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Agent Solo stepped out of a black town car as it pulled up in front of my building. As I stepped outside, Solo grabbed me and pulled me into the lobby, away from the cars view. "What the fuck?"

A Kitty for Santa Ch. 02 by monamante

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It had all been a dream. Surely it must have been. Three glorious weeks in Tuscany and Paris? I hadn't deserved that. Not with Jenna. And yet, we had been there. Granted, there had been a couple...

Ch. 04 I Kissed a Girl by secretsxywriter

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"Absolutely not." "Oh, come on, Kat. You'd like it. I just know it." "Jenna, there a lot of things I've done that I never thought I would." I ticked off the items on one hand. "Kissed a girl....

Ch. 06 I Kissed a Girl by secretsxywriter

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Lesbian Sex

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101.A Kitty for Santa Ch. 02
Kitty gets her Milk, but Santa isn't so Nice. by monamante (11/29/12)
4.81 (293)
102.Ch. 04 I Kissed a Girl
I kissed a Chicago. by secretsxywriter (11/27/12)
4.81 (258)
103.Ch. 06 I Kissed a Girl
I kissed a Christmas by secretsxywriter (01/02/13)
4.81 (237)
104.Pleasure in Control Ch. 10
Julia and Kirsten get together at last. by julie_julia (10/13/05)
4.81 (228)
105.A Kitty for Santa Ch. 04
Fear, Pain and Coming Home. by monamante (03/01/13)
4.81 (228)
106.Finding Love Pt. 07
Hurts, heartaches and sorrows. by Dru_Druthers (09/27/13)
4.81 (207)
107.A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 05
Buzzz, A Holiday Weekend, an adventure and Nikki!! by AVixenLiterally (07/22/12)
4.81 (197)
108.Two of a Kind Ch. 02
The Reunion: Jordan and Deena's story continue. by Ravensdarkness (01/26/10)
4.81 (165)
109.A Girl Called Sami Ch. 25
Conclusions...and solutions. by t_girl_3 (01/21/09)
4.81 (153)
Is Mavin ready to feel? by TMAJO (10/08/05)
4.81 (145)
111.Beyond, With You
Pushed beyond limits in the most exciting night of my life. by BeccaHasFun (07/18/15)
4.81 (143)
112.My GF; Fucking & How We Met Ch. 05
BD Sex, Pro Sex, Gym Sex, Trip Sex, and Bath Sex & plot. by LesbianChickLit (03/07/14)
4.81 (139)
113.Shade's Destiny Ch. 04
A shocking confrontation, The 'L' word, A Halloween Costume. by AVixenLiterally (11/24/12)
4.81 (134)
114.Nemesis Visits
Can divine vengeance teach Max to love & be a better person? by ScattySue (03/10/15)
4.81 (125)
115.Royal Flush Ch. 03
In which we buy the puppy gear. by MissLisaJones (07/11/13)
4.81 (117)
116.Convincing Me Pt. 10
A birthday to remember. by bicuriwhat (11/06/14)
4.81 (116)
117.Lynn's Journeys Ch. 15a
Wishes are expressed; decisions are made by Ali & Lynn. by t_girl_3 (05/06/08)
4.81 (110)
118.Charlie Ch. 06
Charlie and Casey find bliss. by slickey (09/06/13)
4.81 (108)
119.When You're Near Me
Will Jessie and Ashley listen to their hearts? by StormyNite (08/09/06)
4.80 (1870)
120.Is She, Isn't She?
Ashley tries to seduce straight Jeanie. by HarmonyHaze (02/05/10)
4.80 (1481)
121.McKayla's Miracle Ch. 01
The story of two young women begins. by HLD (04/08/07)
4.80 (1461)
122.Strawberries & Bubblegum
Sweet teen girl-girl romance on the hockey field, by PacoFear (02/13/09)
4.80 (1179)
123.A New Kind of Love
Frankie falls for Lauryn even though she's straight. by ImSoGay (10/22/12)
4.80 (1085)
Simple outing leads to a fierce race. by lucky-E-leven (01/23/04)
4.80 (1054)
125.Caitlin and Sara Ch. 05
Caitlin gives her mom everything she asks for. by babylez (02/05/07)
4.80 (785)
126.McKayla's Miracle Ch. 02
Their relationship blossoms. by HLD (04/09/07)
4.80 (728)
127.Mountain Magic
Jesse and Cat find themselves stranded and Cat's curious. by virginiaraine (03/30/11)
4.80 (721)
128.Two Halves, One Soul
A first time love. by Alex the Cat (04/17/03)
4.80 (648)
129.An Empath's Detective
Kerry falls in love after rescue from bank robbery. by Alex the Cat (12/10/04)
4.80 (631)
130.Shelter in the Storm
Andy finds shelter for her broken heart. by Alex the Cat (07/07/03)
4.80 (625)
131.Love: At What Cost
Two women fall in love on a cruse, but at what cost? by Myhands316 (09/27/10)
4.80 (616)
132.Football Widow Ch. 05
Sue makes her choice. by Colleen Thomas (07/02/04)
4.80 (599)
133.A Really Bad Day Ch. 02
Trouble in paradise for Jess and Chris. by LiveCat (12/24/12)
4.80 (512)
134.Bed of Rose's Ch. 03
A ghost from Rose's past throws a wrench in the works. by Evil Alpaca (12/01/04)
4.80 (502)
135.Surfer Girls
Paula learns a lot more than how to surf. by Tall_poppy (01/14/11)
4.80 (470)
136.A Night of Chocolate and Roses
She went there for her husband. She stayed there for herself by MSTarot (01/20/14)
4.80 (412)
137.Jordan Spins Out of Control
Jordan gets perilously close to losing it all. by babylez (06/29/05)
4.80 (391)
138.Blurred Lines Ch. 03
Secrets & lies slowly begin to come to light. by VictoriaWright (07/22/15)
4.80 (367)
139.The Anniversary
Sometimes, what you do is more important than what you give. by fantasy123 (10/29/07)
4.80 (338)
140.Somebody That I Used to Know Ch. 02
Sometimes the rules need to be bent. by monamante (06/11/12)
4.80 (309)
141.Ringside Seats Ch. 02
Female professional wrestler gets blindsided. by Evil Alpaca (01/28/05)
4.80 (272)
142.How To Catch A Falling Star
... and never let it go. by LaRascasse (07/03/13)
4.80 (244)
143.Darla's Games Day 04
The bulk of this story is a first lesbian experience. by Panthergirl (12/28/07)
4.80 (239)
144.A Stringed Instrument Ch. 05
Ropes and blindfolds on the second date. But not like that. by Bramblethorn (07/21/12)
4.80 (236)
145.Thanks to Shelley Ch. 02
A misunderstanding leads to heartache. by geekylezuk (08/01/12)
4.80 (210)
146.Darla's Games Day 11
An evening with Courtney. by Panthergirl (08/24/12)
4.80 (197)
147.A Stringed Instrument Ch. 10
Yvonne meets Phoebe's mother. by Bramblethorn (01/08/13)
4.80 (183)
148.Lynn's Journeys Ch. 15b
Meeting the family; the road ahead. by t_girl_3 (05/07/08)
4.80 (137)
149.Ashley's Secret Ch. 02
Ashley continues pampering Auntie Pam by pusylvr69 (05/15/09)
4.80 (132)
150.You Enchant Me Ch. 04
Arie and Nisha's first date. by HeartnSole (01/17/15)
4.80 (129)
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