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Max Black had been very cranky all day. Which wasn't unusual for her. In fact it was pretty much her factory setting, but she was snapping so much Earl had to ask on more than one occasion if...

2 Broke Girls In Love Ch. 03 by MTL17

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This, and all my other stories, are planned to be standalone stories set during episodes of TV shows. Any events or situations from other stories do not roll over unless stated. The set up for...

Modern Family S4E6: Haley's Party by Stories_From_the_TV

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The world's most cunning and diabolical criminal mind, Lex Luthor, lay back across his mean prison cot, his head supported against the painted concrete wall, eyes closed. His fist caressed his cock,...

The Kiss of the Spider Woman Ch. 01 by ipreferoral

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201.2 Broke Girls In Love Ch. 03
Caroline upsets Max, as usual. What happens next is unusual. by MTL17 (04/27/15)
4.56 (32)
202.Modern Family S4E6: Haley's Party
Gloria dominates Haley after she tricks her by Stories_From_the_TV (08/18/14)
4.56 (57)
203.The Kiss of the Spider Woman Ch. 01
Extracting Some Essential Information. by ipreferoral (03/16/15)
4.56 (18)
204.Faith vs The Charmed Ones Ch. 02
Faith charms Paige into submission. by MTL17 (06/26/14)
4.55 (29)
205.Rebirth of Krypton Ch. 02
Now with Diana by his side Superman extends his reach. by stormwolf3710 (10/23/14)
4.55 (40)
206.Community College Experience Ch. 03
Britta and Annie admit they have feelings for each other. by MTL17 (07/07/14)
4.55 (20)
207.Sin City: A Dime A Dame
A noir tale in which anonymous visits Sin City to see Nancy. by inyotefi (12/10/14)
4.55 (20)
208.I Was Hiding Under Your Desk
Agent Peggy Carter explains why she was under Daniel's desk. by Zev95 (01/16/15)
4.55 (31)
209.Firefly: The Mechanics of Serenity
The boat needs a mechanic. The mechanic needs sex. by terminatrix92 (01/02/15)
4.55 (73)
210.Fuck The DC Universe Ch. 02
Ted Kord is woken up by Batgirl. by Zev95 (11/13/14)
4.55 (42)
211.Arrow: Birds of Prey Ch. 03
Laurel shows the Canary gratitude. Thea gets back at Roy. by Zev95 (12/04/14)
4.55 (33)
212.Gotham Girls Pt. 02
Harley wakes from her dream and Ivy takes advantage! by lordroxbury (10/10/14)
4.55 (22)
213.Luke Danes: Dirty Mouth
Missing scene in Written in the Stars. by displacement (11/28/14)
4.55 (11)
214.Hollywood's Hot Cougars 05: Amy P
Amy Poehler gets back out there after her divorce. by Robertdoc (10/22/14)
4.55 (11)
215.Joining In
Cobie Smulders watches, joins ScarJo, Hayley Atwell threeway. by Robertdoc (07/15/14)
4.54 (24)
216.JAG Revisited Pt. 05
Sarah and Harm Continue exploring affairs W/ Coulter & more by baranbrat (11/09/14)
4.54 (24)
217.JAG Revisited Pt. 07
Sarah and Harm Continue exploring affairs W/ Skates & more. by baranbrat (12/23/14)
4.54 (24)
218.The Hollywood Files
Behind the scenes with a super fit Keira Knightley. by Master_and_Sex_Kitten (05/03/15)
4.54 (24)
219.That 70’s Show: The Second Cumming
Kitty Nurses Kelso. by vicvitale (12/22/14)
4.54 (37)
220.Mischief Makers Ch. 02
Loki joins the team to investigate a sex club. by Diezi (07/25/14)
4.54 (26)
221.Britta: The Anal Anarchist
