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A Night with Mother-in-Law

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by Anonymous

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by digdaddyrich12/30/12

A nice memory

It's too bad things didn't work out to where he could get some more if that sweet wet pussy.

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by peebudy12/30/12


great story. well written. believable.

I love small chested MILFs

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by Anonymous12/30/12


Damned man! You need to have more of that sexy lady.
I'd find any and every chance to have more of her.

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by Anonymous12/30/12

Very nice debut

Nice simple plot going from normal family live to never planned but inevitable hot ‘forbidden’ sex. Good short erotic story. My dick told me so and he never lies.
He also tells me to say to you “keep on writing and sending your stories to Literotica.”

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by Anonymous12/30/12

Truly erotic..

..and believable. No more chances?

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by Anonymous12/30/12

Very nice

Although I was a bit disappointed that the morning fuck didn't end with him unloading inside of her again.

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by Anonymous04/20/13

My mother in law was 68 when i was 35.We would go overseas without her husband, scared to fly,not well.We got a call that her husband was in hospital after the third week of a holiday in Europe,it was serious so i offered to go back with her,leaving my wife to stay for the wedding in 4 days time.The airline changed the flight but we had a night stopover in Bangkok.We were put in one hotel room,that was o.k.She is o.k. looking,her daughter and her have one thing in common,a nice round bottom,hers larger than my wifes.We were tired,we agreed we would sleep in the bed,we were both adults,i jumped in with my underwear and a t shirt while she was in the bathroom.She came out in bra and panties and with her back to me,slipped into bed.I said goodnight,she replied thanks for coming back with me and nestled back,just like her daughter.I lay there but of course my cock started to get hard,she said is this what happens every night with a bit of a laugh,i said sorry but your daughter nestles back and thats what happens.She laughed,what happens next,well she usually doesnt wear panties and well you know.She moved away,moving around and then moved back,no panties and said if you want to.I didnt move,its really o.k she said,i removed my underwear,my cock against her bottom,she moved back a bit and i pushed my cock between her thighs,rubbing up and down against her pussy.I stopped,placed the head of my cock at her pussy entrance and pushed forward.My wife is usually very wet and i slide in easily,but she was only damp,she placed my hand on her breast and as i began lightly squeezing them she said harder and i did,really pinching her nipples hard,and my cock slid into her as she became very wet.I kept stretching her nipples as i fucked in and out of her,she was now pushing back,i felt my cumm rising,fucking her faster and she groaned and went completely still as i rammed her pussy,my cumm shooting into her as she then seemed to collapse,fighting for her breath as i slowed,releasing her nipples.We both lay like that,my cock still hard in her,i felt her squeeze me a couple of times,i responded by pushing forward,until she fell asleep.When i woke,we showered,dressed and went and caught the plane.We never spoke about it again.

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by ramonbrook04/29/14

Come on!

Never again?

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by Anonymous02/15/15

good make up story

good make up for your fantasy

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by Anonymous04/20/15

my future MIL

when I was a teenager only a few years before I married her daughter, I was giving my future MIL a neck rub. Nothing unusual for us at the time. She worked hard in a factory and I often gave her neck and back rubs. We were alone that night, again not an unusual thing at the time. I was waiting to pick up my future wife and SIL who were at church. My future FIL was still at work.

I was sitting on their couch. She was seated on the floor in front of me, both of us facing the TV. I'm not a writer, so I'll just cut to the chase. I made a few passes down her cleavage just for fun but when she didn't protest, my hand ended up down her shirt. After rubbing her nipples for a while and listening to her hard breathing, I took my cock out to play with it. She threw her head back a few times as we went and it bumped the back of her neck a couple times, again no protests. Then she leaned back and stayed up against it. Rolled her head, rubbing me against her neck and cheek then turned slightly to kissed it just below the ridge of the head. (25 years later I can still feel it. :) She turned away quickly, then leaned forward away from me and for a long time just shivering slightly while I continued to play with her nipples in this very awkward position.

