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Wyoming Territory, 1868 Moving with her sister and her new husband out west had once sounded exciting to Beatrice. However, the reality hardly matched up to her fantasies. Life on a wagon train...

Man of the Mountain by bee49

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"Is that your booth over there?" Joana thought that she recognized a couple of Thomas's friends from the chess club. "Oh, yeah that's it." Thomas looked over at the members of the chess club...

Blackedmerica: A Love Story Ch. 05 by eeric

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This is Part One of a two-part story. I don't consider myself particularly good-looking, and I don't have an exceptionally large cock. I guess I'm not the wittiest guy in the world, and I...

International Flavors Pt. 01 by stfloyd56

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Interracial Love

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151.Chloe Ch. 01
ExecutiveVicePresident starts her descent to black cock slut. by sprnkman (12/12/16)
4.52 (295)
152.Paul and Mandy Get Close
Paul spends more time with Mandy the masseuse (Story 5). by AmyClarkBerand (01/25/17)
4.52 (23)
153.House of Mei Pt. 03
The family is torn apart, trying to rebuild. by JimBob44 (10/24/16)
4.52 (288)
154.Paradise Lust
Captain James Cook struggles to resist the charms of Tahiti. by sheepyboy (03/27/17)
4.52 (48)
155.Man of the Mountain
A three part series. by bee49 (05/20/17)
4.52 (104)
156.Kat and Tom Ch. 03
The wife sharing goes on. by steviet (12/27/16)
4.52 (180)
157.Say Yes Ch. 01
She needs a jump. He has all the right equipment. by eveashland (04/26/17)
4.51 (171)
158.Blackedmerica: A Love Story Ch. 05
The day continues at the Caspar celebration... by eeric (10/13/16)
4.51 (72)
159.International Flavors Pt. 01
New job and pills propel divorced man into diverse affairs. by stfloyd56 (11/02/16)
4.51 (113)
160.Velvet Love Ch. 06
Posh boutiques and fast cars. by virgofemme (04/09/17)
4.51 (39)
161.Exploitable Lust Pt. 04
White wife goes for a wild ride. by GettingItDone (07/13/16)
4.51 (158)
162.Diana's Dark Discovery
Two white wives, one black cuckold secret... by Jiggajank (04/24/17)
4.50 (377)
163.The Trophy Wives Club Pt. 02
Organizing our fuck club leads to trouble. by Cumbabynow (07/28/16)
4.50 (90)
164.Exploitable Lust Pt. 06
Wendy plays a role. by GettingItDone (02/28/17)
4.50 (52)
165.Velvet Love Ch. 04
Dane shares an urgent desire with Jeneda. by virgofemme (09/03/16)
4.50 (32)
166.Singing in Ethiopia
Learning the meaning of the songs. by RubenR (01/31/17)
4.50 (30)
167.Meeting Ngobo Ch. 02
Victoria's Favorite Chair. by victoriap (09/06/16)
4.50 (28)
168.Gloria does Debbie
Gloria meets up with old friends in Chicago. by AmyClarkBerand (01/17/17)
4.50 (24)
169.Black Beauty
Payback for rescue turns into love. by pfanv (03/12/17)
4.50 (219)
170.Rachel, the Blonde Housewife
Black man helps blonde housewife engage in revenge cheating. by ParkerWyatt (11/19/16)
4.49 (407)
171.The New Janitor
An old, black janitor seduces a hot white business owner. by Cockhole (09/07/16)
4.49 (667)
172.Lana's Challenge
Part two about Lana and Max the giant. by Stiffler81 (12/12/16)
4.49 (100)
173.A Black Summer Day
This is a true story about my first interracial sex. by ladynva1968 (10/16/16)
4.49 (415)
174.Whitewash High: Rising Sun Ch. 01
Nik's Host Club debut. by EnglishTeacher (03/15/17)
4.49 (76)
175.Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Couple gets a surprise at a sex shop. by ohyeahhhh (07/08/16)
4.49 (226)
176.In a World of Black and White Ch. 02
A couple's newest fantasy consumes them. by komrad1156 (06/21/16)
4.49 (204)
177.Life: It Only Gets Better Pt. 02
Life Gets a bit more complicated for Brian. by Shadowforce1 (08/31/16)
4.48 (33)
178.A Boy Admires His Mother Ch. 14
Bobby tells his mom he will not be going away to college. by needyou200 (12/07/16)
4.48 (126)
179.Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 25
Meet the parents. by virgofemme (04/21/17)
4.48 (31)
180.Dwight Has the Last Laugh Pt. 04
Black super continues owning jerk's wife. by ChaseAndSuck (06/24/16)
4.48 (333)
181.The Awakening - Jane Pt. 01
One story...two perspectives. This is Jane's story - part 1. by Agvaniva (07/21/16)
4.48 (149)
182.Her New Neighbor Ch. 06
A night at Lennox's place. by ThaDee (04/14/17)
4.48 (160)
183.Persephone Ch. 02
Zane and Persephone discover more of each other. by Dar_Jisbo (08/16/16)
4.48 (52)
184.Sara's Choices: Montego Bay Pt. 02
Sara samples another island man's big black cock. by Bullwip (11/26/16)
4.48 (387)
185.Real Love Pt. 06
It's time. by TinaaT92 (10/30/16)
4.48 (25)
186.Velvet Love Ch. 05
A night at the opera. by virgofemme (11/23/16)
4.48 (25)
187.Make It HOT In The Dead Of Winter
Married female attorney gets drawn to her dark side BIG TIME. by TX_Fun_Dr (01/16/17)
4.48 (71)
188.Birthday Presents
A husband's dream unleashes a wife's fantasy. by komrad1156 (11/02/16)
4.48 (132)
189.Real Love Pt. 03
Love, love, love, and a hint of drama. by TinaaT92 (07/11/16)
4.48 (61)
190.Woman Seeking Man
Eliza just needed release, the internet delivers. by thechrysalids (05/06/17)
4.47 (93)
191.Forbidden India Ch. 02
Three sisters must uncover the truth about one old man. by CorvusTurrim777 (09/13/16)
4.47 (36)
192.Gloria's Diary
Gloria reflects on a crazy few days. by AmyClarkBerand (01/21/17)
4.47 (17)
193.Wonder in the Dark Pt. 04
Kay helps in her teacher friend Sally's black awakening. by Kaysdream43 (09/07/16)
4.47 (146)
194.Just Eight Miles Ahead, He Said Ch. 02
A man like him won't be kept away. by cindylynn34 (01/04/17)
4.47 (116)
195.Lana Sharing Max the Giant
Part three about Lana and Max the giant. by Stiffler81 (12/23/16)
4.46 (71)
196.Slave to a White Bitch
Proud black woman is dominated by younger racist employee. by silkstockingslover (05/16/17)
4.46 (253)
197.Comfort Food
A horny foodie samples Soo's Asian delicacies. by Roxroy (08/28/16)
4.46 (102)
198.Naughty Fiancée Ch. 01
Naughty Fiancée cheats. by CaptJRackham (09/07/16)
4.46 (152)
199.Jeanette, The Vietnamese Vixen
Black man enjoys tryst with fashionable, neglected Asian wife. by ParkerWyatt (12/15/16)
4.46 (211)
200.Serlene and Zane
Wealthy widow is seduced by a black detective. by mitchawa (07/18/16)
4.46 (161)
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