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It has been a while and I can tell: I’m snapping more, just want to yell. To climb the walls with my bare hands... I’d rather be captive in cold steel bands. Metal clinking in rhythm with us...

Needs by ScentualEncounters

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Just cus I'm dressed sexy doesn't mean you can ogle me. Just cus I'm at a bar doesn't mean you can come talk to me. Just cus I accept your drink doesn't mean I like you. Just cus I touched your...

Just cus by Laurabentover

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Last night I spoke to this guy I thought I really like him He is a really good man We only talk online We sex chat We have seen each on video And now we spoke to each other I thought I like...

Fuck Meat by OriginalLadyinred

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1.Needs by ScentualEncounters (02/08/18)5.00 (6)
2.Just cus by Laurabentover (02/07/18)4.88 (8)
3.Fuck Meat by OriginalLadyinred (02/05/18)4.86 (7)
4.Requirements for a Sub by AHWilliam (02/05/18)4.50 (6)
5.Will (Jesse's poem) by JasonClearwater (02/05/18)4.33 (9)
6.Blue by Sruby67 (01/24/18)4.33 (6)
7.Girl gone wild by TantricNinja (01/30/18)4.17 (6)
8.Could It Be You? by erectus123 (01/24/18)4.00 (6)