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Mae tossed and turned restlessly as the heat began to become overwhelming. She flipped the covers off and turned her pillows so she could feel the cool fabric on the other side. She groaned out loud...

Hymn Ch. 02 by Irian

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Nicole couldn't decide what was worse: the churning of her stomach or the pounding behind her eyes. This hangover was the worst hangover of her life. To be completely honest this was the first...

Pussycat by ncpecanpie

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I'd just finished checking in at the hotel where I'd be spending the next couple of nights while I was in Seattle for company training and, as I approached the elevator, I nearly stopped dead in my...

The Friendly Skies Ch. 01: Keiko by Irish Moss

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Interracial Love

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1.Whitewash High Ch. 19
Nik becomes a high school pimp. by EnglishTeacher (07/28/18)
4.72 (109)
2.Hymn Ch. 02
Black woman and white man make amends. by Irian (08/05/18)
4.67 (157)
3.Hymn Ch. 01
A Mysterious Southern Romance. by Irian (07/28/18)
4.66 (184)
4.Whitewash High Ch. 20
Gale and Michelle deal with political machinations. by EnglishTeacher (08/14/18)
4.66 (73)
A decade of wanting. Roommates and soulmates. by 05Little (08/06/18)
4.65 (127)
6.Choices and Sacrifices Ch. 13
Aligning emotions by CoCoNiy101 (07/20/18)
4.60 (35)
Mousy Nicole meets handsome Xander. by ncpecanpie (08/06/18)
4.58 (72)
8.The Friendly Skies Ch. 01: Keiko
A hotel room visit from an Asian flight attendant. by Irish Moss (07/27/18)
4.57 (221)
9.The Boss's Wife Pt. 03
Derek moves up the corporate ladder in more ways than one. by Shadowforce1 (07/19/18)
4.46 (200)
10.Sin on Little Mill Road Pt. 01
A young couple experiences sinful adventure in the country. by j267 (07/19/18)
4.45 (350)
11.The Friendly Skies Ch. 02: Suki
Another hotel room visit from another Asian flight attendant. by Irish Moss (07/28/18)
4.44 (171)
12.The Massage
Christine introduces Marcela to tropical BBC. by BBCXXX (07/27/18)
4.43 (132)
13.Amy's Fascination Ch. 07
A meeting the stock room leads to even more depravity. by MontanoIR (08/11/18)
4.42 (144)
14.It Wasn't Supposed to Happen Pt. 01
Wife and Mother seduces son's black friend. by Aguywithastory (07/21/18)
4.40 (516)
15.White Girl Has a College Awakening Ch. 03
College girl continues her quest. by drdick69 (08/11/18)
4.39 (105)
16.Exploration on the Mayan Riviera
My wife meets a black man and we explore a new kink. by HerLittlePiggy (07/20/18)
4.38 (237)
17.Full Court Press
Mara learns that many BBC heads are better than one. by BBCXXX (07/19/18)
4.37 (68)
18.Dinah, A Restaurant Story
A man who is in love with the store owner's daughter. by wongfeihong (08/10/18)
4.34 (61)
19.Carly's WMAF Fantasy Pt. 01
Two high school friends re-unite over a shared fetish. by Masterful_Husband (08/13/18)
4.33 (40)
20.Unfinished Business
How do you move on when there's still unfinished business? by leeleeMarie (08/04/18)
4.32 (91)
21.Amy's Fascination Ch. 05
Amy's obsession begins to rule her life. by MontanoIR (07/26/18)
4.31 (177)
22.In Gull Pond Pt. 01
A man goes to swim in a pond he thinks he has all to himself. by Tom Mandy (08/02/18)
4.30 (121)
23.White Girl Has a College Awakening Ch. 02
White girls meets black boy at college. by drdick69 (08/09/18)
4.27 (123)
24.Peaches and Cream Pt. 07
Their story continues. They receive some advice. by ncpecanpie (08/09/18)
4.25 (40)
25.Amy's Fascination Ch. 06
She is addicted to letting Treyvon cum inside her. by MontanoIR (08/04/18)
4.24 (194)
26.Sands of the Sahara
Among the sand dunes of the Sahara, a British agent is... by bravebombadier (08/01/18)
4.22 (76)
27.It Wasn't Supposed to Happen Pt. 02
The passion continues... by Aguywithastory (07/30/18)
4.21 (163)
28.Him and Her Ch. 01
Could they help each other in the time of need? by afrohair (08/10/18)
4.19 (42)
29.BBC Van Stories
Five short stories of girls getting blacked in a van. by JohnBlack113 (07/28/18)
4.17 (111)
30.White Girl Has a College Awakening Ch. 01
White girl meets black boy at college. by drdick69 (08/08/18)
4.17 (192)
31.‘93 Til
Apartment neighbors find love on Halloween. by fcknfresh (07/24/18)
4.16 (43)
32.The Gentleman's Club
Tina finds love in an unexpected place. by Pokerman757 (07/21/18)
4.15 (61)
33.Collection Day
Ross has his cum extracted by a female doctor for a study. by milkydreaming51 (08/01/18)
4.13 (190)
34.Owned by a Black Midget Pt. 01
Hotwife became obsessed with black midget. by ps3lite (07/30/18)
4.13 (198)
35.Dan and the Paki MILF
Story of young white guy scoring with his friend's mom. by hungwhiteboy (07/17/18)
4.13 (123)
36.Boonsri's Beach
An Asian beauty seduces a lone traveler. by Stopokochac (07/17/18)
4.11 (70)
37.Miss Ashley Goes Black
Ashley discovers the joys and perils of BBC. by Delightfuldeviant90 (08/11/18)
4.11 (114)
38.Owned by a Black Midget Pt. 02
Hotwife obsession with black midget continues. by ps3lite (07/31/18)
4.11 (149)
39.Langley Park
When her date doesn't show up, he fills in! by Brass_ankle (07/24/18)
4.10 (101)
40.Elijah Blacked My College Crush
A college sophomore unknowingly hears his crush get blacked. by mmf4her (07/19/18)
4.09 (237)
41.Prude No More
Helen goes to visit a friend and comes back a new woman. by Shadowforce1 (07/27/18)
4.07 (161)
42.Nikki, Queen of Spades Ch. 01
Nikki embarks on a new life as a Queen of Spades. by JayCuck (08/10/18)
4.02 (81)
43.Tiffany the Heartbreaker
Tiffany and Avery rekindle their friendship... by Michael_Calvin (07/21/18)
4.00 (16)
44.Owned by a Black Midget Pt. 03
Hotwife obsession leads to jealousy. by ps3lite (08/01/18)
3.98 (123)
45.Owned by a Black Midget Pt. 05
Hotwife caught cheating. by ps3lite (08/03/18)
3.95 (107)
46.Black Cocks Only Ch. 03
Xenia can't get enough of black cocks! by ps3lite (07/29/18)
3.95 (116)
47.It's Good To Be Me Pt. 03
Jessie gets black cock at college. by fatdaddio (08/05/18)
3.94 (33)
48.Owned by a Black Midget Pt. 04
Hubby suspects her cheating on him. by ps3lite (08/02/18)
3.86 (111)
49.Fatou's White Stallion on Stud Duty
Jeremy finds a white man to impregnate his wife. by sweetp69 (07/25/18)
3.85 (98)
50.True Desires Unleashed Pt. 04
Spectators witness Alice gangbanged, I watch in her panties. by CuckedbyBBC (07/18/18)
3.68 (57)
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