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Hey, guys! Welcome back to my world of erotic fiction. I've missed you! For those of you who finished the 'Dealmaker' series with Claire and her demons, you'll recall them mentioning old Lucifer...

The Old King and the New Bride Ch. 01 by Kindasortacrazy

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The house stood as all the others did, joined with its neighbors on the left and right, and so on and so on down the row. The row houses of Friendship Heights seemed to mirror the name of the...

The Girl With Golden Eyes by DarkLit

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As much as Phil disliked the Scrote, being a student in his Advanced Studies classes had some benefits. The first year room he'd shared with Jake Pulman had been little more than a cupboard with two...

Succubus Summoning 202 by manyeyedhydra

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Erotic Horror

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51.The Old King and the New Bride Ch. 01
Lucifer finally gets his chance at having a queen. by Kindasortacrazy (09/16/12)
4.71 (550)
52.The Girl With Golden Eyes
Halloween horror for a single father. by DarkLit (10/23/03)
4.71 (521)
53.Succubus Summoning 202
Rosa leaves Phil in the company of two sexy, exotic demons. by manyeyedhydra (07/17/10)
4.71 (453)
54.Mira Ch. 07
The true nature of the vampire. by secretme (06/12/08)
4.71 (427)
55.Succubus Summoning 111
Phil gets dragged into a magical duel against Rosa. by manyeyedhydra (03/13/09)
4.71 (362)
56.Succubus Summoning 107
Bath time with Rosa and Verdé. by manyeyedhydra (09/12/08)
4.71 (349)
57.Succubus Summoning 112
Phil sees the dangers of using Nurse Honey too often. by manyeyedhydra (04/03/09)
4.71 (340)
58.Succubus Summoning 208
Cέrμləa takes Phil out for dinner and things get messy... by manyeyedhydra (06/16/14)
4.71 (248)
59.Tales in Slavery Ch. 06
The girls get some time alone. by inka (10/18/07)
4.71 (130)
60.Mira Ch. 14
Another vampire. by secretme (10/25/08)
4.70 (529)
61.Mira Ch. 12
The new sacrifice. by secretme (10/11/08)
4.70 (486)
62.Succubus Summoning 106
Introducing Nurse Honey. by manyeyedhydra (07/05/08)
4.70 (474)
63.Succubus Summoning 109
Phil has a Nÿte to remember (and she's scary). by manyeyedhydra (02/13/09)
4.70 (463)
64.Iron Girders and Steel Springs
A man is sent to a Scottish nudist camp and discovers more. by manyeyedhydra (06/20/12)
4.70 (461)
Claire's virginity is finally claimed! by Kindasortacrazy (07/18/12)
4.70 (237)
Silthos finally has his chance and Claire's fate is changed by Kindasortacrazy (08/03/12)
4.70 (172)
Claire's relationship with Darrow grows. by Kindasortacrazy (07/03/12)
4.70 (166)
68.Joined by the Night Ch. 02
To meet a monster. by Daniellekitten (07/13/08)
4.70 (165)
69.The Choosing Ch. 05
Fleeing the Palace to find the Sarran Coven. by darcysweet (05/08/10)
4.70 (141)
70.The Choosing Ch. 04
how can answers lead to so many more questions? by darcysweet (04/26/10)
4.70 (127)
71.Fated Destiny Ch. 01
Tom Parta witnesses a deadly encounter. by JohnEvans (10/11/04)
4.70 (104)
72.Streetwalking with a Succubus
Some ladies of the night are not prey. by manyeyedhydra (10/01/13)
4.69 (596)
73.Mira Ch. 13
The guard marches on the Circle. by secretme (10/15/08)
4.69 (421)
74.Vampires on a Train
The hunter is hunted. by dr_mabeuse (10/23/05)
4.69 (302)
75.New Moon Pt. 07
Mother becomes one of them. by GrimmsOtherBrother (08/31/05)
4.69 (149)
The mist seeks out Claire and Lucifer is introduced. by Kindasortacrazy (08/27/12)
4.69 (124)
77.Mira Ch. 08
The homecoming and a surprise visitor. by secretme (07/09/08)
4.68 (570)
78.Succubus Keep
A knight battles for his life against a cunning succubus by manyeyedhydra (10/21/08)
4.68 (499)
79.The Cursed House of Crow
A witch is awoken, and she's hungry for dick. by TheTalkMan (12/30/12)
4.68 (242)
80.Below & Above: A Fable of Lust
A writer gets a visitation from one who lies below. by elsol (02/09/05)
4.68 (180)
81.Mira Ch. 09
Things get worse. by secretme (08/28/08)
4.68 (133)
82.One Knight Stand
Out of ruins comes new life. by Tara_Neale (07/28/14)
4.68 (128)
83.The Porcelain Soul
He has a ghostly encounter that changes his life. by E.P.M. (10/07/05)
4.68 (109)
84.The Spirit of Rosemont Plantation
Night of intense passion leads to a horrifying discovery. by LSanders (10/12/08)
4.68 (107)
85.The Wallflower Ch. 10
The future looks pretty bleak for Lily. by BlessingAndCurse (08/23/15)
4.68 (103)
86.A Night at McHooligans
A warlock, a succubus and a demon walk into a bar... by manyeyedhydra (11/21/09)
4.67 (448)
87.Succubus Summoning 108
Gardening with Rosa and Verdé. by manyeyedhydra (11/19/08)
4.67 (379)
88.The Choosing
Talia submits to The Choosing and finds her true self. by darcysweet (01/18/10)
4.67 (373)
89.Gray Shades of Evil
Where angels fear to tread, they sent Jason Stewart. by elsol (02/22/05)
4.67 (233)
90.Cέrμləan Circles
The succubus Cέrμləa teaches Phil some circle summoning. by manyeyedhydra (03/29/12)
4.67 (227)
91.The Legendary C.P. Swallows
Horrific, horrible; potayto, potahto. by MarshAlien (10/10/07)
4.67 (181)
92.Under The Right Moon Ch. 02-03
Hope's new boss has a dark secret to share. by trueunseelie (02/25/09)
4.67 (180)
93.A Soldier's Love
A deployed soldier finally expresses his passion. by TinyBeth (02/02/13)
4.67 (172)
94.Voodoo Girl Pt. 01
Zombies aren't the only monsters in this wasteland. by GirlintheMoon (04/19/14)
4.67 (128)
95.The Wallflower Ch. 07
Lily escapes her crazy life for one night. by BlessingAndCurse (12/16/14)
4.67 (112)
96.Succubus Summoning 103
The two succubi have fun taking Phil's virginity. by manyeyedhydra (03/16/08)
4.66 (511)
97.A Dance with The Devil
A woman is forced to watch a demon seduce her husband. by Rozalin_0123 (03/06/15)
4.66 (418)
98.Incall with a Succubus
An MP visits a very special escort. by manyeyedhydra (07/18/08)
4.66 (317)
99.Her Black Wings
Religious man is seduced by Satan's bride. by Margin Walker (01/10/04)
4.66 (308)
100.Succubus Summoning 210
Phil and Nÿte look for a student in the castle depths. by manyeyedhydra (09/18/14)
4.66 (250)
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