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Author's Note: As always, thank you to all of you who read, vote and comment. I keep writing because of you. My preference is to omit disclaimers, so suffice to say this one is important. This...

Coming in First by Braindard

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Chris might have called today a pretty uneventful day if hadn't been for the familiar 'bloop' of an e-mail hitting his personal inbox that afternoon. In fact, many of his days went like this each...

Snap Decisions by Braindard

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"Hey Alex, can you possibly go check in on Allie? Your mom and I are stuck grading. Bring her some non-hospital food if possible, okay?" "Yeah, yeah." Hopefully that was just the right amount...

Alex & Alexa Ch. 08 by BiscuitHammer

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1.Coming in First
Nicky's two brothers compete for their prized little sister. by Braindard (10/27/15)
4.85 (590)
2.Snap Decisions
Nicky's selfies frustrate and tempt her father to no end. by Braindard (11/17/15)
4.82 (527)
3.Alex & Alexa Ch. 08
Bringing Alexa home and I fall more in love... by BiscuitHammer (11/13/15)
4.81 (526)
4.All I Want For Christmas is Mom
Mom's gift is just what her son's always wanted; her! by lovecraft68 (11/13/15)
4.79 (2225)
5.Just Call Me Johnny
Johnny deals with the problems of retirement. by TheGreatLakes (11/11/15)
4.77 (774)
6.Masked Motherly Love Pt. 03
A son and his mother call their spouses to join them. by BMYJC (11/17/15)
4.75 (231)
7.Under Her Thumb Ch. 02
The guilt wanes as Steve makes an addition to the family. by Domdomain (11/05/15)
4.73 (706)
8.My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 40
Mom gets a birthday treat and Kristen and I get alone time. by Lucy_P (11/03/15)
4.72 (68)
9.Travis's Tale Ch. 06
Travis, Alex and Courtney become a family. by wallcleaver (10/26/15)
4.70 (165)
10.Extending the MILF List Ch. 10
Giving a Mother and Daughter to a Lucky Guy. by Contrasting (11/12/15)
4.70 (132)
11.Under Her Thumb Ch. 03
In the face of danger, Steve's darker side is revealed. by Domdomain (11/08/15)
4.69 (532)
Repercussions of Thanksgivings past bring siblings together. by MindsMirror (11/16/15)
4.68 (572)
13.Grandfather's Busty Intern Ch. 02
Shannon starts to serve her well-endowed grandfather. by rmdexter (11/06/15)
4.67 (525)
14.Back Home for the Holidays Ch. 02
John discovers Robin's secret. by The_Unicorn (10/31/15)
4.67 (126)
15.Dreaming of Mia Ch. 03
Strange consequences of his dreams cause dad to seek help. by Braindard (11/15/15)
4.66 (128)
16.Pretty Panties
A horny father masturbates with his daughter's panties. by _RavenShade_ (11/10/15)
4.65 (510)
17.Sharing Secrets Ch. 04
Back to real life for Cheryl? by rodofmercury (11/07/15)
4.65 (85)
18.A Surprise Family Christmas Orgy
Faithful man is tempted by sister-in-law at Christmas party. by silkstockingslover (11/25/15)
4.64 (634)
19.Luciel's Children
Jon and Nessa make a deal with the Devil... by beachbum1958 (10/29/15)
4.63 (204)
20.Under Her Thumb Ch. 05
The girls get taken, finally losing all their V-cards. by Domdomain (11/21/15)
4.63 (217)
21.Birthday Present
Mom has a special birthday tradition in store. by TxAuthor (11/11/15)
4.63 (1154)
22.Crossword Puzzles
