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In relationships, I love how we begin to change the way we identify ourselves. "Me" becomes "We." By spending time together we find out new things about ourselves and each other. The things we do...

Swirl Pt. 05 by SwirlDaddy

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Erica arrived at the spa fifteen minutes before her appointment. She brought her book with her, as she wanted to be early. Soon after she registered and sat down the door opened and another client...

My Wife Expands Her Love Life Ch. 02 by wunderboi

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I kinda pretended to ravish her, when she told me to, right after I fixed her plumbing. Its kind of complicated, you see ..." - - - - - Coming off the Old Mine Road, out of the Delaware Water...

The Sidecar Tales 06 - Rana & Sumita by TheKeith

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Interracial Love

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201.Swirl Pt. 05
Out for a drive. by SwirlDaddy (12/28/17)
4.48 (33)
202.My Wife Expands Her Love Life Ch. 02
Erica discovers a "special" massage at the Spa. by wunderboi (09/15/17)
4.48 (128)
203.Dark and Stormy Night
On a dark rainy night a married couple get blacked. by voyuerman (04/03/17)
4.48 (560)
204.The Sidecar Tales 06 - Rana & Sumita
East Indian motel seduction and subsequent loving. by TheKeith (10/13/17)
4.48 (31)
205.Someone Different Ch. 01
A couple decides to open their marriage to save it. by PenPal2001 (08/30/17)
4.48 (449)
206.It Started with a Kiss
Prudish wife surprises husband for birthday. by 008dick (06/20/17)
4.48 (503)
207.Fantasies Somewhere on a Beach Ch. 03
Sexy couple have adventure after dinner. by bigmonster1 (10/16/17)
4.48 (50)
208.Dream Lover Pt. 08
Another dream visit and an almost flashback. by Irish Moss (03/12/18)
4.48 (25)
209.Cam Girl
A cam girl holds a poll for what new sex act her fans want. by blackmerida (05/08/17)
4.48 (46)
210.The Fascination of Ashley
A young woman, her hot mom, and an accidental exposure... by Jiggajank (04/21/17)
4.47 (514)
211.Whitewash High: Rising Sun Ch. 05
Nik's Death Sentence. by EnglishTeacher (01/14/18)
4.47 (76)
212.Whitewash High: Rising Sun Ch. 04
Nik's Descent into the Yakuza Continues. by EnglishTeacher (12/18/17)
4.47 (74)
213.Fresh Ch. 06
Leah has to put her mouth where her money is. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash (01/28/18)
4.47 (55)
214.Happy Near Year: The Slut Awakens
Last minute plans bring out the slut deep inside. by bigdaddysmooth (01/03/18)
4.47 (91)
215.Woman Seeking Man
Eliza just needed release, the internet delivers. by thechrysalids (05/06/17)
4.47 (142)
216.What I Wouldn't Do - Where It Started
Val wants to say goodbye, Patrick wants to help. by Sully_M (08/03/17)
4.47 (49)
217.Old Ladies, Thongs, & Blizzards
A happy young couple take shelter with the wrong older woman. by TheTalkMan (08/24/17)
4.47 (187)
218.Karla's Curiosity Ch. 02
Victoria helps her friend. by JohnBlack113 (03/27/17)
4.46 (136)
219.Doreen is Pregnant Ch. 02
Cuckold husbands encourages wife to have sex with Raymond. by jealouscuck (08/22/17)
4.46 (279)
220.Please My Wife Ch. 04
Larry continues to give Jim and Jennifer what they need. by SpankerSam (04/09/17)
4.46 (186)
221.SIL and the Black Janitor Pt. 04
SIL gets pussy AND black dick, at the same time! by gojirasan (05/30/17)
4.46 (100)
