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The hideous corruption of Mother Selcrie had been yesterday... or that was at least Milyn's guess, considering there was no way to tell time from inside her isolated cell. But some of the ruffians...

Conversion Ch. 02 by TimeWise

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"Right, our first target is Sulpa the Succubus," Celestrico said. "Target? You make this sound like an assassination mission," Ken said. "Well, d'uh. What part of 'slay the demon queen and all...

Okasare Kenny Ch. 01: Sulpa by manyeyedhydra

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The truck is parked in a small recess of the mountain by a large forest road. My lips are wrapped around the driver's dick and I hope I'm giving him enough pleasure to get me to Denver... I look up,...

Victorian America by BrainVamp

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Erotic Horror

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1.Conversion Ch. 02
A rescue attempt, and a Sister becomes a vampire. by TimeWise (06/16/15)
4.64 (44)
2.Okasare Kenny Ch. 01: Sulpa
First Boss: Sulpa the Succubus. by manyeyedhydra (06/05/15)
4.62 (77)
3.Victorian America
Erin travels across the multiverse. by BrainVamp (06/16/15)
4.50 (18)
4.Terror in Tonopah
Sue faces a zombie apocalypse alone. by LunarSirius (06/26/15)
4.46 (48)
5.Invitation to Desire
Vampire and human BDSM. by 1badktty (06/17/15)
4.44 (43)
6.Neighbourhood Mom
The older woman next door comes bearing irresistible treats. by g00db0i (06/22/15)
4.43 (76)
7.High Moon
Vampires lesbians in the Wild West, nuff said. by BrainVamp (06/29/15)
4.30 (10)
8.Okasare Kenny Ch. 00: Celestrico
Kenny is put on a quest to slay the demon queen. by manyeyedhydra (06/03/15)
4.22 (54)
9.Hunting Venus
A poet searches for a woman who is not entirely human... by LilithHerald (07/03/15)
4.14 (7)
10.Shower Hunt
A creature wants a taste of its host's offspring. by june9theveryday (06/23/15)
3.84 (25)
11.Ouija Board Horror
A ghostly being destroys my party... and now it wants me. by Midnight_Sleeper (06/11/15)
3.76 (45)
12.The Sin Eaters
Cultures clash as the un-dead feed on the corrupted. by Turbidus (06/20/15)
3.55 (11)
13.The Billionaire's Bet
Bet your spouse. What's the worst that could happen? by texashorror (06/30/15)
3.38 (26)