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Author's Note Thank you again to those of you who have emailed me, voted, and/or posted public comments on this story so far. Your kind words are always appreciated! New and existing readers,...

Cross Country Ch. 06 by VentureV

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At 6:00 AM on Sunday morning, my internal clock went off as usual. I swung my feet to the floor and hurriedly walked nude out of the room. I went down the hall and quietly opened my daughter Julia's...

Hot Summer Night Ch. 10 by BigZeke13

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Taking small sips at a bottle of lukewarm water, I debated pouring some of it on my chest to wash away the layer of sweat and ash. I looked past the thin, clear plastic to my sister, who had her own...

No Shit There I Was by MSTarot

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201.Cross Country Ch. 06
Three's a crowd, but four is amazing! by VentureV (04/17/10)
4.82 (466)
202.Hot Summer Night Ch. 10
Max and I pummel the girls. by BigZeke13 (05/02/14)
4.82 (452)
203.No Shit There I Was
A week in the lives of a brother and sister at Gulf Wars. by MSTarot (04/14/16)
4.82 (413)
204.Autumn Blues Ch. 02
The day after the night before. by Player3 (02/24/17)
4.82 (400)
205.The Things You Make Me Feel Ch. 10
It's you and me, always and forever. by blackmatter (04/09/17)
4.82 (388)
206.Basic Shadow Ch. 04
Sexy accountants can be demon auditors. by GrandTeton (11/17/16)
4.82 (380)
207.Mandy and Me Ch. 09
Coming Home and Planning a Surprise. by SSW_1050 (03/01/17)
4.82 (374)
208.Mandy and Me Ch. 11
Revelations. by SSW_1050 (03/29/17)
4.82 (365)
209.Spell, Crook and Handle Pt. 07
Louis and his mom consummate the will of the dark pharaoh. by Lost Boy (10/03/15)
4.82 (359)
210.Mandy and Me Ch. 10
Christmas Celebrations and Family Togetherness. by SSW_1050 (03/16/17)
4.82 (347)
211.Extending the MILF List Ch. 12
How Much Sex Can One Man Have? Part 1. by Contrasting (02/10/16)
4.82 (330)
212.The Afflicted
A Sweeping New Tale of a New Breed of Vampires. by ShyChiWriter (02/23/18)
4.82 (325)
213.A State of Grace Pt. 05
We aren't out of the woods, yet! by carbinemaster (12/06/17)
4.82 (319)
214.Hello Mr. Robinson Pt. 08
Christmas with the Robinsons. by Lost Boy (01/27/17)
4.82 (317)
215.Conflicted in Paradise Ch. 03
The vacation comes to a spectacular close. by EldridgeinOO (02/01/11)
4.82 (300)
216.Blessed Ch. 12
Kit approaches Belle and makes a date. by dellagordo (03/12/17)
4.82 (285)
217.The Sins of the Fathers Ch. 29
Sometimes, your dreams really do come true! by Fatherlyneed (12/25/16)
4.82 (284)
218.Lost Girl: Julie's Story Ch. 03 Pt. 01
Julie, Mark, and Darryl begin to cross paths. by beachbum1958 (10/23/14)
4.82 (283)
219.Family First Ch. 07
Mary comes to terms with her past, present, and future. by ErrantZebra (01/08/17)
4.82 (268)
220.Extending the MILF List Ch. 18
Hump Day-Hooker Wednesday. by Contrasting (11/24/16)
4.82 (260)
221.Charlie and Mindy Bk. 03 Ch. 07
Friends in need; love's power. by CarlusMagnus (06/19/16)
4.82 (256)
222.Wheeling Park Ch. 11
The twins talk and get closer. by Ameaner (02/04/11)
4.82 (244)
223.Charlie and Mindy Bk. 04 Ch. 04
Vows of eternal chastity; breaking up a partnership. by CarlusMagnus (07/03/16)
4.82 (237)
224.Mike & Karen Ch. 02
Meeting the families, and an inevitable duel... by BiscuitHammer (02/11/18)
4.82 (231)
225.An Incest Birthday Ch. 26
Randy finally leaves the hospital. by kevin_88 (10/07/14)
4.82 (225)
226.Up North Ch. 10
Conclusion Part 2 of 2 "Family Fun". by dragonwriter (09/21/15)
4.82 (220)
227.I Got Caught in Girls Underclothes Ch. 10
Katie and Tyler deal with what they've done. by dbrains (03/18/17)
4.82 (187)
228.Revelation 06 – Tuesday
Man has revelation about women in his life. by chiefX39 (04/02/06)
4.82 (178)
229.Fever Dream Pt. 02: T.B.D.E.
More of the twins past is revealed. To better days... by SpiritoftheStairwell (09/27/17)
4.82 (154)
230.Family Affairs Ch. 22
The birthday party for everyone. by Devonnudist (04/25/17)
4.82 (100)
231.Thank You Jeannie Ch. 01-06
Shy siblings get tired of being alone on date nights. by Wm_Sexspear (04/06/02)
4.81 (10012)
232.The Quarterback's Little Sister
Emily is the best cheerleader her brother could ask for. by Braindard (02/19/15)
4.81 (6884)
233.Thank You Jeannie Ch. 11-13
Walk in the woods leads to action in the bush. by Wm_Sexspear (05/24/02)
4.81 (5833)
234.My Sister Set Me Up on a Blind Date
With herself! by 8letters (08/17/16)
4.81 (5109)
235.Behind The Shed
Siblings find a fun activity to do together... by Cphucker (05/30/14)
4.81 (4825)
236.Just the Six of Us Ch. 11
Mike, his sisters, and the voice in his head. by Mentalcase (10/01/10)
4.81 (4411)
237.All I Want For Christmas is Mom
Mom's gift is just what her son's always wanted; her! by lovecraft68 (11/13/15)
4.81 (4264)
238.My Lingerie-Loving Sister Moves In
"We're Definitely Not Going To..." by 8letters (10/16/17)
4.81 (3937)
239.Just the Six of Us Ch. 14
Mike, his sisters, and the voice in his head. by Mentalcase (10/20/10)
4.81 (3804)
240.Aunt Jean
Illicit romance profoundly changes two lovers. by A_Satori (08/23/08)
4.81 (3757)
241.Either is Not the Only Choice
Some families are about love. by Scorpio44 (10/05/06)
4.81 (3736)
242.Native Sister
A man joins his sister in the jungle and engages in taboo. by AddToWater (07/31/14)
4.81 (3548)
243.Family Matters Ch. 08
Mindy gets set up by Kim and Vicky...and LOVES IT! by dezurtdawg (02/04/11)
4.81 (3378)
244.I'll Always Take Care of You Ch. 05
More from the New York trip. by doc87123 (05/28/09)
4.81 (2877)
245.Sis, Is That You?
You just never know who you might run into online. by lovecraft68 (03/01/17)
4.81 (2784)
246.What Mom Knows Fucks Her In Vegas
Mom, son, girlfriend and busty seductress get nasty in Vegas. by silkstockingslover (02/08/13)
4.81 (2596)
247.Brenda & Ian Ch. 01
Two cousins get close through tragedy. by Tony155 (09/16/04)
4.81 (2592)
248.Alex & Alexa Ch. 02
I fell hopelessly in love with the woman I was named after. by BiscuitHammer (08/17/15)
4.81 (2473)
249.RMC: Rocky Mountain Christmas
Vacation, a disaster, family secrets, and a seduction. by BenLong (11/12/12)
4.81 (2346)
250.Just the Six of Us Ch. 27
Mike, his know the rest. by Mentalcase (12/04/13)
4.81 (2282)
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