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Beckoning Whispered promises Breath soft on skin Awakening desire A stolen kiss Heated lips still tender Inquiring Fingers in hair Drawing deeper Timid no more Teeth claiming Tongue...

Possession by LadyElisa

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The Brightest Light, Invisible. In all darkness there is light unseen: soft moans and gasps cried to the air And in that light, darkness holds firm, for pain follows pleasure as a lover obsessed ...

The Brightest Light, Invisible. by Archangel32M

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Snakebit Hope is a snake A merchant on market street in from Eden on a red-eye, still smelling like cunny and deceit and tiny bottles of airline alcohol, selling fruit and other things that...

Snakebit by AMoveableBeast

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1.Possession by LadyElisa (04/20/15)5.00 (7)
2.The Brightest Light, Invisible. by Archangel32M (03/25/15)5.00 (6)
3.Snakebit by AMoveableBeast (04/15/15)5.00 (6)
4.Naughty Limericks by SonofGondor (04/19/15)4.83 (6)
5.Your Master at Heel by Archangel32M (04/06/15)4.17 (6)