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Synopsis: After Ashley Moore and Jessie Stone meet while listening to a beautiful and captivating love song, they embark on a platonic friendship, but the magnetic pull of love cannot be denied....

When You're Near Me by StormyNite

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Looking back, the first time I saw her, I think I knew we were going to fall in love. There's just something about McKayla . . . The wicked glint in her eyes when she laughs. The way she...

McKayla's Miracle Ch. 01 by HLD

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*** Author's note: This story has a plot and a decent amount of build-up, so if you're looking for a QF, you've come to the wrong place. Otherwise, enjoy! Obviously, don't reprint without the...

Is She, Isn't She? by HarmonyHaze

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Lesbian Sex

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101.When You're Near Me
Will Jessie and Ashley listen to their hearts? by StormyNite (08/09/06)
4.80 (1778)
102.McKayla's Miracle Ch. 01
The story of two young women begins. by HLD (04/08/07)
4.80 (1416)
103.Is She, Isn't She?
Ashley tries to seduce straight Jeanie. by HarmonyHaze (02/05/10)
4.80 (1406)
104.Her Best Friend's Daughter
Karen helps her friend's daughter explore the softer sex. by lovecraft68 (02/28/14)
4.80 (1191)
105.A New Kind of Love
Frankie falls for Lauryn even though she's straight. by ImSoGay (10/22/12)
4.80 (1000)
106.The Christmas Elf
Homeless woman gets helped by a Christmas Elf. by Myhands316 (12/07/10)
4.80 (950)
107.Caitlin and Sara Ch. 05
Caitlin gives her mom everything she asks for. by babylez (02/04/07)
4.80 (757)
108.Best Christmas Gift Ever
Amy's best friend Laurel gives her a very special gift. by loverofFUN (12/08/14)
4.80 (684)
She finds the love of her life. by smj54ap (01/15/07)
4.80 (663)
110.Football Widow Ch. 05
Sue makes her choice. by Colleen Thomas (07/02/04)
4.80 (579)
111.Jordan's Metamorphosis Continues
A young woman's sexual awakening continues. by babylez (05/31/05)
4.80 (578)
112.Accidents Can Happen for a Reason Ch. 03
Alex and Kate face a huge challenge. by ColdCat (04/07/10)
4.80 (532)
113.Mountain Magic Revisted
Jesse and Cat begin their life together. by virginiaraine (04/06/11)
4.80 (514)
114.Desert Hearts
Spoiled teen learns life lesson & falls for sexy cowgirl. by smj54ap (11/25/08)
4.80 (506)
115.Bed of Rose's Ch. 03
A ghost from Rose's past throws a wrench in the works. by Evil Alpaca (12/01/04)
4.80 (470)
116.Kim and Eva Ch. 01
Two unhappy women find comfort in each other. by daprich49 (03/16/12)
4.80 (370)
117.Lost and Found Ch. 01
A chance meeting reunites old lovers by Pen_dar (03/15/12)
4.80 (326)
118.My Very Personal Maid Ch. 3
She & Betsy go to London. by Tawny T (07/17/00)
4.80 (279)
119.A Kitty for Santa Ch. 02
Kitty gets her Milk, but Santa isn't so Nice. by monamante (11/29/12)
4.80 (275)
120.Ringside Seats Ch. 02
Female professional wrestler gets blindsided. by Evil Alpaca (01/28/05)
4.80 (260)
121.Junky Chronicles
Natalie loses everything, is there hope? by SAbitch (10/17/12)
4.80 (251)
122.Ch. 04 I Kissed a Girl
I kissed a Chicago. by secretsxywriter (11/27/12)
4.80 (243)
123.Darla's Games Day 04
The bulk of this story is a first lesbian experience. by Panthergirl (12/28/07)
4.80 (235)
124.How To Catch A Falling Star
... and never let it go. by LaRascasse (07/02/13)
4.80 (233)
125.Pleasure in Control Ch. 10
Julia and Kirsten get together at last. by julie_julia (10/13/05)
4.80 (225)
Be carefull what you wish for, it may be more than you think. by KAnneMeinel (10/14/11)
4.80 (198)
127.Thanks to Shelley Ch. 02
A misunderstanding leads to heartache. by geekylezuk (08/01/12)
4.80 (197)
128.Darla's Games Day 11
An evening with Courtney. by Panthergirl (08/24/12)
4.80 (196)
129.Two of a Kind Ch. 02
The Reunion: Jordan and Deena's story continue. by Ravensdarkness (01/26/10)
4.80 (157)
130.My Lana
My long time email contact suddenly shows up. by Tantala (09/21/11)
4.80 (147)
131.Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 08
Another Friday night... another kinky hotel adventure. by Tappy_McWidestance (05/06/11)
4.80 (139)
132.Lynn's Journeys Ch. 15b
Meeting the family; the road ahead. by t_girl_3 (05/07/08)
4.80 (132)
133.Ashley's Secret Ch. 02
Ashley continues pampering Auntie Pam by pusylvr69 (05/15/09)
4.80 (129)
134.Shade's Destiny Ch. 04
A shocking confrontation, The 'L' word, A Halloween Costume. by AVixenLiterally (11/24/12)
4.80 (129)
135.Autumn Surprise Ch. 02
Kendra and Mandi's story continues. by KendraN (11/04/13)
4.80 (109)
136.Lynn's Journeys Ch. 15a
Wishes are expressed; decisions are made by Ali & Lynn. by t_girl_3 (05/06/08)
4.80 (105)
137.Lynn's Journeys Ch. 14
The girls party in the French Quarters; the road turns. by t_girl_3 (05/05/08)
4.80 (104)
138.A Benign Something
Straight and Lesbian come together. by jtmalone70 (10/23/05)
4.79 (3471)
139.Hearts on Fire
College professor finds love & lust with a woman. by rgjohn (03/15/03)
4.79 (2158)
140.Captive Hearts
Lady Abigail meets infamous Pirate Queen. by Colleen Thomas (06/11/02)
4.79 (1380)
141.Annie's First Love
Annie shares her toys. by AnalAnnie19 (06/12/07)
4.79 (1228)
142.Riding for the Brand
Maria falls for state's only female bull rider. by Colleen Thomas (07/25/03)
4.79 (1146)
143.Strawberries & Bubblegum
Sweet teen girl-girl romance on the hockey field, by PacoFear (02/13/09)
4.79 (1132)
Simple outing leads to a fierce race. by lucky-E-leven (01/23/04)
4.79 (1011)
145.Valkyries & Vixens
A geeky love story. by SweetestThing (11/27/10)
4.79 (812)
146.Diamonds and Girls
My best enemy wins. by GobletHolly182 (08/23/12)
4.79 (741)
147.Mountain Magic
Jesse and Cat find themselves stranded and Cat's curious. by virginiaraine (03/30/11)
4.79 (687)
148.Cowboy Girls
The convent couldn't tame her passion. by Alex the Cat (01/12/05)
4.79 (669)
149.Saving You Saving Me
Two woman look for the courage and love to save each other. by Myhands316 (01/09/10)
4.79 (667)
She pursues straight girl and falls in love. by smj54ap (04/13/07)
4.79 (655)
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