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It was 1976 and high school sucked. Well, it seemed like it anyway. For a large majority of kids high school is a hotbed of intimidation, awkwardness and what they call today bullying. Back in the...

High School Life Ch. 01 by m_storyman_x

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"Agh, I just don't understand it Cal, it's too confusing!" I screamed into my hands. My temper was the only thing that was stopping the stinging tears from falling from my eyes. I was frustrated,...

The Game by EvelynEden

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Standing in front of the display, she peruses the selection. There's nothing fancy on offer, Mars bars, Snickers, Twix, Double Decker, Kit Kat, Crunchy, Twirl, all the usual crap. She selects a small...

Malum Prohibitum by KierHardy

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First Time

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1.High School Life Ch. 01
High school life back in the day, and my first time. by m_storyman_x (04/08/16)
4.70 (573)
2.The Game
To help her study Lisa gambles her virginity... and more. by EvelynEden (04/27/16)
4.56 (168)
3.Malum Prohibitum
(Evil Because Prohibited). by KierHardy (04/16/16)
4.56 (54)
4.Bach & Elgar's Happy Ending Ch. 04
Jack and Lena, now with George - and Carl Orff. by ReefBeach (04/08/16)
4.53 (17)
5.Mia, A Coed Story Ch. 01
A coed coming of age and becoming a woman. by Jessie92 (04/12/16)
4.51 (146)
6.On the Desk with the Best
Student's desire for her teacher is reciprocated on his desk. by Kyra_Dell (04/12/16)
4.43 (138)
7.Liana's Secret Garden
What he saw through the open window warranted checking out. by blackstroker (04/02/16)
4.42 (165)
8.The Adventures of Andrew Ch. 01
On his 18th birthday, Andrew has his first sexual experience. by jklazarus (04/19/16)
4.39 (196)
9.Hayley's Party Ch. 06
They say you've got a broken heart. by ChloeTzang (04/16/16)
4.34 (41)
Farmer's daughter vamps the farmhand. by Ashson (04/10/16)
4.30 (340)
11.The Real Estate Agent
Casual Sex. by Newkinkstories (04/15/16)
4.26 (106)
12.Kendra Wants to Lose Her Virginity
Two stories, his and hers of her sexual awakening night. by KissedMany (04/05/16)
4.24 (50)
13.Taken... on a 7 Nights, 8 Lays Cruise
The 3 girls accept an all-inclusive family-package 'holiday'. by MrsJ (04/15/16)
4.24 (96)
14.The Milf And The Nerd
A teenager's first sexual encounter with his friend's mum. by xherdan (04/07/16)
4.09 (463)
15.I Smoked Way Too Much
What happened when I smoked more than usual. by 18YearOldWriter (04/19/16)
4.07 (73)
16.Jock Play
Not all jocks are as straight as they come. by men4men (04/21/16)
4.05 (65)
17.Teacher's Pet
Teacher keeps student after class to earn extra credit. by baldman4u (04/20/16)
4.01 (215)
18.Fujiko's Tales of the Slut Side Ep. 01
A New Slut. by MortimerforFujiko (04/06/16)
4.00 (23)
19.My First Blowjob!
Young curious male sucks older man's cock behind restaurant. by dhat_soa (04/13/16)
3.97 (99)
20.Once In a Lifetime
First time anal. by RossoDiavolo (04/22/16)
3.86 (36)
21.Fucked My Hot Neighbour Pt. 01
Fantasy with my hot neighbour came true. by ladiesman143 (03/31/16)
3.81 (192)
22.Belated Buddy's Bonding
Four buddies open the door on some new bonding experiences. by ozzietosser (04/27/16)
3.74 (34)
23.The Schoolteacher Requires Some Help!
Cheating wife with young stud. by easyballs (04/11/16)
3.72 (319)
24.The Robot at Play
The story depicts the conflict in the mind of a woman. by PrettyPalu (04/14/16)
3.71 (7)
25.Lazy Summer Days
A young couple experimenting. by BlackCatWalking (04/20/16)
3.55 (93)
26.Stacey Gets Out of Her Rut
Young woman loses her virginity in an unexpected way. by blueberry_camelot (04/02/16)
3.51 (180)
27.Would You?
Common guy talk turns into more by 18YearOldWriter (04/25/16)
3.49 (86)
28.Impossible Threesome Dream
How I succeeded in reaching my incredible threesome. by lyruv (04/14/16)
3.47 (19)
29.Her First Blowjob Goes Awry
College co-ed wants to experience giving head. by viejopelon (04/04/16)
3.44 (104)
30.The Fun of Being Naked
Girl went naked outdoor at night and had fun. by blue_butterfly (04/27/16)
3.41 (100)
31.Teenage Fantasies - First Girl
Memories turned into sexual dreams. by JiltedSavior (04/06/16)
3.26 (46)
32.My First Time
From BBS to hotel room. by RossoDiavolo (04/01/16)
3.20 (20)
33.My Real First Time
The tragedy of first times. by JiltedSavior (04/06/16)
3.18 (50)
34.Affair Date Night
JC & Parker go to dinner before making love. by StCrnrGrl_92 (04/01/16)
3.14 (35)
35.On the Ferry
Toby and Lyle's Cabin. by Bigboytoy2016 (04/16/16)
3.00 (20)
36.Andy Ch. 01
Guy unwillingly deflowers girlfriend. by Pseudonimo (04/22/16)
2.68 (97)