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As usual, Vicki Vale was dictating a column while standing around her penthouse wearing lingerie. Though she was alone, she sauntered as if she was on a catwalk, swinging her hips and thrusting her...

Superman Fucks Gotham Ch. 23 by SierraLeeAuthor

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There's no place like home, at least that is how many felt when they had a family. The loving embrace of waking up every morning with someone next to you in bed and knowing that a bond had been made...

In Between the Sheets by cadeauxxx

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Buffy and I were both naked and sprawled across the bed. I was smiling and basking in the post-orgasmic afterglow and regaining my strength. Buffy was lying on her stomach and I couldn't help but...

My Life is Different Ch. 07 by Schlank

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51.Superman Fucks Gotham Ch. 23
Can all the rumors about Superman possibly be true? by SierraLeeAuthor (08/06/16)
4.81 (68)
52.In Between the Sheets
Jennifer Love Hewitt dances to an old R&B song. by cadeauxxx (10/22/16)
4.81 (68)
53.My Life is Different Ch. 07
Buffy and Willow are going after Faith. by Schlank (11/15/16)
4.81 (26)
54.Hotel Limbo: Hotel Limbo Air
Britney, Abigail and Ariel work on the private jet. by donut_plains (06/17/16)
4.81 (36)
55.Big Booty Bitches Ch. 05
Scarlett Johansson uses her body to pay off debts. by cadeauxxx (07/22/16)
4.80 (81)
56.She Wants To Be In The Business
Lucy Pinder is put to the test with a private party. by cadeauxxx (03/25/16)
4.80 (80)
57.Big Booty Bitches Ch. 14
Jennifer Lopez returns to meet Tony Jr. by cadeauxxx (11/03/16)
4.80 (35)
58.Star Wars: Return to Trigalis Ch. 03
Jedi Ta'tan'ia is brainwashed! by HandcuffGirl (10/26/16)
4.80 (30)
59.Gotham Nights Ch. 09
Black Canary and Zatanna get a handful of Dick. by Bozo12 (05/19/16)
4.80 (20)
60.Paramore Fantasy Pt. 02
Hayley still has plenty left in her after a long night. by dpingjessie (11/25/16)
4.80 (20)
61.3rd Chromosome: Photoshoot
After the party, Lucy gets a job offer. by Grobnar (11/21/16)
4.80 (20)
62.Olivia Thirlby: Alone in a Crowd
Dredd's Olivia Thirlby spars with her trainer. by Noj (10/13/16)
4.80 (15)
63.Tape Me Up
Salma Hayek, 5 guys and a roll of duct tape. by cadeauxxx (01/26/17)
4.80 (64)
64.Wrong Sender
Kate finds out sexting the wrong person can end up fun. by SDLRob (12/12/16)
4.79 (34)
65.Spiderman: In The Cat's Web
Spiderman is in over his head after a theft. by Grobnar (02/13/17)
4.79 (29)
66.Big Booty Bitches Ch. 11
Salma Hayek meets Tony Diaz. by cadeauxxx (09/30/16)
4.79 (72)
67.Big Booty Bitches Ch. 18
Holly Willoughby meets Emily Ratajkowski and Steven. by cadeauxxx (01/05/17)
4.79 (72)
68.Big Booty Bitches Ch. 07
Jessica Alba and Ramón have a weekend of dirty fun. by cadeauxxx (08/20/16)
4.79 (38)
69.The Hollywood Files Ch. 02
Behind the scenes with a secretive Jessica Biel. by Master_and_Sex_Kitten (04/27/16)
4.79 (19)
70.Star Wars: Return to Trigalis Ch. 04
Ta'tan'ia betrayed again, and winds up back in bondage. by HandcuffGirl (10/29/16)
4.79 (33)
71.Working for the Weekend
Blake Lively shares an afternoon with two strong men. by cadeauxxx (12/15/16)
4.79 (47)
72.Blue Bloods Meet Castle Pt. 02
