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'What am I going to do with my life...I can't spend it the way it is now.' Lily sighed as she looked at the fridge. One...two...three...four...five...six... It had been six weeks since she had...

The Wallflower Ch. 10 by BlessingAndCurse

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Hank spread Steffi's knees apart, exposing her damaged, pink pussy. Even though she had just showered she had a sweet smell about her and he couldn't help but wonder what she tasted like. He shook...

Nightmares Become Reality Ch. 07 by TheNaughtyWife

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Seemingly lost in a void of fog, a tall slender woman wrapped snuggly in a long black gown ventured across a dead grassy meadow. The mist choked out the sunlight around her, making any sense of...

Trick or Trope Ch. 01 by LincolnAndSunset

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Erotic Horror

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1.The Wallflower Ch. 10
The future looks pretty bleak for Lily. by BlessingAndCurse (08/23/15)
4.79 (66)
2.Nightmares Become Reality Ch. 07
The good doctor falls victim too. Or does he? by TheNaughtyWife (08/20/15)
4.60 (10)
3.Trick or Trope Ch. 01
Every imaginable trope gathers on All Hallows' Eve. by LincolnAndSunset (08/20/15)
4.57 (14)
4.The Wolves of Berlin
Hunting werewolves in occupied Paris. by TamLin01 (08/21/15)
4.52 (27)
5.Ouija Board Horror Ch. 03
They're losing the battle against Julian. by Midnight_Sleeper (08/28/15)
4.50 (10)
6.Fuel for the Fire Ch. 01-02
Morgan gets far more than she bargained for. by Cpt_Fantabulous (08/15/15)
4.48 (44)
7.Fuel for the Fire Ch. 03-04
The nature of the curse starts to reveal itself. by Cpt_Fantabulous (08/25/15)
4.44 (9)
8.Red and Redhead Ch. 03
The demon teases his conjurer. by sandgoseek (08/12/15)
4.33 (21)
9.Monster Under the Bed
It only wants to play. by Naughty_Witch (08/19/15)
4.32 (85)
10.American Gothic
Must be the season of the witch. by TamLin01 (08/21/15)
4.12 (33)
11.The Dream Lovers
A Hell of a good time. by Naughty_Witch (08/20/15)
4.10 (10)
12.Nightmares Become Reality Ch. 08
Hank wakes up. Confused and afraid. Steffi is sore. by TheNaughtyWife (08/22/15)
3.92 (13)