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Filling in the blanks. That was the part Amber hated the most. She folded the form back up and threw it into the glove box, slamming the small door shut. Her husband, trying to keep an eye on the...

Becoming Amber Blank by Seanathon

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Ana liked being engaged to Peter and Felicia and Mary Jane, off shooting her movie in England, but many parts of it were new and confusing to her. They all lived together, that made sense. Even Mary...

Gwen Stacy Syndrome Ch. 07 by Zev95

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For almost a week, Gotham City had been dealing with the weirdest weather anyone could imagine. Large swaths of Gotham City were covered in ice. No one could remember a bizarre weather pattern like...

Let's Be Batman Pt. 18 by BatmansDick

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
201.Becoming Amber Blank
A star is born. by Seanathon (11/21/14)
4.61 (28)
202.Gwen Stacy Syndrome Ch. 07
Ana fantasizes about her new harem. by Zev95 (12/05/14)
4.61 (33)
203.Let's Be Batman Pt. 18
Batman saves Killer Frost from Mr. Freeze. by BatmansDick (11/08/14)
4.60 (53)
204.Superman Fucks Gotham Ch. 08
More like the Blowjob Cave... by SierraLeeAuthor (05/03/15)
4.60 (55)
205.Let's Be Batman Pt. 40
Tommy bests Roulette with help from the 5th dimension. by BatmansDick (01/31/15)
4.60 (45)
206.The Cat in Latex
Nightwing has no chance against Catwoman dressed like this. by SierraLeeAuthor (06/26/15)
4.60 (35)
207.I Just Wanted Her to Like Me Pt. 03
Ann's ordeal with April continues. by MTL17 (11/14/14)
4.60 (15)
208.Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass Ch. 04
Maryse remembers conquering Trish's fat ass. by MTL17 (12/14/14)
4.60 (15)
209.The Greed of a Warrior Lady
When Thor's friends from Midgard come to Asgard for his wedding. by writersketch27 (01/29/15)
4.60 (15)
210.Gwen Stacy Syndrome Ch. 05
Felicia introduces Peter to the neighbors-all three of them. by Zev95 (10/28/14)
4.60 (47)
211.Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 17
Taylor tells the story about meeting Hayley Williams. by TheBigLove126 (10/02/14)
4.59 (27)
212.Fuck The DC Universe Ch. 05
Ted gets caught between Fire and Ice. by Zev95 (11/25/14)
4.59 (27)
213.The Perils of Technology
A mix up results in some sapphic fun in the Castle home. by SDLRob (02/18/15)
4.59 (56)
214.JAG Revisited Pt. 08
Sarah and Harm continue exploring affairs W/Rene, Mic & More. by baranbrat (01/29/15)
4.59 (17)
215.Luke Danes: Dirty Mouth
Missing scene in Written in the Stars. by displacement (11/28/14)
4.58 (12)
216.Granting Castle a Wish
Kate experiences a first with Castle. by lautloseswort (03/25/15)
4.58 (43)
217.2 Broke Girls In Love Ch. 03
Caroline upsets Max, as usual. What happens next is unusual. by MTL17 (04/27/15)
4.58 (38)
218.The Road to EGOT Pt. 15
Duncan Conflicted. by ManUnited1086 (03/28/15)
4.58 (19)
219.The Road to EGOT Season 02 Pt. 01
Premiere with Margot Robbie. by ManUnited1086 (05/12/15)
4.58 (26)
220.Marry The Knight Ch. 11
Kory, Dinah, and Helena miss their man. by Zev95 (05/19/15)
4.58 (26)
221.The Puppet Master Ch. 03
Bethany is Mikhail's woman now. by hetup (07/17/15)
4.58 (33)
222.That 70’s Show: The Second Cumming
