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Ben stood next to the vehicle he'd be driving on the next part of their vacation and felt a shiver trickle down his spine. Words to describe it? Brown...ish? Oddly shaped? A metal box with too much...

A Shepherd in France Ch. 02 by BurntRedstone

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Ah Didi. My darling, Didi. Those four and a half days together changed my life forever. Hers too. I can say that with relative certainty, and all due humility. It showed on her face every morning. ...

Exposure Compensation Factor Ch. 03 by ilikeithot6308

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Author’s Note: First off, my apologies for taking so long to release this twentieth, and final, installment of Taken By The Wind. As some of you already know, I experienced a personal tragedy...

Taken By The Wind Ch. 20 by mxwtt

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Erotic Couplings

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.A Shepherd in France Ch. 02
Ben and friends travel south through France. by BurntRedstone (06/27/15)
4.89 (833)
2.Exposure Compensation Factor Ch. 03
Life changes for the better. by ilikeithot6308 (10/06/15)
4.89 (505)
3.Taken By The Wind Ch. 20
The end. by mxwtt (12/29/14)
4.89 (240)
4.Reichenbach Ch. 05
Conclusion; stunning twists revealed. by WifeWatchman (08/26/15)
4.89 (150)
5.A Fragile Cup of Witch's Brew
I learned how to live and love and what being humane means. by eclare (06/22/15)
4.88 (1555)
6.The Shepherd of Ashburn Court Pt. 05
Ben deals with the twins, new neighbors, and his past. by BurntRedstone (01/26/15)
4.88 (1215)
7.The Most Valuable Gift
Ed wants to give the ladies a special gift for Xmas. by BurntRedstone (01/08/16)
4.88 (584)
8.Double Duty Pt. 02
My delightful stunt performer is back for the sequel. by ilikeithot6308 (12/06/15)
4.88 (455)
9.A Magnificent Bastard Pt. 02
Two former co-workers find each other again 5 years later. by scenester (05/05/16)
4.88 (169)
10.Goodbye, Miss Granger Ch. 11
FINAL: Trapped and naked, Jeannie's mistaken identity fantasy. by blin18 (03/07/15)
4.88 (100)
11.A Strange Arrangement Ch. 12
A chance at a different arrangement. by nageren (12/21/14)
4.87 (581)
12.Gamers Pt. 08
The surprises keep coming. by AspernEssling (05/10/16)
4.87 (298)
13.Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 30
Life goes on and the peeping-aunt gets her chance. by GeorgeDaBuilder (07/19/15)
4.87 (135)
14.Reichenbach Ch. 02
Disastrous news; more dangers as the Team works the case. by WifeWatchman (08/20/15)
4.87 (118)
15.The Medical Murder Mystery Ch. 05
Solution to the case; shocking ending twists. by WifeWatchman (02/05/15)
4.87 (104)
16.The Beach House
Strange happenings at a new beach house. by DreamCloud (08/16/14)
4.86 (4508)
17.A Shepherd in France Ch. 01
Ben and friends visit Paris. by BurntRedstone (05/10/15)
4.86 (877)
18.The Cult
Me, a cult leader? Hey, why not? by Tx Tall Tales (03/23/16)
4.86 (694)
19.A Shepherd Afield Pt. 01
Ben struggles with his new notoriety. by BurntRedstone (01/01/16)
4.86 (657)
20.A Shepherd Afield Pt. 02
Ben looks for a little R&R in Costa Rica. by BurntRedstone (04/19/16)
4.86 (488)
21.Ebb Tide Ch. 04a
Vegas, Violence and making the Bastards pay. by FinalStand (05/31/15)
4.86 (430)
22.Gamers Pt. 03
A lucky streak begins. by AspernEssling (04/04/16)
4.86 (316)
23.Serendipity Ch. 12
Back to The City and Mickey's eviction. by acup (07/13/14)
4.86 (233)
24.The Tattoo Riddles Ch. 04
Rick tries to solve a second tattoo riddle during great sex. by Knotty_Boy (09/30/15)
4.86 (173)
25.Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 28
Last day on the ranch and reviewing the shoot. by GeorgeDaBuilder (09/27/14)
4.86 (171)
26.L.C.T.F. Ch. 05
A science experiment, a shopping trip, and more tuition. by lctf (01/23/15)
4.86 (135)
27.Flowers for Jill Ch. 05
He sets out to fix things... by Ginger_Martin (09/28/14)
4.86 (104)
28.Taken By The Wind Ch. 05
The first date. by mxwtt (05/25/13)
4.85 (805)
29.Exposure Compensation Factor Ch. 02
Life with Didi. Swimsuits. Lingerie. Oh my. by ilikeithot6308 (06/24/15)
4.85 (513)
30.Taken By The Wind Ch. 11
The restoration. by mxwtt (11/29/13)
4.85 (305)
31.Kit's Stories - Katie's Man
On Halloween some things can't be explained. by RioRedKing (11/15/15)
4.85 (280)
32.Something Unexpected Ch. 05
Two weeks go by quickly. Will Autumn say? by betweenthesheets (07/04/14)
4.85 (270)
33.My Man, My Marine, My Lover! Pt. 04
Our couple learns to accept, support, give, and love again! by Apple_of_Eden (03/13/15)
4.85 (234)
34.Velvet Heat Ch. 05
Happy Ever After... by adjoaq (06/28/13)
4.85 (217)
35.My Man, My Marine, My Lover! Pt. 02
Love and romance shared long distance via love letters. by Apple_of_Eden (11/25/14)
4.85 (211)
36.It's All The Ex's Fault Ch. 11
Competition day....and the girlfriend. by acup (12/25/13)
4.85 (163)
37.Advanced Primatology Ch. 09
Revelations in the cloud forest, fun times at the lake. by roberticus (03/10/15)
4.85 (158)
38.Exorcising Brian Ch. 02
Success brings a young man an even bigger prize. by Rex Siter (02/17/12)
4.85 (138)
39.Advanced Primatology Ch. 10
Just Kate and Chad and the mountains and the truth. by roberticus (03/24/15)
4.85 (134)
40.A Busy Week Ch. 03
Monday business meeting. by BondiLisa (07/18/07)
4.85 (115)
41.The Roommate
Fun with an hot female roommate gets out of control. by spaldan (02/09/16)
4.84 (1025)
42.Seduction at the Beach Time Salon
Brett finds the perfect woman to meet his grooming needs. by SandraMustard (01/26/16)
4.84 (571)
43.Union of Soviet Sisters Remarkable
They started at the office, but that's not where it ended. by ilikeithot6308 (06/17/14)
4.84 (564)
44.Frank and Elyse
Wounded souls find new hope. by BurntRedstone (04/22/16)
4.84 (528)
45.Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 26
Never just another Monday Morning. by FinalStand (07/23/13)
4.84 (476)
46.Star Struck Ch. 03
Louis shows he can perform. by RonCabo (08/17/14)
4.84 (388)
47.Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 24
A major decision and one-on-one with a redhead. by GeorgeDaBuilder (12/31/13)
4.84 (242)
48.The Big Girl Ch. 09
Our trio comes to terms with their relationship. by RibaldWriter (06/08/15)
4.84 (196)
49.A Glorious Tease Ch. 03
A married man and an involved young woman tease and cheat. by iksanabot (08/21/15)
4.84 (175)
50.A Tale of Two Paramours Ch. 02
College instructor is enamored with a former student by Kveldulf (06/15/14)
4.84 (167)
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