Then the phone rang. She got up quickly to answer. It was her husband letting her know he was on his way. This was their normal signal for her to start prepping dinner. He worked about an hour away. She came back and sat across the room, so I zipped up, unsure of what just happened. We sat silently and watched TV for a moment before I tried to reboot the situation and asked "would like to finish that neck rub?"

Silently she sat back down in front of me. I quickly worked my hand back down her shirt. She sort of huffed and whispered "this again?" in slight protest but didn't leave. I quickly opened my pants, then reached under her arms with both hands and started unbuttoning her shirt. I figured if this was going to end she would end it now but instead she lifted her bra, then turned her head to take the head of my dick into her mouth. And then she just stopped. We both sat still for several moments, except she started shiveing again.

I was afraid it was over when she rotated her upper body more towards me. I slid both hands over her tits and she took me about half way in her mouth and stopped again. Then she just sat there. For a long while this time. Both of us in this very awkward position. Being only 17 without a whole lot of experience, with half my dick in the mouth of a 33 year old woman, I had no idea what to do, but I knew I did not want this to end now.

I made out with the mother of a different girlfriend about two years earlier, after what started out as a birthday kiss, but that lady moved my hands around where she wanted them, knowing that I needed to be lead. This one just sat there shivering almost violently now, like I've never seen a girl or woman do before that time. Her shaking both scared the life out of me and excited me but I was clueless about what should happen next.

Unconsciously, I had been very slowly and very slightly pumping against her mouth. So I slowly slipped one hand from her breasts to her shoulder and neck. Then as I started to slide around the back of her head, she suddenly got up and wiped her mouth hard. Staring down, as she pulled down her bra and buttoned her shirt. She stood there for a second when she finished, still staring at the floor. Then finally looked up at me. She started to leave then turned back. Kissed my head and looked down at my dick. Stared for a while. Then bent down slowly and gave it just the slightest kiss. Came back up even more slowly then went to fix dinner.

I went to the bathroom, found a pair of her panties in the hamper and shot a huge load in the toilet. When I got out I could hear her husband's truck coming up the street. I went out, told him I would be back with the girls, and left.

We never really spoke directly about it again, although we've talked around it a few times over the years. Very, very few times. We've had some flirty moments and had a few short frank discussions about "my" attraction to her (as if it was all me). But I let her spin it that way, if she needs to. I think it makes her feel better about it. She always concludes with something like "it's very wrong. I'm her mother." But even today, if anything even begins to go beyond light flirting or laughter, she gets quiet then cuts it short. But god her tits are still nice and that ass is bigger now but it still looks like fun.

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by Anonymous06/02/16

I have always wanted to fuck my , now, ex mother in law!

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by Anonymous08/03/16

Fuck MIL

I also want to fuck my mother in low, because she looks beautiful and has white face..i will fuck her once in my life..

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by Anonymous11/13/16

Best MIL

I am also planning a fuck session with my mother in law, once I get inside her she will be crazy for my dick :) Even if it takes my marriage appart, will be worth it tottaly... Zora I love you

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by Anonymous11/19/16


I read a story on Literotica and I just did not believe it was a TRUE STORY. It was called “Mother in Law's Gift” but it was a fun read... Allow me to attach my real world experience to this story... Truth many times is more unbelievable than fiction… Here goes... The short version...
I went to my MIL's home early on a Saturday morning, after my wife pressed me hard to get up and go help her mom... She called my wife looking for a number of some small business home repair team, who did some work at her house some time ago. She needed someone to address a water leak coming from the first floor bathroom that had started to stain a wall in the club basement... I am in my bed when I hear the phone ring very early on a Saturday morning. My wife picked up the phone and I heard my mother-in-laws feminine but slightly raspy voice through the phone, plead with my wife not to bother me, because she knew how hard I worked and did not want to worry me on my off day...Anyway, next thing I know I am up, in my truck, with my tools, out back of my MIL's house, before 9:00am on a Saturday morning and calling her to open the back door, because I wanted to enter the house from the back yard... Now my mother in law and I are pretty cool; I mean we talked a lot at all the family outings and when my immediate family and/or wife and I exchanged home visits with her.

