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As we walked away from the courthouse, heads held high, I felt a sense of relief. Rose was being sentenced at this very moment. I'd grabbed Shavonda and split with my dark-skinned beauty because I'd...

Love Knows No Color Pt. 13 by bwwm4me

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JAAN Later In Jaan's wildest dreams he had never once imagined it would end the way it did, but now he sat staring out the window in his spartan kitchen wondering how he had managed to fuck it...

The Knowing Ch. 07 by pigalle

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This is a continuation of the original story without any recaps. Read "Checking on the Neighbors Part I" to get the full story from the beginning. You are reading a work of interracial erotica...

Checking on the Neighbors Pt. 02 by Cockhole

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Interracial Love

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1.Love Knows No Color Pt. 13
And baby makes 5. by bwwm4me (01/03/17)
4.81 (115)
2.The Knowing Ch. 07
Forward. by pigalle (12/29/16)
4.69 (32)
3.Love Knows No Color Pt. 12
Miracles do happen. by bwwm4me (12/28/16)
4.68 (127)
4.Love Knows No Color Pt. 11
Jason marries Shavonda. by bwwm4me (12/25/16)
4.67 (109)
5.Checking on the Neighbors Pt. 02
A white, busty wife has fun with two, young BBC's. by Cockhole (12/26/16)
4.61 (314)
6.Peaches and Cream Pt. 05
Reunited. by ncpecanpie (01/04/17)
4.59 (78)
7.Whitewash League Ch. 01
Oreo Girl and Wonder Negress to the Rescue! by EnglishTeacher (12/31/16)
4.56 (64)
8.Love Knows No Color Pt. 14
Jason meets Shavonda's brother. Ethan adjusts to the baby. by bwwm4me (01/17/17)
4.53 (91)
9.A Professor Living Dangerously Pt. 03
Katherine finalizes her study. by j267 (01/12/17)
4.52 (114)
10.The Knowing Ch. 08
Again and again. by pigalle (01/14/17)
4.51 (37)
11.Lana Sharing Max the Giant
Part three about Lana and Max the giant. by Stiffler81 (12/23/16)
4.48 (50)
12.The Fundamentals of Friendship Pt. 01
Can a man and a woman, ex-lovers, be best friends? by Nanaya (01/07/17)
4.44 (61)
13.Kat and Tom Ch. 03
The wife sharing goes on. by steviet (12/27/16)
4.35 (142)
14.Loose a Bet, Pick a Date
A big sister, sets her little sister up. by Pelwrath (01/16/17)
4.33 (66)
A white man breeds a black woman after flirting at work. by stepsonic (01/03/17)
4.31 (311)
16.Just Eight Miles Ahead, He Said Ch. 02
A man like him won't be kept away. by cindylynn34 (01/04/17)
4.29 (98)
17.Black Taxi
Pakistani sluts seduce black taxi driver. by Seidah (12/24/16)
4.28 (36)
18.Highway Slut
A woman is out with friends and later is pulled over. by Mysteria27 (01/03/17)
4.25 (126)
19.Overstay My Welcome
Will there be a second one-night stand? by StaciRaquelKaren (01/10/17)
4.24 (85)
20.Gloria does Debbie
Gloria meets up with old friends in Chicago. by AmyClarkBerand (01/17/17)
4.24 (17)
21.Come to Vegas 4 BBC
Took Wife to Vegas for BBC. by 2_old_2_change (01/05/17)
4.22 (189)
22.Knight has Fallen Ch. 02
Chapter 2. by roselove (12/28/16)
4.21 (29)
23.The Prosecutor's Good Wife Pt. 01
Pimp seduces ex stripper/call girl. by Jcarbo (01/04/17)
4.15 (97)
24.A Dinner Party to Remember Ch. 02
A woman takes advice and "escalates" her next dinner party. by AndyQ (01/06/17)
4.15 (80)
25.Black on Blonde
A Playboy pin up's interracial fantasy unexpectedly happens! by JayG88 (12/23/16)
4.15 (48)
26.Mexicans in My Bed Ch. 02
Naïve mom and daughter deserve more cocks. by cindylynn34 (01/01/17)
4.13 (91)
27.Just Eight Miles Ahead, He Said
Trucker tempts mom, as daughter looks on. by cindylynn34 (01/01/17)
4.10 (292)
28.Video Story: Exotic Beauty's Latina Threesome
Lotus meets a sexy Latina - then her hot Latino boyfriend. by LitTV (01/05/17)
4.08 (97)
29.Bar Exam Shack-Up at the Hilton
Blonde seeks stress relief from test with black stud. by ZaneBlue (01/06/17)
4.08 (64)
30.A Cheating Asian Wife
A woman cheats for the first time - and he's white! by LB00 (12/30/16)
4.08 (186)
31.Our First Time to Jamaica
We continue my wife's passion of black cocks to a new Country. by StLouisLove (12/30/16)
4.06 (145)
32.The Happiest Ending of All
A man and his masseuse explore the endgame. by new_hentai_boy (01/20/17)
4.06 (36)
33.Thin Line between Love and Hate Ch. 01
Forced marriage between a playboy and an average girl. by roselove (12/29/16)
4.04 (73)
34.Two White Married Wives
Two wives stray for black cock. by easyballs (01/15/17)
4.04 (303)
35.The Experiment Ch. 08: Rosa
Alex continues working with a well-endowed Latina. by LargoKitt (12/30/16)
4.04 (28)
36.Chloe Ch. 02
Executive Vice President continues her descent. by sprnkman (01/15/17)
4.03 (77)
37.Lisa in Love & Lust Ch. 02
Real adventure with Black dong. by MONALISALEE (01/03/17)
4.02 (50)
38.A Cuckold in Astoria
Susie calls her boyfriend while cheating on him. by Fargoth (12/28/16)
4.02 (167)
39.Justice Isn't Always Perfect Ch. 03
More bright ideas. by cindylynn34 (12/26/16)
3.98 (40)
40.Racist Girl Gets Punishment
Julie got blackmailed by Jon, a Black Midget. by Mestron (12/22/16)
3.93 (85)
41.Video Story: Asian Girls' First Interracial FFM
Bisexual crush leads Asian dancer to Vegas with gal pal - & her hot Black by LitTV (01/13/17)
3.93 (68)
42.Heather Becomes a Sex Toy
Heath's lover takes her to a party and she becomes a sex toy. by sub_nikki (01/20/17)
3.93 (95)
43.Meeting Jenny Ch. 02
Chad and Jenny meet up at a bar. by icanmakeuthrob (01/18/17)
3.91 (22)
44.Blame It on the Texans
She finds lust in her own bed. by cindylynn34 (12/24/16)
3.89 (140)
45.The Black Rooster Resort Ch. 01
A reporter for Molly Magazine visits the exclusive resort. by eeric (01/06/17)
3.89 (111)
46.Gloria Gets to Chicago
Gloria arrives in Chicago and looks for work. by AmyClarkBerand (01/11/17)
3.88 (42)
47.Make It HOT In The Dead Of Winter
Married female attorney gets drawn to her dark side BIG TIME. by TX_Fun_Dr (01/16/17)
3.88 (58)
48.Meeting Jenny Ch. 01
Their first meeting. by icanmakeuthrob (01/12/17)
3.87 (83)
49.African Boss
White employees used by African boss and his friends. by Dales1971 (12/30/16)
3.82 (288)
50.Love Thy Neighbours
Wife breeds with Africans while cuckold husband watches. by Seidah (01/03/17)
3.80 (238)
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