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This is a How To Guide for Sissies and Cuckolds. Please do not read this guide if you have no interest in the cuckold/sissy lifestyle. Like most couples these days both partners will be doing...

How to Become a Sissy/Cuckold by Quietoldie

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For those who haven't read part 1, I will recap the day's event as it unfolded. I was in the woods hunting, received a text to meet at the car. When I arrived at the car, my buddy's girlfriend was...

Mounted During Deer Season Ch. 02 by nostranger2luv

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1.How to Become a Sissy/Cuckold
For husbands wanting change in their marriage. by Quietoldie (10/18/16)
4.15 (39)
2.Mounted During Deer Season Ch. 02
Surprise group sex. by nostranger2luv (10/06/16)
3.90 (20)