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The first thing Max Black was aware of when she slowly returned to consciousness was a weight on top of her, which made her instinctively groan in frustration. She had lost count of the number of...

2 Broke Girls In Love Ch. 02 by MTL17

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Authoress's notes: The following story takes place soon after the conclusion of Legacy of the Force. This is the 10th Star Wars story that I have written. Please read and enjoy all of my stories, and...

Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute Ch. 01 by HandcuffGirl

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The Rosewood Book Club had been established with the best intentions, but it had quickly become more of a wine and gossip club. Which was great for Ella Montgomery, especially the second time around....

Daughters Make the Best Bitches by MTL17

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
201.2 Broke Girls In Love Ch. 02
Max wakes up to find someone in her bed. by MTL17 (07/17/14)
4.63 (108)
202.Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute Ch. 01
Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 has a new assignment. by HandcuffGirl (05/31/10)
4.63 (102)
203.The Jetsons: Jane’s Frustration
Jane seeks to spice up her marriage & sex life. by busty_fucker (08/05/08)
4.62 (299)
204.Sela Ward & Her Poolboy
Sultry star satisfies hunky Black pool cleaner. by knight13 (06/27/01)
4.62 (184)
205.Batman: Harem 06
Talia becomes the new girl in the cave. by Belgost (04/14/12)
4.62 (184)
206.CSI: The Hot Tub
Man is found dead in his hot tub; was it an accident? by DG Hear (09/24/06)
4.62 (175)
207.Nikki meets Maria Sharapova
Ball girl Nikki has encounters Maria. by nikki_2021 (02/03/06)
4.62 (159)
208.Jane Jetson - Miss Solar System
Jane Jetson enters the Miss Solar System contest. by philsogood69 (11/14/10)
4.62 (148)
209.Daughters Make the Best Bitches
Ella and her friends anally gang bang her daughter. by MTL17 (08/29/15)
4.62 (143)
210.Let's Be Batman Pt. 01
Guy finds Batman's suit and has a run-in with Catwoman. by BatmansDick (10/01/14)
4.62 (132)
211.Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 09
A transporter accident changes the direction of a man's life. by DMaster_14 (08/27/10)
4.62 (122)
212.The Agency Ch. 14 (K. Cuoco Pt. 02)
My past comes back to haunt me. by tnhardon (04/12/16)
4.62 (111)
213.After the Concert with Mila
A fan meets Mila Kunis at a concert. by Kash_the_priest (03/30/09)
4.62 (109)
214.Charlie's Angels Ch. 2
Angel leaves & Charlie searches for replacement. by Asianlove (10/09/02)
4.62 (109)
215.Catwoman: The Eros Formula
A job goes pleasantly awry for Catwoman. by JTCIII (01/22/11)
4.62 (106)
216.What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 01
Victor Creed meets a damsel in distress. by psyche_b_mused (08/26/10)
4.61 (333)
217.A Jedi's Training Ch. 02
Jacen begins his training with Star. by AgntSmth (04/06/05)
4.61 (259)
218.Lesbian Call Girl - Danica
A delicious evening of pleasuring Danica Patrick. by Milene (05/24/08)
4.61 (202)
219.Batman and Gotham Sluts Ch. 03
Poison Ivy reveals herself to Batman, Catwoman, and Harley. by LoveHugeBoobs (11/09/13)
4.61 (183)
220.The Hardy Toys Ch. 2
Lita joins Trish in extreme BDSM with Jeff. by Tyjord (12/18/01)
4.61 (160)
221.Superman's Conquest Ch. 03
Diana, Lois, and Kara have fun of their own. by LoveHugeBoobs (09/12/11)
4.61 (158)
222.American Mom Ch. 03
Francine Travels to Pennsylvania To Show Off. by Hardplay (09/01/14)
4.61 (151)
223.Chuck! Fuck Ch. 06
The story continues. by Sensa8 (07/05/09)
4.61 (145)
224.Did you know I met Kaley Cuoco?
Kaley Cuoco finds an author in an airport and becomes a muse. by MeanBlackjack (05/04/12)
4.61 (140)
225.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 05
A late night of love with Lindsay Lohan. by hollywoodjim (09/08/08)
4.61 (140)
226.Room 42
A Night Clerk gets a surprise when he helps out a guest. by Storm62 (04/15/12)
4.61 (140)
227.Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 02
Dan gets a surprise when he calls Taylor. by TheBigLove126 (11/13/10)
4.61 (140)
228.Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 05
A transporter accident changes the direction of a man's life. by DMaster_14 (03/26/10)
4.61 (136)
229.Let's Be Batman Pt. 02
Batman is trapped by Poison Ivy. by BatmansDick (10/02/14)
4.61 (127)
230.A Jedi's Training Ch. 13
Liana goes missing. by AgntSmth (07/06/05)
4.61 (121)
231.Jessica Biel's Markup: The Next Day
Jessica and the scriptwriter continue revisions. by noemail (12/14/03)
4.61 (119)
232.There and Back Again Ch. 18
Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight. by ElyssaCousland (08/11/16)
4.61 (117)
233.Donna's Bitch Ch. 02
A small mundane object brings the girls together. by MTL17 (08/15/07)
4.61 (115)
Alexis Castle decides to help her father relax. by SDLRob (07/22/14)
4.61 (110)
235.Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 05
Affter sex with Ashley, Dan gets a call from Ariana Grande. by TheBigLove126 (08/11/11)
4.61 (106)
236.Castle: College Experimentation
Beckett gives Alex lot of help with her college dissertation. by Zev95 (05/06/14)
4.61 (105)
237.Let's Be Batman Pt. 03
Our caped crusader runs afoul of the Royal Flush Gang. by BatmansDick (10/03/14)
4.61 (105)
238.Nikki Meets Natalie Portman
She unexpectedly gets sexual with Natalie Portman. by nikki_2021 (05/11/09)
4.61 (102)
239.Lawyer to the (Porn) Stars: Natasha
Business picks up. by fittucker87 (04/19/09)
4.60 (347)
240.A Night With Avril Lavigne
He meets Avril Lavigne at a club. by beaverhunter76 (11/28/03)
4.60 (281)
241.Doogie Howser M.D. Ch. 1
Doogie scopes out his sexy mom. by Jack N Jill (10/07/00)
4.60 (275)
242.Serving Jessica
Jessica Simpson's female intern provides "special" services. by Milene (03/22/07)
4.60 (237)
243.Ad Men
Sweaters were tight and bras were pointed. by Charles Petersunn (08/23/08)
4.60 (232)
244.Same Time Next Week
Superman needs help only a Wonder Woman can give. by Mild Mannered Author (10/10/03)
4.60 (223)
245.There and Back Again Ch. 01
Modern Girl in Thedas. by ElyssaCousland (06/12/16)
4.60 (193)
246.The Amorous Brady Bunch Ch. 1
The adult Bradys find each other. by j.g.e. powers (12/18/01)
4.60 (187)
247.American Mom Ch. 02
The Smiths have Neuro Relaxation Therapy. by Hardplay (08/30/14)
4.60 (181)
248.Auto-Genesis Pt. 01
A troubled futanari teen gets help from her mother. Kind of. by nightshadow (01/06/15)
4.60 (179)
249.There and Back Again Ch. 03
Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight. by ElyssaCousland (06/19/16)
4.60 (169)
250.There and Back Again Ch. 07
Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight. by ElyssaCousland (07/04/16)
4.60 (156)
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