if they choose. The music starts, sexy, moody. I felt bodies passing my table, I wait, well guess I lucked out. I take a sip of my drink, I felt a body brush me, then, I believe you would like to dance with me. I stood up, yes, I would, she sat down, lets have a talk first. I sat, her face visible in the table light, older than I thought, Chanel perfume wafting from her. Thank you, Rob, yes I know, my husband knows you, what other numbers did you write down, none only yours, why me, I like the way you dress and I think you could be a good dancer. Well, lets find out. I guided her to the dimly lit dance floor, My hand on her bottom, mm, cheeky, l like that, I moved my hand over her bottom, running my fingers along the seam of her panty hose. She grabbed my other hand and guided it to her hosed pussy, I gently ran my fingers up and down, feeling the heat. She gently kissed me on the lips, she did it again, I ran my tongue along her mouth, then said i was right about the dancing. she said i was right to choose you, her hand on the front of my trousers. Do you mind me asking, how many others chose you, two, mm, they have good taste, they were both older. well, would you like to go back to the table, perhaps a room if there any available. Mm, like the sound of that, we went back to the table, hands touched her as we went. We sat down, i said i am feeling uncomfortable, undoing my trousers, releasing my cock, i put her hand on it, she didn't flinch, slowly stroking it, then stopped, don't stop, she moved the chair and knelt and slowly swallowed my cock, moving slowly up and down, her tongue moving as she did. i put my hand gently on her head. She lifted up, let me i like to taste my men, i removed my hand as her mouth gently coaxed my cum from me, flooding her mouth, so good, she moved up, sat over me, my still hard cock pushing against her panty hose. she kissed me, i could taste my cum, she leaned back, so hard, lifting, removing her panty hose, then holding my cock, sank her pussy down hard on it. Oh yes, so hard, oh that's good as she bounced up and down, i pushed up, no don't move, she moved faster and then sat right down on me, i felt her pussy spasm, i felt very wet, as she rocked slowly back and forward. She slumped forward, i lifted her up, faced her over the table, i turned my table light up to full so her husband and any one who wanted to look could see her spreading her legs, spearing into her, fucking her hard, fast, noises, not only hers as i knew other women were being fucked around the room in the private alcoves, my second load of cum coating her twitching pussy. Oh yes, she could dance alright.

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