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Sara Lance could stare down a large group of thugs while feeling little or no nervousness because she knew she could take them. It didn't matter how big they were, how many there were or even what...

Irresistibly Cute Ch. 03 by MTL17

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It happened accidentally. Tommy was engaged with two hoods in an alley, deftly parrying their attacks, when one of them managed to get a shot in right on his lower back. The gangster held up his...

Let's Be Batman Pt. 13 by BatmansDick

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"You could just use webbing, you know," Felicia said as Peter failed to bite through another length of duct tape, getting a tape-y taste all over his tongue. It looked so easy in the movies... "I...

Gwen Stacy Syndrome Ch. 05 by Zev95

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151.Irresistibly Cute Ch. 03
Sara and Felicity go on their first date. by MTL17 (05/02/15)
4.64 (11)
152.Let's Be Batman Pt. 13
Tommy finds the Batcave and meets a real Livewire. by BatmansDick (10/26/14)
4.63 (63)
153.Gwen Stacy Syndrome Ch. 05
Felicia introduces Peter to the neighbors-all three of them. by Zev95 (10/28/14)
4.63 (41)
154.The Perils of Technology
A mix up results in some sapphic fun in the Castle home. by SDLRob (02/18/15)
4.63 (54)
155.Avengers: Topping Pepper
Even with superpowers, Pepper is Natasha's bitch. by Zev95 (11/28/14)
4.63 (43)
156.The Puppet Master Ch. 01
A young Russian comes to Hollywood. by hetup (01/26/15)
4.62 (53)
157.Guarding Emma Watson Pt. 01
Emma Watson's personal bodyguard gets even more personal. by Clubsoda79 (11/30/14)
4.62 (134)
158.Let's Be Batman Pt. 29
Attack of the 50 foot Giganta! by BatmansDick (12/11/14)
4.62 (34)
159.Let's Be Batman Pt. 18
Batman saves Killer Frost from Mr. Freeze. by BatmansDick (11/08/14)
4.62 (47)
160.Let's Be Batman Pt. 16
Batman tries to help Wonder Woman as she battles the Cheetah by BatmansDick (11/03/14)
4.62 (60)
161.Let's Be Batman Pt. 27
Tommy finds a new partner in Black Canary. by BatmansDick (12/05/14)
4.62 (52)
162.The Road to EGOT Pt. 06
Meeting the Family. by ManUnited1086 (03/07/15)
4.62 (13)
163.Doctor Who: Panic Moon Rising Ch. 06
Amy Pond is pressured to say a certain word... by Kurokami (05/09/15)
4.62 (13)
164.Auto-Genesis Pt. 01
A troubled futanari teen gets help from her mother. Kind of. by nightshadow (01/06/15)
4.61 (111)
165.Waking Up: Taylor Swift
Man wakes up in Taylor Swifts' Body. by Lazyninjas (04/02/15)
4.61 (49)
166.Marry The Knight Ch. 11
Kory, Dinah, and Helena miss their man. by Zev95 (05/19/15)
4.61 (18)
167.Let's Be Batman Pt. 21
Tommy abandons the cowl & interrupts Power Girl at work. by BatmansDick (11/18/14)
4.61 (51)
168.That 70s Show: Happy Valentine's Day
The basement gang celebrates. by shaggy77 (02/02/15)
4.61 (38)
169.I Just Wanted Her to Like Me Pt. 02
April invites herself into Ann's home. by MTL17 (09/02/14)
4.60 (15)
170.Trailer Talk
Young journalist goes one-on-one with Alice Eve. by InjuredNinja (07/22/14)
4.60 (15)
171.The Greed of a Warrior Lady
When Thor's friends from Midgard come to Asgard for his wedding. by writersketch27 (01/29/15)
4.60 (15)
172.Mortal Kombat: Silk and Steel
