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I dream of you in satin sheets with lips of painted red I think of you wrapped in my arms and laughing in my bed I press to you my beating heart my lust now bound in love I give to you my...

Dreams of You by Momma_Andrea

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She seemed angry, frustrated and uptight I sensed that pleasure would be a fight Didn't speak, didn't smile just stared at her book Wouldn't shift or even change her sullen look The seat between...

The Sweet Release by That_Guy71

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You are my sexual fantasy bringin' me to ecstasy Touchin' me in forbidden places Forgettin' social graces sayin' dirty things in my ear spankin' me on my rear kissin', lickin', suckin' ...

Sexual Fantasy by BruizednBroken55

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1.Dreams of You by Momma_Andrea (05/01/17)5.00 (7)
2.Dat Sweet Old Pussy by erectus123 (04/28/17)4.17 (6)
3.The Sweet Release by That_Guy71 (05/01/17)4.00 (6)
4.Sexual Fantasy by BruizednBroken55 (05/02/17)3.88 (8)