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" many dicks have you sucked total?" Kayla Hinckley asked matter-of-factly as she walked along a dirt trail which followed a slow moving river through the woods. Behind her was her gay friend...

A Personal Question by laffalot

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Please note this is Part B of a 3 part "Chapter One" (Part C is still to come). You should have Read Part A first, otherwise what's happening here has no context. .... There's also a Prologue...

Hayley's Party Ch. 01 Pt. B by ChloeTzang

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I failed to get the required grades in my exams to go to university; to say I was upset was an understatement. I knew I'd messed up in my final exam, I'd revised, I was ready, I knew my stuff. On...

Didn't Make the Grade by threelayers

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First Time

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1.A Personal Question
"How many dicks have you sucked?" by laffalot (09/30/15)
4.72 (137)
2.Hayley's Party Ch. 01 Pt. B
"Tonight's the night..." a Chinese girl loses her virginity by ChloeTzang (09/21/15)
4.68 (59)
3.Didn't Make the Grade
How a temporary job lead to first time. by threelayers (09/05/15)
4.50 (142)
4.Hayley's Party Ch. 01 Pt. C
"Tonight's the night" - a Chinese girl loses her virginity. by ChloeTzang (09/30/15)
4.50 (52)
5.Show Me
Young man is accosted by two young ladies. by Ashson (10/01/15)
4.48 (269)
6.Rigid Encounter of the Lewd Kind
Guy on guy on first time sex. by spitzharder (09/09/15)
4.47 (34)
7.Bach & Elgar's Happy Ending Ch. 02
Lena discovers the joys of being eaten. by ReefBeach (09/10/15)
4.45 (69)
8.Room Service, with a Smile
A mature woman gives a special tip for room service. by oedipusrex (09/21/15)
4.42 (191)
9.Mouse's Maiden Voyage
Astronaut loses her virginity in space to two comrades. by Gorza (09/15/15)
4.39 (137)
10.My First Blowjob
A young woman works her way up to giving her first ever BJ. by sexmeup469 (09/11/15)
4.37 (132)
11.Danny Ch. 01
A young man' journey to adulthood. by Just Plain Bob (10/03/15)
4.37 (141)
12.More Virgin than You
A young woman irritates her friends. by Ashson (09/28/15)
4.36 (210)
13.The Seducer
How a lonely boy becomes a Seducer? by heartbreakkid96 (09/09/15)
4.33 (175)
14.Protecting Our Daughter
Husband and wife decide to seduce their daughter boyfriend. by MonicaJane6969 (09/18/15)
4.33 (174)
15.Caitlyn and Jared
Childhood sweethearts reunite. by markuscad (09/29/15)
4.31 (224)
Jay was surprised by the sex story - it was about her. by ccnyman (09/22/15)
4.28 (71)
17.Unexpected Liaison with Katie
First time experience for young woman and her aunt's friend. by caseyjones67 (09/24/15)
4.27 (102)
18.Mystery Fools Me Big Time
Secretaries and Sisters join forces with a wife. by TheycallmeMrBig (09/29/15)
4.25 (72)
19.4 Inches Pt. 02
Ian loses his virginity and meets a young Indian woman. by StriderJohn (09/09/15)
4.24 (21)
20.Watching Her
Just relaxing and she changes in front of you. by Ashson (09/24/15)
4.24 (160)
21.Antidote for Innocence
The best way to lose your virginity. by Timthe (09/25/15)
4.23 (103)
22.Sweet Sex
A nice guy's first time. by inkquisitive (09/04/15)
4.19 (98)
23.Rose Lips
A bored teacher fulfils his fantasy. by KittyCas (09/04/15)
4.18 (96)
24.Jeanette and David the Virgin
Male virgin is seduced. by Jill_P (09/12/15)
4.17 (132)
25.Master and Student
The headmaster's fantasy. by sexnovella (09/10/15)
4.17 (72)
26.Getting Cured
Losing My Virginity. by LizzysFriend (09/16/15)
4.16 (73)
27.Mrs. T and Me
I missed summer loving contest so I posted it here. by writesformary (09/09/15)
4.15 (178)
28.Home Visit
Nathan arrives at Emma's house for their first time together. by VixensSecret (10/03/15)
4.06 (31)
29.Seducing a Friend Pt. 02
First time giving someone a blowjob. by cutexd (09/08/15)
4.06 (18)
30.My First Cougar: Never Forget Her
A job at a remote bed and breakfast has hot fringe benefits. by Cougariffic (09/19/15)
4.04 (351)
A young man's first time. by TheJoker81 (09/06/15)
3.91 (128)
32.The Fucking of Amy Pt. 01
A coming of age story in an unusual community. by jaF0 (09/19/15)
3.91 (222)
33.Gina Loses Her Virginity
An eighteen year old loses her virginity while babysitting. by Mysteria27 (09/17/15)
3.79 (296)
34.Emma's First Time
Emma's father has a special surprise for her 18th birthday. by abroadsword (09/16/15)
3.78 (179)
35.Sexily Ever After
Wife being unfaithful to her nerd husband. by easyballs (09/03/15)
3.69 (189)
36.Caught in a Shower
Heavy rain leads to first glimpse of naked neighbour. by threelayers (09/04/15)
3.68 (173)
37.Uninvited but Welcome
A teacher's aide gets a special lesson. by Belladiva (09/26/15)
3.58 (74)
38.Seducing a Friend Pt. 01
First time giving someone a blowjob. by cutexd (09/06/15)
3.58 (40)
39.Skylar and Rose Ch. 01: The Beginning
Two college girls share their sexual past. by Zendady (09/12/15)
3.54 (37)
40.Distance and Dominance
Long distance relationship between two lovers. by dutchenglishlove94 (09/13/15)
3.46 (24)
41.State Rally Ch. 03
When Cole and Karen surprise Tony again. by Ollegio (09/22/15)
3.31 (16)