Kitty Nurses Kelso. by vicvitale (12/22/14)
4.58 (40)
223.Marry The Knight Ch. 07
Bruce proves himself to Wonder Woman. by Zev95 (03/24/15)
4.57 (47)
224.Wonder Ch. 01
A normal man meets Wonder Woman - and much more. by Dave933 (10/31/14)
4.57 (61)
225.Rebirth of Krypton Ch. 02
Now with Diana by his side Superman extends his reach. by stormwolf3710 (10/23/14)
4.57 (56)
226.Let's Be Batman Pt. 37
Batman matches wits with The Riddler and his henchwomen. by BatmansDick (01/21/15)
4.57 (49)
227.The Road to EGOT Pt. 08
An evening with Ariana Grande. by ManUnited1086 (03/10/15)
4.57 (35)
228.The Office- Pam Visits an Old Friend
In this episode, Pam goes to visit Brian. by Timtimmins12121 (10/24/14)
4.57 (14)
229.Frustrating Ch. 06
Bonnie finds herself in an awkward position. by MTL17 (06/01/15)
4.57 (14)
230.Borderlands: Pandora's Heart Pt. 02
The Relic allows Samuel to bang a horny Patricia Tannis. by daxg2001 (07/03/15)
4.57 (14)
231.Let's Be Batman Pt. 23
Batman helps Aquaman rescue Queen Mera and gets rewarded. by BatmansDick (11/22/14)
4.57 (51)
232.Fuck The DC Universe Ch. 02
Ted Kord is woken up by Batgirl. by Zev95 (11/13/14)
4.57 (44)
233.Let's Be Batman Pt. 31
Tommy meets the benefactor and his chauffeur, Mercy Graves. by BatmansDick (12/16/14)
4.57 (44)
234.Batman: Cat's Cradle
As a thief, Selina decides to steal Bruce's sidekick. by Zev95 (12/14/14)
4.57 (44)
235.Marry The Knight Ch. 09
Zinda gets by without Dick; Harley gets clean. by Zev95 (04/18/15)
4.57 (44)
236.Dealin' With Dawnie
Faith tries to scare Dawn off. by MTL17 (02/11/15)
4.57 (30)
237.Let's Be Batman Pt. 12
Batman gets called to Arkham Asylum to "help" an inmate. by BatmansDick (10/24/14)
4.57 (53)
238.One Time Thing Ch. 04
Quinn and Santana deal with their feelings. by MTL17 (10/11/14)
4.57 (23)
239.Any Given Fantasy Ch. 02
Another blackout leads to an encounter with Alison Brie. by Torres17 (03/20/15)
4.57 (23)
240.Gotham Girls Pt. 12
Catwoman joins a threesome with Batman and Batgirl (Barbara). by lordroxbury (11/23/14)
4.56 (16)
241.Arrow: Birds of Prey
Felicity finds herself in the middle of Sara and Nyssa. by Zev95 (11/17/14)
4.56 (57)
242.JAG Revisited Pt. 05
Sarah and Harm Continue exploring affairs W/ Coulter & more by baranbrat (11/09/14)
4.56 (25)
243.Sister's Needs Ch. 02
Maggie gets punished for trying to deny her sister. by MTL17 (04/24/15)
4.56 (34)
244.Bigger Brother HBO Ep. 04
Bigger, Bolder... and Uncut. Day 4 Eviction Surprise and Hidden Talent. by CQtRose (09/30/14)
4.56 (18)
245.Let's Be Batman Pt. 32
Nightwing, Starfire, and Raven all come to town by BatmansDick (12/18/14)
4.55 (58)
246.Irresistibly Cute
Sara finds Felicity just too cute to resist. by MTL17 (01/04/15)
4.55 (29)
247.Firefly: The Mechanics of Serenity
The boat needs a mechanic. The mechanic needs sex. by terminatrix92 (01/02/15)
4.55 (80)
248.Sin City: A Dime A Dame
A noir tale in which anonymous visits Sin City to see Nancy. by inyotefi (12/10/14)
4.55 (20)
249.I Was Hiding Under Your Desk
Agent Peggy Carter explains why she was under Daniel's desk. by Zev95 (01/16/15)
4.55 (33)
250.The Road to EGOT Season 02 Pt. 11
Fun with Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton. by ManUnited1086 (08/05/15)
4.55 (33)
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