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41st of Summer, Year of the Gods 1322. The nobility have been swept by an epidemic. Not an epidemic of plague or consumption, but the epidemic of the diary. I would indeed describe it as...

Silk and Silver by TBP95

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Tim was a university student and had recently begun getting his doctorate, moving away from his old university friends. Moving away from his best friend, Nurah, was the hardest part. He had become...

Medical Training by cybersky

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"I don't understand." "Understand what, sis." "Oh, Allen, I didn't know you were in the room. I don't understand your friend, Vince." "What mystery about him has escaped your keen insight...

Prima Nocte by Pelwrath

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First Time

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1.Silk and Silver
A prince traverses the journey of going from boy to man. by TBP95 (12/27/16)
4.58 (150)
2.Medical Training
Haifah asks a friend for intimate help studying for medicine by cybersky (01/03/17)
4.55 (209)
3.Prima Nocte
Widow neighbor take neighbor boy on a date; discovers he is a virgin. by Pelwrath (01/11/17)
4.51 (205)
4.Abby Pt. 02
Abby makes her fantasy a reality. by alexbrown1802 (01/15/17)
4.48 (73)
5.The Adventures of Andrew Ch. 02
Andrew loses his virginity, but all is not what it seems... by jklazarus (01/15/17)
4.45 (147)
6.How I Became a Cumslut
How I started sucking off random men. by JennaF25 (01/08/17)
4.41 (315)
7.Lovely Linda Ch. 02
18 year old virgin with an older lady. by TSpank61 (01/01/17)
4.40 (187)
8.Debby's Debt
Will offering up her hole get Debby out of a hole? by QSQuinn (01/17/17)
4.38 (136)
9.I Have To Pay For It?
If I ever hoped to have sex, I might have to pay for it. by Icemancummeth (12/24/16)
4.33 (147)
10.Sex at the Summer Solstice
An erotic summer solstice evening. by ironfelix (12/20/16)
4.33 (163)
11.Are You Sure You Want This?
Brave husband tries something new. by StackedAction (01/03/17)
4.30 (223)
12.At Last Pt. 02
Young man gets a blowjob from her. by Blackarrow2 (01/05/17)
4.30 (80)
13.All Together Now
A teen and his sweetheart finally embrace his unique trait. by TBP95 (01/17/17)
4.29 (56)
14.Dreaming of His First Creampie
A man fantasizes about eating his first creampie. by TongaFrank (01/17/17)
4.27 (52)
15.The Bunny Hop Pt. 01
An erotic adventure in China. by charliewilder (01/18/17)
4.26 (42)
16.A Little Job
His mother assigns him a task. by Ashson (01/10/17)
4.26 (338)
17.Emma Loses her Innocence
Innocent young Emma's encounter with porn awakens her lust. by cruiser_2015 (01/18/17)
4.16 (99)
18.Fucking for Grades Pt. 02
My first foreign girl. by ilovehooters (12/30/16)
4.14 (137)
19.Valentine Surprise
A set-up that doesn’t go as planned. by RubenR (01/19/17)
4.13 (38)
20.From a Faithful Wife to a Cuck's Sub
A couple's initiation in cuck and domination. by Alibodgeeddy (12/24/16)
4.12 (137)
21.Lost in Turbulence
Loss of innocence and so many other things. by titania123 (01/06/17)
4.04 (49)
22.At Last
Young man finally manages to bang the girl he's wanted. by Blackarrow2 (01/03/17)
4.04 (162)
23.A Slap in Frustration
The first time I taste your essence. by deTocqueville (01/08/17)
3.93 (14)
24.Video Story: Lost Virginity Leads to a Ruined Couch
Alexis tells how her first time went from great to mayhem. by LitTV (01/11/17)
3.78 (133)
25.Straying for the First Time
Lonely girlfriend seeks company while boyfriend away. by MellisaPutain (01/07/17)
3.74 (157)
26.To Ma'am with Love
Teacher teaches him more than English. by dashyashy116 (01/03/17)
3.72 (68)
27.The Women Tribe Ch. 01
A young guy is kidnapped by a tribe of women. by TussUss (12/27/16)
3.71 (208)
28.Sucking Her Lover's Cock
Man gets cuckolded by his wife. by charlessmythe (01/08/17)
3.56 (190)
29.The Beginning
First time. by charlessmythe (01/06/17)
3.52 (21)
30.May's First Day Pt. 02
May gives herself to Nick completely for the first time. by Laurieandme (01/10/17)
3.52 (46)
31.Andrea & Jack Ch. 02
She considers losing her virginity during a summer fling. by BigJackHorner (12/20/16)
3.48 (54)
32.The Ride Home
His unexpected move proves to be full of worth. by Candypops (01/10/17)
3.36 (107)
33.Lucy Ch. 02: Our Second Meeting
Husband gives permission for wife to have trysts. by txgent101 (01/13/17)
3.29 (35)
34.Lucy: How We Met
Single male trysts with married woman. by txgent101 (01/04/17)
3.22 (41)
35.An Innocent Holiday
Cheating girlfriend finds fun on holiday. by MellisaPutain (01/11/17)
2.99 (69)
36.Destiny's Call
Poppy Silverthore story. by Jasmynecross (01/13/17)
2.89 (28)
37.Taking Gf's Virginity and Threesome
Had first time sex with my GF and had amazing threesome. by christronaldo38 (01/19/17)
1.83 (36)