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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/28/13

Good story. How did they meet.

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by Anonymous08/07/14

We had been out all day, to the beach, great dinner, driven her back to her house. I had been seeing her for 6 weeks, this tall 36 year old, who liked her breasts massaged but that was as far as I got, leaving me often with a hard on as I drove home. Not today, I was determined and when she said could you put some lotion on my sunburn, that was enough. It was oily, it soaked right in, she undid her top, I massaged her breasts, her nipples were erect. I let my hand slide down into her panties, she didn't stop me, a first, I felt her wet pussy, wow, so wet, I decided, I pulled her panties down, wow, shaved heaven, I moved my face to her pussy, licking her slowly, I heard oh no, what are you doing, as I licked slowly until my tongue just touched her clit and her legs closed hard around my head as she orgasmed, I let her recover but then kept licking, I brought her to 5 orgasms like this, how hot was she. I dropped my shorts, now seemed to be the right time,i lifted her legs and rubbed my cock up along her open slit,, she said no, no, I am not on the pill, not there, I moved back, my cock hard, touching her bottom, she said there is o.k. but use the oil. I couldn't believe it, I literally poured oil over my cock and around her anus and moved forward,she even reached down and positioned my cock and I pushed forward and entered her, stop, I thought not now, wait, o.k and I pushed in until the head of my cock was in her. I came, my cum shot out, I pushed and with the mix of cum and oil I was in as far as I could go, I leaned forward, moving my cock in and out of her tight anal passage, my lips found hers, her tongue moved in and out of my mouth as I fucked her until as I felt like I was going to lose some more cum, she took her mouth away and said, fuck, what are you doing, that's it, that's it and she orgasmed while I was deep fucking her arse what cum I had left releasing into her. Needless to say I married her, 21 years later, she still orgasms when I am deep in her arse.

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