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1877 The woman in the four-poster bed was dying, her breathing ragged and stertorous. Four other people were in the room, keeping silent vigil: sitting on one side of the bed was the nurse who...

Time After Time by Maonaigh

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What follows is based on a true story – the events described here really happened to two people that I know and love dearly, and who gave their permission for their story to be recorded. Their...

Lovers Without Realizing It by RedEmerald

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"I'm hot," Gabby said as she tilted her head up, somewhat counter-intuitively towards the sun. She thought about what she said. She didn't mean it in the sense of physical attractiveness,...

Summer Song by SweetestThing

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Lesbian Sex

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101.Time After Time
Two young women have a strange date with destiny. by Maonaigh (06/14/17)
4.84 (231)
102.Lovers Without Realizing It
Love takes a woman and her boss by surprise. by RedEmerald (03/15/09)
4.83 (11232)
103.The Queen and the Soldier
Two women, a crime scene & perhaps love? by Evil Alpaca (01/13/05)
4.83 (1691)
104.Natalie's Valentine
A young woman finds love while working on romance. by BurntRedstone (01/20/16)
4.83 (1508)
105.Summer Song
A free spirit finds a soulmate. Then they, like, do it. by SweetestThing (05/29/15)
4.83 (1154)
106.Schrödinger's Mittens
Quantum theory as applied to exhibitionism. And butt stuff! by FeatherWatt (01/16/14)
4.83 (1101)
107.The Retrieval... Ch. 01
Instead of saving her career, Leah ends up saving her life. by loverofFUN (07/13/15)
4.83 (913)
108.A Really Bad Day Ch. 02
Trouble in paradise for Jess and Chris. by LiveCat (12/24/12)
4.83 (754)
109.Lost and Found
A chance encounter for old flames. by LiveCat (04/08/13)
4.83 (575)
110.On The Rebound Ch. 03
Lex's mum causes a surprise and the girls seal their love. by LiveCat (01/25/12)
4.83 (572)
111.A Winter's Tale Ch. 01
A tale of how a Thanksgiving gone awry is saved. by Kraveree (12/03/15)
4.83 (533)
112.Coming to Grips Ch. 03
Taking a step forward, but then at least one backwards. by -Ripley- (02/27/15)
4.83 (508)
113.Reboot Pt. 01
Sumita changes her life. by Salish (10/11/15)
4.83 (491)
114.Somebody That I Used to Know Ch. 03
Leaving the past behind and starting a new chapter in Life. by monamante (10/27/12)
4.83 (449)
115.I Kissed a Girl Ch. 04
I kissed a Chicago. by secretsxywriter (11/27/12)
4.83 (436)
116.Texas Heat Ch. 03: Redemption
The final chapter. by MercuryLove31 (05/07/11)
4.83 (387)
A loan leads to a new life. by MercuryLove31 (06/17/16)
4.83 (380)
118.Learning to Let Go
Rebecca finds herself after her loss. by CaroSoft (03/26/17)
4.83 (368)
119.As Time Goes By Ch. 03
Fran helps Dusty overcome her problems. by Maonaigh (11/08/15)
4.83 (362)
120.Three Steps to Heaven
A doorway collision changes Jessie's life. by Maonaigh (11/07/17)
4.83 (334)
121.A Stringed Instrument Ch. 09
Lovers take time out for a weekend holiday. by Bramblethorn (12/07/12)
4.83 (298)
122.Cotton Candy
The beginning. by Deceptivedomain (07/19/17)
4.83 (291)
123.Edge of Reason Ch. 02
The pursuit of justice. by LaRascasse (04/16/14)
4.83 (281)
124.Beloved of Ashura: Learning to Fly
Protected by a woman warrior, a princess flees from danger. by -Ripley- (04/17/16)
4.83 (278)
125.My GF; Fucking & How We Met Ch. 04
Strapon choice, strip poker teasing sex, moonlit fuck, &plot by LesbianChickLit (11/04/13)
4.83 (261)
126.JJ and Ashley Ch. 08
Adventures in dating and camping. by DarkFang (09/02/16)
4.83 (255)
127.The Long Weekend - Day 04
Lindsay decides she must make a decision... by Shaima32 (02/10/17)
4.83 (223)
128.Shade's Destiny Ch. 03
Libby, a Birthday, a Sunday surprise, a stunning realization. by AVixenLiterally (11/15/12)
4.83 (203)
129.JJ and Ashley Ch. 09
It's all fun and games until your ex shows up. by DarkFang (12/24/16)
4.83 (191)
130.Shade's Destiny Ch. 07
A scary scene, Etienette, Parasailing, Dawn, Goodbye Meaghan. by AVixenLiterally (12/16/12)
4.83 (155)
131.A New Adventure Every Day Pt. 05
Sam & Meg attend Erica's gathering and Sam visits her past. by ScattySue (11/14/14)
4.83 (151)
Memories of a special love torn apart by war. by Samandiriel (04/13/05)
4.83 (139)
133.Royal Flush Ch. 03
In which we buy the puppy gear. by MissLisaJones (07/11/13)
4.83 (138)
134.Shade's Destiny Ch. 09
Boots & Mischief, Party Plans, Carnal Delight, Tattoo, Elves. by AVixenLiterally (12/28/12)
4.83 (130)
135.Trust Comes Easy Ch. 04
It all comes down to one moment. by Rogue Writer (04/15/07)
4.83 (115)
136.Missing You, Missing Me Ch. 04
April and Jasmine make up. by Phoenix74 (08/31/05)
4.83 (110)
137.Peaches and Honey
Heartbroken teen finds love again with tiny office hottie. by PacoFear (09/17/09)
4.82 (3872)
138.A Little Hug
One moment that changed everything... by PygmyCoho (10/19/14)
4.82 (2007)
139.Double Blind Date
Two women who believe they are straight are set up on a date by YKN4949 (08/14/14)
4.82 (1970)
140.Best Christmas Gift Ever
Amy's best friend Laurel gives her a very special gift. by loverofFUN (12/08/14)
4.82 (1497)
141.The Birthday Gift
A runaway makes her way back home. by MercuryLove31 (05/27/10)
4.82 (1201)
142.Protecting Marcus
A mom finds the saftey and love she needs to save her son. by Myhands316 (12/31/10)
4.82 (925)
143.Mountain Magic
Jesse and Cat find themselves stranded and Cat's curious. by virginiaraine (03/30/11)
4.82 (925)
144.Berry's Second Chances Ch. 02
New bride rekindles old passion with her sister-in-law. by PacoFear (03/03/11)
4.82 (807)
145.Blurred Lines Ch. 02
Natalie tries to figure out her next move. by VictoriaWright (04/24/15)
4.82 (725)
146.Mountain Magic Revisted
Jesse and Cat begin their life together. by virginiaraine (04/06/11)
4.82 (689)
147.Accidents Can Happen for a Reason Ch. 03
Alex and Kate face a huge challenge. by ColdCat (04/07/10)
4.82 (683)
148.Love Me, Please
Anna has feelings for Leila. Will they end up together? by VF_0079 (09/13/15)
4.82 (650)
149.Bed of Rose's Ch. 03
A ghost from Rose's past throws a wrench in the works. by Evil Alpaca (12/01/04)
4.82 (628)
150.Rock Paper Scissors
Falling in love, the unconventional way. by ThickerThanASnicker (08/27/15)
4.82 (603)
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