Just to be clear, I have never even told a nasty joke in her presence and certainly never flirted with her or anything like that; we just exchanged, stories about her grand kids, and those ”when I was growing up stories” and conversations opining on current events, etc. As a matter of fact, I have never even been in her house alone with her... but it was that phone call that did it..... While I was still in the truck, I called her. She answered my phone call and my MIL started really apologizing really hard, about me having to be there and she was explaining how wrong it was to bother me and just how sorry she was. Then she started saying... "I'll make it up to you"... "Whatever you want, anything" and honestly she sounded just a little desperate. Yes, a CRAZY COULD IT BE POSSIBLE LIGHT went off in my head. I knew I had to be careful, so here is how I played it. I said, come open the backdoor and I started laughing way above a chuckle but not hysterically and told her don't start making crazy promises that you know you can't fill AND you know you can't say I'll do anything to any man, not even your son law and continued laughing a little lighter and told her again to come open the door... I got my tool bag and got out of the truck. She took about a minute and came to the door in a bath robe and slippers. I walked in and she closed and locked the door behind me. I walked right to the bathroom that was located off of the kitchen. I saw the leak, turned off the water to the toilet. I turned around and saw her in the doorway and ask her for a mop. I remember it like it was yesterday. She explained that she had got some water up earlier. She went into the pantry and got the mop. I stepped a few feet outside of the bathroom and while she was handing me the mop she said "I really meant what I said, I appreciate you getting up and coming to help me, I owe you". In my mind, for her to refer back to her statement of "I'll do anything" (although indirectly and not actually repeating it), was a HUGE sign for me.

Remember this is a very sticky situation because if the wrong thing is perceived or said and reported to anybody, let alone my wife, it could be disastrous. Having said that, metaphorically speaking, I believed I had a winning poker hand, so I made a "check" move… While shaking my head with a half-smile on my face, I said "I really meant what I said too". I then smirked at her softly with that half-smile and raised eye brows. She stares at me for a couple seconds. We are standing about my an arm’s length apart (I'm 6'2" 250lbs, thick build not fat ;-) ).... She moves in about 8 inches from my face and says "ok what do you want", my heart is beating hard and fast as hell! I'm still not ready to show my hand officially because I know a women can flip this into an "I was just testing you moment" or an I'm sorry I gave you the wrong impression scenario and have me looking and feeling like the new fool....Just so you know, I am one of those people that when I’m talking, that waves their hands and if you are close, I’ll push, light slap you on the arm or shoulder and/or poke you to emphasize my talking point. So while we are still holding the mop handle together, facing each other, I take my free left hand and easily grab her free right hand, keeping it below our waists and then I started talking about how much I liked her and how she knows I would never charge her a dime, and how she knows I'm a very private person...yadda, yadda, yadda and all the while, I am softly and subtly bouncing her hand with my hand on my crotch area in rhythm with almost every other word I say. Then I stop and let our hands rest there and YES my man meat is growing.... No, I'm not ten inches but YES I'M A BIG BOY. After all that; she says to me, "Just say plainly what you want."

Let me see if I can paint a picture of exactly how our hands were positioned. I'm holding her right hand with my left hand (as she faces me), with my palm facing my crotch area and with her four fingers bent over my palm at the second knuckle, such that the back of her hand, that is, the dark skin part of her fingers. You know; the part where the tiny hair grows and where you examine rings on the fingers, that was the actual part of her hand that was touching my genital region on my blue jeans. I lightly pressed the back of her hand up against my bulge. I knew she felt it was hard, while in my jeans. I then say to her "I just don't want any drama or trouble, can you handle that?" I very slowly ease my hand away, while leaving her hand there and she starts rubbing my dick; at first with the back of her fingers and hand and then with her opened palm (and I said to myself, JACK POT). She does this for about 4 seconds and then says "Come on here and she calls my name" and I follow her to her bedroom in the basement.... My MIL does not have an hour glass figure but she is very top heavy with a medium but very round bottom. She has love handles, a pouch in her mid-drift, fat full lips, very pretty brown eyes, soft short curly hair and a confident attitude.... I was unbuckling my belt on the way down the stairs. Before she sat down on the bed, I was untying and heel toeing my Timberland boots off. I made my way over to the bed and stood with the un-zippered part of my pants near her face. I had already proudly had my Dick straight up peeping way outside of the top waist band of my boxer briefs. Without saying a word, she reached for and grabbed my love muscle and started sucking. I mean she went right to work. I pulled her robe open and started rubbing her massive breast that hung low. How low? I was 38 years old at the time and she was about 64…..

