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The past two weeks had been the best two weeks of Quinn's life. They had also been the most exhausting. Granted, going into this relationship Quinn had known Santana loved sex, however she had...

One Time Thing Ch. 06 by MTL17

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"Sir. Ms. Romanoff is approaching the main elevator." Tony Stark, genius-philanthropist-billionaire-playboy, put down the soldering iron and turned away from the circuit card to look at the...

A Stark Choice by DPWestley

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The bar was... different, especially in terms of what the woman had come to expect from Selestene. Well dressed patrons milled about the floor, the majority of them human and disinterested in her...

Doctor Who: Panic Moon Ch. 35 by Kurokami

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201.One Time Thing Ch. 06
Quinn and Santana work out some 'kinks' in their relationship. by MTL17 (12/18/15)
4.56 (16)
202.A Stark Choice
Black Widow pays a much-needed visit to Stark Tower. by DPWestley (06/16/15)
4.56 (41)
203.Doctor Who: Panic Moon Ch. 35
Clara Oswald meets a stranger, and gets offered a choice... by Kurokami (07/10/15)
4.56 (25)
204.Swinging with the Ryan's
Kevin and Jenny Ryan's adventures swinging with friends. by SDLRob (08/08/15)
4.56 (25)
205.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 84
Scoring on the frozen tundra of Green Bay with Erin Andrews. by hollywoodjim (10/30/15)
4.56 (36)
Hayley Atwell is a beard, but not to her father-in-law. by Zev95 (08/20/15)
4.56 (27)
207.Felicitations Ch. 01
What if the Black Cat had taken Spider-Man's virginity? by Zev95 (10/05/15)
4.56 (27)
208.X-Men: Share and Share Alike
Brother and sister show Kitty Pryde a good time. by Zev95 (04/28/15)
4.56 (18)
209.Slaves of Sif Ch. 03
Wanda Maximoff seeks out Sif. by MTL17 (07/20/15)
4.56 (18)
210.Doctor Who: Birthday Souffle
Clara finds the perfect gift for the Doctor's birthday. by Zev95 (11/24/15)
4.55 (29)
211.Diana Does Diplomacy
Wonder Woman has a long, hard day ahead of her... by Zev95 (09/03/15)
4.55 (40)
212.The A-Team
A reimagining of Pretty Little Liars with more lesbian sex. by LL72 (09/05/15)
4.55 (33)
213.The A-Team Ch. 05
A reimagining of Pretty Little Liars with more lesbian sex by LL72 (10/13/15)
4.55 (22)
214.X-Journey Ch. 01
Jacob is coming to grips with his new found abilities. by letmetakeadicpic (03/12/15)
4.55 (11)
215.Onced Upon in Wonderland Ch. 03
Alice and Lizard rouse some wild mushrooms. by KrisMeads (12/01/15)
4.55 (11)
216.The Road to EGOT Pt. 03
Change of Plans. by ManUnited1086 (03/01/15)
4.54 (46)
217.The Road to EGOT Season 02 Pt. 01
Premiere with Margot Robbie. by ManUnited1086 (05/12/15)
4.54 (35)
218.Miley and Friends Ch. 02
Miley brings Paris Hilton to join the fun. by highclassic (10/09/15)
4.54 (24)
219.Hotel Limbo: The Clinic
A clinic that encourages addiction. by donut_plains (02/08/16)
4.54 (24)
220.Wonder Woman's Loving Authority 03
Starfire shows Supergirl how to please Dick. by Zev95 (12/16/15)
4.54 (13)
221.An Avenger's Ultimatum
A battle of wills: Spy vs Miracle, Sex vs Magic. by terminatrix92 (01/16/16)
4.54 (28)
222.The Lowdown Ch. 01
