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Chapter 15 – A Resolution, An Explanation, and a Promise 28 Feb A Note From Mike: As noted at the beginning of Chapter 14, Mandy and I learned what occurred – while Junior, Mom, and...

Mandy and Me Ch. 15 by SSW_1050

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"The big four-oh, Uncle Zack," I said as I handed him his drink. "Don't feel a day over thirty-nine ... and a half!" he laughed. To tell you the truth, he didn't look much older than me, and I...

Mom's Twin Brother by Sam Jason

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Grace picks up the narrative: Kevin held me close, for several minutes. I relaxed against my loving brother, molding my body to his and letting him take whatever comfort from me that he needed....

A State of Grace Pt. 01 by carbinemaster

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1.Off with Her Pants
Relly discovers her sexuality and her brother. Concurrently. by Xarth (06/21/17)
4.83 (973)
2.Mandy and Me Ch. 15
A Resolution, An Explanation, and a Promise. by SSW_1050 (07/01/17)
4.82 (260)
3.Mom's Twin Brother
Mom's sanity depends on son's potency. by Sam Jason (07/10/17)
4.82 (1182)
4.Trapped in a Game Pt. 03
The siblings enjoy a reunion amidst brewing trouble. by Kousakacomplex (07/08/17)
4.79 (330)
5.A State of Grace Pt. 01
The continuing story of Kevin and Grace. by carbinemaster (06/28/17)
4.79 (337)
6.Of Cannabis and Cannibals
Mom and daughters find the Daddy their family was missing. by Kethandra (07/10/17)
4.79 (414)
7.An Offer He Can't Refuse Ch. 05
Mike and Julia deal with the twins' return. by ZenZerker (06/22/17)
4.79 (200)
8.Table for Two Ch. 09
Emily tries being straight, her sister makes her lesbian. by JessicaS (06/24/17)
4.76 (175)
9.Cousin Walks In Ch. 01
My best friend/cousin walks in on me. by teninchhammer10 (06/22/17)
4.76 (953)
10.The New Deal Ch. 07
First of many and many firsts. by litfan10 (06/28/17)
4.75 (208)
11.A Week with Cathy Ch. 04
A night of firsts for Gail! by Gary_Alexander_2 (07/20/17)
4.75 (52)
12.Creamy Mother and Daughter: Athena
Troubled times and meeting Athena. by mistermidnight2027 (06/21/17)
4.75 (36)
13.Cabin Hijinks
Jimmy's family gets closer during a vacation at a cabin. by TerryBee (07/06/17)
4.73 (624)
14.Original Angels Ch. 50
The Honeymoon: Trade offs on board. Rob and Tracy realize a dream. by RobinAZstill (07/06/17)
4.73 (114)
15.Traveling East Original Angels Ch. 01
Rob and Sue visit family and a friend. by RobinAZstill (07/08/17)
4.72 (162)
16.The Things You Make Me Feel Ch. 11
Tying up loose ends. by blackmatter (07/14/17)
4.72 (154)
A father and daughter cope after she sustains injuries. by mycuriousnature (07/07/17)
4.72 (782)
18."Mommy-Slut": A Battle of Wills
A mom becomes her son’s slut after catching him with a girl. by silkstockingslover (06/27/17)
4.72 (1919)
19.Original Angels Ch. 46
The Honeymoon: antics on the airplane. by RobinAZstill (06/28/17)
4.71 (140)
20.Traveling East Original Angels Ch. 02
An exhibitionist shopping spree in Niagara Falls. by RobinAZstill (07/09/17)
4.71 (125)
21.The New Deal Ch. 06
Learning New Tricks. by litfan10 (06/21/17)
4.71 (198)
22.Family Camping Trip Ch. 02
Bryce canyon opens a whole new chapter of fun. by m_storyman_x (07/18/17)
