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The sun shone bright in the cloudless blue sky, pushing temperatures to a mere ten below zero. This was what passed for summer on Hoth, and while the air remained as frigid as ever, the light...

SWTOR: Everyone Loves Lana Pt. 02 by Twileklover

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Liv Moore went rigid, her pupils dilated and her vision was suddenly taken over. It was never pleasant receiving one of her 'visions'. Well, there were one or two which had ended pleasantly,...

Best Friend Brain by MTL17

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She glided across the red carpet with grace and poise. It had been years. I remembered a girl in her 20s and now saw a woman. Natalie Portman in the flesh; she looked as stunning as ever. The...

Scene 29 Revisited by clownprince2008

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1.SWTOR: Everyone Loves Lana Pt. 02
Sith Lord Lana Beniko gets a slave! by Twileklover (11/08/16)
5.00 (8)
2.Best Friend Brain
The latest brain really gets to Liv. by MTL17 (11/28/16)
4.92 (12)
3.Scene 29 Revisited
Natalie Portman, 9 years later. by clownprince2008 (11/04/16)
4.85 (27)
4.Big Booty Bitches Ch. 15
Kate Upton invites Steven to join her for a swim. by cadeauxxx (12/03/16)
4.80 (60)
5.Mr. Disco Ch. 02
In London, Lucy Pinder introduces Luke to Michelle Marsh. by cadeauxxx (11/27/16)
4.79 (34)
6.Beyond Hotel Limbo: The Recruits
Lucy Pinder needs helpers. by donut_plains (11/12/16)
4.79 (24)
7.My Life is Different Ch. 07
Buffy and Willow are going after Faith. by Schlank (11/15/16)
4.79 (24)
8.Hot Tramp, I Love You So!
Scarlett Johansson plays into a rock star fantasy. by cadeauxxx (11/29/16)
4.79 (57)
9.3rd Chromosome: Photoshoot
After the party, Lucy gets a job offer. by Grobnar (11/21/16)
4.76 (17)
10.Mr. Disco Ch. 01
Lucy Pinder meets a model agent while partying in Ibiza. by cadeauxxx (11/16/16)
4.76 (55)
11.Midnight Fantasy
Britney Spears fulfills a dream to an old friend. by cadeauxxx (11/19/16)
4.76 (63)
12.New York Lovers
Kate Mara and Scarlett Johansson hook up at a party. by cadeauxxx (11/06/16)
4.76 (42)
13.Paramore Fantasy Pt. 02
Hayley still has plenty left in her after a long night. by dpingjessie (11/25/16)
4.75 (12)
14.Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sexydale 02
Buffy enjoys her Buffybot; Xander and Willow get closer. by Zev95 (11/20/16)
4.73 (11)
15.Celebrity Harem Pt. 04
Stud adds Cassadee Pope to his harem. by Blackarrow2 (12/01/16)
4.71 (14)
16.The Mass Tarr's Harem Pt. 05
Otherworldly stud collects MJ & Gwen Stacy, the fun way. by daxg2001 (11/24/16)
4.71 (14)
17.Agents of SHIELD S2E5: Searching Simmons
Simmons is inspected by Bobbi. by Stories_From_the_TV (11/27/16)
4.70 (27)
18.3rd Chromosome: Helping Hands
Stana shows up with an unexpected request for Molly. by Grobnar (11/18/16)
4.69 (26)
19.Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 20
Dan spends the weekend with Carrie & Bridgit. by TheBigLove126 (11/05/16)
4.68 (19)
20.3rd Chromosome: The Real Party
Rescue from a dull affair to a real party. by Grobnar (11/15/16)
4.68 (22)
21.An Avenger's Revelation
The Black Widow re-evaluates her role as an Avenger. by terminatrix92 (11/30/16)
4.68 (22)
