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Comments, critiques and tips are welcome. Pardon me for the delay in posting this chapter, Folks. It was due to circumstances beyond my control. As the title of this chapter implies, it's all...

Sizzling Embrace Ch. 04 by adjoaq

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Kat clasped her hands in her lap. Alejandro's driving made her nervous sometimes. Especially when something was bothering him. He'd drive as if he were the only one on the street and the car was...

Life with: Kat and Alejandro Ep. 06 by CoCoNiy101

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"Keith Everet?" "Yes, ma'am. I'm out of prison now. Kendra told me what you did for me, pushing to get my sentence reduced. I never got a chance to thank you." Tears sprang to Maria's eyes....

The Violin Pt. 08 by brownbeauty

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1.Sizzling Embrace Ch. 04
Blinding hunger in the midst of danger…giving in to desire! by adjoaq (06/28/15)
4.83 (106)
2.Life with: Kat and Alejandro Ep. 06
Chapter 6. by CoCoNiy101 (06/04/15)
4.79 (82)
3.The Taste of Kyoo - AMWF
Korean guy and White girl share a lovely Oral Experience. by cerise123 (06/23/15)
4.79 (14)
4.The Violin Pt. 08
At home, things are wrong. But Keith makes them right again. by brownbeauty (06/12/15)
4.75 (153)
5.The Winter of Temptation Ch. 12
Ian & Sam are inseparable as more surprises are thrown their way. by SoulHolder11 (06/18/15)
4.72 (72)
6.The Violin Pt. 09
Keith and Dad have it all the way out in front of everybody. by brownbeauty (06/16/15)
4.72 (123)
7.Lynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 57
Leif barely makes it over the threshold. by mich80new (06/17/15)
4.71 (14)
8.Prof Nook of Coxville County Ch. 03
Professor Nook strikes a bargain to save her daughter's ass. by SirSinn (06/09/15)
4.67 (189)
9.The Violin Pt. 07
The road to heaven is paved with a home invasion. by brownbeauty (06/09/15)
4.66 (149)
10.Fire and Rain Ch. 04
Rain is forced to confront her past. by Dlovely (06/06/15)
4.63 (75)
11.A Couple's Destiny
Young wealthy couple strike out on their own. by j267 (06/11/15)
4.52 (168)
12.Reggie's Girl Ch. 04
Ted's back! But Jasmine's joy is interrupted. by sugareola (06/13/15)
4.52 (29)
13.White Heat
Young Asian Wife is pursued by Husband's boss. by little_miss_behaving (06/04/15)
4.50 (239)
14.Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 11
Revelations. by virgofemme (06/28/15)
4.50 (26)
15.Brod: Nice Young Man Pt. 01
Jessica sets Brod up on a semi-blind date with her teacher. by Sarkopheros (06/25/15)
4.40 (55)
16.Mature Wife in Jamaica
Was it just a high sex drive or was she a nymphomaniac? by erotiquill (06/17/15)
4.37 (76)
17.Hayley's Party Ch. 03
Hayley overnights with Claire and works out at Tae Kwon Do. by ChloeTzang (06/04/15)
4.34 (44)
18.Reggie's Girl Ch. 05
Reggie knows Jasmine's body far better than she thinks. by sugareola (07/02/15)
4.33 (21)
19.Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 12
A trip to the rez. by virgofemme (06/30/15)
4.33 (18)
20.Bred in the Stables
Karen succumbs to the lure of BBC. by HerLittlePiggy (06/14/15)
4.33 (439)
21.Road Trip
Circumstances leave Marie with a black guy. by terravista (06/11/15)
4.32 (166)
22.Taking the Thompson Women
Jock seduces African American women. by ourlilisland (06/23/15)
4.31 (181)
23.Hot Coffee and Perfect Pink Pt. 02
A patient fucks his nurse harem as a new element appears... by Cocktopia (06/17/15)
4.31 (45)
24.Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 13
Claudia and Tristan make a life altering decision. by virgofemme (07/01/15)
4.30 (23)
25.Suzanne and Old Tom
Janitor takes her again. by Loansum (06/13/15)
4.30 (217)
26.Stolen Moments
Non-traditional love. by LilMami07 (06/20/15)
4.30 (125)
27.The Delivery Man
A horny white woman experiences a BBC for the first time. by BlkMagicMan55 (06/11/15)
4.29 (251)
28.Swirl Ch. 01
Lust is the perfect outlet for hate. by AbsolutelyOverYue (06/18/15)
4.29 (70)
29.Hayley's Party Ch. 04
Hayley and Steve watch a movie. by ChloeTzang (06/05/15)
4.23 (48)
30.Those Eyes Alone Pt. 02 Ch. 02
Part 2. Chapter 2. by MzSapphiria (07/04/15)
4.22 (18)
Noelle catches up with a high school friend. by astrofoot (07/02/15)
4.21 (94)
32.My Interracial Awakening
A chance meeting with a black couple leads horny sex! by daryoon (06/26/15)
4.19 (113)
33.Ava Chronicles: A Friend
Ava gets it on with a friend. by secretshy16 (06/10/15)
4.19 (27)
34.Hot Coffee and Perfect Pink Pt. 01
A patient fucks his way through his nursing staff. by Cocktopia (06/16/15)
4.15 (125)
35.Sweet Summer Sweat
Asian man reclaims masculinity via sacred sex w/ white woman. by AMWFlovefetish (06/09/15)
4.15 (20)
36.My Times in Her Service Ch. 02
I am what people may call an Incubus. by SilMaria (06/30/15)
4.14 (14)
37.Hayley's Party Ch. 05
A Ride to Remember. by ChloeTzang (07/02/15)
4.14 (37)
38.Stripper Heels & Coupon Deals Pt. 02
Deok-su goes to a strip club. by sensanin (06/24/15)
4.13 (52)
39.Lisa Gets What She Wants
Say no to the boss? Not in this economy! by clintorres (06/13/15)
4.10 (82)
40.Stripper Heels & Coupon Deals Pt. 01
Lauren becomes a stripper. by sensanin (06/21/15)
4.02 (102)
Samantha continues to play with fire. by stepsonic (06/09/15)
4.00 (26)
42.A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 18
Emma becomes a sumo wrestler's prize. by Pimanko (06/18/15)
4.00 (12)
43.Lynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 58
Fun on the couch. by mich80new (06/25/15)
3.88 (16)
44.I Wanted It Ch. 02
He visits his friend, but her father was the only one there. by Boyslut101 (06/13/15)
3.83 (71)
45.Miss Big Pussy
A young man falls for a SSBBW ebony goddess. by dirtmonger (07/01/15)
3.76 (63)
46.AM/WF: Ecstasy in the Library
White girl asks Korean guy a bold question in campus library. by AMWFlovefetish (06/22/15)
3.69 (26)
47.Give a Man Enough Rope
To tie himself up and lie in front of a train. by JAMESBJOHNSON (06/05/15)
3.62 (21)
48.Revoking The Lick-Her License
A lesbian experiences dick after a long drought. by BlkMagicMan55 (06/16/15)
3.62 (21)
49.BBC Survival Pt. 01
Newlyweds surviving nuclear war with black stranger. by darkdestroyer (06/24/15)
3.59 (134)
50.ACD (A Confederated Dick-Down)
Open minded redneck allows black guy to satisfy cheerleader girlfriend. by ChokoLitStixxx332 (07/01/15)
3.52 (88)
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