Interactive Erotic Stories

Interactive Erotic Stories

The Sexual Role Playing Forum - Join in or start your own sexual role playing game! Choose your own character and story and get creative!
Online Role Playing Forum
- A more traditional RPG. Play a character in a mystical fantasy land (since it's an adult game, nearly anything goes!)

You choose the character's fate in these Interactive Stories!
Back To Secret Agent School -Be Anna Nicole Smith or Jimbo Bond.
Britney Spears Interactive
- You decide starlet's fate!
My Daughter Jenna II
- Father/Daughter lust.

Interactive Adult Fiction is a new addition to the Literotica family. This site allows registered Literotica members to create and moderate their own interactive erotic adventures. You do not need to register to read the stories. This is a relatively new site, and we would appreciate any feedback you would be willing to offer. Like Literotica, Chyoo is updated daily.


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