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Dirty sex or is that really dirty sex? The difference to be honest, is often nothing more than a Johnson and Johnson wipe. With tensions high, lust in the air, it's so easy to forget the most basic...

10 Tips For Squeaky Clean Sex by HarrietBay

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How do we survive having an affair, keep our worlds very separate, no-one is above being busted. These are the stories of what not to do. "Harriet, Delete the old number. Got a new cell." Why? "It...

Men and Suspicious Wives by HarrietBay

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1.10 Tips For Squeaky Clean Sex
Stories of dirty filthy sex from Sex Workers and sex lovers by HarrietBay (05/04/16)
4.18 (33)
2.Men and Suspicious Wives
Sex outside marriage is risky, fun and hoot...except... by HarrietBay (05/11/16)
3.00 (8)