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TRAVIS I overslept. There was a thumping in my head. Fuck. And today of all days. I had only myself to blame. As usual. I woke up and forced my tired legs out of bed. The...

Dindi Pt. 03 by Nanaya

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Michelle snuck out in the morning, but not before leaving a sexy note on the kitchen counter. Breakfast was already made for Nik and Valerie. It was fun being the cook, taking on the domesticated...

Whitewash High Ch. 07 by EnglishTeacher

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My wife, Nicole and I were virgins when we married. We were high school sweethearts that made it together through college and then to adulthood. We married at 26 and are now celebrating our 5...

Shy Wife - Let's Go on Vacation by downboy699011

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Interracial Love

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1.Dindi Pt. 03
Morena &Travis give in to their irrational attraction. by Nanaya (08/31/16)
4.78 (51)
2.Making the Scene in Room 116
Sexy friends set up a kinky romp that comes with a surprise. by CyranoJ (09/05/16)
4.78 (27)
3.Summer of Black Cock
One man witnesses the fall of men & women to a BBC teen… by silkstockingslover (09/01/16)
4.78 (321)
4.Whitewash High Ch. 08
Michelle and Valerie's cosplay surprise. by EnglishTeacher (09/17/16)
4.72 (74)
5.Helping the Elderly Ch. 02
White wife helps an old black man with his circulation. by Cockhole (09/01/16)
4.68 (557)
6.Whitewash High Ch. 07
Machinations of Desire. by EnglishTeacher (08/30/16)
4.60 (92)
7.Shy Wife - Let's Go on Vacation
Kenny's conservative wife finds sexual appetite on vacation. by downboy699011 (09/03/16)
4.59 (799)
Some unexpected summer break fun for a quiet bookworm. by fcknfresh (09/05/16)
4.58 (197)
9.Fantasy Out Of Control Ch. 05
She experiences a second Black cock. by Spectator1 (09/01/16)
4.58 (72)
10.Black Sheep Pt. 03
Ishtar and Henry figure out the past is inescapable. by Alyxa (09/21/16)
4.56 (34)
11.Elizabeth Finally Blacked
Wife with long time desires cucks husband with black cock. by everyonesavoyeur (08/31/16)
4.54 (534)
12.Meeting Ngobo Ch. 02
Victoria's Favorite Chair. by victoriap (09/06/16)
4.52 (31)
13.Velvet Love Ch. 04
Dane shares an urgent desire with Jeneda. by virgofemme (09/03/16)
4.50 (26)
14.Strawberry - A Shanghai Girl in America Ch. 04
Strawberry Under the Mistletoe – Part I – I'll Keep You Warm. by ChloeTzang (09/23/16)
4.47 (32)
15.Wonder in the Dark Pt. 04
Kay helps in her teacher friend Sally's black awakening. by Kaysdream43 (09/07/16)
4.47 (122)
16.Chubby Chaser Ch. 04
...busy fucking this girl with a HUGE ASS-and REVENGE too!! by mondotoken (09/11/16)
4.46 (39)
17.Serlene and Zane Pt. 03
Martha came for the last time, she cried out, “Kocham cie!" by mitchawa (09/05/16)
4.46 (13)
18.Helping the Elderly Ch. 03
A white wife slowly becomes a submissive cock slut. by Cockhole (09/20/16)
4.45 (271)
19.Forbidden India Ch. 02
Three sisters must uncover the truth about one old man. by CorvusTurrim777 (09/13/16)
4.43 (30)
20.Good Neighbor Sam Ch. 03 Pt. 02
The preacher's wife continues her "worship". by PenPal2001 (08/30/16)
4.43 (128)
21.Comfort Food
A horny foodie samples Soo's Asian delicacies. by Roxroy (08/28/16)
4.42 (97)
22.The New Janitor
An old, black janitor seduces a hot white business owner. by Cockhole (09/07/16)
4.41 (429)
23.House of Mei Pt. 02
Jimmy's commitment to his Korean family deepens. by JimBob44 (09/25/16)
4.39 (120)
24.Devon's Apple for the Teacher
Black student plans the seduction of his MWF teacher. by Kaysdream43 (09/21/16)
4.39 (332)
25.That 90's Gap In-Between Ch. 05
Makings of a fuck boy. by KinkNaWink (09/25/16)
4.38 (13)
26.Blackedmerica: A Love Story Ch. 03
Thomas and Joana attend a celebration together. by eeric (09/04/16)
4.34 (50)
27.Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 07
Susan so close to being owned by Blacks. by Spectator1 (09/05/16)
4.32 (41)
28.Something Different
I see the busty blonde again, but this time it's different. by CarlBalboa (08/27/16)
4.31 (48)
29.The Football Bet Pt. 02
Claire Finds Herself. by Shadowforce1 (09/02/16)
4.29 (58)
30.Dr. Erica Beaumar Surrenders
A beautiful physician examines her black patient. by EricasDreams (09/16/16)
4.28 (306)
31.Life: It Only Gets Better Pt. 02
Life Gets a bit more complicated for Brian. by Shadowforce1 (08/31/16)
4.26 (27)
32.Rural Relations Ch. 02
Julia gets what she wants. by littlejvj (09/03/16)
4.25 (59)
33.Velvet Love Ch. 03
Confession. by virgofemme (09/02/16)
4.23 (30)
34.Slow Seduction Ch. 02
Subliminal seduction. by EVPHunter (09/16/16)
4.20 (44)
35.Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 06
Susan fucks all day, William considers anal. by Spectator1 (09/03/16)
4.20 (85)
36.Forbidden India Ch. 01
Roma must negotiate when her husband can't! by CorvusTurrim777 (09/12/16)
4.20 (50)
37.Slow Seduction Ch. 01
First time seduction. by EVPHunter (09/15/16)
4.19 (63)
38.Blackedmerica: A Love Story Ch. 04
Thomas and Austin participate in the Cuck Magazine contest. by eeric (09/19/16)
4.15 (39)
39.Naughty Fiancée
Naughty Fiancée cheats. by CaptJRackham (09/07/16)
4.15 (95)
40.Peggy Serves the Secret Society Ch. 05
Peggy's last day in Atlanta, more service to the Society. by brandit1148 (09/18/16)
4.11 (46)
41.Lynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 68
Lynne's pleasurable punishment. by mich80new (09/08/16)
4.10 (10)
42.Spa Day
A dark stranger interrupts three women's spa plans. by doublewhiskey (09/25/16)
4.00 (77)
43.Nita Gets a Work-out Ch. 02
Bob comes back for more of his friends hot Mom. by Big-n-Hard (09/06/16)
3.94 (63)
44.SIL and the Black Janitor Pt. 01
SIL has a great time finally submitting to the BBC Janitor. by gojirasan (09/24/16)
3.92 (134)
45.The Convention
A young couple meet at a cosplay convention and fall in love. by blackmerida (09/21/16)
3.91 (44)
46.Nikki Submits to Lover and BBC
A married woman with a hall pass servers her lover and a BBC. by sub_nikki (09/20/16)
3.90 (120)
47.A Touch of Springtime
Though alone, a dark princess still feels her lover's touch. by Scapin (09/09/16)
3.83 (18)
48.Summer's Eve Pt. 04.5: Intermezzo
Dark seas and dark lust for Helena. by Gadolfsson (09/23/16)
3.83 (35)
49.Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 08
Situation intensifies for Susan, her body. by Spectator1 (09/06/16)
3.83 (58)
50.Meeting Ngobo Ch. 03
Off to market...and something new for Victoria. by victoriap (09/12/16)
3.83 (23)
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