In this bottle episode the Greendale girls go even further. by terminatrix92 (07/15/14)
4.54 (26)
222.Irresistibly Cute
Sara finds Felicity just too cute to resist. by MTL17 (01/04/15)
4.54 (26)
223.Gotham Girls Pt. 05
Huntress is awakened to the charms of The Question. by lordroxbury (10/17/14)
4.54 (13)
224.Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass Ch. 04
Maryse remembers conquering Trish's fat ass. by MTL17 (12/14/14)
4.54 (13)
225.I Just Wanted Her to Like Me Pt. 03
Ann's ordeal with April continues. by MTL17 (11/14/14)
4.54 (13)
226.Irresistibly Cute Ch. 02
Sara admits to Felicity what she really wants. by MTL17 (03/04/15)
4.54 (13)
227.Playing with Playboy Ch. 01
Victoria Justice does Playboy. And her photographers. by jjgarces (05/26/15)
4.54 (13)
228.Granting Castle a Wish
Kate experiences a first with Castle. by lautloseswort (03/25/15)
4.54 (41)
229.Let's Be Batman Pt. 30
Mary Marvel needs help dealing with Mr. Mxyzptlk. by BatmansDick (12/13/14)
4.53 (43)
230.The Batman: Downfall Ch. 09
Batman gives Harley what she needs. by DriftWood75 (07/16/14)
4.53 (15)
231.The Walking Dead: Daryl Ch. 03
Coming home? by DonnaLeeGreene (07/20/14)
4.53 (15)
232.Gotham Girls Pt. 12
Catwoman joins a threesome with Batman and Batgirl (Barbara). by lordroxbury (11/23/14)
4.53 (15)
233.2 Broke Girls In Love Ch. 02
Max wakes up to find someone in her bed. by MTL17 (07/17/14)
4.53 (77)
234.Dressing Room Adventure
On screen sex with Carla Gugino leads to fun afterwards. by lautloseswort (09/10/14)
4.53 (32)
235.Bigger Brother HBO Ep. 04
Bigger, Bolder... and Uncut. Day 4 Eviction Surprise and Hidden Talent. by CQtRose (09/30/14)
4.53 (17)
236.Holly Willoghby at Halloween
Holly finds out Fearne Cotton is a sexy witch. by donut_plains (11/20/14)
4.53 (17)
237.Fuck The DC Universe Ch. 01
Ted Kord spends a magical evening with Zatanna Zatara. by Zev95 (11/11/14)
4.53 (53)
238.Let's Be Batman Pt. 39
Batman goes to The Question for help but she's a little busy. by BatmansDick (01/27/15)
4.53 (36)
239.Superman Fucks Gotham
The only hope for the world is to have sex with everyone. by SierraLeeAuthor (10/02/14)
4.53 (169)
240.Hollywood's Hot Cougars 06: Elizabeth
Elizabeth Banks relaxes in tub after Hunger Games premiere. by Robertdoc (11/21/14)
4.53 (19)
241.One-Night Stand Ch. 04
Bree van de Kamp gets gangbanged. by LL72 (01/30/15)
4.53 (19)
242.Marry The Knight Ch. 07
Bruce proves himself to Wonder Woman. by Zev95 (03/24/15)
4.53 (40)
243.American Mom Ch. 11-12
Francine fucks her college roommate and cock teases her son. by Hardplay (09/12/14)
4.52 (126)
244.Enslaving Elliot Ch. 10
Jordan is tired of two of her fuck toys on/off relationship. by MTL17 (06/21/14)
4.52 (21)
245.Mischief Makers Ch. 03
The team deals with separation and other issues. by Diezi (07/28/14)
4.52 (21)
246.Pretty Little Slayers
Willow senses a new Slayer. by MTL17 (07/29/14)
4.52 (21)
247.Gwen Stacy Syndrome Ch. 08
Finale: Ana wants Peter to meet her mother. by Zev95 (01/07/15)
4.52 (21)
248.The Road to EGOT Pt. 10
Emmy Nominations. by ManUnited1086 (03/14/15)
4.52 (21)
249.Casting Lisa Tragnetti
Alexandra Daddario's audition for 'True Detective'. by TheBigLove126 (06/20/14)
4.52 (46)
250.Candy Holes Ch. 02
Candice has her way with Torrie's ass. by MTL17 (06/17/14)
4.52 (23)
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