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It hits you sharp. Like a punch in the stomach. All of the sudden you're entire world is focused on this arousal. It lodges itself deep into your gut. Your fully aware of that place now. Its...

Pleasure: A Delineation by BearCella

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So this is my V2 of this piece. After much consideration, I've added a few things and clarified a few things to make it better. This is my opinion and knowledge gathered from many years of...

It Ain't About the Dick by TheAustinDom

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This is a How To Guide for Sissies and Cuckolds. Please do not read this guide if you have no interest in the cuckold/sissy lifestyle. Like most couples these days both partners will be doing...

How to Become a Sissy/Cuckold by Quietoldie

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1.Deepthroating 101
A girl shares tips and advice on the art of deepthroating. by Brittni4u (09/17/16)
4.71 (211)
2.Pleasure: A Delineation
What pleasure really feels like. by BearCella (06/20/17)
4.61 (23)
3.Take the Porn Detox Challenge
30 day abstinence for improved sexual health. by PanzerFeck (09/14/16)
4.55 (106)
4.It Ain't About the Dick
Everything I wish someone would have told me when I was 21. by TheAustinDom (01/22/17)
4.49 (145)
5.How to Throw a Great Private Party
A how-to on having a great private house party. by coollvr1 (08/07/17)
4.45 (11)
6.Video Story: Arabelle's Deepthroat Demonstration
Video Story: tattooed young brunette shows how she gives a deep blowjob. by LitTV (02/27/17)
4.38 (205)
7.How to Become a Sissy/Cuckold
For husbands wanting change in their marriage. by Quietoldie (10/18/16)
4.37 (155)
8.Video Story: How to Eat Pussy for Men & Women
Cunnilingus advice from a beautiful bisexual. by LitTV (03/24/17)
4.35 (217)
9.Notes to Myself on Writing Erotica
I'd better, or else. by J_Melquiades (01/18/17)
4.32 (34)
10.How to Orally Pleasure a Man
Give a nice satisfying blowjob while using hands. by Intelligentfunguy (01/12/17)
4.25 (59)
11.Write Your Head Around This
The power of the senses. by PanzerFeck (05/05/17)
4.23 (13)
12.Mounted During Deer Season Ch. 02
Surprise group sex. by nostranger2luv (10/06/16)
3.81 (48)
13.My First Text Orgasm - A Surprise!
A text conversation gets very hot unexpectedly. by Tigger_Lilly (03/03/17)
3.77 (30)
14.My Aggressively Horny Buttocks!
An esoteric yogic technique; jacknifing back into my submissive woman. by Ashesh9 (12/28/16)
2.17 (12)