I was able to step out of my jeans and remove my shirt with very little break in the action. She eventually stopped sucking and continued stroking my shaft and looked up at me. I eased her up, pulled her panties down, turned her around, helped positioned her on her hands and knees and flipped her robe up on her back. It was like I was lifting the curtain on her wide hips, round ass and wet pussy and I liked the show. It made my dick even harder. Without any drum roll, I put the fingers of my right hand to my mouth, coated them heavily with my saliva and slopped them up in her meaty and now thoroughly wet vagina. I slowly slid my very stiff pipe in her extremely moist and phat kat. She gave a really strong and raspy moan the entire initial entry period, until my tool was totally buried in her. After my length was fully in her, I froze for a minute and she started panting, in a short but quick breathing sequence, like she was in labor. I could see her arms shaking, like she was struggling to hold up her weight as I slowly started sawing in and out of her pussy.

Not to sound cliché-ic, just presenting the truth, she starting talking in that pretty raspy voice of hers, about how big I was…..As I picked up my sawing pace, I gestured for her to ease down off her hands and on to her forearms. This made the weight for her more manageable but raised that big ass of hers and those wide hips up higher. ….. And I just lost it….. I started pounded her doggie style like she was 25 years old again. And she took it. Yeah she whimpered and grunted through the twat blitzing, but she soldiered up through the entire pounding. I'm telling you I broke out into several segments of RAPID FIRE before slowing to a deep, penetrating, slow, mix motion. She made it undoubtedly clear that she was enjoying herself. So I repeated that deep slow motion sequence a few times.

After some time of doing that, she started begging me not to stop. I felt her kitty starting to gyrate in little spurts. I then froze and stiffened my dick and her inner pussy walls and pussy lips gripped my dick as she started calling my name and saying “I cumming”. I could feel her pussy muscles flexing on my meat and then I felt an incredibly heavy oozing flowing down on my Dick. I broke my silence and told her to “grab my balls” she reached back between my legs and caressed my nuts and I mean with a firm but soft hand. After having her cum on me and when I saw how aggressively she followed my instructions and how eagerly she wanted to please me. I went into another stratosphere dreaming of all the erotic possibilities. You got it; I was ready to put that "I'LL DO ANYTHING" to the test. I began to pound her some more and started asking her "are you sure you'll do anything for me"? I was slamming her really good and saying repeatedly "I can't hear you" ... "I can't hear you"... I was steadily building momentum so I could blast this hot spray of mine deep into her Cat cavity. Just when I thought I slammed her into a quiet humility and submission, My MIL yells out and I mean yells out, "OWE, OK, ANYTHING, SHIT ANYTHING"! It shocked me so much and caught me off guard…. BUT it turned me WAY ON and all of a sudden, I was ready to explode. Instinctively I put her to the test immediately. I pulled my Dick out of her and told her to "cum get this". It was like I could see where her daughter got the training. Almost seamlessly, My MIL turned around without an ounce of hesitation and stuffed my pussy drenched pole deeply into her mouth and tongued and pucker sucked on my dick while squeezing and tugging on the base with both her hands. I mean this 64 year old was slobbering on my Dick. I LOVED IT!!!!!