Jacqui Briggs submits to Kitana after being defeated. by SapphiraSiren (05/13/15)
4.60 (15)
173.Let's Be Batman Pt. 40
Tommy bests Roulette with help from the 5th dimension. by BatmansDick (01/31/15)
4.60 (42)
174.Everybody Loves Debra Ch. 04b
Ray finds out. by MT1966 (10/22/14)
4.59 (22)
175.Marry The Knight Ch. 08
Harley earns Bruce's cock. So does Ivy. by Zev95 (03/27/15)
4.59 (56)
176.Arrow: Birds of Prey
Felicity finds herself in the middle of Sara and Nyssa. by Zev95 (11/17/14)
4.59 (51)
177.Korra and Asami's First Time
Legend of Korra fan fiction with Korrasami lesbian sex. by korrasami (01/04/15)
4.59 (34)
178.Without Shepard Ch. 06
An overstressed Liara dreams and reminisces. by BlueOpticNerve (07/20/14)
4.59 (17)
179.JAG Revisited Pt. 08
Sarah and Harm continue exploring affairs W/Rene, Mic & More. by baranbrat (01/29/15)
4.59 (17)
180.Hot As Sin
Rosario Dawson & boyfriend catch Jessica Alba's strip show. by Robertdoc (08/22/14)
4.59 (29)
181.Let's Be Batman Pt. 28
Tommy impersonates Black Mask and spoils The Spoiler. by BatmansDick (12/09/14)
4.58 (48)
182.Marry The Knight Ch. 07
Bruce proves himself to Wonder Woman. by Zev95 (03/25/15)
4.58 (36)
183.Everybody Loves Debra Ch. 04a
Debra takes one risk too many. by MT1966 (10/21/14)
4.58 (24)
184.Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass Ch. 04
Maryse remembers conquering Trish's fat ass. by MTL17 (12/14/14)
4.58 (12)
185.Let's Be Batman Pt. 26
Vicki Vale & Lois Lane compete for a scoop. by BatmansDick (12/02/14)
4.58 (55)
186.Let's Be Batman Pt. 10
Batman encounters the Penguin and his lovely assistants. by BatmansDick (10/19/14)
4.58 (43)
187.The Kiss of the Spider Woman Ch. 01
Extracting Some Essential Information. by ipreferoral (03/16/15)
4.58 (19)
188.Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 17
Taylor tells the story about meeting Hayley Williams. by TheBigLove126 (10/02/14)
4.58 (26)
189.Fuck The DC Universe Ch. 05
Ted gets caught between Fire and Ice. by Zev95 (11/25/14)
4.58 (26)
190.Wonder Ch. 01
A normal man meets Wonder Woman - and much more. by Dave933 (11/01/14)
4.58 (59)
191.Ultimate Comics: The Bangers
Spider-Man stops a mother-daughter crime spree. by Zev95 (05/28/14)
4.58 (40)
192.We're The Millers - Extended
A scene from the movie extended for our pleasure. by muhabba (06/17/14)
4.57 (56)
193.Modern Family S4E6: Haley's Party
Gloria dominates Haley after she tricks her by Stories_From_the_TV (08/18/14)
4.57 (56)
194.Let's Be Batman Pt. 12
Batman gets called to Arkham Asylum to "help" an inmate. by BatmansDick (10/24/14)
4.57 (49)
195.The Batman Beaten Ch. 02
Batman can't get Poison Ivy out of his head-Does he want to? by CumulusRex1 (07/14/14)
4.57 (42)
196.Becoming Amber Blank
A star is born. by Seanathon (11/21/14)
4.57 (21)
197.The Road to EGOT Pt. 08
An evening with Ariana Grande. by ManUnited1086 (03/10/15)
4.57 (21)
198.Six Days
Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10: Auron returns to Zanarkand. by Clunkety (07/30/14)
4.57 (14)
199.The Office- Pam Visits an Old Friend
In this episode, Pam goes to visit Brian. by Timtimmins12121 (10/24/14)
4.57 (14)
200.Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy Ch. 18
Fantasy Dares Turn into An All-Out Orgy. by baranbrat (07/14/14)
4.57 (53)
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