4.71 (460)
23.Masturbatra Rises Ch. 03: Close Calls
Lisa confronts her son about her secret. by JayPierce95 (06/27/17)
4.70 (140)
24.Summer with Sarah Ch. 01-04
Siblings spend a summer exploring sex together. by jphalpert (07/14/17)
4.70 (708)
25.Bent & Broken Ch. 04
Conclusion. His aunt resists, but he's no quitter. by fsqueeze (07/17/17)
4.70 (590)
26.Lighten Up Ch. 04
Paul and April try to seduce his mom. by WillyShakes (07/05/17)
4.69 (262)
27.Resetting Life - The Collection
Collected works of a man discovering new love. by Inkysquid718 (06/30/17)
4.68 (53)
28.What to Do with Darla
Darla settles down with her brother. by Tyzmartar (07/08/17)
4.68 (818)
29.Rekindling Forgotten Love
Unusual birthday gift reminds twins of their old closeness. by MrIllusion (07/18/17)
4.68 (405)
30.Return of the Son
Andrew returns home to his mother after university. by f1manoz (06/25/17)
4.68 (803)
31.Housesitting Ch. 02
Tara is shocked when her mother walks in Delores' house. by blondsubles (07/12/17)
4.68 (145)
32.Original Angels Ch. 47
The Honeymoon: the mile high orgy continues. by RobinAZstill (06/29/17)
4.67 (129)
33.Original Angels Ch. 39
An afternoon of family sex. by RobinAZstill (06/21/17)
4.67 (153)
34.The Four Sluts Pt. 09
The Friends show how much they appreciate their team. by Hector10 (07/12/17)
4.67 (30)
35.She Started It
She started it and the family adapts. by RonCabo (06/30/17)
4.66 (471)
36.On the Loveseat Ch. 09
More sexual hijinx with Jeremy and his mom and aunt! by Onedragon (07/06/17)
4.66 (189)
37.Do Me Daddy Ch. 03 - and do Kate too
Younger sister Kate finally gets some family loving. by ualmech88 (07/02/17)
4.65 (339)
38.When No Woman Equals Mom Ch. 01
Zach employs experimental psychology on Mom and Dad. by MaryAnderson (06/30/17)
4.64 (423)
39.Masturbatra Rises Ch. 01: An Erotic Hero
A steamy comic about his mom has real-world ramifications. by JayPierce95 (06/25/17)
4.64 (330)
40.Traveling East Original Angels Ch. 03
A morning of exhibition leads to an afternoon orgy. by RobinAZstill (07/10/17)
4.64 (114)
41.Two Sisters: 39 Weeks Pregnant
Horny pregnant woman submits to her dominant younger sister. by silkstockingslover (07/11/17)
4.64 (700)
42.Original Angels Ch. 41
An orgy at home to consummate hiring Lucinda and Melinda. by RobinAZstill (06/23/17)
4.64 (141)
43.The New Deal Ch. 08
Look what comes crawling out of the woodwork. by litfan10 (07/14/17)
4.64 (187)
44.Best Big Brother Ever Ch. 02
I can't think of a better man for the job. by CarlusMagnus (06/30/17)
4.63 (488)
45.Original Angels Ch. 51
The Honeymoon: more trade offs on a private island by RobinAZstill (07/07/17)
4.63 (119)
46.Late Night Under The Stars With Mom
The heat, night, and stars break down mom's resistance. by SimonDoom (06/26/17)
4.63 (1018)
47.Original Angels Ch. 49
The Honeymoon: first day on the cruise. by RobinAZstill (07/01/17)
4.63 (142)
48.Shelly Seduces Daddy Ch. 08
Shelly marries daddy and Maddy's plan is put into place. by ashadebetter (07/06/17)
4.63 (107)
49.My Sensuous Aunt Madge Ch. 03
Talana proves her love. by OG4U (06/22/17)
4.63 (195)
50.I Give My Niece a Ride Ch. 02
A day at the beach with niece Jessica and her friend Lindsay. by rutger5 (07/10/17)
4.63 (339)
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