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Rolling over in bed, I groaned as the sheets peeled away from my body, still damp and sticky. I sat up and closed my eyes, expecting a hangover and finding none. Something in my body expected one,...

Technically We're Estranged Ch. 09 by BreakTheBar

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Part 10 – Family and Business Developments, and a Promise of Hope 26 Feb Mom, Junior, and Grandma arrived in Houston late that Saturday afternoon, and Junior got them all checked into a...

Amanda Pt. 10A by SSW_1050

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We'd been asleep for a while, when I woke to find Mindy crawling out of the sack to pee. I decided that I probably wouldn't get back to sleep unless I did the same. So I crawled out, too. The moon...

Charlie and Mindy Bk. 01 Ch. 07 by CarlusMagnus

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1.Amanda Pt. 10B
A Resolution, An Explanation, and A Promise. by SSW_1050 (04/28/16)
4.83 (281)
2.Technically We're Estranged Ch. 09
A finale with my camgirl cousin and my secretary. by BreakTheBar (04/29/16)
4.82 (418)
3.Amanda Pt. 10A
Family developments and a promise of hope. by SSW_1050 (04/08/16)
4.79 (330)
4.Technically We're Estranged Ch. 08
Back to Australia with camgirl cousin. by BreakTheBar (04/19/16)
4.79 (445)
5.Charlie and Mindy Bk. 01 Ch. 07
Grin, wink, thumbs-up. by CarlusMagnus (04/05/16)
4.79 (254)
6.The Massage Club Pt. 02
Siblings continue their massage trades. by SPEN STERLING (04/13/16)
4.78 (538)
7.Technically We're Estranged Ch. 07
Big gestures towards Camgirl Cousin. by BreakTheBar (04/17/16)
4.78 (489)
8.No Shit There I Was
A week in the lives of a brother and sister at Gulf Wars. by MSTarot (04/14/16)
4.77 (215)
9.The Reprieve
Jason finds special favor with his mother after her divorce. by clearwinston (04/27/16)
4.76 (901)
10.Recipe for Disaster Pt. 04
The secret of the monolith is revealed. by Lost Boy (05/01/16)
4.74 (330)
11.Recipe for Disaster Pt. 01
An ancient scroll with mystical secrets is discovered. by Lost Boy (04/28/16)
4.74 (724)
12.Lost & Found: A Charm for Trinity Ch. 02
Some familiar names and faces appear. by beachbum1958 (04/21/16)
4.73 (113)
13.Auntie's Panties Pt. 02
Danny's sexy young Aunt continues his training. by ilikeithot6308 (04/14/16)
4.73 (530)
14.Think Mom's Sexy Now?
Bryan's mother wants to be a milf, his milf! by lovecraft68 (04/13/16)
4.73 (1492)
15.Big Tits on Lil Sis Ch. 04
Mom gets needy while Dad is away... by Fillmore_Choda (04/24/16)
4.72 (1006)
16.My Daughter's Roommate
A mother worries about her daughter's predatory roommate. by BuckyDuckman (04/25/16)
4.72 (639)
17.Charlie and Mindy Bk. 02 Ch. 07
Mindy! Where's Mindy? Is she okay? by CarlusMagnus (05/04/16)
4.71 (80)
18.Lost & Found: A Charm for Trinity
In Robbie, Casey & Joey's world, Scott and Trinity fall. by beachbum1958 (04/16/16)
4.71 (149)
19.Our Daughter the Porn Star
My wife and I watch our daughter's 1st porn movie with her! by BuckyDuckman (04/27/16)
4.70 (713)
20.Charlie and Mindy Bk. 02 Ch. 01
War and Peace. by CarlusMagnus (04/09/16)
4.70 (256)
21.Charlie and Mindy Bk. 02 Ch. 05
People will think you're a pervert. by CarlusMagnus (04/26/16)
4.70 (135)
22.Becoming a Nudist Family
