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My name is Jasmin. I am Jenny's youngest sister living in Taiwan. I'm the youngest of four sisters and the family often joke that I came as a big surprise to my mother who thought she was past her...

Jenny and Jack Pt. 10 - Jasmin's Tale by loveking

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ROSA: You know those kinds of friends who would do anything for you? The kind that would drop everything to help you out, the ones who support you and empower you? Those kinds of friends were...

Birthday Surprise by CallMeKitten09

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Chapter 4a As promised, I texted my mother as soon as we got back to Jenny's house. Neither my mother nor Jenny's parents were thrilled about us going to the out-of-town concert; but we were both...

Kenny and His Cousins Ch. 04a by MemberX

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1.Band Camping
This one time while camping... by rexspaulding (06/06/18)
4.85 (242)
2.Jenny and Jack Pt. 10 - Jasmin's Tale
Jenny's youngest sister is seduced and corrupted by Jack. by loveking (06/09/18)
4.79 (24)
A young woman's car breaks down. by sawandsword (06/13/18)
4.66 (290)
4.Teddy Bare Pt. 01
A young man poses for a local artist - his former teacher! by The_Rat_in_the_Hat (06/06/18)
4.65 (259)
5.It was an Itsy-Bitsy, Teenie-Weenie...
Too small a swimsuit? by TarnishedPenny (06/20/18)
4.62 (187)
6.Birthday Surprise
Rosa goes out for her bday and gets more than she expected. by CallMeKitten09 (06/12/18)
4.57 (115)
7.The First Ticks in My Diary Ch. 02
Ellen continues her sexual journey. by tomtom45 (05/31/18)
4.57 (35)
8.On The Edge Ch. 05
Alex brings home a friend from university for Ann to sample. by Jonny_Blueline (06/14/18)
4.55 (38)
9.First Time at Men's Store Pt. 02
First Time at Men's Store Part 2. by duke618 (06/15/18)
4.55 (11)
10.Kenny and His Cousins Ch. 04a
Penny: "My cousin didn't know I was watching her..." by MemberX (06/02/18)
4.54 (92)
11.A Very Exclusive Auction
Something very special is for sale today... by SilkPantyGirl (06/02/18)
4.51 (281)
12.Defloration Ch. 06
Claire, a mature woman needs some spice in her life. by Writer2000 (05/29/18)
4.49 (96)
13.Village Ch. 02: Before the Party
Stuart goes round to Angela's before the young people's party. by Stanlow (06/08/18)
4.49 (35)
14.Defloration Ch. 07
Paul helps a Greek girl to please her man. Mother cums too. by Writer2000 (06/17/18)
4.43 (135)
15.A Birthday First
A birthday girl gets the perfect gift from her best friend. by negativelyme (06/06/18)
4.34 (128)
Brad responds to his first bisex personal. by cody_nifty (06/13/18)
4.31 (77)
17.A Student's Naughty Detention
A student gets a shock while serving detention. by Gingerleah (06/15/18)
4.31 (100)
18.Losing My 18
How at the age of 18 I lost my virginity to my friend's aunt. by Cleevedreams (06/11/18)
4.28 (351)
19.'Tales from the Orient' Ch. 06
Dee and her flight back to UK. by RashomanSingapore (06/01/18)
4.25 (8)
20.Becca's New Experience
After watching Jenn and DJ, Becca learns something new. by WhO2 (06/14/18)
4.24 (38)
21.From Japan with Love
A Japanese exchange student gets naughty with her neighbor. by iggyspear (06/14/18)
4.22 (161)
22.A Hook-up Years in the Making Pt. 01
Finally, we hook up without big sis knowing. by FlasksndFIFA (06/15/18)
4.22 (148)
23.A Different Type of Dancing
A couple has some fun after a night of dancing. by ASmallBoxOfChocolateBunnies (06/09/18)
4.21 (71)
24.Losing Religion
Two church people, get excommunicated. by Grendel667 (06/02/18)
4.19 (98)
25.Lauren's First
Lauren gets her guy. by Asaccharum (05/31/18)
4.18 (100)
26.Pretty Young Thing Pt. 03
Nicole recalls her first time. by DreamsToReality (05/26/18)
4.18 (50)
27.My Parent's Neighbors Pt. 03
Samantha asks Casey to help her with a problem. by O2 (05/31/18)
4.15 (107)
28.She Cums from Away
An innocent girl accepts a beginner lesson. by MrNiceguy777 (05/21/18)
4.14 (188)
29.The Night Before
A woman reliving her fun filled night. by Goody2good4youShoes (05/27/18)
4.00 (66)
30.Purity by the Moon
Supernatural Royals first time. by neonkitty (05/31/18)
4.00 (12)
31.A Slow Start
A guy's POV of a slowly developing college relationship. by kdbtsa (05/25/18)
3.97 (36)
32.Educating Sammy
His 19yo student was tempting him, but would he stray? by SisterJezabel (06/16/18)
3.92 (118)
33.Charlie on Rye
A dysfunctional arranged marriage. Couples therapy. Uh-oh by Chelsea_To_Shining_Sea (06/19/18)
3.88 (8)
34.Motorcycle Trip
First Hotwife experience. by HDFatBoyLo (06/03/18)
3.87 (125)
The narrator loses his virginity at a brothel. by Frank_Keyes (06/06/18)
3.78 (36)
36.Rainy Ride
How a convenient bike pool turned into most memorable night. by GlobalTrekker (06/16/18)
3.62 (40)
37.The Parting Gift Pt. 01
Three high school couples decide to end their school life. by Nerdick (05/24/18)
3.59 (37)
38.The Parting Gift Pt. 02
Friends. Love. Sex. Betrayal. by Nerdick (05/26/18)
3.36 (14)
39.My First Time with a Man
First real experience with a man. by chastr (06/19/18)
3.27 (15)
40.Silly Little Whore
Obsessed with cock she finally gets want she wants. by a1fiend (05/26/18)
3.23 (86)
41.Dad's Dungeon
A young couple learns BDSM therapy, with Qualified help. by psiberzerker (06/13/18)
3.00 (7)
42.A1: Forget the Rapture, Here's Anna
Anna (Anuschka) Marek: TSG#35. by HuckPilgrim (06/19/18)
3.00 (6)