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*I'm back, Baby* The boy woke up, as he always did, opening his eyes to see the protective circle, etched in deep blue lines on the ceiling above his bed. His mother's hand was on his shoulder....

Firecracker Ch. 02 by Cruel2BKind

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I recognize that Buffalo is not the hottest place in the world; even at the end of summer it only gets up to the mid-seventies on average. Nevertheless, it was way too hot to even consider wearing a...

Hooking the Hockey Player Ch. 03 by evolvingslowly

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He kept pushing me... Flirting with me... Giving me those sly winks and little comments... And there's only so much a man can take, after all. Of course that went on all of the time. Working...

The New Boy at Work by Justrex

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1.Firecracker Ch. 02
Isaac proves invaluable against an ancient terror. by Cruel2BKind (08/11/15)
4.86 (59)
2.Hooking the Hockey Player Ch. 03
Jake and Owen meet under strained circumstances. by evolvingslowly (08/07/15)
4.86 (278)
3.The New Boy at Work
An older Dom makes the new boy His pet. by Justrex (08/29/15)
4.84 (63)
4.Hooking the Hockey Player Ch. 04
Jake and Owen meet under strained circumstances. by evolvingslowly (08/22/15)
4.82 (180)
5.19th Hole
Golfing buddies become more and then less. by DavidPatrick (08/25/15)
4.82 (163)
High School lovers lose touch, re-find each other as adults. by DavidPatrick (08/23/15)
4.82 (278)
7.In Enemy Hands Ch. 13
Betrayal comes from within. by nomoretears00 (08/19/15)
4.82 (111)
8.Little by Little
It begins with a little betrayal... by silverangel621 (08/12/15)
4.82 (65)
9.When Love Takes Over Ch. 08
Brandon revisits the past. by fuzzyNOLA (08/06/15)
4.80 (132)
10.When Love Takes Over Ch. 06
Brandon makes some decisions. by fuzzyNOLA (07/31/15)
4.79 (141)
11.Travis and Adam Ch. 03
The convention begins...Who is Albert? by Sweet_Sarah72 (08/22/15)
4.76 (76)
12.In Enemy Hands Ch. 12
Three words change everything. by nomoretears00 (08/01/15)
4.76 (125)
13.Travis and Adam Ch. 02
Is this a convention fling or is it real? by Sweet_Sarah72 (08/18/15)
4.76 (104)
14.Speech and Debate Pt. 14B
The boys say goodbye to HS and a new pair move forward. by DAMackey (08/15/15)
4.76 (205)
15.My Married Friend's Son
College outfielder chases and catches his dad's best friend. by DavidPatrick (08/29/15)
4.75 (144)
16.Did It For The Team Ch. 05
Mike experiences a new sensation. by guyinspeedos (08/11/15)
4.75 (80)
17.Dave and Leroy Ch. 14
The Roller Coaster Ride of Raising a Child. by kmillerk1 (08/17/15)
4.74 (88)
18.Plotting a Course Ch. 17
Bobby experiences a case of deja vu. by VaRiverWriter (08/21/15)
4.74 (76)
19.When Love Takes Over Ch. 07
Brandon and Chance bond. by fuzzyNOLA (08/05/15)
4.73 (118)
20.Prom Night
A chance encounter between a straight guy and his teacher. by SWhite1982 (08/14/15)
4.72 (340)
21.Project Phoenix Ch. 09
The final chapter...but the beginning of a new life. by yaoi_lover_21 (08/24/15)
4.71 (55)
22.Anything You Want
Friends progress from straight to bi to gay. And back again? by HairyJacques (08/22/15)
4.70 (87)
23.Fun on a Boat
A curious guy goes for a boat ride with two sexy older men. by bitexwriter (08/04/15)
4.70 (204)
24.My Married Friend
Work friends become lovers, even though one is married. by DavidPatrick (08/26/15)
4.70 (141)
25.One for the Books
A crossover between "The City" and "Bay City". by Justrex (08/12/15)
4.69 (36)
26.Travis and Adam Ch. 04
The guys continue to get closer... by Sweet_Sarah72 (08/29/15)
4.68 (72)
27.The Stray
Julius takes in a stray, unknowing of the heat it leads to. by xXxAmorexXx (08/27/15)
4.67 (114)
28.Charcoal Ch. 10
Death? by Lillywriting (07/31/15)
4.67 (27)
29.Aquata Cove Ch. 54
The cruise proceeds trip, Merrick dances and Adam sings. by Feare909 (08/02/15)
4.67 (24)
30.A River's Bluff
Best laid plans gone awry: Summer Camping Trip. by zackjack (08/23/15)
4.65 (17)
31.A Model for the Life Class Ch. 04
He's big, he's black and he's mine for the night. by andy190 (08/19/15)
4.64 (45)
32.Prom Night Ch. 02
James and Dom continue their evening. by SWhite1982 (08/22/15)
4.64 (114)
Three actors help each other study for a role. by owlish (08/19/15)
4.63 (82)
34.Fixing It
Alex's bad day is fixed by his Dom. by evolvingslowly (08/04/15)
4.63 (139)
35.Three on a Date
Threesome blind date provides more than vanilla sex. by sr71plt (08/04/15)
4.63 (78)
36.Peace and Quiet Ch. 08
Things come to a head: the final showdown. by Fantasyboy69 (08/27/15)
4.63 (59)
37.Aaron & Slade Ch. 07
Aaron faces the consequences from running off. by TrippyLuv (08/22/15)
4.62 (45)
38.Kindness of Strangers Ch. 01
Strange men have been very kind to me. by bjmichaels (08/22/15)
4.62 (78)
39.Zach's Dark Desires Pt. 02
Zach's Kidnapper's plans advance. by BadColinBaxter (08/11/15)
4.61 (46)
40.Senior Year Ch. 02
Getting to know each other. by DiegoRomance (08/26/15)
4.61 (51)
41.Boner's Ribs & Special Sauce Pt. 03
Jack learns all about the special sauce and himself. by GoodTimesStrangerAdventures (08/15/15)
4.59 (58)
42.Charcoal Ch. 11
The end? by Lillywriting (08/14/15)
4.58 (26)
43.Defibrillate My Heart
Love in a hopeless place. by PhoenixKing (08/29/15)
4.58 (73)
44.Travis and Adam Ch. 01
Can two co-workers find love? by Sweet_Sarah72 (08/11/15)
4.57 (146)
45.Daddy Issues Ch. 01
All his fantasies came true in one hot night. by Yours_onall_4s (08/30/15)
4.57 (67)
46.Boner's Ribs & Special Sauce Pt. 02
Jack gives in more to Earl and becomes a cocksucker. by GoodTimesStrangerAdventures (08/11/15)
4.56 (97)
47.Aaron, My Student
Young professor mentors self-conscious hairy student. by HairyJacques (08/16/15)
4.55 (165)
48.Straight Cocksucker: 1st Time Anal
Married cocksucker has crazy submissive night including anal. by silkstockingslover (08/13/15)
4.52 (240)
49.The Nature of Seth Ch. 03
Brenton, Bradley, and the Jock. by rjvansen (08/13/15)
4.50 (18)
50.Bicurious Male to Gangbang subject
Bicurious male decides to host a gay orgy. by mike2123 (08/06/15)
4.50 (187)
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