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During this unintentional quiet period from my blog I was soliciting ideas from my lovely editor, Miss Charlotte, for simple sorts of topics that I could crank out relatively quickly, ideally once a...

Bondage Basics Pt. 01 by IvanMazlow

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So, now we know the where, when and who, which leads us to the how. This is where it gets tricky. Remember that being a dominant is truly not simply about getting compliance from a partner. It's...

Mixing with Vanilla Pt. 02 by IvanMazlow

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1. The eye contact. Make eye contact. When you're trying to flirt with someone, don't look at the ground, or over their shoulder, or at the ceiling. Look them right in the eyes. Holding someone's...

The Art of Seduction by sexnovella

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1.Bondage Basics Pt. 01
An introductory discussion of bondage techniques. by IvanMazlow (07/31/15)
4.52 (27)
2.Mixing with Vanilla Pt. 02
Introducing D/s into vanilla relationships. by IvanMazlow (08/02/15)
4.32 (19)
3.Bondage Basics Pt. 02
Getting to the fun parts of what we can do with bondage. by IvanMazlow (08/04/15)
4.31 (13)
4.Mixing with Vanilla Pt. 01
Safely introducing power exchange into relationships. by IvanMazlow (08/01/15)
4.25 (16)
5.The Art of Seduction
How to seduce. by sexnovella (08/20/15)
4.22 (27)