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"That is my official designation. But as you well know, my friends call me Rex." "Yes... Captain Rex of the 501st legion," Malik replied. "The same, sir." "Also the legion that...

Gray Jedi Ch. 06 by auguy86

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Symmetra sat, cross-legged, in the precise centre of her bed. The hotel room the Vishkar Corporation had booked for her was very nice. Very neat. Symmetra could picture every detail of it, even with...

Her Reality by KallieHF

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Los Angeles, California "Cut! We need to redo the scene over again, one more time!" The voice calling out was that of a director annoyed at the scene unfolding before him. John Allen had been...

Tape Me Up by cadeauxxx

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1.Gray Jedi Ch. 07
Bendu's lessons. by auguy86 (02/15/17)
4.89 (19)
2.Gray Jedi Ch. 06
Rex joins the crew on the way to Atollon. by auguy86 (02/03/17)
4.87 (23)
3.Her Reality
Symmetra receives a surprise, kinky visit from Tracer. by KallieHF (01/24/17)
4.86 (14)
4.Gray Jedi Ch. 05
The cave of the Dark Side... by auguy86 (01/22/17)
4.83 (29)
5.Tape Me Up
Salma Hayek, 5 guys and a roll of duct tape. by cadeauxxx (01/26/17)
4.80 (64)
6.Spiderman: In The Cat's Web
Spiderman is in over his head after a theft. by Grobnar (02/13/17)
4.79 (29)
7.Bitch Control Vol. 02
Lucy Pinder comes to Tight 'N Fit gym. by cadeauxxx (02/15/17)
4.78 (72)
8.Mr. Disco Ch. 04
Jennifer Ellison seduces Luke into a trap, cheating on Lucy. by cadeauxxx (02/01/17)
4.77 (39)
9.The Agency Ch. 25 (E. Watson Pt. 2)
Leaving London Leads to Nostalgia. by tnhardon (01/22/17)
4.76 (84)
10.Marry The Knight Ch. 18
Zinda bends over; Ivy goes for a ride. by Zev95 (01/24/17)
4.76 (29)
11.Supernatural: Dean's Witch Ch. 01
Dean falls for a lovely young witch while on a case. by HoneyInPlaid (02/10/17)
4.73 (15)
12.Resident Evil: Infection Pt. 02
Rebecca Chambers helps get Vincent "settled in". by daxg2001 (02/10/17)
4.71 (7)
13.Don't Mock The Black Widow
The Mockingbird makes the mistake of mocking The Black Widow. by MTL17 (02/10/17)
4.70 (33)
14.Blue Bloods Meet Castle Pt. 07
Invitations are extended & First Night gets Hot. by baranbrat (02/17/17)
4.70 (33)
15.10 Days in Hollywood: Day 02
Richard makes good on his meeting and attends a party. by RTMinotaur (02/08/17)
4.69 (36)
16.Bitch Control Vol. 01
A personal trainer takes Kate Upton as a client. by cadeauxxx (02/04/17)
4.68 (145)
17.Big Bang Theory Season 04 Ep.21-24
Leonard & Priya double team Bernie & much more; Raj & Penny. by baranbrat (02/02/17)
4.67 (60)
18.Waking Up: Demi Lovato
Dan puts on a couple of "performances" as Demi Lovato. by Lazyninjas (02/14/17)
4.67 (15)
19.Sexy Chocolate
Britney Spears and Kate Upton share a night with some candy. by cadeauxxx (02/19/17)
4.66 (61)
20.3rd Chromosome: Kiera's Orgy
She has plans for a party... by Grobnar (02/05/17)
4.66 (29)
21.10 Days in Hollywood: Day 01
A business trip to LA starts with a red headed meal. by RTMinotaur (02/05/17)
4.62 (48)
22.10 Days in Hollywood: Day 03
Richard meets two new actresses hoping to make an impression. by RTMinotaur (02/18/17)
