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Author's Notes: 'To Walk a Mile' is the third book of a one off story that inexplicably became a trilogy. Minimal effort is made in the following pages to explain the backstory so it is highly...

To Walk a Mile by BurntRedstone

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Ben yawned and stretched as he left the immigration office in LAX with Gretchen. It had taken four and a half long hours to deal with the bureaucracy and he'd filled out countless forms with her...

A Shepherd Afield Pt. 05 by BurntRedstone

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Chapter 21 Ben sat comfortably in his living room reviewing online engineering forums on his tablet while he waited for Catherine to pick him up for their date. He'd wrapped a tensor bandage...

The Shepherd of Ashburn Court Pt. 05 by BurntRedstone

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Erotic Couplings

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1.To Walk a Mile
Ed faces his biggest challenge yet, being a dad. by BurntRedstone (09/14/16)
4.90 (2180)
2.A Shepherd Afield Pt. 05
Ben faces the trial of his life. by BurntRedstone (11/22/16)
4.90 (1355)
3.A Shepherd Afield Pt. 03
Ben accepts some truths and deals with some lies. by BurntRedstone (06/29/16)
4.89 (1399)
4.A Fragile Cup of Witch's Brew
I learned how to live and love and what being humane means. by eclare (06/22/15)
4.88 (2777)
5.The Shepherd of Ashburn Court Pt. 05
Ben deals with the twins, new neighbors, and his past. by BurntRedstone (01/26/15)
4.88 (2708)
6.A Shepherd in France Ch. 02
Ben and friends travel south through France. by BurntRedstone (06/27/15)
4.88 (2177)
A tale of love lost and found in the hardest of times. by BurntRedstone (01/05/18)
4.88 (1684)
8.A Shepherd Afield Pt. 04
Ben visits the 'Land Down Under' by BurntRedstone (11/14/16)
4.88 (1342)
9.Spell, Crook and Handle Pt. 08
Louis shares his part in the Tsunami that struck Japan. by Lost Boy (11/07/15)
4.88 (370)
10.Beginning Again Ch. 06: Final
Nadja struggles on alone. by North200 (01/29/16)
4.88 (266)
11.The French Connection Ch. 03
Conclusion; vengeance delivered, explanations, twists. by WifeWatchman (03/08/18)
4.88 (258)
12.The Saga Continues Ch. 04
Continuing the cold case investigation; remembering a hero. by WifeWatchman (12/19/17)
4.88 (202)
13.The Saga Continues Ch. 06
Orange Order initiation; The Iron Crowbar gets his man. by WifeWatchman (12/23/17)
4.88 (200)
14.Flowers for Jill Ch. 05
He sets out to fix things... by Ginger_Martin (09/28/14)
4.88 (153)
15.The Most Valuable Gift
Ed wants to give the ladies a special gift for Xmas. by BurntRedstone (01/08/16)
4.87 (2707)
16.Exposure Compensation Factor Ch. 03
Life changes for the better. by ilikeithot6308 (10/06/15)
4.87 (1184)
17.Late Valentine
A late Valentine can be the best. by Sara2000Z (01/19/18)
4.87 (926)
18.Senior Year Memories Ch. 10
How the sluts saved Halloween. by aimingtomisbehave33 (06/30/18)
4.87 (817)
19.Senior Year Memories Ch. 14
Fixing mistakes and fucking a hot athlete in the school gym. by aimingtomisbehave33 (08/18/18)
4.87 (602)
20.Perfect Stranger, Strangely Perfect Ch. 02
A talented, sexy stranger combines anticipation with desire. by FenellaAshworth (02/22/18)
4.87 (483)
21.Ebb Tide Ch. 04b
V dates Jo, meets some old friends plus the Tempest Witch. by FinalStand (06/15/17)