222.TCCS Pt. 01 Ch. 09: The Cox Women Miss Church
The Cox women spend the day with their black men. by Stormbringer (10/25/17)
4.46 (196)
223.The Ebonhard Secret Ch. 00: Prologue
Something wonderful and terrifying stirs in the dark... by Jiggajank (04/16/17)
4.46 (83)
224.Neighborly Ch. 03
A cuckolding pregnancy and a strong, loving marriage. by everyonesavoyeur (06/22/17)
4.46 (818)
225.Wife's Descent
Husband's mistake leads his wife down a dark path. by NOQuestionsAsked (01/27/18)
4.46 (576)
226.My Wife's Very Special Holiday Ch. 05
Mr. Charles and The Dr. take an interest in Kathy. by wunderboi (05/03/17)
4.45 (121)
227.That One Time... Ch. 01
Shy Black Woman. Aggressive Italian Man. Whoa. Hold On. by LatoyaDeLeon (04/01/17)
4.45 (185)
228.Jack of Spades
A young man finally lives out his BBC fantasies. by ThisUsernameisMine (10/11/17)
4.45 (64)
229.Fling No More Ch. 01
The O'Brien's: Greg and Mo's story continues. by leeleeMarie (03/06/18)
4.45 (53)
230.Paradise Found
Captain James Cook seeks advice on sexual matters. by sheepyboy (04/20/17)
4.45 (42)
231.Wife in Vegas finds Two Black Men Ch. 02
Wife trapped in Vegas by snow storm with two chaperons. by hotwifetravels (02/06/18)
4.45 (246)
232.A Fighter and a Lover Ch. 04
James spontaneously takes Rihanna away on holiday. by Scotjock2 (08/15/17)
4.45 (38)
233.Hubby Makes My Deepest Fantasy Real
Couple explores extramarital fun. by Sexylover1979 (01/24/18)
4.45 (123)
234.My Sex Map: Singapore Ch. 01
My first time in Asia and how I tried not to be alone. by NordicBroadHips (09/02/17)
4.45 (65)
235.Whitewash Precinct Ch. 01
Officer Tanya White enjoys a Welcoming Gangbang. by EnglishTeacher (08/07/17)
4.44 (115)
236.Bitch of a Sister-in-Law
Black man meets soon to be racist sister-in-law. by Liclovely (02/23/18)
4.44 (299)
237.The Neighbour Pt. 01
A young black woman and her older white neighbour. by stepsonic (08/08/17)
4.44 (315)
238.The Trip
Husband is seduced into the cuckold life style. by suewatcher (08/15/17)
4.44 (556)
239.Let's Reconnect
Nick and I don't talk anymore. by Songbird_ (04/14/17)
4.44 (71)
240.I Missed You Ch. 06
Conclusion. by thechrysalids (03/22/17)
4.43 (99)
241.Ashley's Wreck Turns Erotic
MWF gets seduced by BBC after fender bender. by texasguy48xx (11/26/17)
4.43 (575)
242.Wife in Vegas finds Two Black Men Ch. 04
Wife trapped in Vegas and finds two big black men - Bedtime. by hotwifetravels (02/17/18)
4.43 (147)
243.The Getaway Pt. 02
Husband and Wife's Adventure in Paradise Continues. by Want2couple (08/22/17)
4.43 (89)
244.On Burrito Bowls and Text Messages
Diana's a bit mean, Matt's a bit goofy. It balances out. by thechrysalids (12/30/17)
4.43 (47)
245.The Sun and The Moon AMBW ~Flavor
Short stories revolving around a shy woman and hotheaded man. by Tessela (03/21/17)
4.43 (87)
246.My Wife's Very Special Holiday
My wife and I had always wondered about her taking a lover. by wunderboi (03/28/17)
4.42 (445)
247.Man of the Mountain Ch. 01
After Beatrice's wagon party is attacked she is rescued. by bee49 (03/09/18)
4.42 (211)
248.Life: It Only Gets Better Pt. 04: The Unexpected
Things Get Better for Brian. by Shadowforce1 (12/06/17)
4.42 (12)
249.Naughty Fiancée Ch. 04
Naughty Fiancee Cheats. by CaptJRackham (03/26/17)
4.42 (65)
250.Cuckolding my Boyfriend with BBC
A couple's trip leads to black cock fun for both of them. by Brittni4u (06/11/17)
4.41 (335)
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