4.62 (21)
23.Last Man Standing - Girl's Night Out
Baxter Women meet up with Larabee and Friends and More. by baranbrat (01/24/17)
4.62 (26)
24.Ballin' Out Ch. 02
Olivia Munn invites Brandon back to her hotel room. by silent_delirium (01/31/17)
4.61 (23)
Steve and Peggy find each other after Bucky's death. by BrokenUnicorn (01/26/17)
4.59 (22)
26.An Early Morning Gym Session
An early morning workout in the gym gets extra heated. by Peronath (02/02/17)
4.59 (39)
27.Resident Evil: Infection Pt. 01
Jill Valentine helps "cure" a young infected man. by daxg2001 (02/01/17)
4.59 (17)
28.Spiderman: In The Cat's Web Ch. 02
Spiderman goes looking for answers... by Grobnar (02/18/17)
4.57 (14)
29.Maid for Summers
Faith remembers how she became the Summers family's bitch. by MTL17 (01/28/17)
4.56 (48)
30.To Love a Monster
Bruce and Natasha learn to live with their monsters. by BrokenUnicorn (02/01/17)
4.56 (16)
31.The Mass Tarr's Harem Pt. 07
Otherworldly stud collects Scarlet Witch, the fun way. by daxg2001 (01/25/17)
4.56 (9)
32.Boring Elena
Katherine learns that Elena isn't as boring as she thought. by MTL17 (02/12/17)
4.50 (10)
33.Taking Her Home
Bodyguard is rewarded by drunk Dove Cameron. by Lazyninjas (02/21/17)
4.50 (8)
34.Nailing the Tracks Pt. 06
Dylan tells Kesha about the time he "produced" Rebecca Black. by daxg2001 (02/17/17)
4.50 (6)
35.Investigative Journalism
Maria Menounos does some digging on a new actor. by Lazyninjas (02/21/17)
4.50 (6)
36.Yoga Pants
A chance encounter with Katy Perry at a supermarket. by MichaelScarn (02/19/17)
4.37 (52)
37.Aishwarya Joins the Shoot
Aishwarya Rai comes to see the shoot. by charlesdicken2016 (01/26/17)
4.27 (15)
38.My Internet Confession Pt. 02
Frankie's slippery slope becomes a cliff. by DarcyLansdowne (01/23/17)
4.25 (8)
39.Body Hopper: Shay Mitchell
This time with Shay Mitchell in Hawaii. by Lazyninjas (02/16/17)
4.22 (9)
40.Body Hopper: Charlotte McKinney
Man uses body-hopping abilities on Charlotte McKinney. by Lazyninjas (02/19/17)
4.17 (23)
41.How I Met Your Mother Ch. 01
Robin & Ted rekindle their sex life. Other things heat up. by Bigdong12345 (01/22/17)
4.14 (49)
42.Young & Hungry For Cock
New actor is welcomed by Aimee Carrero. by Lazyninjas (02/15/17)
4.14 (7)
43.Metroid: Other Other M
Nintendo gives the next Metroid game to a hentai developer. by SierraLeeAuthor (02/15/17)
4.08 (13)
44.Nailing the Tracks Pt. 05
Hung black stud "produces" Danielle Bradbery. by daxg2001 (02/08/17)
4.00 (9)
45.The Unwanted Guest
Sometimes Umbrella's creations want more than just to kill. by Predaliena (02/10/17)
4.00 (7)
46.Ciri By The Campfire
Young female warrior seduces her traveling companion. by 1_2_trip (02/20/17)
4.00 (7)
47.His Prey
The Alien decides to take the last survivor for experiments. by Predaliena (02/10/17)
3.87 (15)
48.HIMYM Ch. 01: Couples Stamina
Ted, Robin, Marshall and Lily Settle in for the night. by funsies85 (01/27/17)
3.76 (50)
49.Debutant Ball
It was 1860 and I was to be presented to HRH Queen Victoria. by stickivicki (01/22/17)
3.60 (10)
50.Erotic Restoration Pt. 01
Joseph Smith follows God's command to fuck the servant girl. by Slc10000 (02/13/17)
3.57 (14)
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