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Kylantha woke up the next morning to the sound of her cellphone vibrating. She reached for the night stand next to her bed, felt around until She found it, and without looking she swept her finger...

Vampires Desire Bk. 01: Vampire's Pet Ch. 03 by Vampire_desires

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Vegas was a hit for Vivian and determined she would again go to one of those screwed up vampire gathering if it meant she would again get her claws into Mr. Dandridge's devilish skin. She reluctantly...

In the Hands of Vampires Ch. 04 by Vivian_Addams

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Frightened, Anya slapped at their hands as they pulled off her coat, saying NO over and over. Johnny and Scott were grinning, pleased at her reaction. They were both head and shoulders taller than...

Virgin Blood in the Boneyard Pt. 02 by QueenPersephone

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Erotic Horror

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1.Vampires Desire Bk. 01: Vampire's Pet Ch. 03
Kylantha has been brought a secret and feels skeptical. by Vampire_desires (11/15/15)
4.75 (12)
2.Vampires Desire Bk. 01: Vampire's Pet Ch. 02
Our heroine's experience at the ball. by Vampire_desires (11/12/15)
4.63 (19)
3.In the Hands of Vampires Ch. 04
Mr. Dandridge & Vivian: Atlanta: Summer 1983 Part One. by Vivian_Addams (11/06/15)
4.57 (14)
4.Virgin Blood in the Boneyard Pt. 02
Anya submits to the two men...who are not what they seem. by QueenPersephone (11/13/15)
4.54 (37)
5.The Witches Noir
Two young witches make a mistake. by subslutjenna (11/08/15)
4.47 (49)
6.Demon Spawn
Is the cure worth the price? by bigtddybr (11/04/15)
4.47 (45)
7.Fuel for the Fire Ch. 09
A power realised. A line crossed. by Cpt_Fantabulous (11/19/15)
4.44 (9)
8.Enslaved by Lesbian Vampire Cougars Ch. 03
Farah and Vanessa (hate and love). by Player0 (11/27/15)
4.38 (8)
Replacement for death penalty: sensory deprivation for life. by sublocked (11/19/15)
4.33 (49)
10.Virgin Blood in the Boneyard Pt. 01
Anya spends the night in the local cemetery... by QueenPersephone (11/12/15)
4.32 (37)
11.Wonder Woman Cleans Up
Halloween Tale: She has a scary night. by clipperdreams (10/31/15)
4.25 (28)
12.Keira Shadows, Vampire Hunter
Keira Shadows seduces her marks for the takedown. by candyland143 (11/25/15)
4.14 (14)
An ordinary trip to an antiques shop goes unexpectedly. by Technicolordreams (11/04/15)
4.06 (51)
14.Vampires Desire Bk. 01: Vampire's Pet Ch. 01
First chapter of a young woman's Journey into a dark world. by Vampire_desires (11/05/15)
4.05 (63)
15.Ed's Drive
In a remote park a couple meet something otherwordly. by Latenight_Pondering (11/04/15)
4.00 (12)
16.DemonSEXoligy Ch. 03
Ghosts of the past - An old comrade of Amanda reeks havoc. by 19Arose (11/10/15)
4.00 (8)
17.DemonSEXoligy Ch. 04
The devil's blood. A shadow stalks the streets of London. by 19Arose (11/20/15)
3.86 (7)
An erotic horror story. by karlalpha (11/03/15)
3.85 (20)
19.Bless and Keep Us All Hallow's Eve
Just too late for the Halloween contest... by ClodiaP (11/04/15)
3.83 (6)
20.Halloween Sacrifice
For everything, a price. by LairOfTheCougar (11/06/15)
3.77 (141)
21.Flesh For Satan
An end to innocence. by TamLin01 (11/11/15)
3.72 (116)
22.A Halloween Ball
You never know who is there. by xMASTERMINDX (11/06/15)
3.58 (12)
23.Taken: The pedestrian Ch. 01
Handsome grad Chase Johnson run over then fucked as hostage. by DarkMoonSpawn (11/26/15)
2.86 (7)