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My name is Andrew Johnson but everyone calls me AJ. Growing up I was a fairly normal guy, I lived in a nice house with a loving family and I didn't really having a care in the world. But when I was...

New Beginnings by silverfern

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I replayed the night as I drove home. A small part of my mind registered guilt for taking the virginity of a man so much younger than me but the other, much larger, part was reliving it with pleasure...

The First Time Ch. 02 by CoventinaNyx

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Cole re-enters the booth with a few pieces of what appear to be lingerie in his hands. I bite my lip as he hands me a black lace bra and a matching g-string. "Put em oooon." he says, grinning like a...

Fantasies of a Virgin Slut Pt. 05 by HornyRuby

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First Time

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1.New Beginnings
A tragic accident brings a new family together. by silverfern (05/17/16)
4.74 (379)
2.The First Time Ch. 02
My friend's son and I share more! by CoventinaNyx (05/09/16)
4.61 (270)
3.Fantasies of a Virgin Slut Pt. 05
Netflix and Chill. by HornyRuby (05/18/16)
4.55 (20)
4.Chris’ Red Rocket
A nerd who meets a curvy biker chick is in for a ride. by fultoncrossroad (05/16/16)
4.54 (442)
5.All About Perspective
Perhaps things aren't as bad as they look. by barkirk (05/10/16)
4.49 (162)
6.Getting His Attention
The story of how a Geek gets lucky. by Azuldrgon (05/04/16)
4.49 (512)
7.My Last Summer at the Lake
Making memories at the lake - good, bad & erotic. by Queen_of_Desire (05/11/16)
4.48 (118)
8.Life Imitates Art... Sort Of
A cougar takes her cues from a popular movie. by trigudis (05/01/16)
4.46 (111)
9.Mrs. Baxter's Boarding House Ch. 01
Adam's first time. by geronimo_appleby (05/07/16)
4.43 (247)
10.It Started With a Snog Ch. 02
A surprising discovery leads Penny to book an appointment. by stevetruestories (05/14/16)
4.38 (29)
11.Failing Art
Teacher reprimands a student who has stopped trying. by Ashson (05/05/16)
4.34 (232)
A queer man discovers his desire for his best female friend. by litgrrl (05/21/16)
4.19 (70)
13.Playing Around
He observed her leading on her boyfriend. by Ashson (05/12/16)
4.18 (216)
14.So Glad We Met
Will the first date be the last one? by IrishExile (05/18/16)
4.11 (53)
15.Christmas at the Shopping Mall
A highly erotic couple fantasy. by Percivus (05/03/16)
4.02 (49)
16.2015 Reader's Choice Awards: Best First Time Story
The best of 2015 - as chosen by you, the reader! by Literotica (05/11/16)
4.00 (12)
17.First Time for Everything
My first gloryhole. by qazwaz (05/06/16)
3.96 (79)
18."Friends" Ch. 01: Rings
A college age man has an unexpected experience. by SylentWriter (05/12/16)
3.89 (66)
19.My Best Friend's Girl Ch. 02
The Struggle is Real. by tnhardon (05/20/16)
3.88 (104)
20.Not a Little Girl Anymore
Jess gets her virginity taken by her brother's best friend. by Virgin_Anna (05/14/16)
3.85 (195)
21.My First Time with Another Man
My first time of having oral sex with another man. by slh1234 (05/11/16)
3.74 (70)
22.Help With Math
Math tuition with her classmate turns into something...more by heathermartin (05/03/16)
3.74 (143)
23.Desires Pt. 02
Feel the urges. by MrSolo (05/15/16)
3.74 (23)
24.My MILF Seduction
How I got to seduce my Neighbour MILF. by andylove (05/13/16)
3.68 (196)
25.Two Firsts for Me
First time blow job and glory hole. by seniornewby (05/19/16)
3.67 (40)
26.My Best Friend's Girl Ch. 01
You always want what you can't have. by tnhardon (05/18/16)
3.65 (172)
27.Desires Pt. 01
Feel the urges. by MrSolo (05/14/16)
3.53 (38)
28.Snow Melts Ch. 01
Two desperate teens transcend their pain. by philaenis (05/03/16)
3.52 (63)
29.Feels Like Heaven!
Two adults exploring their bodies for the first time. by villagebelle (05/03/16)
3.47 (72)
30.Birth of a Speedster Ch. 01
Prom, losing his virginity, a breakup, and a death sentence. by Barry_Allen (05/24/16)
3.39 (36)
31.Coffee Date with Kuwait
A seemingly innocent dates goes dirty. by PearlRed (05/16/16)
3.29 (58)
32.The Missing Link and it's Yummy!
Thought I would like it, And I love it! by 7yearsitched (05/10/16)
3.27 (15)