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Sasha Banks was on top of the world. She had just retained her NXT women's championship against Becky Lynch in an incredible match, and now she was going to celebrate like a Boss. Like any true...

Like a Boss by MTL17

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I landed in London what felt like a week later. England is far. It was late, I was tired and incredibly jet lagged. I took a cab to the Savoy Hotel, where I had gotten one of the very last rooms. I...

The Road to EGOT Season 02 Pt. 09 by ManUnited1086

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Batgirl had spent quite a while after breakfast trying to decide whether to go suited-up or not. She'd wanted to surprise her newest lover at work, impatient to see her after so many days, and...

A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Wishes Pt. 02 by duke1951

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1.Like a Boss
Sasha celebrates another win, with mixed results. by MTL17 (07/25/15)
4.89 (18)
2.The Road to EGOT Season 02 Pt. 09
London with Alexandra Daddario. by ManUnited1086 (07/08/15)
4.89 (35)
3.A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Wishes Pt. 02
Batgirl's Twosomes and Threesomes - some sore Kittens. by duke1951 (07/28/15)
4.88 (8)
4.The Road to EGOT Season 02 Pt. 10
Perfect Weekend with Alexandra Daddario. by ManUnited1086 (07/21/15)
4.87 (31)
5.Doctor Who: Panic Moon Ch. 35
Clara Oswald meets a stranger, and gets offered a choice... by Kurokami (07/10/15)
4.87 (15)
6.Jedi Stowaway Ch. 03
The Consequences of Immortality. by Yshomatsu (07/19/15)
4.83 (6)
7.Let's Be Batman Pt. 53
Tommy & the Suicide Squad face off against the Secret Six. by BatmansDick (07/15/15)
4.82 (61)
8.Superman Fucks Gotham Ch. 10
The Royal Flush Gang attacks from the future! by SierraLeeAuthor (07/03/15)
4.78 (32)
9.Do It For Charity Ch. 02
Carol Danvers mans the glory hole. by Zev95 (07/26/15)
4.76 (25)
10.The Cat in Latex Ch. 03
Catwoman vs Batgirl! by SierraLeeAuthor (07/26/15)
4.75 (20)
11.Golden Globe Aftermath - Losers
They might have lost the award, but they will party anyway. by tevok (07/14/15)
4.71 (7)
12.The Cat in Latex Ch. 02
Back with a new suit... by SierraLeeAuthor (07/12/15)
4.70 (23)
13.Black Widow: Age of Anal
The Black Widow is anally gang banged by women. by MTL17 (07/27/15)
4.69 (13)
14.The Kiss of the Spider Woman Ch. 02
Terror in the Dark. by ipreferoral (07/16/15)
4.69 (16)
15.The Puppet Master Ch. 02
The affair continues. by hetup (07/13/15)
4.68 (31)
16.Rebirth of Krypton Ch. 03
Supergirl, Powergirl, and Wondergirl all join the family. by stormwolf3710 (07/03/15)
4.67 (30)
17.Mona's A Ch. 03
Alison continues to humiliate Mona. by MTL17 (07/07/15)
4.67 (15)
18.Everything Looks Better Ch. 09
Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10. by Clunkety (07/08/15)
4.67 (6)
19.The Puppet Master Ch. 03
Bethany is Mikhail's woman now. by hetup (07/17/15)
4.65 (20)
20.Franchise Girls Club
Some franchise heroines get together for an orgiastic night. by tevok (07/11/15)
4.64 (14)
21.Let's Be Batman Pt. 52
Katana uses unconventional medicine to heal Tommy. by BatmansDick (07/03/15)
4.63 (35)
