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Author's Notes: 'To Walk a Mile' is the third book of a one off story that inexplicably became a trilogy. Minimal effort is made in the following pages to explain the backstory so it is highly...

To Walk a Mile by BurntRedstone

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It was Sunday morning, just the day after he'd returned from beautiful Costa Rica but Ben's vacation already felt like a lifetime ago. The weather at home was cold and wet so staying inside was the...

A Shepherd Afield Pt. 03 by BurntRedstone

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Edward Walters wasn't gifted with great intelligence. He wasn't strikingly handsome nor was he fabulously wealthy. He was, more often than not, tongue tied around women so couldn't claim to have a...

The Most Valuable Gift by BurntRedstone

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Erotic Couplings

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1.To Walk a Mile
Ed faces his biggest challenge yet, being a dad. by BurntRedstone (09/14/16)
4.91 (714)
2.A Shepherd Afield Pt. 03
Ben accepts some truths and deals with some lies. by BurntRedstone (06/29/16)
4.90 (797)
3.The Most Valuable Gift
Ed wants to give the ladies a special gift for Xmas. by BurntRedstone (01/08/16)
4.89 (1210)
4.Exposure Compensation Factor Ch. 03
Life changes for the better. by ilikeithot6308 (10/06/15)
4.89 (728)
5.The Shepherd of Ashburn Court Pt. 05
Ben deals with the twins, new neighbors, and his past. by BurntRedstone (01/26/15)
4.88 (1578)
6.A Shepherd in France Ch. 02
Ben and friends travel south through France. by BurntRedstone (06/27/15)
4.88 (1164)
7.Spell, Crook and Handle Pt. 08
Louis shares his part in the Tsunami that struck Japan. by Lost Boy (11/07/15)
4.88 (180)
8.A Fragile Cup of Witch's Brew
I learned how to live and love and what being humane means. by eclare (06/22/15)
4.87 (1863)
9.A Shepherd Afield Pt. 01
Ben struggles with his new notoriety. by BurntRedstone (01/01/16)
4.87 (970)
10.Double Duty Pt. 02
My delightful stunt performer is back for the sequel. by ilikeithot6308 (12/06/15)
4.87 (666)
11.Gamers Pt. 08
The surprises keep coming. by AspernEssling (05/10/16)
4.87 (438)
12.Reichenbach Ch. 05
Conclusion; stunning twists revealed. by WifeWatchman (08/26/15)
4.87 (169)
13.The Beach House
Strange happenings at a new beach house. by DreamCloud (08/16/14)
4.86 (5198)
14.A Shepherd in France Ch. 01
Ben and friends visit Paris. by BurntRedstone (05/10/15)
4.86 (1194)
15.The Study
A grad student participates in a study on human sexuality. by Sanomiya (08/06/16)
4.86 (946)
16.A Shepherd Afield Pt. 02
Ben looks for a little R&R in Costa Rica. by BurntRedstone (04/19/16)
4.86 (841)
17.Exposure Compensation Factor Ch. 02
Life with Didi. Swimsuits. Lingerie. Oh my. by ilikeithot6308 (06/24/15)
4.86 (680)
18.A Strange Arrangement Ch. 12
A chance at a different arrangement. by nageren (12/21/14)
4.86 (666)
19.A Magnificent Bastard Pt. 02
Two former co-workers find each other again 5 years later. by scenester (05/05/16)
4.86 (307)
20.L.C.T.F. Ch. 05
A science experiment, a shopping trip, and more tuition. by lctf (01/23/15)
4.86 (154)
21.Flowers for Jill Ch. 05
He sets out to fix things... by Ginger_Martin (09/28/14)
4.86 (111)
22.Goodbye, Miss Granger Ch. 08-09
Jeannie discovers light bondage and stranger fantasy. by blin18 (03/01/15)
4.86 (100)
23.The Cult
Me, a cult leader? Hey, why not? by Tx Tall Tales (03/23/16)
4.85 (872)
24.Taken By The Wind Ch. 05
The first date. by mxwtt (05/25/13)
4.85 (826)
25.Frank and Elyse
Wounded souls find new hope. by BurntRedstone (04/22/16)
4.85 (795)
26.Lacy Underwear, or Not
Living with your ex can get hard... by ChancesAre (07/31/16)
4.85 (522)
27.Something Unexpected Ch. 05
Two weeks go by quickly. Will Autumn say? by betweenthesheets (07/04/14)
4.85 (299)
28.Serendipity Ch. 12
Back to The City and Mickey's eviction. by acup (07/13/14)
4.85 (247)
29.More than Friends Ch. 02
Will Joel have second thoughts? by WillyShakes (08/11/16)
4.85 (204)
30.Advanced Primatology Ch. 09
Revelations in the cloud forest, fun times at the lake. by roberticus (03/10/15)
4.85 (188)
31.It's All The Ex's Fault Ch. 11
Competition day....and the girlfriend. by acup (12/25/13)
4.85 (170)
32.Case of the Fake Badges Ch. 05
Solution; chess pieces put in place for the future... by WifeWatchman (03/09/16)
4.85 (163)
33.Ann: A Love Story Ch. 97
Ann and Neil go home. by mimaster (01/31/13)
4.85 (155)
34.Case of the Fake Badges Ch. 04
Trouble follows the Iron Crowbar at every turn. by WifeWatchman (03/07/16)
4.85 (155)
35.Advanced Primatology Ch. 10
Just Kate and Chad and the mountains and the truth. by roberticus (03/24/15)
4.85 (150)
36.Extra Credit
The wife initiates some hot role playing. by DaleBeaverton (07/14/16)
4.85 (140)
37.The Hot Wife Photos Ch. 04
Solution to the case; ending twists. by WifeWatchman (01/15/16)
4.85 (137)
38.Reichenbach Ch. 02
Disastrous news; more dangers as the Team works the case. by WifeWatchman (08/20/15)
4.85 (134)
39.Ann: A Love Story Ch. 60
Ann and Neil head back to the hotel in style. by mimaster (04/20/10)
4.85 (107)
40.Final Breath Ch. 03
Before the confrontation, a holiday interlude... by drteetho (10/27/13)
4.85 (105)
41.The Shepherd of Ashburn Court Pt. 04
Ben gets a little help from his friends… and a lot of love by BurntRedstone (12/24/14)
4.84 (1352)
42.Ebb Tide Ch. 04a
Vegas, Violence and making the Bastards pay. by FinalStand (05/31/15)
4.84 (490)
43.Gamers Pt. 03
A lucky streak begins. by AspernEssling (04/04/16)
4.84 (468)
44.Kit's Stories - Katie's Man
On Halloween some things can't be explained. by RioRedKing (11/15/15)
4.84 (326)
45.Taken By The Wind Ch. 20
The end. by mxwtt (12/29/14)
4.84 (271)
46.Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 24
A major decision and one-on-one with a redhead. by GeorgeDaBuilder (12/31/13)
4.84 (265)
47.No Accounting for Taste Pt. 03
Jane brings Helen into the group, for everyone's pleasure. by ilikeithot6308 (07/21/16)
4.84 (265)
48.My Man, My Marine, My Lover! Pt. 04
Our couple learns to accept, support, give, and love again! by Apple_of_Eden (03/13/15)
4.84 (255)
49.My Man, My Marine, My Lover! Pt. 02
Love and romance shared long distance via love letters. by Apple_of_Eden (11/25/14)
4.84 (224)
50.Ann: A Love Story Ch. 10.5
The Missing Chapter - Ann gives Neil 'permission.' by mimaster (02/15/09)
4.84 (214)
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