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"Bean," Rochelle rubbed over Sabrina's back while she wept in her palms. Rochelle was holding her 'I told you so' in the back of her throat. She'd known that Sabrina going to see Keegan would be too...

Choices and Sacrifices Ch. 11 by CoCoNiy101

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The alarm clock beeped incessantly, startling her awake as she groaned, slapping her hand against it repeatedly. "Shut up!" Tiredly, she regarded the time, snuggling comfortably under her blanket...

Redo Ch. 02 by cassandraharper

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8 Years Later "Are you almost ready?" Ryan asked as they readied themselves for the party. "Just a few more minutes, I still feel a little funny attending a swim party for adults," Jenna...

UCLA to Big D Ch. 05 by FifthEstate

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Interracial Love

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151.UCLA to Big D Ch. 06
Night of B&W debauchery continues till first light. by FifthEstate (04/22/18)
4.56 (140)
152.TCCS Pt. 03 Ch. 19: One Hot Librarian and the Nerd
Bobbie Sue has another visitor at the library. by Stormbringer (03/05/18)
4.55 (103)
153.Choices and Sacrifices Ch. 11
Keegan takes his efforts further. by CoCoNiy101 (10/18/17)
4.55 (47)
154.Redo Ch. 02
Getting to know all about you. by cassandraharper (07/28/17)
4.55 (91)
155.UCLA to Big D Ch. 05
Black bull puts devious wife-thieving scheme in motion. by FifthEstate (04/11/18)
4.55 (208)
156.TCCS Pt. 03 Ch. 20: Kat and the Principal
Kat goes to her mom's and encounters Principal Long. by Stormbringer (03/06/18)
4.55 (139)
157.Swirl Pt. 05
Out for a drive. by SwirlDaddy (12/28/17)
4.55 (44)
158.Velvet Love Ch. 10
The loss of something unexpected, and a secret is revealed. by virgofemme (03/29/18)
4.55 (33)
159.Whitewash League Ch. 03
Political Machinations and the League's TV Debut. by EnglishTeacher (07/23/17)
4.54 (72)
160.Tokyo Soapland
Sophie begins work at an exclusive soapland for Japanese men. by Saucy_Minx_ (11/03/17)
4.54 (146)
161.TCCS Pt. 03 Ch. 30: The Night Comes to a Close
The bonfire party comes to a close. by Stormbringer (03/28/18)
4.54 (98)
162.My Korean Hottie Ch. 06
Suspended in mid-air, she came long and hard. by TheKeith (10/18/17)
4.54 (89)
163.My 21st Birthday
Marissa has a birthday surprise that changes her life. by BBCXXX (04/29/18)
4.54 (221)
164.Proper Charlotte
Black and white was the least of their differences. by SyleusSnow (05/15/18)
4.54 (169)
165.Ms Thomas' Guide to Lovemaking
The seductive alchemy of the carefree ebony cougar. by PanzerFeck (04/09/18)
4.54 (78)
166.Onekka, Voodoo Priestess
Participating in a voodoo ritual. by seadiver (06/07/17)
4.54 (52)
167.TCCS Pt. 01 Ch. 05: Hot Blonde Gets BBC in her Ass
Jenny asks Coach Black to do her ass. by Stormbringer (10/17/17)
4.54 (200)
168.Redo Ch. 04
Grandma's secret. by cassandraharper (08/13/17)
4.53 (62)
169.My Korean Hottie Ch. 04
Dad sexed his girlfriend so he found a traveling ho. by TheKeith (10/10/17)
4.53 (111)
170.Ashley's Wreck Turns Erotic Ch. 05
Leon spends the weekend with the married blonde. by texasguy48xx (12/24/17)
4.53 (309)
171.Michele's Dark Destiny Ch. 01
Beautiful white wife is exposed to dark obsessions. by EricasDreams (06/24/17)
4.53 (784)
172.The Sun and The Moon AMBW - Gift