A journalist gets to meet Jennifer Lawrence. by HoaxLetter (12/04/15)
4.53 (30)
223.Being J Lo's Pet Ch. 02
How I became J Lo's pet. by Kerwin6886 (06/11/15)
4.53 (15)
224.Doctor Who: Panic Moon Ch. 32
Amy Pond continues her foursome... by Kurokami (02/18/15)
4.53 (17)
225.Dealin' With Dawnie
Faith tries to scare Dawn off. by MTL17 (02/11/15)
4.53 (36)
226.Partridge Family Love Ch. 05
Shirley Partridge goes to church. by philsogood69 (03/24/15)
4.53 (38)
227.The Office - Pam's Naughty Party
Pam loses control at her bachelorette party with coworkers. by Pyrofanity (08/14/15)
4.53 (38)
228.Shield and Gun Pt. 02
After Bruce, Steve has had enough of being ignored by Natasha. by SofiaVerne (06/17/15)
4.53 (19)
229.The Kiss of the Spider Woman Ch. 02
Terror in the Dark. by ipreferoral (07/16/15)
4.53 (19)
230.Tales of Limbo: Detective Dick
A detective-style story which excels at nonsense and fun. by AlmostTime (11/25/15)
4.52 (21)
231.The Cat in Latex
Nightwing has no chance against Catwoman dressed like this. by SierraLeeAuthor (06/26/15)
4.52 (46)
232.Lust for Power Pt. 02
Eve finally gets to have her way with Kaitlyn's ass. by manboydudeguy (04/14/15)
4.52 (23)
233.The Lowdown Ch. 03
A week with Jennifer Love Hewitt on Client List set. by HoaxLetter (12/11/15)
4.52 (23)
234.Any Given Fantasy Ch. 02
Another blackout leads to an encounter with Alison Brie. by Torres17 (03/20/15)
4.52 (25)
235.That 70s Show - Eric's Christmas Tree
Happy Holiday in the Foreman basement. by shaggy77 (12/10/15)
4.52 (52)
236.Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 82
Chrissy Teigen makes HJ an offer he can't refuse. by hollywoodjim (05/27/15)
4.52 (54)
237.Big Bang Theory - Penny's Wedding Night
Penny marries Leonard. by shaggy77 (10/28/15)
4.51 (53)
238.Rizzoli & Isles: Pierced Ch. 01
Jane and Maura have fun with piercings. by opklompen (12/30/15)
4.50 (88)
239.Let's Be Batman Pt. 50
Tommy fucks Poison Ivy and brings about the end of the world. by BatmansDick (04/22/15)
4.50 (58)
240.Rizzoli & Isles: Pierced Ch. 04
More piercings for everybody. by opklompen (01/07/16)
4.50 (58)
241.Naked And A Supergirl
Red Kryptonite makes Kara unable to wear clothes for 2 weeks. by Zev95 (12/14/15)
4.50 (54)
242.Rizzoli & Isles: Pierced Ch. 05
Big life changing decisions. by opklompen (01/14/16)
4.50 (50)
243.Sister's Needs Ch. 02
Maggie gets punished for trying to deny her sister. by MTL17 (04/24/15)
4.50 (46)
244.Hard Drive
Tory takes a look at Detective Beckett's hard drive. by MTL17 (11/22/15)
4.50 (36)
245.Flash: Impure As The Driven Snow
Iris and Caitlin have anal sex for science. by Zev95 (01/14/16)
4.50 (24)
246.Powder and the Playground
Taylor Swift finds a friend in Troian Bellisario. by TheBigLove126 (03/18/15)
4.50 (22)
247.Respect the Cosplay
Jessica Nigri turns the tables on a skirt-chaser. by daxg2001 (08/18/15)
4.50 (22)
248.Irresistibly Cute Ch. 02
Sara admits to Felicity what she really wants. by MTL17 (03/04/15)
4.50 (20)
249.Frustrating Ch. 05
Rebekah and Elena make Caroline theirs. by MTL17 (03/28/15)
4.50 (18)
250.Doctor Who: Panic Moon Rising Ch. 06
Amy Pond is pressured to say a certain word... by Kurokami (05/09/15)
4.50 (18)
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