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Did you ever imagine That we'd meet again like this? Take a stroll in the park And steal a quick kiss Did you ever imagine That we'd snog on a bench? English to start with And then somewhat...

Did you ever? by Lady Clarissa

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That sound you made. Oh my god that sound you made... last night, when I was on top of you, riding you, slowly, slowly. Just rocking back and forth so that you slid in and out of me, just enough,...

That Sound... by ellen_devlin

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Summertime. Hammock in parent’s back yard. Crickets. Fireflies. We have to be slow and still-ish too. They might be able to/probably can see. Quiet. Spiral staircase. To the belltower. I wore...

Quiet by juliettegreen

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1.Did you ever? by Lady Clarissa (04/09/17)4.67 (9)
2.Making Love, Making Pleasure by lorencino (03/27/17)4.17 (6)
3.Penetration by oneiria (04/10/17)3.86 (7)
4.That Sound... by ellen_devlin (03/26/17)3.71 (7)
5.Quiet by juliettegreen (04/03/17)3.67 (6)
6.I want to taste; (That peach.) by bellaluna515 (04/05/17)3.56 (9)
7.When Cock Meets Cunt by TOKUQINN (04/02/17)3.33 (6)
8.Summer Afternoon Sex by zeebiz (04/04/17)3.00 (6)