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Gay Men Find Love and Marry Ch. 02

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by Anonymous

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by gperry284302/15/13

This is as sweet a love story as you have ever posted,

but you sure stirred up a bunch of hornets' nests when you wrote that first chapter, certainly you must have seen the flack start raining down even as you put the words to the keyboard. Susan what were you thinking there is almost no ethnic group you are even allowed to mention, and to remain politically correct you are not even allowed to mention social groups. Humor if connected to almost any ethnic background is totally forbidden, you can no longer mention the Polish people, and the Jewish people have been off limits since the liberation of the death camps at the end of World War II, and to mention the Jewish American Princesses is tantamount to evoking the wrath of God, you are to young to remember but it was these same Jewish American Princesses that took out seven much more heavily armed Arab nations in just six days, these are not people you want as enemies. What ever possessed you to mention effeminate gay men? Since the marshaling of the gay community I am surprised I am not reading about them marching through the streets of Boston sacking the city and putting it to the torch in their search for you. Also you are by no means allowed to comment on anything Black, all things Black are are reserved for the Black community, and that don't include you whitey! Whats more you are no longer allowed to refer to people who cross the borders in violation of our laws into our no longer sovereign nation as illegal aliens, that term is demeaning and belittling and their status has been upgraded to undocumented citizens and that is what makes us no longer sovereign. One of the groups you are allowed to mention and abuse in any manor you see fit are the Valley Girls and Tall Beautiful Blue Eyed Blondes they are fair game because they are universally hated by everyone except all the men of the world by whom they are dearly loved. the other group of people you can do what you want with is the straight WASP male because everyone knows they are the ones responsible for everything bad that has happened since the beginning of time. I hope this little comment helps you in your goal toward political correctness and helps you to proceed forward with your endeavor to continue to write noncontroversial smut on this highly esteemed website.
One of your respectful readers.

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