4.87 (457)
22.The Vermeer
High crimes and hot sex in this thriller. by eclare (07/25/18)
4.87 (358)
23.Pure Effing Passion!
She makes love and lust by emancipating herself. by AAAtheist (06/20/18)
4.87 (354)
24.Fictional Fantasies Ch. 04
Writer shocked by a stranger acting out her erotic stories. by FenellaAshworth (01/05/18)
4.87 (290)
25.Fictional Fantasies Ch. 07: Final
Writer shocked by a stranger acting out her erotic stories. by FenellaAshworth (02/07/18)
4.87 (289)
26.A Taste of Sweat
A salty, sweet, slippery first time together. by Kethandra (08/22/18)
4.87 (278)
27.Falsely Accused Ch. 06
The stunning conclusion; a ceremony is performed. by WifeWatchman (11/02/17)
4.87 (268)
28.Fictional Fantasies Ch. 06
Writer shocked by a stranger acting out her erotic stories. by FenellaAshworth (01/24/18)
4.87 (237)
29.Agents and Angels Ch. 02
Sex with a sexy Agent; the I.C. faces Red Brooke. by WifeWatchman (02/15/18)
4.87 (230)
30.The Women of Honey Hollow Pt. 12
The second twin finally fucks Mike - A reunion. by bourbononice (12/02/17)
4.87 (230)
31.Another Day in the Life Ch. 03
Solution; promotions anticipated; a blue crowbar awarded. by WifeWatchman (05/05/18)
4.87 (227)
32.The French Connection Ch. 02
Aftermath of Paris; old and new criminals vex Don. by WifeWatchman (03/06/18)
4.87 (226)
33.Teresa's Christmas Finale Ch. 02
The emotional aftermath of Teresa's sacrifice. by WifeWatchman (12/28/17)
4.87 (218)
34.The Fool Ch. 12
The freedom to choose her fate. by xelliebabex (06/27/17)
4.87 (210)
35.The Florida Trip Pt. 04
Animal attraction. The group gets wild. by Spector_Dugan (09/06/18)
4.87 (208)
36.Pink Panther Ch. 03
The Iron Crowbar is faced with a crushing ethical dilemma. by WifeWatchman (11/28/17)
4.87 (208)
37.Summer in The County Ch. 03
Conclusion; unintended consequences; hero dog and Death Cat. by WifeWatchman (09/19/17)
4.87 (196)
38.Necessity is the Mother of Obsession Ch. 03
The Push - Tactics Are Everything. by eidetic (07/26/17)
4.87 (195)
39.The Florida Trip Pt. 06
Everything. Everyone. Everywhere. by Spector_Dugan (09/15/18)
4.87 (179)
40.The Fool Ch. 11
Flying from her fate. by xelliebabex (06/26/17)
4.87 (163)
41.Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 31
Coping while the girls are worries! by GeorgeDaBuilder (06/30/17)
4.87 (154)
42.Twin Cities Tryst Ch. 05
Mischief in a public park and fun with a dancer in our room. by BiscuitHammer (09/14/17)
4.87 (133)
43.The Beach House
Strange happenings at a new beach house. by DreamCloud (08/16/14)
4.86 (7162)
44.A Shepherd in France Ch. 01
Ben and friends visit Paris. by BurntRedstone (05/10/15)
4.86 (2167)
45.The Study
A grad student participates in a study on human sexuality. by Sanomiya (08/06/16)
4.86 (2129)
46.My Best Friend Katie Pt. 01
Falling in Love with my Best Friend. by TxAuthor (05/30/16)
4.86 (1732)
47.In the Buff
Brett introduces a reserved woman to nudism. by SandraMustard (06/30/17)
4.86 (1650)
48.A Strange Arrangement Ch. 12
A chance at a different arrangement. by nageren (12/22/14)
4.86 (885)
49.Senior Year Memories Ch. 08
Ryan seeks a cosplayer's help for his school's haunted house. by aimingtomisbehave33 (05/19/18)
4.86 (838)
50.Ebb Tide Ch. 04a
Vegas, Violence and making the Bastards pay. by FinalStand (05/31/15)
4.86 (789)
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