A family tries living a nudist lifestyle. by Heather26 (04/16/16)
4.68 (1800)
23.The Optocynic 5000 Ch. 02
Bobby persuades his sister to pose for him. by SirSinn (04/05/16)
4.66 (799)
24.His Hot Aunt Pt. 02
James and Lisa expand their relationship. by Drakon66 (04/16/16)
4.66 (440)
25.Samantha's Soothing Hands
Busty redhead Sam takes care of her father after an accident. by SexyBeast (04/27/16)
4.66 (322)
26.Family First Ch. 04
Christina and Danny compare notes and try something new. by ErrantZebra (04/04/16)
4.65 (238)
27.Dad, Do I Turn You On? Ch. 03
What happens after Mandy figures it out? by Leenysman (04/21/16)
4.65 (280)
28.The White Rose Crisis Ch. 05
Will makes surprising new discoveries about his family. by Master_and_Sex_Kitten (04/27/16)
4.65 (77)
29.Wanting Carol
Carol's son wants his dreams to come true at a sex club. by JayPierce95 (04/06/16)
4.64 (1235)
30.Unprecedented Events Ch. 03
Trying for a normal life. Nothing is normal anymore. by wildeyedsthrnboy (04/27/16)
4.64 (273)
31.The Dangers of Glory Hole Dating Ch. 02
For Mike and his sister it's love at first sight...sort of. by Master_and_Sex_Kitten (04/27/16)
4.64 (298)
32.I Keep Reaching Ch. 02
Things heat up between Erik and Chloe. by WorldsApart (04/29/16)
4.64 (419)
33.Best Friends Help Ch. 01
A friend schemes to seduce father and daughter both. by autoplot (04/04/16)
4.64 (722)
34.My BFF, Her Dad and Her Mom
Two teens bring their families together. by rilysilywily (04/20/16)
4.63 (474)
35.The Best Summer of My Life Ch. 03
My oral education is off to a flying start. by allnitediner (04/16/16)
4.63 (416)
36.The Cycle Ch. 03
Gift of an angel. by kelprime (05/04/16)
4.63 (110)
37.Charlie and Mindy Bk. 02 Ch. 06
Something comes up; Charlie goes down. by CarlusMagnus (04/30/16)
4.62 (120)
38.Big Tits on Lil Sis Ch. 03
After Sam shows off, Mom joins the fun... by Fillmore_Choda (04/19/16)
4.62 (1071)
39.Moonbeam Ch. 05
Danger threatens for Moon and Cloud. by GrandTeton (04/15/16)
4.62 (84)
40.Raising Keira
It's not easy raising a nudist daughter. by serabelle (04/23/16)
4.62 (1152)
41.The Best Summer of My Life Ch. 04
Mom and I take our fun to the next level. by allnitediner (04/20/16)
4.61 (481)
42.Dad, You're Fired!
Dad's hatred draws Mother and Son together. by MrCurrie (05/02/16)
4.61 (1354)
43.The Family Business Ch. 03
Lisa learns about her sons' website; Nicole's brother visits. by SirSinn (05/04/16)
4.61 (204)
44.The Cycle Ch. 02
A day out. The dreams continue. by kelprime (04/29/16)
4.61 (260)
45.Mom's Bridal Lingerie Ch. 05
Mom Nicole serves son Mitch a tasty lunch. by rmdexter (04/08/16)
4.61 (466)
46.A Nip in the Christmas Air Ch. 02
Happy holiday gets happier with granny's sexy tits. by milfleglover (04/27/16)
4.61 (122)
47.Charlie and Mindy Bk. 02 Ch. 02
Charlie gets therapy for DSB, a debilitating condition. by CarlusMagnus (04/14/16)
4.60 (172)
48.Two Videos
Mom caught with incest DVD by son. What to do? by JayPierce95 (04/20/16)
4.60 (1128)
49.Dad, Do I Turn You On? Ch. 02
Steve & Suzy's Relationship Expands & Mandy Arrives. by Leenysman (04/20/16)
4.60 (278)
50.Spying on My Mother
Being a voyeur has its benefits, even when mom finds out. by HeyAll (04/14/16)
4.60 (1343)
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