22.Paramore Fantasy Pt. 01
The best performance by singer Hayley Williams. by dpingjessie (11/17/16)
4.65 (17)
23.Big Bang Theory Season 04 Ep.13-14
Nonstop Sex at Conference in Big Sur & Afterwards. by baranbrat (11/24/16)
4.63 (57)
24.Hollow Alliance
Yoruichi faces new enemies and new allies. by SierraLeeAuthor (11/19/16)
4.62 (8)
25.My Sister's Ex-Girlfriend Ch. 02
Laurel gets sex tips from Sara. by MTL17 (11/21/16)
4.62 (13)
A Starfleet ensign finds time to relax. by Fuinimel (11/22/16)
4.59 (17)
27.Mass Effect: Consoling Kasumi
Commander Shepard helps Kasumi get over the loss of her love. by darktigerroar (11/22/16)
4.58 (12)
28.Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sexydale
Willow and Cordelia decide to go out with a bang. by Zev95 (11/09/16)
4.58 (33)
29.The Walking Dead: Primal Desires
The Greene Girls run wild. by terminatrix92 (11/17/16)
4.56 (9)
30.Celebrity Harem Pt. 02
Stud adds Katie Cassidy to his harem. by Blackarrow2 (11/14/16)
4.52 (23)
31.BCW Pt. 01: RAW Roulette
The RAW GM chooses a unique stipulation for a Women's match. by litcalurker1 (11/05/16)
4.50 (22)
32.Celebrity Harem Pt. 03
Stud adds Lily Collins to his harem. by Blackarrow2 (11/15/16)
4.48 (21)
33.Baywatch Secrets Ch. 10: Alba's Angle
Can love triumph over Supergirl and a Dark Angel? by txfan (12/01/16)
4.47 (15)
34.3rd Chromosome: Twins
Tegan and Sara make a post-concert discovery. by Grobnar (11/07/16)
4.45 (20)
35.Straight for a Day
Sara will do it....just once. by Grobnar (12/02/16)
4.41 (17)
36.SWTOR: Everyone Loves Lana Pt. 03
Sith Lord Lana Beniko gets a rival! by Twileklover (11/11/16)
4.40 (10)
37.The Challenge: Season XXX Ep. 01
The new season of The Challenge is unlike any other. by litcalurker1 (11/25/16)
4.40 (10)
38.Celebrity Harem
Paula Patton is horny and gets seduced by a young stud. by Blackarrow2 (11/08/16)
4.39 (41)
39.Young Winston Ch. 06-07
Gloria's household begins to spin out of control. by RoryOmore (11/12/16)
4.33 (6)
40.Modern Family Legacy Pt. 01 Ch. 07
Claire discovers Mr Smith's fascination with arses. by RoryOmore (11/16/16)
4.30 (10)
41.Agents of Limbo
There's trouble in paradise, and one man can save the day. by pheonix0017 (11/12/16)
4.29 (17)
42.Somethin' Slutty Bout to Happen
Carrie Underwood raises the spirits of her hometown team. by jjgarces (11/05/16)
4.27 (22)
43.Taeler Hendrix vs. Mandy Leon
Two rivals clash in a thrilling match. by LtLukas (11/09/16)
4.27 (15)
44.3rd Chromosome: Alpha
She wants to be #1. There's just one little issue. by Grobnar (11/09/16)
4.26 (23)
45.3rd Chromosome: First Love
You always remember your first. by Grobnar (11/26/16)
4.24 (21)
46.Big Bang Theory Season 04 Ep.15
Leonard Bangs Mrs. Latham. by baranbrat (12/02/16)
4.18 (33)
47.Mad Men: Joan Makes Don Submit
The head secretary forces the boss to give her pleasure. by lewiscreed (11/21/16)
4.18 (11)
48.Natalya and Nikki Bella #01
Natalya and Nikki get it on. by JessWeis123 (11/13/16)
4.07 (15)
49.Porn Wrestling Federation Vol. 05
Women of Wrestling do Porn: Nikki Bella. by daxg2001 (11/05/16)
4.06 (16)
50.Modern Family Legacy Pt. 01 Ch. 05-06
The boss arrives unexpectedly and demands some explanations. by RoryOmore (11/09/16)
3.94 (18)
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