Mum has the questions, Gary has all the answers. by CharleneBarr (10/27/15)
4.63 (796)
23.Mother's Helping Hand Ch. 16
Alison and Bobby both know a line has been crossed. by Dick_Spanker (10/30/15)
4.62 (655)
24.Taking Step-daughter to College Pt. 04
Karen returns to school & John makes plans for Memorial Day. by baranbrat (11/07/15)
4.62 (125)
25.Page Ch. 02
Anxiety over sister's trouble deepens. by MindsMirror (11/21/15)
4.62 (505)
26.Folie a Deux, Episode 04
Mike and Emily just can't control themselves. by Senor_Smut (10/27/15)
4.61 (62)
27.Family Needs Ch. 05
Mom and John have lunch and John has the best b-day ever. by hardind (11/20/15)
4.61 (349)
28.John Taylor - 5 Years Later
Hot daughter in law Hayley surprises him. by TeamEquipe (11/15/15)
4.61 (411)
29.Mom's Stockings: My Son's Cum Bucket
Mom gives her son the best present ever… a live-in slut. by silkstockingslover (11/18/15)
4.60 (1949)
30.Birthday Festivities Ch. 02
Alex gets what's coming to him. by Jester_Vee (10/31/15)
4.60 (329)
31.Sister in Heat Ch. 02
Brother and sister get horny in the woods. by Mister_Shy (10/31/15)
4.60 (833)
32.Idle Rich: Booty Call
Mom makes a surprise visit at her son's prep school. by dellagordo (11/08/15)
4.59 (576)
33.Cara, Daddy, and Uncle Johnny Ch. 04
Daddy helps Uncle Johnny teach Cara about anal sex. by classy_with_curves (10/30/15)
4.59 (306)
34.Revenge of the Nerd: Mom
Nerd ends up fucking his mom in an unorthodox way. by silkstockingslover (10/29/15)
4.59 (1087)
35.The Important Lessons of Life
Mother wants her son to attend sex ed class. by rarmons (10/29/15)
4.58 (1008)
36.Under Her Thumb Ch. 01
A devastated stepfather struggles with life's little twists. by Domdomain (11/02/15)
4.58 (922)
Mature brother/sister incest. by geronimo_appleby (11/18/15)
4.58 (744)
38.The Blue Life Ch. 22: Nurse Stockton
My Family of submissive sluts gathers at the Doctors Office. by GrantLeeStone (11/03/15)
4.58 (38)
39.Mother’s New Governess Ch. 02
Mother and Aunty continue the bath lessons with Harry. by FOUNTAINPEN67 (11/03/15)
4.58 (191)
40.Sharing Secrets Ch. 02
Now it's Kim's turn to make some shocking admissions. by rodofmercury (11/03/15)
4.57 (143)
41.Mom Is My First Pt. 02
Aunt Mindy & cousin Ashley come over to work on their tans. by writerofstories (11/06/15)
4.57 (806)
42.Family Needs Ch. 02
John helps his sister and fulfills his mom's wishes. by hardind (11/12/15)
4.57 (1020)
43.3 Families Vol. 03 Ch. 02
Alex's Cousins Find Love. by RicoLouis (11/07/15)
4.57 (42)
He takes Dad's place with teasing Stepmom. by ilikeithot6308 (11/23/15)
4.57 (780)
45.Under Her Thumb Ch. 04
Steve's lovely girls decorate the tree in a naughty way. by Domdomain (11/14/15)
4.56 (362)
46.Family Needs Ch. 03
Ellie and Becky, White and Black, and a long dildo. by hardind (11/13/15)
4.56 (445)
47.Mom's an Arctic Fox
Things go awry when Jason finds his birth mother in Lapland. by CavyConsultant (11/18/15)
4.55 (1247)
48.Family Needs Ch. 01
A family comes together after the loss of a parent. by hardind (11/10/15)
4.55 (1336)
49.My Sister, Fiona Ch. 02: Susan's Story
Sometimes it takes a long time to find love. by GrandTeton (11/12/15)
4.55 (75)
50.The Blue Life Ch. 23: Dr. Piggie
A doctor's exam leads to taking of two more submissives. by GrantLeeStone (11/14/15)
4.53 (45)
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