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I wanna press myself on you Crush into you Melt into you Take your lips, kiss you Tell you everything I know Invent the most outrageous lies To make you smile Crawl in bed with you Then out...

I fall for you - are you ready? by TranslucentGirl

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It's in the pauses those spaces between what has been and what will be Blinded eyes don't need to see the mischievous curl of a lip or the heat deep in hazel to know It's there in the...

Delightful Torment by Lyricalli

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I put in my day with the commonplace, with courtesies in checkout lanes, small talk, the weather, last night's game. I say hello like an altar boy's et cum spiritu tuo to the nun who's...

Glossolalia by greenmountaineer

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1.I fall for you - are you ready? by TranslucentGirl (09/09/15)4.95 (20)
2.Delightful Torment by Lyricalli (09/25/15)4.88 (8)
3.Glossolalia by greenmountaineer (09/18/15)4.80 (10)
4.I'm yours by TranslucentGirl (09/24/15)4.79 (14)
5.You're not Here by TranslucentGirl (09/24/15)4.69 (13)
6.I Am Property by Juicyjessa (10/06/15)3.83 (6)