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Leon was able to get us back on the road with a little work on our brakes but warned us to get the rotor thingy fixed before we tried to head back home. Dad took his advice and paid out more money...

Just Eight Miles Ahead, He Said Ch. 02 by cindylynn34

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Alberto seems to be a decent guy, even handsome in a burly kind of way. Those bulky arms and legs, those bedroom eyes, I've never been attracted to a Mexican before but I enjoyed him staying for...

Mexicans in My Bed Ch. 02 by cindylynn34

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Pink, glittery, and embossed with the word Contacts across the front cover, the address book in Tristan's hand smelled faintly of very sweet perfume. Japanese Cherry Blossom was the name of the scent...

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 26 by virgofemme

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Interracial Love

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151.Say Yes Ch. 01
She needs a jump. He has all the right equipment. by eveashland (04/26/17)
4.54 (232)
152.Slave to a White Bitch
Proud black woman is dominated by younger racist employee. by silkstockingslover (05/16/17)
4.54 (293)
153.Real Love Pt. 06
It's time. by TinaaT92 (10/30/16)
4.54 (28)
154.Kat and Tom Ch. 03
The wife sharing goes on. by steviet (12/27/16)
4.53 (212)
155.Onekka, Voodoo Priestess
Participating in a voodoo ritual. by seadiver (06/07/17)
4.53 (47)
156.The Fascination of Ashley Ch. 02
A teen co-ed continues her dark journey. by Jiggajank (04/28/17)
4.53 (162)
157.A Fighter and a Lover
Rihanna meets Jamie in unexpected situation, love blossoms. by Scotjock2 (05/20/17)
4.53 (134)
158.Just Eight Miles Ahead, He Said Ch. 02
A man like him won't be kept away. by cindylynn34 (01/04/17)
4.53 (123)
159.House of Mei Pt. 03
The family is torn apart, trying to rebuild. by JimBob44 (10/24/16)
4.52 (329)
160.Black Beauty
Payback for rescue turns into love. by pfanv (03/12/17)
4.52 (224)
161.Mother's Consent
I love her mother too. by oggbashan (08/30/17)
4.52 (257)
162.Mexicans in My Bed Ch. 02
Naïve mom and daughter deserve more cocks. by cindylynn34 (01/01/17)
4.52 (100)
163.Paradise Lust
Captain James Cook struggles to resist the charms of Tahiti. by sheepyboy (03/27/17)
4.52 (50)
164.Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 26
Tristan makes a phone call and Claudia receives... by virgofemme (07/19/17)
4.52 (27)
165.Singing in Ethiopia
Learning the meaning of the songs. by RubenR (01/31/17)
4.52 (31)
166.SIL and the Black Janitor Pt. 03
SIL gets her hot friend to also take on two black cocks. by gojirasan (02/02/17)
4.51 (167)
167.That One Time... Ch. 02
Ever since meeting him, embarrassment is Kimmy's BFF! by LatoyaDeLeon (04/06/17)
4.51 (82)
168.Lesson Plan Ch. 09
Teacher has a night of fun. by GettingItDone (03/22/17)
4.51 (41)
169.The Sun and The Moon AMBW - Gift
Short stories revolving around a shy woman and hotheaded man. by Tessela (05/24/17)
4.51 (88)
170.A Helping Hand
On the run from her husband. by LincolnSST (09/09/17)
4.51 (523)
171.Her New Neighbor Ch. 04
Julie and her Asian friend meet up with Jayson and his boy. by ThaDee (01/29/17)
4.51 (203)
A female guidance counselor helps a young black student. by fantasticfic (04/18/17)
4.50 (299)
173.Lana's Challenge
Part two about Lana and Max the giant. by Stiffler81 (12/12/16)
4.50 (103)
174.A Boy Admires His Mother Ch. 14
Bobby tells his mom he will not be going away to college. by needyou200 (12/07/16)
4.50 (135)
175.Sara's Choices: Montego Bay Pt. 02
Sara samples another island man's big black cock. by Bullwip (11/26/16)
4.50 (402)
176.A Dinner Party to Remember Ch. 02
A woman takes advice and "escalates" her next dinner party. by AndyQ (01/06/17)
4.50 (80)
177.Bar Exam Shack-Up at the Hilton
Blonde seeks stress relief from test with black stud. by ZaneBlue (01/06/17)
4.50 (60)
178.GianCarlo Ch. 09
Time's up for Gian and Delia. by ihartekenny (04/27/17)
4.50 (54)
179.Velvet Love Ch. 06
Posh boutiques and fast cars. by virgofemme (04/09/17)
4.50 (40)
180.The Billionaire Passenger Ch. 03
Tasha reunites with Kenneth. More mystery. by AmyClarkBerand (04/03/17)
4.50 (34)
181.Velvet Love Ch. 05
A night at the opera. by virgofemme (11/23/16)
4.50 (26)
182.The Best Ideas
Bill's new neighbor is black. by Labpet1 (03/18/17)
4.50 (447)
183.Temptress in a D-Cup
His girlfriend's boss wants to get in his pants. And does. by Swampcooler (01/25/17)
4.50 (298)
184.Traci's First BBC Ch. 02
It all started so simple. by StLouisLove (08/01/17)
4.50 (240)
185.Caribbean Vacation and Mama Zara
Couple affected by local healer's remedy. by bbccouple (12/05/16)
4.49 (177)
186.Checking on the Neighbors Pt. 03
Liz and the twins continue their fun, but for how long? by Cockhole (10/10/17)
4.49 (158)
187.Hot Wife Gets Gangbang in Jamaica
A white wife gets a black gang bang on the beach in Jamaica. by Mikeba48 (01/24/17)
4.49 (608)
188.Whitewash League Ch. 02
Cracker Breeding Channel. by EnglishTeacher (01/23/17)
4.48 (95)
189.The tale of Regina
Regina deals with chance love and creates a plan to keep it. by Jay626 (07/09/17)
4.48 (116)
190.Choices and Sacrifices Ch. 10
Excuses and Pity. by CoCoNiy101 (11/28/16)
4.48 (54)
191.Gloria does Debbie
Gloria meets up with old friends in Chicago. by AmyClarkBerand (01/17/17)
4.48 (25)
192.Freshman's First BBC Ch. 05
Freshman has phone sex while having sex. by Brass_ankle (03/09/17)
4.48 (46)
193.Lynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 70
Leif shows his wifey who is the boss, more phone calls. by mich80new (02/14/17)
4.48 (21)
194.TCCS Pt. 01 Ch. 03: Two Hot Blondes Bet on BBC
Mom and daughter bet on BBC. by Stormbringer (10/15/17)
4.48 (181)
195.Please My Wife Ch. 03
The couple continues to come under his spell. by SpankerSam (02/23/17)
4.47 (165)
196.A Fighter and a Lover Ch. 04
James spontaneously takes Rihanna away on holiday. by Scotjock2 (08/15/17)
4.47 (36)
197.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Can a Thai Girl and a Farang Find Love? by ChloeTzang (07/20/17)
4.47 (106)
198.Lesson Plan Ch. 08
Miss Bell gets used and surprised. by GettingItDone (12/08/16)
4.47 (53)
199.Woman Seeking Man
Eliza just needed release, the internet delivers. by thechrysalids (05/06/17)
4.47 (123)
200.Gloria's Diary
Gloria reflects on a crazy few days. by AmyClarkBerand (01/21/17)
4.47 (17)
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