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Submitting Amateur Pictures

If you have pics to submit, send them in .gif or .jpg format to They don't necessarily have to be sexual in nature - this area is a place to share your pics with your fellow Literoticans.

Please note the following:
This is an adults-only site, so by submitting any picture you are explicitly stating that you, anyone in the picture, and anyone involved in the creation of the picture are over 18 years of age.

* This section is for photographs taken consensually. We are not looking for and do not encourage voyeur photos or other pictures taken without the consent of the subject

* They must be original photos, taken by you. Do not send us pictures you found at another site!

* You may submit one photo or many. Subject matter can vary, from softcore glamour poses to more racy fare. No underage pics or bestiality, please - though feel free to send pics of your favorite pets for us to ooh and aah over, as we love animals.

If you have any questions regarding our submission guidelines, feel free to email us. Thanks, and enjoy the site!

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