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This was the same church that Linda had taken Lynne to when she wanted to experience a loving church on her first Christmas. It was an older, beautiful church, built in the late 1800s during the...

Lynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 51 by mich80new

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I was grading papers a couple hours after school when everything fell apart. It had been a long week. Parent teacher interviews are always exhausting, grading Shakespeare essays are always...

Submission School: Black-Maled by silkstockingslover

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"Where are we?" Jae asked. She knew exactly where they were, St. Mary's nursing home. She just wanted an explanation from Delvin. He simply gave her a sweet smile before getting out the car....

Murphy Ch. 07 by ihartekenny

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Interracial Love

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201.Lynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 51
The Wedding Act II, Official Ceremony. by mich80new (11/11/14)
4.53 (38)
202.Submission School: Black-Maled
White teacher is blackmailed by black student with big cock. by silkstockingslover (08/05/15)
4.53 (618)
203.Murphy Ch. 07
Where do we go from here? by ihartekenny (01/19/15)
4.53 (99)
204.Shondra's Revenge
A middle-aged black woman tries a white man. by swirlguy (01/08/15)
4.52 (294)
205.Amanda's Path to Discovery Pt. 03
Amanda continues on her journey and her son seeks knowledge. by Dee_Purple (04/15/15)
4.52 (126)
206.Unconventional Ch. 04
Just friends but with benefits. by Songbird_ (09/04/14)
4.52 (111)
207.A Real Love Ch. 02
Nyomi and Mark meet a year after past events. by scotjock1 (02/06/15)
4.52 (121)
208.Animal Instinct Ch. 03
Nurse Gardener ties up two black men. by riverboy (02/18/15)
4.52 (52)
209.Mia and Gio
And it began like this. by superssunnyselena (05/23/15)
4.52 (135)
210.Friday Night Delights Ch. 06
Jerry makes a new friend at the book club. by finnjones (05/19/15)
4.52 (54)
211.Lynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 50
The Wedding, Act I, a spiritual ceremony. by mich80new (11/07/14)
4.52 (33)
212.Paging Leslie Thompson
'Sorry Honey but first served, first come.' by fanfare (07/07/15)
4.52 (33)
213.Black Exec on China Silk Road Ch. 08
Polyamory - Asian pussy smorgasbord with vanilla pudding. by BlkRainbow (11/12/14)
4.51 (35)
214.Stripper Heels & Coupon Deals Pt. 03
Lauren deals with the universe. by sensanin (07/09/15)
4.51 (35)
215.Reggie's Girl Ch. 01
Stranded in a bad neighborhood, Jasmine cannot escape by sugareola (03/30/15)
4.51 (107)
216.Giving Her What She Wants
A birthday surprise for Jamie. by ogodwatamidoing (05/09/15)
4.51 (111)
217.My Fantasy Comes True Pt. 02
Visiting Wayne Tony's story. by HANDYMANATHOME (12/06/14)
4.51 (115)
218.Amanda's Path to Discovery Pt. 02
Amanda continues to learn more about her hidden passions. by Dee_Purple (03/10/15)
4.51 (115)
219.Orange Moon
Two couples become closer than they ever expected. by Gerard_Johnston (09/09/14)
4.51 (102)
220.Heaven in the Desert Ch. 01
She awakens in a foreign land. by PoeticallyPersonified (02/03/15)
4.51 (155)
221.Amber's New Job Ch. 04
It's not all work: falling in love and time for revenge. by MaryAnderson (11/06/14)
4.51 (81)
222.My Business
James flees Glasgow from gang warfare, to work in London. by scotjock1 (02/18/15)
4.51 (85)
223.Your Love Ch. 01
Chapter 1. by cnhemingway (07/17/15)
4.50 (216)
224.Wife's First Cock : the Slut Diary Ch. 03
Bookstore Visit: She can't get enough cum or Big Black Cock. by theWIFEWatcher (04/15/15)
4.50 (140)
225.Mrs. Cheng Pays the Debt Ch. 13
The final day of Anne's adventure with the boys. by Wifetheif (09/23/14)
4.50 (92)
226.Mature Wife in Jamaica
Was it just a high sex drive or was she a nymphomaniac? by erotiquill (06/17/15)
4.50 (86)
227.Red White and Black Ch. 03
Redhead's true confessions to black boss. by BlkRainbow (01/09/15)
4.50 (68)
228.A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 04
Aiko and Gerald meet a cruising frisky foursome. by Pimanko (11/05/14)
4.50 (54)
229.Lost in Caribbean Love #01
I fall for the black beauty of my dreams. by swollenbell (09/08/14)
4.50 (235)
230.A Plantation's Secrets Ch. 02
A trip into town takes an unexpected turn. by takecare1212 (12/07/14)
4.50 (338)
231.The Obsession Ch. 02
The diva gets a taste of Denmark. by Z_Lundy (08/20/15)
4.50 (133)
232.Michael and Jessica's Sexual Slaver Ch. 05
Jessica receives a spanking. by a_random_user (09/27/14)
4.50 (107)
233.The Guardian Ch. 02
The morning after... by TiaraMiara (05/09/15)
4.50 (103)
234.Lily and Davis Ch. 02
An escort finds love. by LaPetitePapillion (04/01/15)
4.49 (63)
235.Rebecca's 1st Time: Massage Plan
Story of How an Interracial Porn Star was Made. by HubbyRebecca (03/29/15)
4.49 (145)
236.The Foreign Student
A great gift for a humble teacher. by Bob_6 (12/22/14)
4.49 (137)
237.Asian for Black and White
American and his Chinese girlfriend take on Black stud. by Doug689 (01/14/15)
4.49 (172)
238.Angie and Gio
A young engineer becomes interested in a sexy felon. by MissKittyT (01/04/15)
4.49 (170)
239.The Guardian Ch. 01
He is her everything... by TiaraMiara (04/07/15)
4.49 (207)
240.Truly Unreal
What happens when a musician meets his favorite fan. by sayit4Blue (01/02/15)
4.49 (80)
241.My Fantasy Comes True Pt. 03
Visiting Wayne Kate's story. by HANDYMANATHOME (12/09/14)
4.48 (89)
242.Korean Spa - AM/WF
White girl becomes "enlightened" at the 찜질방 by cerise123 (06/03/15)
4.48 (87)
243.My Business Ch. 02
James and Aisha pull through a gang war heating up. by scotjock1 (03/10/15)
4.48 (29)
244.Wife's Trainer Ch. 03
My wife plunged deeper into the world of interracial lust. by dr13bone (04/28/15)
4.48 (309)
245.Gisele's Story
Let me tell you about my internship with Elite Magazine. by tw_holt (07/31/15)
4.48 (50)
246.Lynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 54
The Reception, Act III Part III. by mich80new (01/05/15)
4.48 (25)
247.Cleveland Football
A great find in an alley after a Monday night football game. by 1spermlover (04/29/15)
4.48 (73)
248.Wife's Trainer
My wife's trainer changed both our lives. by dr13bone (02/18/15)
4.48 (620)
249.The Tell-Tale Touch
Grant discovers the joy of receiving payment of penance. by legerdemer (03/22/15)
4.48 (88)
250.Game Of Love Ch. 02
Meet The Hero! by crystal95 (04/01/15)
4.47 (70)
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