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1648 BC: The Memphis night air cooled the room as Enkartep tossed and turned. In his mind were plans, details, and contingencies. He had an important task come the morning, but could not settle...

A God of Old Ch. 02 by majicman21

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Darvill had never been afraid of exams. In fact, during his schooldays, before he'd learned of this parallel world of magic and daemons, he'd even grown to relish them. Exams cut through all the...

Succubus Summoning 212 by manyeyedhydra

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There are few things in life more terrifying than a woman's wrath. Not the quick spark of anger found in the passion of the moment but the slow boiling furor of a woman invested in her anger. Tom...

Falling Snow Ch. 03 by NightPorter

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Erotic Horror

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1.A God of Old Ch. 02
His past is revealed & his powers begin to return. by majicman21 (05/20/16)
4.78 (32)
2.Succubus Summoning 212
Darvill is first to take the test. by manyeyedhydra (04/28/16)
4.74 (170)
3.Falling Snow Ch. 03
Mysterious girls, fiery meetings. by NightPorter (04/29/16)
4.65 (72)
4.Interrogation by a Paizu Succubus
A POW in H-space is "interrogated" by a big-boobed succubus. by manyeyedhydra (05/04/16)
4.49 (83)
5.A Quiet Evening
Max just wants to relax, but is rudely interrupted. by thefilthypilgrim (05/07/16)
4.41 (70)
6.My Brother's Ghost Pt. 02
Amanda and Scott venture into the mountains of Skyline Drive. by Kantarii (05/21/16)
4.18 (11)
7.My Brother's Ghost Pt. 01
Things get really weird in Front Royal for Amanda Bowman. by Kantarii (05/17/16)
3.65 (20)