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In previous pages, I met Becky and became first her personal trainer, then her life coach. We grew close, but put our growing feelings for each other on hold. She began dating and lost her virginity...

First Rites Pt. 03 by joelafayette

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The chronological order of my stories is now listed in WifeWatchman's biography. Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas. This story...

Point Hollow Ch. 03 by WifeWatchman

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"This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Channel Two News!" shouted the lovely redhead reporterette from in front of the State Office Building at 7:00am, Tuesday, April 5th. "Channel Two News has learned...

Women's Work Ch. 02 by WifeWatchman

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1.First Rites Pt. 03
The player coaches and falls for the virgin. by joelafayette (08/26/16)
4.80 (15)
2.Point Hollow Ch. 03
College girl loses her virginity; a nutty professor talks. by WifeWatchman (08/14/16)
4.77 (155)
3.First Rites Pt. 02
The player coaches and falls for the virgin. by joelafayette (08/25/16)
4.77 (22)
4.Women's Work Ch. 02
Comparing mothers and daughters; continuing the chase. by WifeWatchman (07/29/16)
4.66 (167)
5.Another Kind of Power
She teases her professor beyond endurance. by asecretdream (08/15/16)
4.64 (233)
6.Dear Paulette
Hot Prom, Secrets, and What Could Have Been. by NeoDiotima (08/13/16)
4.58 (52)
7.For the Love of Shawna
Can Joshua find his love again? by DOMann1959 (08/20/16)
4.51 (101)
8.Their First Time
Jack and Cassie experience love for the first time. by jfAfterDark (08/07/16)
4.46 (271)
9.My Hot Next Door Neighbor
Neglected Wife finds herself in an affair with the neighbor. by pastmyprime23 (08/27/16)
4.43 (266)
10.Her First Time
He took her virginity in a barn on a hot summer night. by 7LivesManyFaces (08/11/16)
4.40 (161)
11.Love at First Bump
A bumpy car ride gets interesting for friends. by squired_raisin (08/20/16)
4.39 (265)
12.Seduced to Sex
Sometimes you need to seduce your partner to sex. by Joanmcarthy (08/13/16)
4.38 (76)
13.The Forgotten Island Ch. 01
David Discovers a Tribe of Virgins. by PrincessRiley472 (08/18/16)
4.37 (268)
14.Although I Am Sold, Not Yet Enjoy'd Ch. 02
Manny's second time, Mwali's first time. by ReefBeach (08/16/16)
4.33 (12)
15.The Adventures of Clover Ch. 01
Clover discovers nipple sucking and sees her first penis. by clovermoffatt (08/02/16)
4.33 (163)
16.Have Been Thinking about My Bi Side
A Story for Penny. by clarissaj1982 (08/27/16)
4.32 (37)
17.Losing My V Card
Married Neighbor lady takes my Virginity and teaches me more. by Brian6588 (08/27/16)
4.32 (177)
Cop is called to a domestic dispute. by Ashson (08/19/16)
4.27 (194)
19.First Rites Pt. 01
The player coaches and falls for the virgin. by joelafayette (08/23/16)
4.25 (51)
20.Photos of Jen Pt. 01
Johnny's not home, but his hot sister is. by Gary_Alexander_2 (08/12/16)
4.23 (192)
21.Clover's Cocksucking Lessons
The virgin Lizzie learns to suck cock. by clovermoffatt (08/12/16)
4.21 (136)
22.New Experiences
Eager girl gets what she wants, and more! by Silini (07/29/16)
4.21 (123)
23.Mailroom Girl
Mickey Bliss gets a surprise. by sofielowe (08/11/16)
4.21 (186)
24.First Time at the Farm
She wants an older man with experience. by TantalizingTwizel (08/24/16)
4.19 (186)
25.Clover's Virginity Service
Clover teaches Joey and Anna how to fuck. by clovermoffatt (08/13/16)
4.17 (128)
26.Mothers Turning Point
And other unknown directions. by qualitywheat (08/26/16)
4.17 (41)
27.The Adventures of Clover Ch. 02
Kevin suckles my titties and we are interrupted. by clovermoffatt (08/04/16)
4.17 (94)
28.Clover Plays with Her Cousin
The story of our little dominance game. by clovermoffatt (08/15/16)
4.16 (62)
29.Seducing Best Friend's Daughter
Surprise seduction of my best friend's daughter. by bilove69 (08/17/16)
4.16 (495)
30.A Good Deed
T. J. helps out a friend in need... by Whovian19 (08/17/16)
4.14 (112)
New housemate learns the rules. by Ashson (08/25/16)
4.11 (107)
32.Riley's Exploits Pt. 02
Riley tries sex for the first time. by RileyAriadne (08/26/16)
4.09 (57)
33.Play Time is Over
A young girl loses her anal virginity to an older man. by TJayInOz (08/12/16)
4.07 (82)
34.Kayleigh Ch. 02
Ethan goes to Kayleigh's house, finding not just one girl... by Faptasize (08/09/16)
4.05 (63)
35.Love Ladies
My fantasy story for you! by 1954kirkland (08/20/16)
4.04 (47)
36.Taking My Princess' Cherry
She was his... She wanted to be totally his... by Curioustolearn (08/17/16)
4.03 (65)
37.A Private Self-Defense Lesson Ch. 02
My plan didn't include all of that! by happywriter007 (08/18/16)
4.02 (44)
38.Clover Loses Her Virginity
I lose my virginity rather late! by clovermoffatt (08/12/16)
4.00 (57)
39.Days of Summer
What else are three people going to do on a hot day? by JimBob44 (08/17/16)
3.98 (41)
40.Going Native
A young man from the stars is taught what love is. by haiugga (08/26/16)
3.96 (23)
41.Pet: The Prelude
Family Pet tells the story of how it all began. by chitrashi (07/30/16)
3.94 (102)
42.My Joy
A hot day. by sexnovella (08/22/16)
3.85 (123)
43.Two F***ing Years at University
Sarah discovers what her bed is really worth at Uni. by MrsJ (07/30/16)
3.83 (112)
An unexpected bonus, with my massage. by DavBoo (08/12/16)
3.79 (135)
45.Almost First Time
Shy virgin guy's sexual awakening. by panewhitebread (08/05/16)
3.75 (61)
46.Foreplay Ch. 01
My first experience. by Redm_the_great42 (08/23/16)
3.75 (65)
47.My First Surprise Erotic Massage
I had only had Therapeutic massage till a Russian lady turned. by jambajuice67 (08/20/16)
3.71 (84)
48.When The Lights Start To Fade Ch. 00
A lonely woman gains the strength she needed. by Forevermorealone15 (08/16/16)
3.59 (66)
49.The Best Birthday
Young lady gets wonderful gift. by Ingrid11B (08/18/16)
3.58 (89)
50.Clover Watches Take Miss Akin's Ass
Miss Akin has little choice as Clover joins in. by clovermoffatt (08/18/16)
3.52 (40)
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