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You are beginning to understand... There is something inside of me Waiting to be tapped... willing you to reach in and play. Shine a light in the shadows. Expose me. Embrace the demon And...

Amateur Adventure by Roisin15

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Load One Wasn't fun, I sat on you, Slam Slam You were done. Load Two, Hole filled with goo I tensed on you, Starting to fuck me loose. Just nut in my guts, Slap my ass and squirt it...

Just Nut in my Guts by dakotadanders

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Lisa lies naked on the beach. Her breasts exposed, for all to see. Her thick pubic hair, wet and glistening in the sunlight. Doing its best to cover her modesty. She gets up and walks to the...

On the Beach. by DandJ69

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1.Amateur Adventure by Roisin15 (05/31/18)4.17 (6)
2.Just Nut in my Guts by dakotadanders (06/07/18)3.50 (6)
3.On the Beach. by DandJ69 (06/15/18)3.33 (6)