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Hello Readers! Apologies that this chapter took a little longer than expected. As you can see, the chapters are actually getting longer and longer each time. This is the longest one yet! There are...

Speech and Debate Pt. 13 by DAMackey

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The next week was very busy for both Evan and Craig, and most nights they simply got into bed, exhausted from heat and stress, too tired to do anything but cuddle. On the Friday he was going to...

City of Angels Ch. 04 by Love_Brokers

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Varo staggered into the shower, the hot water pounding down on him. He needed... He didn't know what he needed. Answers would be good. An explanation, maybe. Something to explain what in all the...

In Enemy Hands Ch. 08 by nomoretears00

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1.Speech and Debate Pt. 13
The Boys take a detour to a waterfall. Ian finds a friend... by DAMackey (04/27/15)
4.88 (222)
2.City of Angels Ch. 04
A passionate conclusion for angelic love. by Love_Brokers (05/14/15)
4.85 (137)
3.In Enemy Hands Ch. 08
His enemy becomes so much more. by nomoretears00 (04/25/15)
4.85 (136)
4.New Life Ch. 04
He-Den revisited/"We said we were gonna have fun, right?" by 1DurtyMutha (05/10/15)
4.83 (23)
5.The Lunar Life Ch. 11
It was a new moon after the eclipse. by musicfreak (05/03/15)
4.82 (107)
6.The Lunar Life Ch. 10
The time to confront Dart was here. by musicfreak (05/02/15)
4.82 (83)
Levi moves to the farm to live with his cousin Clint. by perihelion (04/30/15)
4.80 (276)
8.Jeurridam Ch. 06: The Corridor
Bun-Bun makes new discoveries, edging closer to his goal... by StillnessIsTheTruth (05/02/15)
4.80 (10)
9.The Lunar Life Ch. 08
Threats are made and emotions begin to spiral out of control. by musicfreak (04/30/15)
4.78 (78)
10.Jake and Toby Ch. 07
The Doc and Mr. Sex time in L.A. by kmillerk1 (05/15/15)
4.78 (73)
11.Bay City
A scarred veteran finds love where he least expects it by Justrex (05/04/15)
4.78 (145)
12.The Lunar Life Ch. 04
A visit to the forest leads to a fight. by musicfreak (04/26/15)
4.77 (132)
13.Betrayal Ch. 03
Eastern Mercy. by SumOfAllThings (04/29/15)
4.75 (16)
14.The Lunar Life Ch. 09
Bad news and reconciliations. by musicfreak (05/01/15)
4.75 (75)
15.Aaron & Slade Ch. 05
The Parental Confrontation. by TrippyLuv (05/01/15)
4.73 (51)
16.The Lunar Life Ch. 03
Will bumps into an unexpected acquaintance. by musicfreak (04/25/15)
4.72 (109)
17.Paramedic Pt. 04
Jared and Liam get closer, and with friends. by Snowblind94 (05/08/15)
4.72 (67)
18.The Lunar Life Ch. 06
Suspicions arise during a trip to the hospital by musicfreak (04/28/15)
4.72 (81)
19.Boys Week At The Cabin Ch. 02
Mark and I return to the cabin. by 09cutter (05/13/15)
4.71 (213)
20.When Love Takes Over Ch. 03
Revelations. by fuzzyNOLA (05/24/15)
4.71 (75)
21.Under the Italian Sun
College student hooks up with Italian Daddy. by dre_jones (05/14/15)
4.70 (88)
22.The Lunar Life Ch. 05
What happens when secrets get out? by musicfreak (04/27/15)
4.70 (100)
23.What a Difference a Year Makes
Andrew and Chris are best friends and roommates. by fuzzyNOLA (05/15/15)
4.69 (276)
24.Jake and Toby Ch. 06
Doc and Mr. Sex have an interesting month. by kmillerk1 (05/02/15)
4.69 (68)
25.In Enemy Hands Ch. 09
A trip to the Helkan palace. by nomoretears00 (05/22/15)
4.69 (87)
26.The Lunar Life Ch. 07
The charade continues, but eventually the game has to end by musicfreak (04/29/15)
4.68 (68)
27.Black Cock Party Ch. 14
I jerk Dante's huge black cock before the gangbang. by MarkLazer (05/11/15)
4.67 (30)
28.Jeurridam Ch. 07: Henderson (Mid)
A milestone is reached but tragedy rips everything apart. by StillnessIsTheTruth (05/18/15)
4.67 (6)
29.Dave and Leroy Ch. 10
Peace talks between Leroy and Sue, Maybe? by kmillerk1 (04/29/15)
4.66 (58)
30.Paramedic Pt. 05
The family grows tighter together. by Snowblind94 (05/24/15)
4.64 (45)
31.Edgy Partners
Son connects with his father's spy past and murder. by sr71plt (04/28/15)
4.64 (53)
32.Tell Me What You Want
Jeremy bottoms for 1st time; Ralph teaches him to love it. by CallMeRed (05/19/15)
4.63 (153)
33.Jeurridam Ch. 05: A Fool's Paradise
Ezekiel is forced back into a life he ran away from... by StillnessIsTheTruth (05/01/15)
4.60 (10)
34.That Summer
A young man wants to make it in the UK film industry. by ChestersBoi (05/22/15)
4.60 (62)
35.Fucked From Both Ends
A first time threesome. by hasnoalias (05/25/15)
4.59 (82)
36.Aquata Cove Ch. 48
The cruise arrives on an island for camping tourists. by Feare909 (04/30/15)
4.57 (14)
37.Regina and the Hardcase Pt. 02
Keeng of Kings. by GenghisKen (05/22/15)
4.57 (7)
38.The House Sitter Gets Caught
He returns home to find the unexpected. by Snowblind94 (05/24/15)
4.57 (107)
39.Single Straight Guy's First Bi
He is seduced by and addicted to a pretty blonde gay's ass. by walterio (05/14/15)
4.56 (115)
40.A Week At The Cabin
An all male trip to our cabin turns lustful. by 09cutter (05/10/15)
4.55 (134)
41.Straight with a Twist Ch. 02
I take things a step further with Jerry. by happytreefriend (04/25/15)
4.55 (126)
42.Boys Week At The Cabin Ch. 03
Mark and I at the cabin get a surprise. by 09cutter (05/15/15)
4.54 (147)
43.Dave and Leroy Ch. 11
Surprise after Surprise. by kmillerk1 (05/12/15)
4.54 (67)
44.Boys Week At The Cabin
An all male week at the cabin turns lustful. by 09cutter (05/10/15)
4.53 (244)
45.Winning Big
A sexy Japanese daddy gives Alex the ride of his life. by Bigboilover91 (05/12/15)
4.53 (147)
46.UCAC Ch. 07: Mid-series Finale
It finally happens between Malcolm and Denver. by StillnessIsTheTruth (05/17/15)
4.53 (19)
47.The Massage
A massage unearths many dark secrets. by 69plus1 (05/06/15)
4.52 (180)
48.Broken In Ch. 02
Kinky model gets further used in his confusion. by ghostriter (05/17/15)
4.52 (75)
49.A First Time for Everything
Steve Andrews receives a helping hand from a new friend. by DavidMcAllister (05/23/15)
4.52 (166)
50.Blackmailed Day 02
Another call. by hasnoalias (05/25/15)
4.51 (78)
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