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I have been a fan of Literotica for over 10 years; 9 of them as a member, 5 of them as a contributing writer. Not even getting into the issues with POV, punctuation, plot, and if a story even made...

A Fucking English Lesson by secretsxywriter

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It hits you sharp. Like a punch in the stomach. All of the sudden you're entire world is focused on this arousal. It lodges itself deep into your gut. Your fully aware of that place now. Its...

Pleasure: A Delineation by BearCella

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Nobody gave me the sex talk. Sex wasn't discussed openly in my family, so I was left to form my ideas about sex from movies and anecdotes from friends. Naturally, I had a lot of unrealistic...

The Sex Talk by Embracingwhatis

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1.A Fucking English Lesson
How to choose the right word for your story. by secretsxywriter (10/05/17)
4.77 (190)
2.Pleasure: A Delineation
What pleasure really feels like. by BearCella (06/20/17)
4.64 (36)
3.The Sex Talk
Advice for first times or fresh starts. by Embracingwhatis (12/14/17)
4.64 (77)
4.Improve Your Writing Technique
My advice for my fellow beginners. by Mostdefinitely (04/29/18)
4.62 (34)
5.How To Write Erotica
A few pointers on how you can sizzle your stories, by LargoKitt (10/02/17)
4.50 (40)
6.Roleplaying Scripts
These are some roleplaying scripts to help get you started. by ecjones232 (08/04/17)
4.33 (21)
7.My Open Relationship
How my open relationship happened & works. by MoniqueJ (04/19/18)
4.27 (44)
8.Organizing for Single Moms
Getting Organized for single moms and the rest of us. by tsar7 (10/23/17)
4.19 (21)
9.Make Your Wife Cuckold You Pt. 02
Objections of wife and what to do about them. by BJayCool (02/01/18)
4.18 (50)
10.The Scent of a Woman
Pleasures new and unlikely? by Provocatrix (08/25/17)
4.00 (17)
11.Giving Orgasms to Willing Females
Giving the best stimulated & oral orgasms. by ezygoing4U (12/19/17)
3.90 (90)
12.How to Throw a Great Private Party
A how-to on having a great private house party. by coollvr1 (08/07/17)
3.86 (28)
13.Hotwife Contract
A Hotwife contract that sets terms for a Hotwife lifestyle. by ccbj69 (01/10/18)
3.81 (104)