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The wind swept over the palm trees rustling them as the cool breeze hit the man in the back walking along the sandy shore of the beach out of town. At one time or another, this man had been at the...

Summer Love by cadeauxxx

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Cassandra passed several gloriously relaxed days in the Batcave, reveling in her new self. It wasn't just that she could read body language perfectly and fight again, though that was nice. And it...

Superman Fucks Gotham Ch. 12 by SierraLeeAuthor

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The last few days had gone by without much new. Gary and Marty were hard at work on Marty's case. They had reviewed the security tapes from that evening and Gary was sure they had enough evidence to...

The Road to EGOT Season 02 Pt. 20 by ManUnited1086

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51.Summer Love
In Miami, Britney Spears helps a lost man find his mind. by cadeauxxx (01/27/16)
4.80 (56)
52.Don't Date the Bitch in Apartment 23
June should have known that dating Chloe would be like this. by MTL17 (12/07/15)
4.80 (20)
53.Superman Fucks Gotham Ch. 12
The final battle against Lady Shiva and Nyssa Raatko! by SierraLeeAuthor (09/02/15)
4.80 (64)
54.The Road to EGOT Season 02 Pt. 20
Jennifer Lawrence & Melissa Benoist. by ManUnited1086 (01/19/16)
4.80 (49)
55.Adult Star Trek: TNG Ch. 04
Ep 4: Different Shades of Love - The men that Beverley loves. by JTK84 (02/18/16)
4.79 (29)
56.Big Booty Bitches Ch. 02
Vida Guerra seduces Steven, his son and a friend. by cadeauxxx (07/06/16)
4.79 (24)
57.My Life is Different Ch. 02
Healing spells and cunnilingus. by Schlank (02/21/16)
4.79 (19)
58.Caliburn: Agent of CHECKMATE
The DC Universe gets a new hero. by IronDragon (07/08/16)
4.79 (42)
59.This Is My Ass Now Ch. 04
AJ seeks revenge on Paige. by MTL17 (12/20/15)
4.79 (28)
60.Maria's Rule Ch. 08
Maria and Natasha enjoy their new life together. by MTL17 (08/28/15)
4.79 (14)
61.My Life is Different Ch. 05
Doctor Who and Martha Jones come to Sunnydale. by Schlank (07/20/16)
4.79 (14)
62.Women In Red, Photographs In Black
Kory and MJ do a shoot together. And then even more together by Zev95 (10/27/15)
4.78 (18)
63.The A-Team Ch. 06
A reimagining of Pretty Little Liars with more lesbian sex. by LL72 (10/26/15)
4.78 (18)
64.Superman Fucks Gotham Ch. 20
Things get weird. by SierraLeeAuthor (05/03/16)
4.77 (52)
65.Hotel Limbo: Date Night
A date night ends in a hospital visit. by donut_plains (12/31/15)
4.77 (26)
66.Hotel Limbo: Hotel Limbo Air
Britney, Abigail and Ariel work on the private jet. by donut_plains (06/17/16)
4.77 (26)
67.Spider + Cat + Redhead Ch. 05
Sexual symbiosis. by Zev95 (04/07/16)
4.77 (13)
68.Simon Cowell: Behind the Curtain
A behind the scenes look at the life of the Music Mogul. by Dan_England (06/09/16)
4.77 (13)
69.The Ladies of Sourcefed Ch. 02
Meg and Trisha have a little fun of their own. by EroticAuthor72 (10/17/15)
4.77 (30)
70.Star Wars: Seed of Rebellion
Poison Ivy in a Slave Leia outfit. What could go wrong? by Zev95 (12/14/15)
4.76 (25)
71.Teach Me Seduction
Natasha tries to teach Wanda the art of seduction. by MTL17 (06/24/16)
