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It seemed like only yesterday that in my daydreams of Mr. Right, I'd been a little black dress type of girl who delicately sipped champagne with her preppy college-guy boyfriend over a romantic...

Chinese Takeout Ch. 02 by ChloeTzang

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"We have to stop!" she said. She said it very sharply. "Um, okay," I said. "We can stop." I held her by the waist and tried to make eye contact, but she wouldn't look at me. She pulled my hands...

Creative Writing by mattmatthews

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I guess the whole reason for this story was my parents getting divorced, conveniently during the spring of my second year in college. That and a stupid game we played at Panhellenic wherein we...

Natalie, a Coed Story Ch. 01 by Jessie92

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First Time

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1.Chinese Takeout Ch. 02
High School Pickup - Jay-Lin goes for a ride with Round Out. by ChloeTzang (01/13/16)
4.77 (133)
2.Chinese Takeout Ch. 03
Love Changes Everything - Jay-Lin gets beaten up on the bus. by ChloeTzang (01/30/16)
4.70 (84)
3.Creative Writing
I lose my virginity with my writing teacher. by mattmatthews (02/03/16)
4.69 (117)
4.Natalie, a Coed Story Ch. 01
Chapter One, Natalie gets a job and her life changes. by Jessie92 (01/19/16)
4.64 (292)
5.Natalie, a Coed Story Ch. 02
Her first customer. by Jessie92 (01/24/16)
4.62 (188)
6.The Scene Ch. 04: The Fourth Wall
Chloe is a handful when she's been drinking. by YoureWet (01/24/16)
4.61 (69)
7.The Scene Ch. 03: Props Department
Chloe soaks her new stage knickers. by YoureWet (01/20/16)
4.60 (121)
8.Taking Him
22 year old virgin boy is finally taken. by Rede772 (02/07/16)
4.54 (300)
9.Deflowering Alice ... and Me
Virgins give each other a very special Valentine. by heartlandwriter (02/04/16)
4.52 (377)
10.The Summer of '79
Coming of age for a young man in 1979. by ChuckEPoo (01/29/16)
4.51 (192)
11.The Scene Ch. 05: Curtain Call
Harry receives the best birthday present of his life. by YoureWet (01/26/16)
4.49 (76)
12.The Virgin Trilogy
Friend's little sister visits and begs for an education. by MrNiceguy777 (02/05/16)
4.47 (157)
13.The Defloration of Sharleen
Jude offers her husband to her friend’s virgin daughter by Scorpius1945 (01/26/16)
4.43 (232)
A young man meets a woman with an exciting lifestyle. by EroticMonster (01/31/16)
4.41 (32)
15.Lessons from an Older Woman
She's old enough to be my mother! by Tony_Martin (01/19/16)
4.40 (369)
16.The Scene Ch. 02: Not a Dry Seat
Harry discovers just how wet a virgin can get. by YoureWet (01/19/16)
4.39 (148)
17.Her New Professor
An innocent student gets more than she expected! by Wetpatch69 (02/05/16)
4.39 (100)
18.Big Butt Chronicles: Yvette
Losing his virginity to his cousin... by mondotoken (01/31/16)
4.38 (154)
19.Unchartered Waters
An Indian woman finds herself charmed by an American man by onastep (02/03/16)
4.38 (64)
20.Nancy's Submission
Nancy, a neighbor and I. by EroticMasseur (01/13/16)
4.37 (230)
21.Impressively Average Ch. 01
A awkward nerd has his first real chance at romance. by Alastrius (02/04/16)
4.32 (75)
22.The Lady in the Coat
She flashes and fucks. by LairOfTheCougar (01/22/16)
4.28 (110)
23.Summer Afternoon
Mature Woman, Young Man, Dominance, Oral Pleasure. by BigBillT (01/21/16)
4.22 (120)
24.The Scene Ch. 01: The Script
Married man mentors local teenage actress. by YoureWet (01/16/16)
4.18 (203)
25.An Unexpected Holiday Experience
A bound woman is pleasured by partner and a guest. by manofkent (01/30/16)
4.14 (36)
26.Night Nurse
Nurses life disintegrates after incident with teenager by david62 (02/07/16)
4.05 (232)
A student repays her teacher for teaching her. by Teach64 (01/19/16)
4.01 (97)
28.The Game Begins
Fantasy comes to life. by Bossbitch8 (02/06/16)
3.98 (41)
29.Happy New Year!
Babysitter doesn't want to be alone New Year's Eve. by LaTourEiffel (01/16/16)
3.97 (201)
30.Lilly the First
Young lovers finally consummate. by AimTwoPlease (01/10/16)
3.93 (132)
31.Off to College
A routine physical turns into a threesome! by DoctorMason (02/02/16)
3.90 (176)
32.Fun at the Ice Cream Parlor
Jerry has an entertaining night. by Mysteria27 (02/05/16)
3.81 (78)
33.Holiday in Cabo
Tired of being a virgin on vacation. by Kat900 (01/27/16)
3.80 (103)
A valuable education in life skills. by Bray123 (01/13/16)
3.77 (53)
35.Pursued and Caught by Sex
The story of how I lost my (male) virginity. by lexykhan (01/19/16)
3.77 (39)
36.Olympic Conditioning
Uptight before competition, Tara needs to loosen up. by AsnyLark (01/19/16)
3.72 (90)
37.Couldn't Wait
From Text to Reality...The rising tension. by comet67 (02/02/16)
3.70 (10)
38.The First Encounter: Rebecca
My encounter with Rebecca. by Sodicox9 (01/29/16)
3.61 (62)
Naughty secretary. by Ricohxxx (01/24/16)
3.50 (115)
40.Uncharted Waters
A young man comes into his own... by masculinecuriosity (01/15/16)
3.21 (39)