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Bright sunshine burned into Prince Ramses II's eyes interrupting his deep sleep. "What's going on?" he asked testily. "Prince Ramses, it is time for you to get up. The Nile is flooding. Your...

Ramses II by Overhill63

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I met Emma in the small reference library of our work place. This is the story of her seduction (of me?), and our education. My story was pretty boring before I met Emma. Racing through high...

The Seduction of Emma by RichardLeslie

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My name is Quinn, and this is the story of my summer of enlightenment. At 19, the world was my oyster, ready to be shucked, but at 19, I didn't quit see it that way. I had never had sex, been with a...

Summer with Michelle by RichardLeslie

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First Time

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Ramses II
Prince Ramses II of Egypt discovers the joys of sex. by Overhill63 (04/18/18)
4.83 (12)
2.The Seduction of Emma
Couple discover each other. by RichardLeslie (04/18/18)
4.69 (39)
3.Summer with Michelle
Teens meet at a summer job and go exploring. by RichardLeslie (04/07/18)
4.66 (434)
4.My Awakening
My first sexual exploration. by AngieStapletonUK (04/15/18)
4.50 (222)
5.Travelling Together
Have you ever made love on a moving train? by ReefBeach (03/29/18)
4.48 (145)
6.Virginity Lost on Vacation
Chubby Canadian cutie deflowered by handsome black guy. by RetroFan (04/05/18)
4.45 (117)
7.Maria's Justice
Maria tries to catch William staring. by Tales_From_Farborough (04/17/18)
4.44 (41)
8.Next-door Neighbor
A glimpse of panties and a first-time bi-curious experience. by Coyotedraw (04/12/18)
4.41 (102)
9.Inexperienced Hands
Innocent hands learn how to please their partner. by naughtygirl82 (04/04/18)
4.39 (82)
10.Infatuation with a Co-Workers Tits
Katherine has a cure for my infatuation with her tits by fearthisss (04/18/18)
4.39 (183)
11.Pleasing Mrs. Jones
Brent's principal teaches him all about sex. He was a virgin. by Onyx03 (04/16/18)
4.36 (84)
12.Topless Amongst Friends
I never thought I could be topless and more around men. by toydisher10 (04/10/18)
4.31 (121)
13.A Quiet Summer Get Away Ch. 01
Teens prepare for a peaceful trip to the mountains. by dramix91 (03/29/18)
4.30 (158)
14.From Virgin to Stud, My Evolution
Tom is seduced by older woman, continues his education. by NerdySex (04/13/18)
4.28 (155)
15.Unexpected Portuguese Sex
Unexpected first time girl sex with a hot Portuguese girl. by ninacole7 (04/17/18)
4.27 (30)
16.Kelly's Love
A story of sex and love that moves forward. by Fliccy_sub (04/04/18)
4.25 (76)
17.A Pool Party - The Prequel
Alexis has a tough time being the local whore's daughter. by JBEdwards (03/28/18)
4.24 (99)
18.Married and 1st Time Swingers Ch. 04
Two married couples play touchy feely while swimming naked. by sgt548 (03/22/18)
4.22 (100)
19.Visiting a Friend
Her friend was not at home. Her friend's father was. by Ashson (03/27/18)
4.22 (132)
20.First Time at Hedonism - Day 04
Can we seduce a conservative couple to swing with us? by JayBerry (04/01/18)
4.20 (92)
21.First-Time Sex with Another Man
After 40 years, I finally have sex with another man. by cvgreg (04/08/18)
4.15 (220)
22.Discovering Ellie
He's short, she's tall. How will they manage? by lexdepenny (04/07/18)
4.13 (97)
23.Shame on the Beach
Adam's first time. by AdamLongstaff9 (03/22/18)
4.07 (117)
24.Married and 1st Time Swingers Ch. 05
Married couple having swinging sex with swingers. by sgt548 (03/28/18)
4.06 (80)
25.First Time at Men's Store
My first time with another man. by duke618 (04/12/18)
4.05 (95)
26.I'm Still "Straight" Right?
The beginnings of the rabbit hole. by Curiousissy (03/28/18)
4.04 (69)
27.Swinging with Frank
My first time with someone besides my husband. by cvgreg (04/11/18)
4.04 (155)
28.The Interview
Fun Stuff. by Suburb (03/27/18)
4.04 (27)
29.The Sister
Kyle has a surprise encounter with his best friend's sister. by sydneycarton7 (04/14/18)
4.01 (282)
30.The Good Son
A naive young woman, a lusty millionaire, a mysogyny cult. by Magenta_Magee (04/09/18)
3.98 (55)
31.Mom's in Town Ch. 22
Dinner with Rachael and Max. by 1sfshermale (04/07/18)
3.93 (14)
32.Julia's Staycation
Julia makes the best out of a bad spring break. by zpolymer (04/17/18)
3.93 (67)
33.Excuse Me...
Post office fun. by pjd66 (03/28/18)
3.91 (76)
34.Hay Ride
Fun Hay Ride. by Suburb (04/04/18)
3.87 (75)
35.Virgin No More
18 year old boy loses his virginity and how. by Arneb (04/06/18)
3.85 (106)
36.The First Time I Touched a Boob!
First time I touched a girl's boobs and how it all happened! by MrAlex (04/12/18)
3.83 (103)
37.Dorian & Lianna
Lianna is now bonded. The wedding night begins. by draco_ma_boi (04/17/18)
3.81 (16)
38.Defiling My Literary Neighbor
A common bond is quickly forged between 2 neighbors. by eligg469 (04/11/18)
3.79 (165)
39.Beautiful Prey Ch. 02
Vera takes charge of the creepy man across the street. by Lovelessly (04/06/18)
3.74 (19)
40.The Reunion
Young Marine rescues long lost love. by Waynesgirl (03/27/18)
3.72 (115)
41.Graduation Day
Man finds love on graduation day. by Walk86 (04/03/18)
3.72 (79)
A gentle goth. by Mari12 (03/21/18)
3.72 (61)
43.A Journal of Erotic Fantasies...
Becca's first lesbian experience. by QuietGirl69 (04/14/18)
3.61 (18)
44.My First Blowjob!
The is the second part of "The First Time I Touched a Boob!" by MrAlex (04/16/18)
3.50 (58)
45.Sydney Cox - The Beginning
Naive girl leaves the farm for the first time. by DurtyWriter (03/30/18)
3.30 (43)
46.Learning from My Mistakes Pt. 01
My first mistake. by evangeliatirolo (04/05/18)
3.21 (29)
47.Only the Best
A wealthy young virgin makes use of his new maid. by SirenEyes (04/15/18)
3.16 (180)