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Peter Jacobson was sitting at the dining table, slowly scooping cereal into his mouth. High school ended the week previous and now he was faced with an uncertain future. He knew that he was destined...

Peter and Chloe by IntrospectiveWanderer

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I took my clothes off and lay down on the bed. Vanessa lay beside me and we looked at each other for a time without moving. I could feel my erection rising, and Vanessa reached out a hand to touch it...

The Fourth Bridesmaid Ch. 02 by potsherd

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There was a time, in England, when you could be arrested for being a Catholic. And it wasn't hard - in fact it was common - for the authorities to upgrade you from "imprisoned" to "tortured" and then...

Byrd and the Bees by ReefBeach

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First Time

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1.Nudity is For The Birds
Nude Day nerds find shared love of birds and each other. by Kethandra (06/22/15)
4.92 (459)
2.Peter and Chloe
Peter is welcomed to manhood and nudism. by IntrospectiveWanderer (07/04/15)
4.73 (217)
3.The Fourth Bridesmaid Ch. 02
A photographer gets involved with a customer. by potsherd (07/01/15)
4.62 (110)
4.Byrd and the Bees
Early Music and little chances set up two lovers. by ReefBeach (06/17/15)
4.54 (46)
5.The Fourth Bridesmaid Ch. 01
A photographer gets involved with a customer. by potsherd (06/29/15)
4.53 (245)
6.The Repressed Librarian Ch. 02
She's not as staid as he'd thought. by Tdisk (07/03/15)
4.53 (74)
7.Sweet Cherry Pie
A young woman's first orgasm, from a lesbian encounter. by MONTAUKMILF (06/23/15)
4.50 (103)
8.Hayley's Party Ch. 00
The Prologue... by ChloeTzang (06/18/15)
4.46 (70)
9.Heaven in an Elevator
A boss finally goes down on his asst. while going up. by naughtywriter2 (06/07/15)
4.46 (167)
10.A Happy Accident
Sometimes, it takes an accident to turn fantasy into reality. by GenghisSwan (06/30/15)
4.45 (155)
11.Best Friend's Mom
Kevin's first time with a woman (a sequel to Cumbox). by TaraJean (06/29/15)
4.45 (234)
12.An Adventurous Threesome
A young couple is invited to an older ladies house for sex. by bikerbear600 (06/18/15)
4.41 (75)
13.Sex and the Theatre
Jill becomes a performer. by sarahloveitt (06/06/15)
4.31 (54)
14.Fun Times Ch. 00: Prologue Pt. 03
Kim delivers up her friend to Tommy. by Hogwash (06/06/15)
4.30 (43)
15.The Sisters
He meets, seduces two sisters. by Grouchojim (06/23/15)
4.30 (153)
16."A New Role"
My boyfriend lets the guys use my mouth. by surfgirl420 (06/19/15)
4.27 (179)
17.My Second Time
Young man has 2nd round with older woman; 1st oral. by Grouchojim (06/18/15)
4.27 (37)
18.Girl Asks Friend to take Virginity
Girl asks friend to take virginity, and surprised unfold. by nikkilamkins1738 (06/24/15)
4.27 (376)
19.Friend, with Benefits
Young woman spends the night with a friend. by Ashson (06/16/15)
4.21 (165)
20.Skinny Dipper Ch. 02
Caught swimming, swimmer gets a lesson. by Ashson (06/19/15)
4.21 (116)
21.My First Kiss...
An evening Computer class that lead to a first kiss. by add1983 (06/17/15)
4.19 (95)
A liar lies his way into a young woman's body. by Christie052780 (06/13/15)
4.15 (89)
23.My First Girlfriend
A shy college kid tells the story of getting his girlfriend. by tonerboner91 (06/17/15)
4.08 (103)
A first time non-con story. by Ongria098 (07/03/15)
4.00 (16)
25.Dreaming of a Girl
A story of a shy boy who meets his crush. by papertriangle (06/21/15)
4.00 (216)
26.I Try Bi with Bill
First time bi. by agenchap (06/05/15)
3.99 (71)
27.Guy Teaches Gal
Older Guy teaches college student how Lesbians Do It. by VitalWalt (07/04/15)
3.96 (69)
28.My Older Friend
A young wife being pressured and convinced. by tirreno12 (06/30/15)
3.93 (136)
29.My Best Friend the Virgin
Teaching my sexy friend how to cum... by keepitclassykeepitloud (07/03/15)
3.93 (57)
30.Hungry Hole
A virgin is left behind in a world of sexy sinners! by HuckPilgrim (06/30/15)
3.93 (85)
31.November Day
First time meeting with a working girl. by LanguidLover (06/26/15)
3.80 (69)
32.Carla's First Affair
An erotic play between husband and wife turns into an affair. by tirreno12 (06/06/15)
3.73 (73)
33.Fantaisie Inquiétante
A hidden fantasy. by LoveMenLoveSex (07/02/15)
3.67 (15)
34.Chrissie a True Slut
Chrissie 'Cums' to prefer the 'Bully Boy' to Fiancée. by easyballs (06/19/15)
3.59 (54)
35.My First Anal Sex - Receiving
I finally got the courage to try it. by aden46y (06/28/15)
3.57 (61)
36.A First Time for Everything
An innocent boy gets his first sexual experience. by crazygirl18 (06/12/15)
3.45 (156)
37.Rough Time with a New Friend
A young college girl isn't expecting how hands on things get. by Umm_YesHoney (07/03/15)
3.31 (58)
38.Adaeze Ch. 01
End of high school. A new man worries her. Anticipation. by obcy (06/30/15)
2.62 (13)
39.Judy and Joe
Judy and Joe. by VillowVonVald (06/09/15)
2.57 (44)