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No Mercy for a Wanton Slut

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/01/13

Some fantasies should stay just that. I do not understand this kind of fear as erotic. For me this would be a break in trust, not a fantasy fulfillment. He acknowledged that it was not good for her and yet he continued-poor control for a master. The quality of your writing is good and I hope you write more.

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by VicariousDesires03/02/13

Reply to misunderstood about the fear

Honey there are many submissives,both male and female that have fantasies of rape and for this story,thats what it is a STORY..the events are not true events,it is a fantasy fueled story..But in BDSM most all have the kidnap,rape,forced,etc type fantasies or scenes..A must to remember is,if this was true it would have been for her as the story states...Yes i made the Master a little more devious and sadistic,but that again is just the character in a STORY...If the aspects of BDSM are scary to you,then i highly suggest not reading our stories,becuz many of them may be real scenes that we have wrote about....I have several that are in the works that are based on real events coming here soon... :)

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by Anonymous03/02/13

Well, I ain't afread zackly.....I'm learning about the lifestyle. And yes, this an entertainment site, not educational..... . I hear/read lots of talk about the importance of trust-then I see trust violated-so yes I find it troubling. Yes, 'it's fiction, for whatever diety's sake!' But we all know how many idiots don't differentiate. Again, I'm troubled. So, my opinion. Is a differing opinion always judgement? If we sat across a table and you waxed poetically about your favorite scene activities am I prohibited from saying oh hell no for me? I leave positive responses often and in many different categories. I've begged for more of stories. I've left questions when confused. I truely don't want to flame-I don't call names or wish people to perdition. However, I do think I should be able to say what doesn't work for me as a reader, and why. Your story made me care enough to have a reaction, even if it wasn't what you intended. That speaks well for your writing.

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by VicariousDesires03/03/13


the same could be said about any story or novel...Disney has been deceiving children for years with the fairy tales of prince charming,the princess and happily ever after...look how many teen girls have gotten into some bad relationships over the thought of TWILIGHT..50 shades of grey has negative feedback becuz some ppl get the idea that we are all rich and all are just as sadistic and romantic as Grey..or that all M/s relationships are like The story of O...thats just like saying rock music is satanism,which we all know isnt the truth,unless the person is reading more into the lyrics than what the singer the problem isnt the authors fault if the person reading cant decifer between reality and fantasy..and yes trust is huge in the lifestyle,but its also bout pushing limits and facing fears and knowing that the love and trust you have for your partner is strong enuff to trust that he/she will do nothing to bring you severe damages..if you are "scening" with somebody you havent taken the time to build that kind of trust and love bond with, you are putting yourself at risk..the stories i write are based on personal experiences or personal wants and desires or my fantasies,as a submissive with life experience i am also smart enuff to know not to put myself in any immediate danger..i do not recommend for anybody to disclose their dark desires like these to strangers that they may come in contact with on a personal level unless that person has references within the local bdsm community which would include past submissives he/she played with...If education about the lifestyle is what you seek,try googling BDSM and doing some homework that way,becuz reading erotic stories, fiction and non fiction isnt very educational,it only gives you an idea of what makes your dick hard or your pussy wet which would be things you would want to try in your own D/s relationship..if you would like to speak more,anonymous about where to seek education about the lifestyle,PM me and i will be more than happy to help you find what you seek...but only if you contact me with you age,sex and screen name..sharing adult content with somebody under age is illegal,so to protect myself,i will not reply unless an age is given so i have evidence to prove you said your age was 18 or older...

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