Both Groups meet at the Reagan House for a Wild Dinner Party. by baranbrat (08/12/16)
4.79 (42)
73.Katy & Rihanna's First Resort
Katy Perry & Rihanna enjoy a naughty weekend away. by Noj (09/16/16)
4.78 (37)
74.Hotel Limbo: A Bad Day
A man gets arrested for a crime he didn't commit. by donut_plains (07/18/16)
4.78 (60)
75.Porn Wrestling Federation Vol. 02
Women of Wrestling do Porn: Lana. by daxg2001 (04/07/16)
4.78 (23)
76.Baywatch Secrets Ch. 03: Miranda's Movie
Hijinks down under with a new ally - on tape. by txfan (04/19/16)
4.78 (23)
77.Porn Wrestling Federation Vol. 03
Women of Wrestling do Porn: Becky Lynch. by daxg2001 (05/12/16)
4.78 (23)
78.Phone Tag Hotel
Kate Upton seduces two men over the phone to visit her. by cadeauxxx (07/28/16)
4.78 (64)
79.Bitch Control Vol. 02
Lucy Pinder comes to Tight 'N Fit gym. by cadeauxxx (02/15/17)
4.78 (72)
80.Pretty Whores
Britney Spears and Taylor Momsen entertain a party of men. by cadeauxxx (09/03/16)
4.78 (54)
81.Big Booty Bitches Ch. 09
Britney Spears strips for Tony Jr and his gay lover. by cadeauxxx (09/16/16)
4.78 (45)
82.New York Lovers
Kate Mara and Scarlett Johansson hook up at a party. by cadeauxxx (11/06/16)
4.78 (45)
83.Hotel Limbo: The Massage Escape
Britney teaches Ariel how to be a masseuse. by donut_plains (05/19/16)
4.78 (40)
84.Mr. Disco Ch. 04
Jennifer Ellison seduces Luke into a trap, cheating on Lucy. by cadeauxxx (02/01/17)
4.77 (39)
85.Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass Ch. 06
Maryse conquering Victoria's fat ass. by MTL17 (07/28/16)
4.77 (13)
86.Big Booty Bitches Ch. 03
Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez join Tony on his yacht. by cadeauxxx (07/16/16)
4.77 (82)
87.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 89
Plus size plus Ashley Graham plus HJ equals... by hollywoodjim (09/21/16)
4.77 (56)
88.Big Booty Bitches Ch. 12
Kelly Brook gets slippery and wet with Ramón and Carlos. by cadeauxxx (10/07/16)
4.77 (43)
89.Big Booty Bitches Ch. 16
Salma Hayek dances alongside Shakira at Tony's yacht. by cadeauxxx (12/08/16)
4.77 (60)
90.Superman Fucks Gotham Ch. 20
Things get weird. by SierraLeeAuthor (05/03/16)
4.77 (64)
91.The Road to EGOT Season 03 Pt. 01
A Day In The Life. by ManUnited1086 (07/21/16)
4.76 (51)
92.The Agency Ch. 25 (E. Watson Pt. 2)
Leaving London Leads to Nostalgia. by tnhardon (01/22/17)
4.76 (84)
93.Matthew King Does Hollywood Ch. 02
Hollywood gigolo is hired by Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss. by Purificada (04/24/16)
4.76 (42)
94.The Office S2E12: Michael's Injury
Pam helps Michael out when he injures himself. by Stories_From_the_TV (10/17/16)
4.76 (25)
95.Marry The Knight Ch. 18
Zinda bends over; Ivy goes for a ride. by Zev95 (01/24/17)
4.76 (29)
96.Caliburn: Agent of CHECKMATE
The DC Universe gets a new hero. by IronDragon (07/08/16)
4.76 (62)
97.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 87
Snowbound with Selena. by hollywoodjim (04/07/16)
4.75 (57)
98.Scarlett Fever
Scarlett Johansson, a costume designer and her house. by MeanBlackjack (05/24/16)
4.75 (89)
99.Marry The Knight Ch. 15
Talia and Nyssa al Ghul get a new daddy; Ivy finds out. by Zev95 (12/25/16)
4.75 (32)
100.An Avenger's Revelation
The Black Widow re-evaluates her role as an Avenger. by terminatrix92 (11/30/16)
4.75 (28)
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