22.Alison Loves Aria
Alison loves Aria's ass. by MTL17 (07/22/15)
4.61 (31)
Gemma Arterton clashes with an extra. by tevok (07/10/15)
4.61 (23)
24.Sexy PayBack
Jessica Biel gets back on her husband with a poolboy. by tevok (07/18/15)
4.61 (38)
She-Hulk's in one of *those* stories again... by Zev95 (07/22/15)
4.57 (14)
26.Beyonce's Book of Bitches Ch. 05
Beyonce has some fun with Taylor Swift. by MTL17 (07/15/15)
4.50 (24)
27.Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Jennifer Lawrence has some fun with her canyoning instructor. by tevok (07/09/15)
4.50 (18)
28.Not So Innocent Ch. 02
For Saoirse's birthday, Kristen has Emma Stone join them. by tevok (07/17/15)
4.50 (10)
29.Frustrating Ch. 07
Bonnie does something she'll probably regret. by MTL17 (07/05/15)
4.43 (7)
30.Borderlands: Pandora's Heart Pt. 02
The Relic allows Samuel to bang a horny Patricia Tannis. by daxg2001 (07/03/15)
4.42 (12)
A drunk McKayla Maroney gets mistaken as a prostitute. by tevok (07/15/15)
4.41 (29)
32.Slaves of Sif Ch. 03
Wanda Maximoff seeks out Sif. by MTL17 (07/20/15)
4.40 (20)
33.Zelda's Sapphic Adventures Ch. 01
Princess Zelda visits the horny Princess Daisy. by ARavenInTheNight (07/20/15)
4.40 (10)
34.Texting the Ex
Echosmith's Sydney Sierota helps a man after a breakup. by TheBigLove126 (07/03/15)
4.39 (18)
35.Being J Lo's Pet Ch. 06
We go to a private club after the Grammys. by Kerwin6886 (07/23/15)
4.38 (8)
36.Jackie, Oh!
Summer job on a yacht leads to a fantasy come true. by DevisPixi (07/15/15)
4.36 (14)
37.Kat Dennings' Sex Therapy
Kat fulfills bedroom fantasies with a dominating hunk. by daxg2001 (07/22/15)
4.34 (29)
38.The Office: Pam's Subway Adventure
Pam lets loose on the subway ride home from art school. by Pyrofanity (07/17/15)
4.32 (34)
39.Adult Star Trek: TNG Ch. 02
Ep 2: The Replacement - Picard's doppleganger is sexed up... by JTK84 (07/24/15)
4.29 (17)
40.Golden Globe Aftermath - Winners
They already won their award, now it's time to celebrate. by tevok (07/12/15)
4.25 (12)
41.One-Night Stand Ch. 05
Bree and Susan meet the Gilmore Girls. by LL72 (07/21/15)
4.25 (12)
42.The Doctor's Ladies Ch. 03
The Doctor rescues his long lost daughter, Jenny. by The_Author3 (07/09/15)
4.23 (13)
43.Pleasing Juliette
Emily finally finds a way to make her boss happy. by MTL17 (07/29/15)
4.23 (13)
44.The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Mary Does Christmas (and the Newsroom). by shaggy77 (07/02/15)
4.21 (29)
45.Wrong Bathroom
Jennifer Lawrence goes to the male bathroom at a club. by tevok (07/20/15)
4.20 (40)
46.Not So Innocent Ch. 01
Kristen Stewart seduces Saoirse Ronan in the afterparty. by tevok (07/16/15)
4.20 (15)
47.The Doctor's Ladies Ch. 01
When Amy breaks some orbs, The Doctor has to save his women. by The_Author3 (07/01/15)
4.16 (25)
48.Adult Star Trek: TNG Ch. 03
Ep 3: The doctor bites back - Beverly regains her confidence. by JTK84 (07/25/15)
4.16 (19)
49.Solving Their Differences
Debby Ryan and Bridgit Mendler need to work things out by Lazyninjas (07/26/15)
4.12 (17)
50.The Doctor's Ladies Ch. 02
When Amy breaks some orbs, The Doctor has to save his women. by The_Author3 (07/05/15)
4.11 (18)
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