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If you are looking for a quick jerk, please continue looking. This is a longer story with development of characters. I debated between first time and romance, for there are elements of both here,...

Coppernicous Pt. 04 by SonofCallicious

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Jeremy an only child, lived in small English market town with his parents. Up until the age of sixteen he accompanied his father to the barbers. The establishment was run by an elderly Greek man...

The Salon Ch. 01 by stevetruestories

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After seducing Zach's dad she had started for home but then realized she didn't want to go home. She drove around lost in thought. She was amazed at how easy it was to seduce Mike. She had planned...

Secuction Ch. 04 by BigZeke13

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First Time

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1.Coppernicous Pt. 04
Lynn has troubles with a boyfriend and Toomas gets shot. by SonofCallicious (11/23/15)
4.84 (143)
2.The Salon Ch. 01
The first cut is the sexiest. by stevetruestories (11/17/15)
4.71 (178)
3.Secuction Ch. 04
Teens Zach and Nicki fumble thru mysteries of Sex. by BigZeke13 (10/31/15)
4.70 (162)
4.Secuction Ch. 06
Teens Zach and Nicki fumble thru mysteries of Sex. by BigZeke13 (11/03/15)
4.69 (140)
5.Secuction Ch. 05
Teens Zach and Nicki fumble thru mysteries of Sex. by BigZeke13 (11/02/15)
4.68 (123)
6.Bach & Elgar's Happy Ending Ch. 03
Lena makes more discoveries; Pachelbel joins in. by ReefBeach (11/10/15)
4.68 (22)
7.Secuction Ch. 03
Teens Zach and Nicki fumble thru mysteries of Sex. by BigZeke13 (10/30/15)
4.63 (163)
8.A Big Meeting Ch. 01
Inexperienced girl meets a big cocked guy. by mybaby (11/21/15)
4.54 (259)
9.Gabe's First Everything
A sweet first-time for a shy student. by BluSkiez (11/26/15)
4.54 (164)
10.Sister Mary Ch. 02
Learning about sex. by StoryTeller07 (11/20/15)
4.53 (165)
11.Not What it Seemed
Was it really his cousin? by bbare (11/26/15)
4.43 (159)
12.Mrs Beattie's Christmas Tree
Robert delivers her tree. by geronimo_appleby (11/26/15)
4.42 (315)
13.De-flowering the Babysitter
Falling for Carly. by Nymfoholic (11/20/15)
4.41 (469)
14.Rachel's Summer Job
A young girl learns a lot about love and sex at the beach. by darkrose93 (11/18/15)
4.39 (162)
15.I Live on a Farm
Farm girl gets ruined. by nochoiceleft (10/31/15)
4.39 (588)
16.A Big Meeting Ch. 03
More sexual adventures for Jackie. by mybaby (11/28/15)
4.36 (28)
17.Online Becomes Real World
He flies 2,000 miles to see her and more... by Rede772 (11/21/15)
4.28 (88)
18.Preparing Melissa Pt. 02
Melissa revisits Mrs J as she prepares to lose her virginity. by MrsJ (11/14/15)
4.22 (78)
19.Friend Zone Ch. 02
A costume is sexier than expected. by Ashson (11/01/15)
4.20 (93)
20.Dawn Visits a Female Gloryhole
Wife's first gloryhole visit turns out to be a female one. by MF4BIM (11/12/15)
4.17 (174)
21.Cheryl and I
Modeling lingerie somehow leads to me sucking a hard cock. by GuyCD (11/19/15)
4.15 (110)
22.Party to the Cemetery
Taking pinup girl for the ride of my life. by ThinkingDog (11/22/15)
4.14 (84)
23.Father Michael
A priest loses his virginity. by Nymfoholic (11/27/15)
4.12 (94)
24.Preparing Melissa
Advice to a Virgin from Her Mother. by MrsJ (11/12/15)
4.11 (133)
25.Virgin Backpacker Pt. 01
18-yr old travels, experiences some new things. by howmany_harmony (11/10/15)
4.04 (82)
26.A Big Meeting Ch. 02
The girls meet the boys. by mybaby (11/24/15)
4.02 (46)
27.The Winding Staircase
Paul finds his first time up the staircase. by sr71plt (11/07/15)
4.02 (100)
28.Virgin with Girlfriend's Mom Pt. 01
A virgin boy's story of fucking his girlfriend's mom. by MF4BIM (11/15/15)
3.99 (430)
29.Mindy's Sexual Encounter
Mindy is invited over to her friend's house. by adam_woollin (11/15/15)
3.96 (53)
30.Forbidden Fruit Ch. 02
Friends separated by culture and tradition become more... by cybersky (11/16/15)
3.95 (41)
31.Shanti's Sexual Odyssey Ch. 06
A different fuck with a varied intention - she is weird. by shanti2010 (10/30/15)
3.88 (8)
32.Sweets and Treats and Him
Three times the tasty, tantalizing fun. by badgirlfoundout (11/05/15)
3.85 (48)
33.Chloe and Tommy
Chloe's prank with Tommy's dad gets out of hand. by getoverit (11/11/15)
3.85 (184)
34.Losing my Virginity
An 18-year old turns to her friend and brother. by SparkleKitty (11/14/15)
3.84 (238)
35.Camping with Chris
My first guy/guy experience. by FunKelly (11/08/15)
3.83 (130)
36.Preparing Melissa Pt. 03
More spicy, erotic advice to enhance Mel's sex life. by MrsJ (11/17/15)
3.82 (22)
37.Zulu Falls Lodge
Fun at a waterfall. by thefrozenrogue (11/27/15)
3.82 (22)
38.Post Dated
Pretty dull rent collection; until it is possibly delayed. by 4eyes_Scarred (11/21/15)
3.78 (37)
39.First School Experience
What happened in the back of English. by goldcloak (11/02/15)
3.77 (165)
40.New House Fuck
New couple moves in together. They deserve the release. by xXgwenaninieXx (11/24/15)
3.62 (55)
41.Chloe and Tommy Pt. 02
Things start looking up for Tommy, until... by getoverit (11/18/15)
3.59 (51)
42.Drama 101: Final
Being his. by SexiKitten96 (11/03/15)
3.44 (25)
43.Secuction Ch. 07
Teens Zach and Nicki fumble thru mysteries of Sex. by BigZeke13 (11/05/15)
3.42 (100)
44.One of My Students
I saw one of my students after school. by goldcloak (11/17/15)
3.37 (109)
45.Surprise Experience
My boyfriend was very naughty so I had to punish him. by Jellie7 (11/27/15)
3.31 (42)
Gay preppies, part 2. by gaytheist (11/25/15)
3.29 (7)
47.I was Nude on a Public Beach
Indian girl lost her bikini bottom on a beach. by sexyprincessxx (11/01/15)
3.28 (123)
48.Mr. Gister What a Tool You Have
Matt has his first time with Mr. Gister (aka his Professor). by BrandonKav7 (11/24/15)
3.17 (35)
49.In the Back of My Lesson
A girl who dressed inappropriately for my lesson. by goldcloak (11/12/15)
3.07 (95)
50.Acts of the Apostles
Narrator and two friends celebrate their manhood. by gaytheist (11/21/15)
2.50 (8)