Short stories revolving around a shy woman and hotheaded man. by Tessela (05/24/17)
4.53 (98)
173.Mother's Consent
I love her mother too. by oggbashan (08/30/17)
4.53 (279)
174.Bee and David Ch. 06
Bee feels it. by CoCoChinadoll (02/16/18)
4.53 (34)
175.My Balkan Beauty Ch. 01
A trip to discover the slut inside of my balkan goddess. by Philip123456 (10/28/17)
4.53 (19)
176.Life: It Only Gets Better Pt. 04: The Unexpected
Things Get Better for Brian. by Shadowforce1 (12/06/17)
4.53 (19)
177.Pizza Guy got Me Trippin Pt. 02
Kayla gets what she wished for, but not how she planned. by Merritt89 (04/14/18)
4.52 (65)
178.TCCS Pt. 01 Ch. 01: The Curse Begins
Ancient curse begins to affect the women of Coxville. by Stormbringer (10/13/17)
4.52 (252)
179.The tale of Regina
Regina deals with chance love and creates a plan to keep it. by Jay626 (07/09/17)
4.52 (160)
180.Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 26
Tristan makes a phone call and Claudia receives... by virgofemme (07/19/17)
4.52 (27)
181.Traci's First BBC Ch. 03
The saga continues into another Chapter. by StLouisLove (08/21/17)
4.52 (122)
182.Welcome Home Pt. 03: The New Project
Jordan starts a new project for the family. by Shadowforce1 (04/03/18)
4.52 (31)
183.In a New Neighborhood Pt. 01
A young couple moves into a less than desirable neighborhood. by NOQuestionsAsked (02/17/18)
4.52 (857)
184.Kate's International Studies
Redhead studies abroad, and learns a thing or two... by Kitkatcoat (06/08/17)
4.51 (107)
185.Dr. Cheng - Sex Addiction Therapist
How far will she go to save her patient? by bigdaddysmooth (10/11/17)
4.51 (72)
186.Whitewash Christmas 2017
Nik and his Harem Enjoy a Sexy Christmas Together. by EnglishTeacher (12/25/17)
4.51 (109)
187.Trust Ch. 24
The Lying Truth. by honeyrider1517 (12/08/17)
4.51 (41)
188.At the King's Pleasure Ch. 01
A king makes his mark. by freegirl2012 (10/25/17)
4.51 (90)
189.Wife in Vegas finds Two Black Men Ch. 04
Wife trapped in Vegas and finds two big black men - Bedtime. by hotwifetravels (02/17/18)
4.51 (153)
190.Ashley's Wreck Turns Erotic Ch. 04
Ashley does things for Leon she never does for hubby. by texasguy48xx (12/19/17)
4.51 (338)
191.Someone Different Ch. 01
A couple decides to open their marriage to save it. by PenPal2001 (08/30/17)
4.51 (472)
192.Traci's First BBC Ch. 02
It all started so simple. by StLouisLove (08/01/17)
4.50 (290)
193.A Storm of Submission
A husbands dominant boss draws the eye of his beautiful wife. by everyonesavoyeur (04/06/18)
4.50 (679)
194.TCCS Pt. 03 Ch. 26: O'Malley Twin Goes Black
Catholic twin finds black cock. by Stormbringer (03/23/18)
4.50 (134)
195.Taking One for the Team Pt. 03
Kevin and Lauren take their work relationship to a new level. by Shadowforce1 (04/26/18)
4.50 (74)
196.Tuesdays in Chinatown
Tale of torrid interracial affair. by mf1438 (11/11/17)
4.50 (28)
197.Redo Ch. 10
A Brief Lover's Interlude. by cassandraharper (03/07/18)
4.50 (22)
198.Lynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 72
Leif goes to the bar, and Lynne has a change of heart. by mich80new (08/20/17)
4.50 (16)
199.Bitch of a Sister-in-Law
Black man meets soon to be racist sister-in-law. by Liclovely (02/23/18)
4.50 (311)
200.My Korean Hottie Ch. 02
She made him take her virginity. by TheKeith (09/28/17)
4.49 (158)
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