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It was a day neither Ty nor Tanesha would ever forget. For Tanesha, Skull was a totally different Skull. A Skull she'd never had a glimpse of. He was like a robot that had been programmed to kill....

Sizzling Embrace Ch. 05 by adjoaq

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Sally awoke to the scent of freshly brewing coffee. Stretching her limbs, she quickly remembered she was naked on the couch were they had spent the night after making love again. Sitting up, she...

Trust Ch. 10 by honeyrider1517

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"This is home." Stephen said softly as he opened the door to his apartment. Christina stepped in slowly, trying not to show her nervousness. She tried to give the room a good look but she was too...

Your Love Ch. 02 by cnhemingway

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Interracial Love

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1.Sizzling Embrace Ch. 05
Blinding hunger in the midst of danger...parting! by adjoaq (07/12/15)
4.76 (148)
2.Sizzling Embrace Ch. 06
Blinding hunger in the midst of danger…uncontrollable passion. by adjoaq (08/03/15)
4.68 (107)
3.Trust Ch. 10
My Drug. by honeyrider1517 (07/07/15)
4.66 (50)
4.Your Love Ch. 02
Stephen and Christina head back to the apartment. by cnhemingway (07/21/15)
4.65 (183)
5.Stripper Heels & Coupon Deals Pt. 04
Deok-su and Lauren get to know each other . . . intimately. by sensanin (07/15/15)
4.65 (51)
6.Heaven in the Desert Ch. 04
(gasp) He bent me over the desk. by PoeticallyPersonified (07/23/15)
4.63 (106)
7.Welcome Back
He found her hidden in plain sight. by Caramel_Satine (07/09/15)
4.62 (151)
8.A Wife's Life Among Savages Ch. 01
Betrayed, a wife finds a new life among a jungle tribe. by kingbooruwa (07/20/15)
4.55 (380)
9.Stripper Heels & Coupon Deals Pt. 03
Lauren deals with the universe. by sensanin (07/09/15)
4.47 (38)
10.Breeding the Help Ch. 01
How I impregnated my family's young Filipino maid. by Depravio (07/29/15)
4.47 (374)
11.New Plantation Slave
Owner's son falls for a new slave. by Jay626 (07/24/15)
4.45 (200)
Tracy has more than her hands full with a couple of plumbers. by fun_tracy (07/09/15)
4.44 (138)
13.Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 14
Lucas and Wanakee get to know one another. by virgofemme (07/19/15)
4.43 (30)
14.Paging Leslie Thompson
'Sorry Honey but first served, first come.' by fanfare (07/07/15)
4.42 (38)
15.Dark Chocolate
Three first experiences for a teen girl. by roddymac99 (08/03/15)
4.42 (131)
16.Your Love Ch. 01
Chapter 1. by cnhemingway (07/17/15)
4.41 (211)
17.A Refugee Finds Healing
A traumatised refugee finds new hope and healing. by Lion24655 (07/26/15)
4.36 (97)
18.Black Demon
Wife given to neighbor over a misunderstanding. by rich0524 (07/07/15)
4.35 (196)
19.Soul Mates
An interracial love story. by Iread2relax (07/31/15)
4.33 (82)
20.The Repair
On a hot summer day, she needed a repair man. by CaydenRoxxx (08/01/15)
4.28 (157)
21.Fred Pleasures Jessica
A married couple is introduced to the cuckolding kink. by everyonesavoyeur (07/30/15)
4.25 (311)
22.Reggie's Girl Ch. 06: The Finale
"Y.N.R.E." by sugareola (07/31/15)
4.23 (31)
23.Lynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 59
Chapter 59. by mich80new (07/18/15)
4.22 (18)
24.Mommy and The Delivery Boys Pt. 02
Asian MILF continues her black cock adventures. by Dunross2011 (07/10/15)
4.20 (112)
25.Lonely is All
Craigslist? by sheisfromspace (07/24/15)
4.17 (88)
26.Gym Time
A hunky trainer gets more of a workout than he expected. by panzerin (07/24/15)
4.16 (43)
27.Accidental Voyeur
Asian student nails Latina maid and blonde wife. by ir_fetish78 (07/19/15)
4.15 (150)
28.An Office Affair
A lawyer finds passion with a young black paralegel. by melanieatplay (07/16/15)
4.13 (116)
29.A Cheerleader in the Hood Ch. 01
I discover that I am an illegal alien. by Mischiana (07/15/15)
4.12 (105)
30.Brandi Ch. 01
Cheerleader's downfall. by EZ4BLKcock (07/12/15)
4.12 (224)
31.Going Black
Mother and daughter. by GotBacon (07/19/15)
4.10 (247)
32.Birthday Massage Ch. 01
Sean receives more than a massage from a best female friend. by rcwilliams (07/20/15)
4.08 (145)
33.Dear, We Have to Talk Ch. 06
Mindy gets bigger breasts and dominates her husband. by dr13bone (07/07/15)
4.07 (90)
34.Retirement Home: Day 01
You meet George during your first shift. by sr19114me (08/02/15)
4.05 (74)
35.Gisele's Story
Let me tell you about my internship with Elite Magazine. by tw_holt (07/31/15)
4.05 (42)
36.Trust Ch. 11
A Fearful Decision. by honeyrider1517 (08/04/15)
4.03 (32)
37.Kristy's Journey into Darkness Ch. 02
Submissive is trained to be a BBC slut. by THIRDCOAST (07/23/15)
4.03 (75)
38.Jungla De Amor (Jungle of Love)
An American student falls for a local man in the jungle. by BlkMagicMan55 (07/08/15)
4.02 (42)
39.She Came for Abel
Amish stud and new black neighbor settle land dispute. by ChokoLitStixxx332 (07/18/15)
4.01 (127)
40.Fun on the Bed Ch. 02
Another BBC joins me and Indian wife. by YamiKuriboh (07/23/15)
4.00 (46)
41.Blindsided: More Than Meets The Eye
Erin learns what it's like to meet a wolf dressed as a sheep. by Alphamon35 (07/13/15)
3.98 (55)
42.A Cashier's Night Fun
What happens when a black man arrives late night during a storm. by Itaku (07/07/15)
3.97 (68)
The finale to "A Spark", "A Flame" and "Ignition". by stepsonic (07/22/15)
3.97 (31)
44.Good Neighbor Sam
Housewife turns hot wife in tightknit community. by PenPal2001 (07/21/15)
3.93 (296)
45.The Black Football Roommate and Gf Ch. 03
Apartment Party. by gman13579 (07/26/15)
3.91 (186)
46.A Cheerleader in the Hood Ch. 02
I am given a new uniform and travel to a new part of town. by Mischiana (07/17/15)
3.91 (78)
47.Cum Dancing
My wife was seduced on the dance floor. by HerLittlePiggy (07/19/15)
3.87 (184)
48.Fun on the Bed
A BBC joins me and my Indian wife in our bedroom. by YamiKuriboh (07/21/15)
3.85 (61)
49.Paid For
Sometimes you get exactly what you pay for... by avrgblkgrl (07/22/15)
3.78 (119)
50.Tom's Son
Suzanne can't deny her needs. by Loansum (07/31/15)
3.77 (155)
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