4.76 (25)
72.International Relations
Alexis Castle spends an enlightening night with Haley. by SDLRob (04/13/16)
4.76 (29)
73.Big Booty Bitches Ch. 05
Scarlett Johansson uses her body to pay off debts. by cadeauxxx (07/22/16)
4.76 (29)
74.Lesbian Call Girl: Kaley
Kaley Cuoco gets the full treatment. by Milene (01/08/16)
4.76 (157)
75.The Road to EGOT Season 02 Pt. 13
Paradise with Alexandra Daddario & Ashley Greene. by ManUnited1086 (09/08/15)
4.76 (45)
76.A Funny Thing Happened...
Movie star takes a tumble, and I do what's right. by ilikeithot6308 (01/06/16)
4.75 (422)
77.The Road to EGOT Season 02 Pt. 17
The Battle for the Soul of Hollywood. by ManUnited1086 (12/22/15)
4.75 (36)
78.There and Back Again Ch. 02
Modern Girl in Thedas. by ElyssaCousland (06/16/16)
4.75 (36)
79.Your Fault
What is happening to Haley is her own fault, Alex thinks. by MTL17 (06/11/16)
4.75 (28)
80.Mona's A Ch. 04
Alison gives Mona a call. by MTL17 (08/24/15)
4.75 (24)
81.The Multiverse Pt. 01
Prey or Predator - Selina Kyle. by Fanficauthor (09/30/15)
4.75 (20)
82.Early Summer
3 friends in Miami party with Kate Upton and Aubrey O'Day. by cadeauxxx (03/08/16)
4.75 (20)
83.Gotham Nights Ch. 06
Can the new Batgirl Stephanie handle Red Robin and Red Hood? by Bozo12 (04/29/16)
4.75 (12)
84.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 87
Snowbound with Selena. by hollywoodjim (04/07/16)
4.74 (50)
85.Superman Fucks Gotham Ch. 17
Hugo Strange sends Nocturna and Magpie against Superman... by SierraLeeAuthor (02/02/16)
4.74 (46)
86.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 85
Kaley Cuoco rides a different kind of horse. by hollywoodjim (12/22/15)
4.74 (57)
87.Shower Scenes Ch. 02
Beca drags Chloe back into the shower. by MTL17 (02/26/16)
4.74 (19)
88.Fox News Anchors Get it On
Bill Hemmer with Martha McCallum and Megyn Kelly. by baranbrat (02/26/16)
4.73 (30)
89.The A-Team Ch. 08
A reimagining of Pretty Little Liars with more lesbian sex. by LL72 (04/14/16)
4.73 (15)
90.Hotel Limbo: The Limbo Pole 04
The teachers lead by example. by donut_plains (04/23/16)
4.73 (15)
91.The Agency Ch. 04 (T. Swift Pt. 03)
The tour finishes with a visit from a friend. by tnhardon (03/11/16)
4.73 (127)
92.The Road to EGOT Season 02 Pt. 15
R&R with Ariana Grande. by ManUnited1086 (11/12/15)
4.73 (37)
93.She Wants To Be In The Business
Lucy Pinder is put to the test with a private party. by cadeauxxx (03/25/16)
4.73 (37)
94.Felicitations Ch. 02
Two Black Cats, no waiting. by Zev95 (10/07/15)
4.73 (22)
95.Adult Star Trek: TNG Ch. 05
Ep 5: The Party - Things get a bit messy and end with a bang. by JTK84 (04/23/16)
4.73 (22)
96.Miley and Friends Ch. 06
The girls try new things. by highclassic (01/07/16)
4.73 (11)
97.The Road to EGOT Season 02 Pt. 14
Between Love and Death. by ManUnited1086 (11/05/15)
4.72 (40)
98.Just a Little Secret
Scarlett Johansson and an old friend have an affair. by cadeauxxx (06/23/16)
4.72 (40)
99.Chuck S03E15: Sarah vs. Morgan
Morgan's dreams come true. by CTR69 (01/15/16)
4.72 (29)
100.Selena Gomez: Damsel in Distress
Selena gets herself into some trouble at a club. by Sammycolto (08/14/15)
4.72 (94)
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