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She couldn't sleep. The information about her grandma kept looping through her mind. What a shocker! So many new things had happened in the last two years! Some little, some not so little! Catherine...

Lola and Joey Ch. 16 by litstorymb

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I held the remains of my smart watch. I examined it and frowned. The once gleaming casing was melted and twisted. There was clear evidence of carbon scoring where flames erupted from within and...

Legacy: Family by Lost Boy

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I'm on the plane with Tina and Elaine heading across the county to do my first convention. It's not one of the biggest but Tina thought going a bit smaller was a good place to start. She and Elaine...

'Just' Jane Ch. 13 by twofourthree

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Lola and Joey Ch. 16
Sisters. by litstorymb (01/25/18)
4.82 (55)
2.Legacy: Family
Thomas discovers the origin of the Golden Child legacy. by Lost Boy (01/26/18)
4.80 (270)
3.'Just' Jane Ch. 13
Jane attends convention where things get out of hand. by twofourthree (02/01/18)
4.79 (47)
4.Naughty Pines Cabin Ch. 02
Birthday Slut Gets Banged By Big Brothers. by Alice_Rosaleen (01/26/18)
4.79 (267)
5.Her Bodyguard
...and his Dirty Valentine. by NotWise (01/25/18)
4.78 (655)
6.My Daughter's Scheme Ch. 04
The conclusion. by Generalgums (02/05/18)
4.77 (117)
7.Was It The "Wrong" Number? Ch. 03
New experiences continue with the Bennett family. by nosebone (02/04/18)
4.77 (505)
8.The Painter's Daughter Ch. 02
Paige volunteers to be her father's interim art model. by PiperBelle (02/10/18)
4.77 (605)
9.Comforting Mom
18-year-old lesbian daughter slyly seduces her lonely mother. by silkstockingslover (02/01/18)
4.77 (1218)
10.My Mom and Sisters are my Nurses Ch. 03
Jake and Debby together at the gala, will something happen? by EenViezeVent (02/14/18)
4.76 (515)
11.Twenty Cups Ch. 02
More cups need filling with Mom and sister's help. by fsqueeze (02/05/18)
4.76 (745)
12.Bonding Time Ch. 04
The Family That Plays Together. by SSW_1050 (01/26/18)
4.76 (62)
13."Mom-Son": Best Friend Threesome
Son and Mom dominate Mom's submissive best friend. by silkstockingslover (02/17/18)
4.75 (524)
14.Retirement and College Ch. 02
Kassie's affection gets to be too much for her uncle. by nosebone (01/30/18)
4.75 (365)
15.California Love Ch. 02
The cousins celebrate their reunion with pizza and a list. by Monkeypirate (02/08/18)
4.74 (304)
16.A Thing for Mom
Kevin finally tells his mother how he really feels. by mt44 (02/06/18)
4.74 (965)
17.Replacing Mom
A Sequel to Filling in For Mom. Greg & Mia go hiking. by mt44 (02/04/18)
4.73 (286)
18.I Dream of Jeanie
A young man acquires a genie. by Cordance (01/24/18)
4.73 (1012)
19.A Reluctant Corruption Ch. 02
While Dad is away, Mother and Son will play. by Arist0tle (02/05/18)
4.73 (324)
20.Chickadee Ch. 01
Lindsey's got a crush on dad. Mom gives her permission. by EmmyLou93 (02/15/18)
4.73 (648)
21.Page Ch. 08
Siblings New Year's Intrigue. by MindsMirror (02/20/18)
4.72 (87)
22.Mom Discovers Porn
Mom's new porn addiction leads to my cock. by EdPuss (02/03/18)
4.72 (2148)
23.Was It The "Wrong" Number? Ch. 02
Brad meets the Bennett family. by nosebone (01/29/18)
4.72 (584)
24.Mike & Karen Ch. 02
Meeting the families, and an inevitable duel... by BiscuitHammer (02/11/18)
4.72 (183)
25.Omelettes for Breakfast Ch. 02
A prequel: How mother came to be our lover. by MaryAnderson (02/01/18)
4.71 (279)
26.The Two Annes
Chapter 3 - I fuck my girl's mother then my girl while the other watches. by WirdSmiff (01/25/18)
4.71 (245)
27.Mandy and Me Ch. 23
Back to the Grind. by SSW_1050 (02/22/18)
4.71 (68)
28.Siblings Estranged Ch. 04
Confrontations, Resolutions and Conclusions. Final Chapter. by Bebop3 (02/02/18)
4.70 (273)
29.Humiliated Wife Turns to Her Son Ch. 12
Many changes are on the horizon for everyone. by OG4U (01/31/18)
4.68 (347)
30.Big Brother Confesses to Little Sis
Siblings confess and consummate their love for one another. by marriedtosis (02/16/18)
4.68 (582)
31.My Dad is my Valentine
A night out with Daddy turns into so much more. by secondsamuel (02/05/18)
4.68 (273)
32.Memoirs - The Harem Ch. 11
A sister likes it kinky, and a pool party exposes everything. by f1manoz (02/15/18)
4.68 (252)
33.My Daughter's Scheme Ch. 03
Andrew gets a birthday present. by Generalgums (02/02/18)
4.68 (130)
34.Family Secrets Pt. 02
Samuel comes face to face with the council of the coven. by soul71 (02/04/18)
4.67 (234)
35.The Painter's Daughter Ch. 01
A curious young artist reconnects with her estranged father. by PiperBelle (02/06/18)
4.67 (563)
36.A Daughter's Tale
Maggie loves her Pa, and craves his baby. by Carnal_Flower (01/28/18)
4.67 (275)
37.Jess was a Bitch Ch. 06
Jess and Jon continue to learn about each other's desires. by Turbidus (01/25/18)
4.66 (196)
38.Adventures in Montreal
Adam chaperones his 18 year old cousins on a trip to Montreal. by jwdramaking (02/01/18)
4.66 (429)
39.Getting to Know Daddy Ch. 04
Chance and Riley's love grows deeper than ever. by James_Steele (02/07/18)
4.66 (85)
40.'Just' Jane Ch. 11
When tragedy strikes Jane learns Poole's dark secret. by twofourthree (01/24/18)
4.66 (38)
41.McKinley Manor Pt. 01
Jake finds a home and more. by StacyGretsch (02/20/18)
4.66 (560)
42.Yes Ma'am.
Josslyn gets turned into her son's slutty Valentine. by Alice_Rosaleen (01/30/18)
4.65 (1201)
43.My Mom is a Hot Mom Ch. 08
For his birthday, mom gives son the ultimate gift. by SimonDoom (02/19/18)
4.65 (436)
44.My Wife Shares Me W/Family Ch. 10
I play Cara's husband as we swing with an old friend. by bald_balls (02/07/18)
4.65 (144)
45.Head Doctor
A young man seeks help with his demons. by ChancesAre (02/11/18)
4.64 (543)
46.Room 209 - Day 04
Ricky enjoys another lunch hour with mom. by klrxo (02/04/18)
4.64 (455)
47.Life's a Beach Ch. 02
Mother, mother-in-law and wife. The conclusion. by sunburycd (01/27/18)
4.64 (667)
48.Stepdaughter Bonus Ch. 04
Stepfather continues sexual affair with stepdaughter. by sunny77777 (01/25/18)
4.63 (161)
49.Getting to Know Daddy Ch. 03
Arnie and his daughter, Alana, discuss plans in the jacuzzi. by James_Steele (01/24/18)
4.63 (180)
50.'Just' Jane Ch. 10
Jane faces her past, but not before Poole says so. by twofourthree (01/23/18)
4.63 (38)
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