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After practice for that night's performance and a shower, with Trent walking somewhat gingerly after his fantasy night at the Brazilian's command—the walk a bit wavering even though the ship was...

Come Me Mr. Sax Man Ch. 03 by sr71plt

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Howdy. I know this has been a long time coming. I hope that this is a fitting end to the story. I'm excited for this year. I hope to publish as often as possible. We all could use a little more love....

Hooking the Hockey Player: Owen by evolvingslowly

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Chapter 85: Mercy Is For The Weak "And what is it do you think you are doing?" "..." Merrick paused, still looking up at the mid-noon sky, "I am doing nothing as I shall be." "You were not...

Aquata Cove Ch. 85 by Feare909

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1.Yearning Hearts Ch. 06
Final chapter: yearning hearts destined for each other, now-forever-always. by twistedromeo (02/18/17)
4.88 (48)
L'laiya and Marut encounter the avarice of Rome. by AnyaWVossand (02/08/17)
4.83 (23)
3.Between the Push and Pull Ch. 04
Porn scene #2 and it's Halloween. by hudsbart (02/24/17)
4.82 (100)
4.Come Me Mr. Sax Man Ch. 03
The tattooed barman and the blond hunk and friends. by sr71plt (02/12/17)
4.82 (22)
5.Hooking the Hockey Player: Owen
Owen and Jake meet under strained circumstances. by evolvingslowly (01/29/17)
4.80 (240)
6.Worth the Fight
Two fighters decide if the fight is in more than in the ring. by JReverie (02/18/17)
4.77 (100)
7.Aquata Cove Ch. 85
Kaiden must once again teach Merrick what it means to live. by Feare909 (02/14/17)
4.71 (14)
8.Jocks of the South Pt. 12A
Nick and Francis attend a wedding together. Part 1 of 2. by scottgoulding123 (02/21/17)
4.69 (64)
9.Just Ask Ch. 05
He gives me a taste of his world... by haydentwaters (02/11/17)
4.68 (66)
10.Come Me Mr. Sax Man Ch. 02
Trent hooks up with a hunky mature Brazilian. by sr71plt (02/12/17)
4.68 (44)
11.Come Me Mr. Sax Man Ch. 05
Offer of a new life; the Brazilian reprise. by sr71plt (02/17/17)
4.68 (25)
12.The Carny Pt. 04
Respect becomes mutual, the friendship deepens. by bhart1 (02/08/17)
4.66 (32)
13.Lincoln's Pride Ch. 13
Lincoln and Samir struggle to find their places again. by tarzanacide (01/31/17)
4.66 (58)
14.The Carny Pt. 07
The homecoming(s) and Eddie's first fuck. by bhart1 (02/18/17)
4.64 (56)
15.The Carny Pt. 08
The road begins drawing to a close as love's vista opens up. by bhart1 (02/21/17)
4.64 (50)
16.Come Me Mr. Sax Man Ch. 04
Comes the Sax Man at Last. by sr71plt (02/16/17)
4.64 (36)
17.Aquata Cove Ch. 83
Adam and Merrick struggle respectively in another day. by Feare909 (01/28/17)
4.64 (11)
18.The Day After Ch. 05
Chase and Ryan return to the city and back to reality. by ifiknewthen (02/09/17)
4.62 (61)
19.The Boy with the Beautiful Eyes Pt. 03
Part 3 of the continuation by Maibelle (02/06/17)
4.61 (59)
20.The Carny Pt. 09
Time gets short, tensions explode, love gets stronger still. by bhart1 (02/23/17)
4.61 (41)
21.Promiscuous Parents and Sons Ch. 04
Brad and sandy go public with Sandy dressed as a young woman. by walterio (01/31/17)
4.60 (43)
22.Caught Fantasizing at Home Ch. 06
Man becomes gloryhole cumslut at party. by NathanButler (01/28/17)
4.60 (103)
23.The Carny Pt. 06
Things take off, love blooms. by bhart1 (02/15/17)
4.60 (40)
24.The Carny Pt. 05
Fantasy becomes reality. by bhart1 (02/11/17)
4.59 (59)
25.An English Boy Gets Turned Out Ch. 02
Sam's gay book store training continues. by RustyRover (02/08/17)
4.59 (75)
26.The Mudroom
I was not expecting this... by Kent100 (02/16/17)
4.58 (154)
27.Unexpected Ch. 13
Return of the hateful. by BNDMTL (01/29/17)
4.58 (83)
28.Welcome to the Neighborhood Ch. 02
Nick finally gets what he wants. by thealphamale (02/20/17)
4.58 (97)
29.Noah's Starship Ch. 18
A Persian in Texas. by tarzanacide (02/15/17)
4.57 (47)
30.The Carny Pt. 03
Road life begins, sexual tension increases. by bhart1 (02/05/17)
4.56 (32)
31.Hitching a Ride
My first time as a cock sucker. by MadCatZach (02/03/17)
4.54 (310)
32.Greek Delight Ch. 02
I continue fucking a feminine gay on a Greek island. by S_Queen (02/17/17)
4.54 (52)
The highschool bully gets his comeuppance and cum up his ass. by NattySoltesz (02/22/17)
4.53 (139)
34.Greg the Plumber
An accident leads to gay experience. by marksthldn (02/23/17)
4.50 (239)
35.New Friends Become Something More
The account of my first time encounter. by runstill (02/02/17)
4.50 (104)
36.The Customer (Dexter's Saga) Ch. 39
Going to meet the new boss. by JoyStick56 (02/07/17)
4.50 (6)
37.Discovered and Used
Stud catches two gays in his house; uses them for pleasure. by walterio (02/15/17)
4.49 (69)
38.The Carny Pt. 02
Life as a carny begins. by bhart1 (02/02/17)
4.49 (51)
39.Coach's Jock
Coach initiates two teammates after practice. by dirtyword (02/12/17)
4.49 (268)
40.Beach Trips: The Final Chapter
Chad's brother tries to ruin everything. by Universal_Thirst (02/18/17)
4.49 (43)
41.Friend in Need
M2M Massage gets hot as two friends explore their curiosity. by erosthenes (02/05/17)
4.47 (190)
42.Promiscuous Parents and Sons Ch. 05
Brad and Sandy last days together as lovers. by walterio (02/07/17)
4.46 (24)
43.Seducing My Stepdad
The story of how I seduced my stepfather. by jesse85 (02/20/17)
4.45 (194)
44.Barbie + Ken Ch. 01
Not another werewolf story! by haydentwaters (02/21/17)
4.45 (38)
45.Marlon Ch. 02
I entertain my black stud with a twist! by whitebottom1000 (02/14/17)
4.45 (65)
46.Tim & Julian
Two guys having fun in the dorm. by RibaldWriter (02/06/17)
4.44 (120)
47.Roommates, Best Friends, More Ch. 05
Is there still a chance? by YamiAndYugi (02/17/17)
4.44 (34)
48.The Glover Ch. 01
Looking for a dangerous time in a chatroom. by dcello80 (02/25/17)
4.44 (34)
49.Morning Cocksucker
Fantasy story about becoming a cock boy. by Shallkneel4u (02/04/17)
4.43 (102)
50.Unexpected Ch. 14
Hello Jack! by BNDMTL (02/18/17)
4.43 (58)
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