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"Joe, can I ask you a question?" Jada, my wife of 10 years asked me. "Sure, what is it?" "Are you gay?" she asked. "What?" I asked, trying to quell the fear that I was certain was obvious...

Wife Helps Husband Bi by BottomBull

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Alicia and I had been friends since 9th grade. We had first met when I randomly sat next to her in history class. I remember catching a brief whiff of something floral, and looked over to my right to...

After Yoga, Alicia by mischievousj

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A few years ago I was living alone in an apartment block downtown. I was single at the time after breaking up with a guy a few weeks earlier. My emotions were still a little raw from how we had split...

Daddy after Midnight by BadLilKitty

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First Time

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1.The Invitation - A Halloween Story
Gerry Maxwell is invited to a very special Halloween Party. by The_Technician (10/10/16)
4.65 (378)
2.Wife Helps Husband Bi
Black wife helps husband try bi sex. by BottomBull (10/09/16)
4.57 (161)
3.After Yoga, Alicia
Two friends in high school finally seal the deal. by mischievousj (10/18/16)
4.54 (257)
4.Bú cuò, not bad!
Visitor discovers Chinese mother and her daughter. by LaTourEiffel (10/17/16)
4.54 (200)
5.Daddy after Midnight
Jessica meets the Daddy she never knew she needed. by BadLilKitty (10/12/16)
4.45 (159)
6.Nikki: Never on the First Date
How I got to know my slut girlfriend. by RONIN1869 (10/13/16)
4.42 (110)
7.Hannah and Helen
Two art students get sexual with 18-year old guy. by yesterdays (09/29/16)
4.41 (245)
8.Big vs. Small
A small woman meets a big man. by Ashson (10/13/16)
4.39 (247)
9.Carrie's Quest for Love
The pleasures and frustrations of finding Mr. Right. by mdiver (10/09/16)
4.37 (35)
10.Curiosity Killed the Cat [G-12] Pt. 01
Man explores a different life style. by charlessmythe (09/30/16)
4.35 (20)
11.First Time I Cheated My Hubby
Indian Housewife describes how she was tempted to cheat. by achiever_12 (09/28/16)
4.35 (175)
12.Bent Double
Tim helps Nurah when she's bent double... by cybersky (09/24/16)
4.32 (184)
13.BabySitter Bribe
He made the sitter an offer for extra duties. by Ashson (10/04/16)
4.23 (449)
14.The Free For All
A volunteer organization to destigmatize sex is born. by MissAyda (10/14/16)
4.20 (61)
15.Bad Beginning but a Fabulous Ending
First Time Thorough Althletic Scholarship Physical Exam by Ingrid11B (10/16/16)
4.16 (111)
16.Barbarian in Vegas
Barbarian meets stunt woman. by BeardedBarbarian (10/01/16)
4.15 (62)
17.An Unexpected Release
Two high school seniors have surprise sex outside. by LaceyLove (10/20/16)
4.12 (144)
18.First Time, Pool Side
A girl has her first time with crush beside a pool. by SejsicA (09/23/16)
4.11 (193)
19.Barbarian Crashes a Wedding
Runaway bride cheats. by BeardedBarbarian (09/30/16)
4.10 (117)
20.Barbarian Recounts High School Lust
Barbarian pops high school cheer cherry. by BeardedBarbarian (10/07/16)
4.07 (125)
21.A Date with My Wife
First time sharing my wife. by 1mbibry (10/08/16)
4.03 (219)
22.She Comes First, but it's His First
Experience female seduces a virgin young male. by KayceeCharles (10/13/16)
3.97 (90)
23.I Swallowed
Coming of age. by charlessmythe (10/16/16)
3.93 (105)
24.The All-America Virgin
Travis Rook is named All-America then discovers sex. by GQquietguy (10/14/16)
3.86 (29)
25.Friends with Benefits
Neighbours turned good friends. by infinity321 (10/11/16)
3.86 (114)
26.Love in Black and White Ch. 01
Two sexual mentors: one Black, one White. by MeredithEighty8 (10/11/16)
3.86 (14)
27.My Best Summer [GF-09] Pt. 01
Two young men explore their sexuality. by charlessmythe (09/29/16)
3.85 (47)
28.Alex's First Time (with a man)
Alex and I are fuck buddies, this is how it all started. by speedodave (10/07/16)
3.83 (42)
29.My Eighteenth Birthday
Adult bookstore adventure. by charlessmythe (10/14/16)
3.80 (100)
30.The Stewardess
A dreamy nighttime flight. by rachelfoxen (10/08/16)
3.67 (86)
31.Fucking Him in His Car
Fucking my first love in his car. by jojoxoxo_ (09/27/16)
3.55 (140)
32.Worthless Wife [BI-03] Pt. 01
A first time story. by charlessmythe (09/22/16)
3.32 (50)
Two young men explore their sexuality. by charlessmythe (10/16/16)
3.27 (45)
Mixing business and pleasure. by AZDV (10/08/16)
3.09 (64)
35.Dick or Teat
It's Paul's slam bash Halloween party and Krissy's there. by AsnyLark (10/21/16)
3.08 (77)
36.My First [GF-03] Pt. 01
A first time story. by charlessmythe (10/01/16)
2.93 (43)
Because you can't always get what you want. by wannabplaything (10/11/16)
2.79 (39)