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Trust. It was a concept more sacred than love itself. It was the core of all emotions, the safety-net our minds fell back onto. I felt nothing but vacant space behind me, horror vacui woven in...

For the Love of Art Pt. 04 by ouevre

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MORENA The reason why sex is so good? Being pregnant is bloody awful. AWFUL. Your body goes bananas. Suddenly you have to pee all the time because there's a foot kicking your bladder. Your...

Dindi Pt. 05.5 by Nanaya

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CHAPTER 1 "Oh my god, I can't believe this is actually happening!" said the redheaded tourist as the bus driver announced that he was approaching their destination of Old Town/Lipscani. "Are...

The Last Mission Vol. 01 Ch. 01 by Z_Lundy

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Interracial Love

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1.Maid Service Ch. 03
The final installment of the Maid Service series. by Jay626 (03/14/17)
4.88 (68)
2.For the Love of Art Pt. 04
Oh, I think I did something terrible to your body. by ouevre (03/05/17)
4.82 (51)
3.Dindi Pt. 05.5
Special chapter: Married life! by Nanaya (03/18/17)
4.77 (61)
4.The Last Mission Vol. 01 Ch. 01
An assassin, a target, and a titillating sexual awakening. by Z_Lundy (03/18/17)
4.75 (61)
5.Finding Jasmine Ch. 03
A white man and an Indian woman have a night away. by StudleyWondercock (03/17/17)
4.70 (27)
6.World Enough and Time Ch. 02
Marcus gets to know Ruth; their interracial affair ensues. by stfloyd56 (02/25/17)
4.68 (37)
7.Vixxen Ch. 04: Trying for Normal
Maybe a chance at a life with clothing on. by VixxTheLover (03/02/17)
4.64 (28)
8.Finding Jasmine Ch. 02
An Indian woman and a white man continue their affair. by StudleyWondercock (02/27/17)
4.63 (94)
9.Helping the Elderly Ch. 04
A hot, white wife helps an elderly, well-endowed black man. by Cockhole (03/09/17)
4.61 (266)
10.World Enough and Time Ch. 03
The inevitable becomes reality. by stfloyd56 (03/06/17)
4.59 (32)
11.I Missed You Ch. 05
Revenge and a promise of consideration. by thechrysalids (03/21/17)
4.58 (26)
12.Love Knows No Color Pt. 18
Happy Anniversary. by bwwm4me (03/23/17)
4.58 (66)
13.My Goddess
Two former high school crushes meet online. by mkpunk (03/21/17)
4.55 (40)
14.Amy's New Janitor
A busty white wife lusts after her old, black janitor. by Cockhole (03/13/17)
4.53 (250)
15.I Missed You Ch. 06
Conclusion. by thechrysalids (03/22/17)
4.52 (21)
16.Whitewash High: Rising Sun Ch. 01
Nik's Host Club debut. by EnglishTeacher (03/15/17)
4.47 (68)
17.Exploitable Lust Pt. 06
Wendy plays a role. by GettingItDone (02/28/17)
4.46 (41)
18.Black Beauty
Payback for rescue turns into love. by pfanv (03/12/17)
4.45 (203)
19.Sexploits Ch. 04: Angela
Being stranded leaves us coworkers little else to do. by dpingjessie (03/12/17)
4.45 (42)
20.Her New Neighbor Ch. 05
Shannon pays Lennox a visit after the gym. by ThaDee (03/21/17)
4.44 (96)
21.The Best Ideas
Bill's new neighbor is black. by Labpet1 (03/18/17)
4.39 (289)
22.The Best Ideas Pt. 02
Bill is hooked and wants more. by Labpet1 (03/21/17)
4.39 (83)
23.Joan, My First Affair Pt. 01
An Indian gent's affair with a white co-worker. by WanderingHands (03/03/17)
4.38 (52)
24.Not So Boring Now, Is It?
Shy Black Woman. Aggressive Italian Man. Whoa. Hold On. by LatoyaDeLeon (03/24/17)
4.38 (111)
I hadn't seen Liam in a long time. by Songbird_ (03/21/17)
4.36 (25)
26.Freshman's First BBC Ch. 05
Freshman has phone sex while having sex. by Brass_ankle (03/09/17)
4.35 (37)
27.My Sister's Asian Friend
My sister has a hot Asian friend. by Dave2526 (03/10/17)
4.25 (313)
28.Summer's Eve Pt. 05
The Final Chapter; lust and desire reaches its peak. by Gadolfsson (03/18/17)
4.25 (68)
29.Charles & Midori Pt. 03
Midori enjoys a game with Charles. by KingofFrogIsland (03/18/17)
4.25 (8)
30.The Black Rooster Resort Ch. 04
On the way to the galleria, a sweet guy falls for Jennie. by eeric (03/13/17)
4.22 (41)
31.The Billionaire Passenger Ch. 02
A Flight Attendant meets a young, rich athlete... sparks fly! by AmyClarkBerand (03/23/17)
4.22 (73)
32.That's What You Wanted, Right?
Wife gets horny at gym. by MisterHongo (03/17/17)
4.20 (210)
33.Little Black Dress Pt. 02
Wife shares the details of her tryst. by Want2couple (03/04/17)
4.18 (226)
34.Pick the Music
The difference only made it better. by Jake_Knight (03/06/17)
4.13 (38)
35.The Sun and The Moon AMBW ~Flavor
Short stories revolving around a shy woman and hotheaded man. by Tessela (03/21/17)
4.13 (23)
36.A Naughty Story
Two Hollywood Hunks in the closet... by srlmort (03/14/17)
4.10 (10)
37.Wanting Ch. 04
She wants it, craves it. And her man can't provide it! by srlmort (03/08/17)
4.07 (27)
38.Lesson Plan Ch. 09
Teacher has a night of fun. by GettingItDone (03/22/17)
4.06 (32)
39.Rookie Support
Girlfriend helps my roommate make it big, she makes a baby. by chasvt (03/07/17)
4.04 (200)
This story is being told by both lovers POV. Extend may be? by fantasylover25 (03/19/17)
4.00 (14)
41.Wanting Ch. 02
She wants it. She craves it. And her man can't provide it. by srlmort (02/25/17)
3.97 (59)
Football pro scores with a big fan, and his wife. by PenPal2001 (03/10/17)
3.93 (166)
43.Charles & Midori Pt. 02
Charles and Midori learn a few things about each other. by KingofFrogIsland (03/13/17)
3.91 (11)
44.A Changed Wife, a Changed Life Ch. 01
Wife gets a boyfriend. by eagle166 (02/24/17)
3.81 (279)
45.Wanting Ch. 05
She wants it, craves it. And her man can't provide it! by srlmort (03/09/17)
3.76 (17)
46.Wanting Ch. 03
She wants it. She craves it. And her man can't provide it. by srlmort (02/26/17)
3.74 (43)
47.Wanting Ch. 06
FINAL: She wants it. She craves it. And her man can't provide it. by srlmort (03/10/17)
3.72 (18)
48.Valentine's Day Party
The group is back together to celebrate Interracial Love! by cuck2serveU (03/04/17)
3.60 (40)
49.Karla's Curiosity
Young white girl's fantasy comes true. by JohnBlack113 (03/25/17)
3.58 (76)
50.Charles & Midori Pt. 01
A black man from the US meets a Japanese woman from Scotland. by KingofFrogIsland (03/03/17)
3.50 (32)
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