The kicker is, old girl looked up at me and started smiling at me with her eyes, while she hungrily ate my dick. A few seconds after that, I mean it was no more 8 seconds, I pressed my hand hard on the back of her head and started unloading pulse after pulse of hot nut in her mouth. After she caught that first spray of semen (and trust me, it was a large portion), I saw the countenance on her face change to a more serious and determined look. I fought through the shakes and the urge to pull my penis out of her mouth and spray her face and tits; while rubbing her hair and continuing to press her head on my tool even harder. I was encouraging her with a strong hand, not allowing her to pull her throat and mouth from around and away from my dick, and to stay there and keep sucking and drinking all my sperm, catching each ejaculated pulse. Yes, she was really gulping down my thick salty milky nut….. I know this is hard to believe but it got better. During my third pulse I told her while I was panting; "wait, open your mouth and let me see". I loosened my grip on the back of her head and at 64 years old, this old thing followed the instructions perfectly. She opened her mouth like I had a tongue depressor in it and showed me the salt milk she collected. I stroked her curly hair and said "that's a good girl" and she WINKED at me (and this single act triggered a flood of family love confessions and pony tail secret stories that you would not believe. I know it’s too good to be true but I am the real thing. I will only write about true stories. Crap, how did I get side tracked, I’ll get back to that in a later blog)….

Anyway, after she showed me that white semen on her tongue, she just swallowed it on her own. I put my dick back in her mouth and she began sucking it some more. I was feeling so good. I told her to "squeeze it and get it all".... and repeated "get it all".... This is so crazy, my dick is hard now as I think back to tell the story... my wife's mom honestly took the time and attention to detail required, using both her hands, to milk up from the base of my shaft and drink, lick, eat and suck up every drop of residual cum. It was very evident that she was committed to carrying out her promise... While she was detailing my Dick, her home phone rang. She let it go to the audible answering machine before she picked it up after hearing her daughter's voice... Yes, it was my wife... I later found out from my MIL that her daughter told her she was ringing my cell phone (that was in my pants pocket on vibrate and of course I did not hear it) and she wanted to know why I did not answer it. That was a major mood changer... It killed the entire vibe... She told her daughter she was washing clothes in the basement and began gesturing for me to run upstairs and calling my name as if I was upstairs and not right beside her, having just finished cumming in her mouth.... I got up, ran upstairs and called down the basement as if I was answering my MIL… Ultimately I talked to the wife, she was comforted, I told her I was fixing the issue, all was set at well … With zero conversation with the MIL, except to ask for a wash rag, I quickly cleaned myself up, went and fixed the leak in the bathroom and went home.

Later that afternoon, when I got space, I called my Mother-in-Law and told her what a great time I had and teased her and asked if she could work with her daughter and share some of her sexual performance skills. When I saw how much she liked that, it started the master manipulator in me, to commit to putting in some serious work on the mind of my MIL. That’s how I got so many Taboo confessions from her. All true. If you knew how strong my wrap was you would understand how plausible the idea of me getting an old bird to give her naughty confessions that implicated many; most of them dead but still, all of her stories are hot. Since we went so far across the line, it’s like it has freed her to tell me everything nasty and freaky about her past. She loves the fact that I get off on it and how that it makes her feel she is hip to the latest erotica fetish. I still see my MIL sexually from time to time and do you know what, almost 10 years later, she still uses her promise to “do anything for me”, as her rationale for doing everything for me. I have a ton of experiences to write about because my MIL is a true soldier committed to and for the cause ;-)

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by Anonymous12/10/16

Mother in law Zora

I also have a mother in law named Zora, I want her so bad I can't stand it...even if Zora just see's me naked and touches my cock!

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by Anonymous02/16/17

My mother in law

My mother in law is beautiful... she is 5' tall and 98 lbs with 34d breasts. Since the first time i laid eyes on her she just knows how to make my cock rock hard. She flirts occasionally but i just let it go cuase i dont want to ruin a fun time, but hopefully one of these days she takes it a little too far and then its on!!!

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by Anonymous04/26/17

Mother in law sex

Once I went to my divorced mother in laws alone late one night to watch a show we could not get. My wife had called ahead and she said ok.

