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DO IT, DAVID. Just fucking do it. Drawing in another deep lungful of air, I searched myself, seeking a little courage and... finding it as elusive to pin down as water I sighed, closing my eyes and...

If You Love Something Ch. 07 by ModusOperandi

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The two boys ran out the back entrance of the church, giggling and laughing at one another as they sprinted through the tall grass and large, open fields. Francis was right—there was absolutely no...

Jocks of the South Pt. 11 by scottgoulding123

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The snow was coming down harder. "Shit!" said Dave, "We're never going to make it back home tonight in this crap." His shoulders and neck were cramped from the stress of driving in the miserable...

Little White Pills Ch. 01 by writerofgayer

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1.If You Love Something Ch. 07
David and Jeremy experience their first... by ModusOperandi (09/29/16)
4.87 (209)
2.Jocks of the South Pt. 11
Nick and Francis get handsy with one another in public. by scottgoulding123 (10/20/16)
4.84 (38)
3.If You Love Something Ch. 08
The ups and downs of David & Jerem first day as lovers. by ModusOperandi (10/07/16)
4.83 (155)
4.Little White Pills Ch. 01
Some friends have some fun with some weird drug. by writerofgayer (10/13/16)
4.82 (111)
5.If You Love Something Ch. 06
David and the tasting of forbidden fruit... by ModusOperandi (09/26/16)
4.81 (136)
6.Savage Desire Ch. 09
Feral attraction in the midst of hatred... ride & mark! by adjoaq (10/12/16)
4.80 (247)
7.The Edinburgh Festival
I get swept off my feet at the Edinburgh Festival. by ScotishGuy (09/26/16)
4.80 (132)
A young man's experiment presents unexpected fantasies. by iSublime (10/11/16)
4.77 (84)
9.Shawn's Next Experience
A few years after Peter, Shawn experiences another lover. by littlepinkpanties (10/04/16)
4.76 (68)
10.Exploring Sexuality: Cock Sucking
Straight guy sucks three strangers' cocks for sister-in-law. by silkstockingslover (09/29/16)
4.73 (399)
11.Why: Long Night with Ben
Ben comes over. by hasnoalias (10/14/16)
4.73 (44)
12.Noah's Starship Ch. 13
Navid's Graduation. by tarzanacide (09/23/16)
4.73 (51)
13.An End to Summer
Two men finding each other, twice. by GoldenMaia (10/17/16)
4.72 (46)
14.How Did I Find Myself Here?
Guy goes on a journey of self-discovery. by justawritertoo (10/18/16)
4.70 (66)
15.If You Love Something Ch. 05
David and Jeremy's relationship takes an unexpected turn. by ModusOperandi (09/23/16)
4.69 (157)
16.A Night Out
Drunken fun between three new friends. by whoneedsguys (09/25/16)
4.68 (123)
17.Yearning Hearts Ch. 02
Is this goodbye? by twistedromeo (10/18/16)
4.67 (30)
18.Best Friends Become Lovers Ch. 03
Young lovers continue their intimate adventure outdoors. by UnderMyKilt (10/19/16)
4.65 (23)
19.Shooting Matt Ch. 07
Despite his doubts Randy offers himself to Matt. by Turbidus (09/23/16)
4.65 (65)
20.The Jackdaw
An encounter with a costumed man at a Pride rally. by entwined_tails (10/11/16)
4.64 (70)
21.The Hanky Code Pt. 15
Married sub whored out as gay latex slut by TS Mistress. by subboislutnz (09/22/16)
4.64 (28)
22.College Fund Ch. 05
In love with Andy AND my latest role-playing game. by bjmichaels (09/26/16)
4.64 (25)
23.First Weekend Alone with Marlon
Black cock, white bottom...all weekend! by whitebottom1000 (10/04/16)
4.62 (130)
24.Shooting Matt Ch. 08
Liam has a secret. Randy and Matt need wood. by Turbidus (09/28/16)
4.60 (55)
25.A Question of Restraint
Early 1900s vampires fight to curb their appetites. by sr71plt (10/03/16)
4.60 (35)
26.Mike, Helen, and Hannah
Ben is bribed with sexual favors to have oral sex with Mike. by yesterdays (10/10/16)
4.60 (117)
27.Fertility God
He summons a muscular fertility god. by crayrei (10/05/16)
4.60 (107)
28.Club Erection
Something horrible happens to Dan, then something good. by Niceandlight (10/06/16)
4.60 (99)
29.Shooting Matt Ch. 09
Liam and Matt head to the lake. by Turbidus (10/13/16)
4.58 (53)
30.The Edinburgh Festival Pt. 02
I find out what is in the package. by ScotishGuy (10/06/16)
4.58 (60)
31.Brian's Coach Video
Brian shoots a video. by panamacock (10/05/16)
4.58 (115)
32.Why: Another Night, and Bad Timing
Ben and Dan drop by one night. Friend has bad timing. by hasnoalias (10/11/16)
4.55 (29)
33.Friend's Father
During a long weekend at a friend's, his father takes me. by EroticJoeRotica (09/30/16)
4.55 (463)
34.Teaching Kyle
A man teaches his younger brother. by Heart_of_Dark (09/28/16)
4.55 (157)
35.My Special Afternoon Pt. 02
I Find What I Really Need. by Plato (09/30/16)
4.54 (74)
36.The Rod and Gun Club Ch. 01
A quick work trip leads to an introduction to "The Club". by whitestream44 (10/14/16)
4.54 (93)
37.Black Cock Party Ch. 16
I get big black cock from an ex con and Vin in the bathroom. by MarkLazer (09/28/16)
4.53 (45)
38.A New Feeling
Love blooms, but not everyone gets their happily ever after. by Glaxomeir (10/02/16)
4.53 (79)
39.John and Mr. Smith, Finally
A student and a teacher finally get together. by Niceandlight (09/24/16)
4.53 (152)
40.A New Beginning Pt. 02
Middle aged men continue exploring. by stevepa01 (10/14/16)
4.52 (63)
41.Nephew's Readjustment Pt. 06
Nicholas has a supervised homosexual encounter. by bart_allen (10/01/16)
4.52 (107)
42.An Old Friend
I meet a friend in a bar, and one thing leads to another... by whoneedsguys (09/28/16)
4.51 (169)
43.Beware the Coach
Competition in the men's figure skating world is tough. by sr71plt (10/18/16)
4.51 (63)
44.Blackmailed: Weekend with Bill Pt. 02
Day two of my weekend loaned out. The gangbang. by hasnoalias (10/12/16)
4.50 (14)
45.James and Carl after Vegas Pt. 04
Getting more than bargained for. by sj_53 (09/25/16)
4.50 (12)
46.Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 07
Ass licking angels. by glory_first (10/06/16)
4.50 (8)
47.Hotel Night
A young crossdresser has his first gay sexual experience. by guy_manuel (10/01/16)
4.49 (207)
48.Rocky Horror Redux
Two long-term lovers relive their first date on Halloween. by JKendallDane (10/06/16)
4.48 (33)
49.Craig Finds a Daddy
Young man finds his daddy. by panamacock (10/06/16)
4.48 (115)
50.A Long Night in the Highland Bothy
I go on a weekend walking trip to get away from it all. by ScotishGuy (10/03/16)
4.47 (95)
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