1st Annual Literotica Author Awards:
The Best of 1999

The stories and authors below were chosen by our readers as the best of 1999. Though these are not the only wonderful authors and stories on Literotica, they are worthy of praise and recognition. Thanks to all of the writers for providng us with hours of hot reading, and to all of the readers for your input, support,
and attention.

Each winner received a $25 gift certificate for adult toys, videos
and more courtesy of the Literotica Toy Store
(powered by Access Adult).

Sexiest Author on Literotica
Dixon Carter Lee

Best Erotic Series on Literotica
"First Night" by AnonSky

Best Incest Story on Literotica
"First Night" by AnonSky

Best Line That Made You Cream Your Boxers / Panties
"Kiss Me, Kate" by Fanta C
"The kiss triggered the onset of my orgasm and I almost blacked out, as my incestuous sperm shot from my body, deep into my daughters hot depths."

Best Group Sex Story on Literotica
"Judy's Firemen" by Sparky Kronkite

Best Exhibitionist-Voyeur Story on Literotica
"The Bet II: Simone" by AhMyGoddess

Best Euphemism for a Body Part
"core," "center," and "fancy" for vagina.

Most "Interesting" Euphemism for a Body Part on Literotica
"The Apartment Complex" by Bryan D
"his slab of manhood" (penis)

Best Erotic Couplings Story on Literotica
"Don't Get Mad, Get Even" by Anonsky

Best Romance Story on Literotica
"From Afar" by Eve

Best NonConsent Story on Literotica
"Hit & Run" by Deborah

Best Lesbian Story on Literotica
"My First Lovers, Mother Daughter" by Tawny T

Best Illustrated Story on Literotica
"Angler's Delight" by Long Strongdaily

Best Comedic Writing in an Erotic Story on Literotica
"My Daughter Jenna Pt. II", by Anders

Best Erotic Poem on Literotica
"Chocolate Syrup and Handcuffs" by Endlessly

Best Gay Male Story on Literotica
"The Gym Pt. I" by Kip Carson

Best Use of an Appliance in a Literotica Story
"The Teacher Lesson II" by Ariel79
"A clamp? In the shape of a large U, with bits of jewelry and bells? I turned my head, looking at him, frowning. He rubbed the thing on mouth, my nipples, then ordered me to keep my hands behind my back. He pulled up my clit and lips, sliding the U over the whole until all of it was pushed together and I could feel the beat beat beat of blood in my pussy."

Best Dialogue in an Erotic Story on Literotica
"The Brady Bunch" Kip Carson

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