I was on the couch then she went in the that room and came out wearing a black lace teddy and a silk robe (untied) and heels. She smelled great too!

She sat on the other end of the couch and extended her heels so they touch me. I slowly caressed her foot then her leg, then since she did not pull away, her thigh.

I moved over and ran my hand further up her thigh and I could she her nipples were hard on her small breasts, but she said nothing. I was beyond excited and very hard.

She opened her legs as I rubbed her inner thigh and I move to her treasure. OMG she was wet right through the teddy. I could not stand it and pulled the teddy aside and plunged my finger in her now dripping pussy. She started to have her first orgasm. Then I got between her legs and started feast on her shaven wet pussy. She was shuddering with orgasms and I kept licking. She tasted great!

Besides having my mother in law be clad in a black teddy with heels then allowing me to touch, caress, eat and yes fuck her, arriving home to my wife that was wearing a black teddy herself and had a dripping wet pussy from masterbating thinking about what she had clearly set up was hot!

Then after first kissing her she said she could taste her mother on me. When asked how she would know how her mother's pussy taste like she answered with " do you think you are the only one that has eaten her?"

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by Anonymous10/03/17

Too good to be true? I wanna believe...

My mother in law was built like Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in her 20's,30's,40' you KNOW how I felt about her. Never got the chance, but I sense a whole day with her might have made it happen, as I could feel the chemistry bubbling when we conversed.

This story is good right up to the point where it says that she never talked about it again. Things went smoothly in the story without a hitch even the NEXT day when the booze wore off and they woke up close and naked. When it is THAT good, that comfortable (first time) she would have created another scenario to be alone with her son. Also it would have made sense to FLY to the Hospital and skip the drive completely, the over night stay, and the hotel, although it is a very arousing story all in all.

I enjoyed it enough to be jealous, but the snags I mention above make me wonder if it is fiction. But if I am wrong, lucky you. We are talking about someone you already loved, and her you, before it happened, and someone that you would never fight with over stupid stuff, like the wife, and by default, your MIL becomes your true soulmate. But if two people experienced what this story tells, you keep doing it. It is too good not to stop.

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by Anonymous12/06/17

Remember spending night at girl friend to be my wife. She told her mother wanted spend night in bed with us. Told her why she needs to be fucked I said sure. So I walked up to my future mother inlaw from behind grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples hard and she yelled ouch. Told her you belong to me now just like your daughter. I ripped her night gown off her looked at her saw nice cunt full of pubic hair just like her daughter. I grabbed her cunt hair pulled her by it and she screamed then her daughter came in room told her take off that night gown. She wasn't moving fast enough so I ripped off her grabbed her cunt hair too told both bitches get on the bed. Told her daughter sit on your moms face and told her mom start sucking on your daughter cunt. I said this is how this weekend going to be momther and daughter doing 69 position and me taking turns fucking both your cunts. Plus cumming inside both of you and watch suck cum out of each other. Her mother said I am not protected neither is her daughter. Told them both who cares once I unload my cum in both you I plan to get both of you pregnant. Now start sucking each other off. Got over my girl friends moms head shoved my cock in her daughters cunt she screamed fuck your big and it didn't take long to unload in her. Pulled out of her got around to her mothers cunt told my girl friend put that cunt opening your moms mouth let leak so she could suck it out. Her mothers tit sagged little then grabbed her legs put them over my shoulders lined up my cock to cunt opening and shoved up in her she screamed out loud with daughters cunt on her face. I just plowed with one real hard pushed yelled out too fucking big and just kept ramming her until I unloaded in her cunt and pulled. So I stood up told girl friend open your mouth shoved my cock in her mouth down her throat told her suck it clean you cunt. Well they both end up getting pregnant now we have family with boys. Told both woman once boyys get older they will be fucking the both of you too. To this day wife is 45 and mother inlaw just turned 65 pls now both boys. Take turns fucking both of the woman together. They even do double penetration on both of them too.

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